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जून 25, 1975 से मार्च 21, 1977 तक की 21 महीने की अवधि के आपातकाल के दौरान राजनेताओं से लेकर स्कूल-कॉलेज में पढ़ने और पढ़ाने वाले छात्रों, शिक्षकों एवं कई सत्याग्रहियों को पुलिसिया बर्बरता का शिकार बनाया गया। Image
'Torture of Political Prisoners in India' पुस्तक में उन तमाम तरह के उत्पीड़नों का ज़िक्र किया गया है, जो इंदिरा गांधी द्वारा दी गई छूट से सत्याग्रहियों एवं आम नागरिकों के साथ किए गए

प्रधानमंत्री @narendramodi ने आज के #MannKiBaat कार्यक्रम में भी इस पुस्तक का उल्लेख किया है।
इस पुस्तक में एक ‘स्वतंत्रता सेनानी’ के हवाले से लिखा गया है कि जब सही समय होगा उस वक्त ये सारे क़िस्से ख़ुद ही सामने आ जाएँगे लेकिन अभी इनका लिखा जाना आवश्यक है। विभिन्न राज्यों की लोक संघर्ष समिति ने उन पर हुए अत्याचारों की जानकारी सामने रखी थीं।
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A 31-YO♂️, #sexually active with 2♂️partners in the previous month: 8 days before redness of the R eye, an itchy perianal rash & rectal pain; scattered, tender, shallow ulcers & pustules on chest (A), abdomen (B), back (C) & perianal (D)
#proctology Image
PCR from the perianal vesicel:➕for nonvariola orthopoxvirus DNA.
Species-specific PCR: ➕for #mpox virus, clade II.

The patient reported a new rash with numerous ulcer on his chest, abdomen, and back

MPOX (formerly known as #monkeypox)

#MolBiol #virology
During the next 2 days, the patient took tecovirimat & reported redness & discomfort of the right eye and become painful

He had learned that mpox had been diagnosed in one of his #sexual partners from the previous month.


#ophthalmology #IDtwitter On examination of the right...
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#Zelenskyy’s shirt featured #Ukraine #military emblem, not hate symbol”

#russian #disinformation Image
“AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. #Zelenskyy wore a #military T-shirt that featured the official #emblem for the #Ukraine #Armed #Forces. In its center, the emblem includes Ukraine’s official coat of arms.
The image on his shirt did not match the #Iron #Cross or any hateful symbol, according to historians and #extremism experts.”
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➡️ Perché UNICEF non ha querelato chi ha sottratto i soldi evitando così l'inchiesta e la verità?

No, da parte mia, neanche una lira all'Unicef. I miei soldi andranno a #Emergency e a tutte le altre organizzazioni umanitarie che hanno fatto della trasparenza ➡️ Image
➡️ la loro ragione d'essere.

Fondi sottratti ai progetti per l'Africa, a processo il cognato di Renzi.

Andrea Conticini insieme ai suoi fratelli Alessandro e Luca, dovrà rispondere dell'accusa di appropriazione indebita di 6,6 milioni donati dalla ➡️ Image
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Independent India has always been a vibrant democracy, except for the #Emergency years of #IndiraGandhi from 1975-77. That it has taken a decisive turn to religious majoritarianism under the #BJP and under #Modi since 2014 doesn't change that fact. (1/)
Democracy is not necessarily congruent with liberal values or even human rights. #Slavery was legal both in the democracy of Great Britain as well as the USA for almost a hundred years since the US' formation. Even a White woman was not considered equal to a man in America. (2/)
#Blacks in the #US did not have equal rights even after the abolition of slavery for another 100 years under #Lincoln, but we still think of the US in #1960 as a democracy.

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#CDC Director Rochelle #Walensky is #leaving, White House says | May 5
- Last summer, Walensky launched a reorganization of the CDC, acknowledging that its “performance did not reliably meet expectations” during the '#pandemic'.
#WHO downgrades #coronavirus '#pandemic', no longer a global #emergency | May 5
- marking a symbolic end to the devastating coronavirus pandemic that triggered once-unthinkable #lockdowns, upended economies and killed at least 7 million people worldwide.…
Steve #Kirsch | Jan 22
#Walensky should be put in #jail for the number of #deaths CDC #responsible for
- Over 700 safety signals (incl #DEATH) have triggered in #VAERS and the #CDC was #SILENT about all of them until they were discovered by a #FOIA request… Image
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I went to #Islamabad #PIMS a day earlier and asked for rabies #vaccine, #rabies is a deadly virus and there's 100% chance a person will die if vaccination isn't administered on time. However, the person in the picture, at #PIMS's pharmacy,
@IslamabadPims @nhsrcofficial Image
told me very arrogantly to buy and administer the vaccine somewhere else. When I asked for his name, he hesitated, but when I insisted, he said I'm the director and there is no one you can go to and complain.
I requested him that I can afford the vaccine but what about those who may not afford the same, and that I am a citizen of #Pakistan and I am aware of my rights, thus let me lodge a formal complaint to the relevant department so the problem may soon be resolved.
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The decision of @moefcc under leadership of Hon’ble Minister @byadavbjp to stop accessing important environmental documents (if true) is not just unconstitutional & against national interest but marks a new era of #Emergency in environmental democracy. (1/n) #Thread Image
Using s8(1)e & (j) of RTI Act is simply wrong. How can an ‘Authority’ or ‘Regulator’ which is responsible to protect & safeguard environment & forest claim itself to be in ‘fiduciary’ relationship with ‘corporates’ & work for their interest instead of ‘public interest’? (2/n) Image
In RBI v Jayantilal, Supreme Court clarified that such information mandated by law to be provided to an authority such information doesn’t qualify to be provided u der ‘fiduciary’ relationship. Also, how can EIA documents or minutes of meetings can be termed ‘personal’… (3/n) Image
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@rashtrapatibhvn #IndiraGandhi This people abuse everyone and don’t see anyone beyond them. Let’s see how they damaged Judiciary and why we are in critical situation!? The origin is 1973

1. when lost the case in 1973 Justice A.N.Ray was given 2hours to decide whether he is……
2. Black day of Democracy was during their time @narendramodi @KirenRijiju
3. When question was asked about supersession of three Justices the very alleged democratic #Congress made a statement in @loksabhaspeaker Its for government to decide whom to make CJI. We will appoint those who are similar to our thoughts.

#note Pertinent to not……
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#Thread | US Lawmaker Ro Khanna Claims Rahul Gandhi’s Suspension From Indian Parliament A Betrayal of Gandhian Philosophy!

The Christian Indian American has tweeted a misleading claim!

Read this thread!


1/n Image
The US lawmaker @RoKhanna absurdly claims that Indian PM @narendramodi has the power to reverse this decision.

However, the Indian constitution does not mention any such authority being vested in the country's top leader.

2/n Image
Ro Khanna also mentions the infringement of Gandhian values, but he failed to share the reason for the disqualification of Rahul Gandhi from the Indian Parliament.

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#CJIDYChandrachud to shortly deliver the keynote address at Ramnath Goenka Excellence In Journalism Awards organised by @IndianExpress. Follow this thread for live updates.

#SupremeCourt #SupremeCourtofIndia
#CJIDYChandrachud : June 25, 1975 is a defining moment in our history. One proclamation defined and redefined our perceptions of liberty & threats to it...and how tenuous it can be. I was 15 going on 16 when #Emergency was proclaimed.

#CJIDYChandrachud commends Ramnath Goenka as a 'fearless crusader for freedom'.

"Those fearful times also gave rise to fearless journalists...why we celebrate these awards as symbolising our eternal sense of optimism on which we hope nation will continue."

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Il popolo della pace si mobilita in oltre 120 città

Manifestazione per la pace - Ansa

A UN ANNO DALL'INIZIO DELL'INVASIONE DELL'UCRAINA. Da Bolzano a Palermo passando per Napoli e altri capoluoghi, marce, fiaccolate e manifestazioni contro la politica in armi. Sostegno alla ➡️
➡️popolazione ucraina ma anche attenzione agli altri conflitti nel mondo dallo Yemen al Congo

di Francesco Vignarca

Se le consideriamo in ordine alfabetico si parte da Acireale e si arriva a Zagarolo. Ma è davvero coperta tutta la Penisola: da Bolzano a Palermo (dove ieri ➡️
➡️ sono scesi in piazza migliaia di studenti), da Torino a Bari passando per Milano, Bologna, Firenze, Roma, Napoli e praticamente tutti i capoluoghi di regione. Sono le oltre 120 città coinvolte nelle manifestazioni promosse dalla coalizione Europe for Peace per l’anniversario➡️
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"Fermiamo la guerra", la manifestazione a Brescia
L'appuntamento è in programma domenica 26 febbraio 2023 L'appuntamento è in programma domenica 26 febbraio 2023 l'appuntamento alle 15.30 con ritrovo in Largo Formentone attorno alla bandiera della Pace.➡️
Alle 16 si terrà il cammino di Pace per le vie del centro storico. Alle 17 all'auditorium San Barnaba corso Magenta 44/A a Brescia andranno in scena "Note e parole contro la guerra".

La mobilitazione per fermare la guerra
Cresce di giorno in giorno la mobilitazione della ➡️
➡️ società civile italiana ed europea a sostegno di percorsi reali di Pace per l’Ucraina, a partire dal cessate il fuoco per arrivare ad un vero dialogo con negoziati di pace. L’iniziativa coordinata da Europe for Peace, dopo mesi di azioni condivise per la Pace, vivrà un ➡️
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A 58-YO♂️, DM, fever & L lower quadrant abdominal pain 2 months prior: acute R-sided back pain, & 3/6 diastolic murmur at R upper sternal border.

CT: a R renal infarction & splenic embolism

MR: multiple infarctions
#Cardiology #medicine #cardiologia Enhanced abdominal computed tomography showing right renal i
Transesophageal echocardiography: a vegetation and severe aortic regurgitation.

Blood 🧫: Cardiobacterium hominis


#IDtwitter #microbiology Transesophageal echocardiogram revealing a large vegetation
The patient received antibiotic therapy and surgical aortic valve replacement, and he was doing well without major complications.

#infecciosas #MedTwitter #Doctor
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A 17-YO: a 3-week of dizziness, headache, & weakness of the R leg

MR: ring-enhancing lesions in the frontal lobe & basal ganglia on the L side (A; T1-W) as well as surrounding edema & midline shift (B; T2-W)

DOI: 10.1056/NEJMicm2202196
#neurology #radiology #IDTwitter
IgG ab for Echinococcus multilocularis & E. granulosus: ➖

Surgical excision🔬: necrotic tissue, granulomatous inflammation, echinococcal laminated membrane (C, arrow) & an intact cyst (D, arrow)

RT-PCR: ➕for E. multilocularis

#parasitology #Pathologists #pathology
CT imaging of the chest and abdomen did not show any other sites of disease.


DOI: 10.1056/NEJMicm2202196
#microbiology #MedTwitter #Doctor
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A 31-YO ♂️, sex with men, HIV treatment, HCV: in 2022, fever, cervical lymph nodes & erythemato-squamous papules, with umbilications & ulcerations, vesicles & pustules, & honey-colored crusts on the face, trunk & limbs including his palms & soles

#IDtwitter #primarycare ImageImageImage
PCR: ➕for MPXVirus.
#HIV viral load of < 40 copies/mL and a CD4 + count of 167 cells/mm3


#healthcare #internalmedicine #microbiology…
Supportive care of Mpox was provided, namely,
✔️beta-lactams due to bacterial superinfection of the lesions,
✔️in addition to analgesia, which was initially administered with NSAIDs and then escalated to opioids.

#MedTwitter #MedStudentTwitter #dermtwitter
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Ethnic #Germans are ‘#dying out’ and #migrants ‘will #inherit#Germany | Jan 18
- An Iranian celebrates the “dying out” of ethnic Germans in a controversial hate-filled article in one of the country’s largest newspapers…
#Replacement. ‘Ethnic #Germans Are #Dying Out And #Migrants Will #Inherit Germany’ | Jan 27
- An Iranian refugee in Germany wrote a piece celebrating the demographic replacement of Germans in Germany's largest newspaper.…
#Iranian #Muslim celebrates the “#dying out” of ethnic #Germans in a hate-filled article in #Remix | Jan 24
- “We are here not just for your #pension #funds - we make sure that the #Aryan nightmare never becomes a reality in this country,…
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A 32-YO ♂️ sex worker, sex with men unprotected, HIV under treatment: 20 lesions scattered throughout the body of umbilicated, erythematous, violaceous papules with central ulcerations & pustules, fevers, cervical & axillary lymph nodes

#IDtwitter #primarycare #healthcare
HIV viral load of 1577 copies/mL and a CD4 + count of 932 cells/mm3

PCR: ➕ for Mpox virus


#internalmedicine #microbiology…
Mpox had been a neglected disease until May, 2022, and since then, there has been a notorious increase in the number of human monkeypox cases in non-endemic areas

#MedTwitter #MedStudentTwitter #dermtwitter
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A 20-YO ♀️, college wrestling, Mexico: itching in the past 2 months, erythematous & fine-scaling papules with annular plaques having a raised border affecting the face, neck, & torso.

doi: 10.18502/cmm.6.4.5439
#dermatology #primarycare #MedTwitter
KOH: multiple thin & septate hyphae.
🧫, MALDI-TOF-MS: Trichophyton tonsurans
T. tonsurans was isolated in 4 cases belonging to the school fighting team & from one of the training mats


Oral terbinafine for 3 weeks: clinical & mycological cure.
Tinea gladiatorum is a type of dermatophytosis that occurs in combat athletes, such as wrestlers and judo fighters, as a result of Trichophyton species.

doi: 10.18502/cmm.6.4.5439
#IDtwitter #microbiology #Doctor
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A 38-YO♂️, #HIV➕: asthenia, fever, & generalized & confluent maculopapular rash predominantly on the back, cervical & inguinal lymphadenopathies, & stippled petechial hemorrhages in the soft palate (Forchheimer’s spots)
Subsequently, pustules appeared

#emergency #IDtwitter
Classic Mpox pustules appeared
✔️for measles & rubella➖
✔️for Mpox➕

HUMAN Mpox, although confluent maculopapular rash & Forchheimer’s spots have been reported as classic signs of rubella or measles infections

#microbiology #MedTwitter
Forchheimer spots, a type of enanthem:
📌sometimes precede the skin rash of rubella.
📌tiny red spots on the soft palate in rubella, measles and scarlet fever.

#dermatology #internalmedicine #primarycare
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A 27-YO ♀️, fever and PCR + for #SARSCoV2: One week later, she developed migratory, pruritic urticarial erythematous plaques (wheals) on her face, limbs, trunk, palms & soles, and angioedema of her lips.

#dermtwitter #IDtwitter #MedTwitter
Treated with cetirizine, 12 weeks later, she was still having episodes of urticaria
The most likely diagnosis was CHRONIC SPONTANEOUS URTICARIA TRIGGERED BY SARS-CoV-2, but other considerations were urticarial vasculitis and chronic inducible urticaria.

#dermatology #Doctor
Urticaria is commonly triggered by viral & bacterial infections, including herpes simplex virus, cytomegalovirus, Epstein–Barr virus, HIV & mycoplasma.

It commonly precedes or occurs concurrently with COVID-19, but can rarely occur after symptoms have resolved.

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"We perform last rites, cremate bodies abandoned by families & provide other ambulance services to people who cannot afford them. We sometimes felt frustrated as we could not lead normal lives.

#Inspiration #Humanity #Kindness #RealLifeHeroes #Respect Image
Still, the blessings and goodwill we earn are far more rewarding."

Himanshu Kalia, along with his wife Twinkle, has been working round the clock to ferry patients in need of #emergency services across #Delhi.
After Himanshu Kalia nearly lost his father due to delayed treatment, he and his wife decided to provide free #ambulance services to the needy.

“As our income suffers, it reflects in our personal lives.
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A 39-YO ♂️, same-sex relationships involving condomless anal sex: 38°C, cervical lymphadenopathy, mucosal ulceration on his tongue and a maculopapular rash on his face, neck and anterior chest.

#Doctor #emergency #dermatology
RPR: ➖
Immunoassay:➕for HIV antibodies
HIV-1 blood viral load: 4.79 million copies/mL
Blood CD4 T-cell count of 0.1 × 109/L.


Started antiretroviral treatment with bictegravir–emtricitabine–tenofovir alafenamide.

#IDtwitter #microbiology
Features of acute HIV infection occur 2–4 weeks after exposure.
Common presentation includes fever, arthralgia and lymphadenopathy, which may mimic acute mononucleosis.

Seroconversion usually occurs 3–8 weeks after initial infection.

#virology #MedTwitter
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