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On this day in 1975, Indira Gandhi proclaimed #Emergency.
Fundamental Rights were suspended.
Civil Liberties were scrapped.
Opposition was put behind bars.
Press censorship was imposed.
Democracy was wounded.
We lived in fear of the midnight knock. n1
As darkness descended at noon and freedom was shackled by the #Emergency regime, repression became the norm. Nehru Dynasty seized the nation and the Constitution was rendered meaningless. Government and Judiciary became putty in Indira Gandhi's hands.
One of the defining slogans of Indira Gandhi's #Emergency was:
“India is Indira; Indira is India.”
And backing Indira Gandhi were the Communists.
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Today's 47th anniversary of #Emergency 1975 imposed on June, 25 by PM #IndiraGandhi with order issued by the Pres Fakhruddin under Article 352 Article 370 of Constitutional Rights, trampling upon civil & political rights
is called the #BlackDayofdemocracy.
Indira Gandhi's lust for power led to Emergency1975
On June 12, 1975, Allahabad HC found and Justice Sinha found her guilty of electoral malpractice, guilty of misuse of the government machinery during her election campaign. Declared her election void; barring and
Disqualified her from contesting elections for next 6 years.

She led the country to chaos, arrested political opponents, and censored the press.

The Prevention Publication of Objectionable Matter Act, 1976 was passed, empowering District Magistrates to barge into offices of
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IndiraGandhi imposed #Emergency on this day.
Lakhs suffered and amongst them, one was Snehalatha Reddy.

A well known Actress,
She was put behind the bars in alleged Baroda Dynamite Case, wasn't even in the final Chargesheet, yet kept as Prisoner, tortured beyond limits from
2nd May 1976 to 15 Jan 1977.

Died 5 days after release on Parole due to chronic Asthma and Lung Infection.
One of the First Victims of Emergency 1975.

She was brutally assaulted & abused by Congress Goons in prison.

Madhu Dandavate in his prison memories writes,
"I Can Hear The Screams Of Snehalatha In The Middle Of The Night From Her Cell"

When Congress talks about Killing the spirit of Democracy and Constitution, they forget the lady who died due to their policies and true Tyranny.

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Waikato Hospital ED apologises after stroke victim claims 6-hour wait - NZ Herald -… via @nzherald
...#Emergency departments are the place you go when the GP is too full to see you, or you lack the $, or when you can no longer manage at home alone, or when the rest home can no longer manage your care, or when the police bring you in, or when you are poor, vulnerable, abused,..
...are depressed or suicidal, are dying, in pain, or you don't you just don't know where else to turn.
It's an amazing privilege to work in such a place, but if society doesn't address health needs in the community, your EDs become saturated, and unable to provide timely care.
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May 19, Eva Davis of @JohnHoward_Can #Ottawa came to our #AntiRacism Working Group to talk about project at 500 Lisgar. Several members of #Housing #Affordability Working group joined the meeting and we had a great presentation and discussion on project and supportive housing 1/
@CentretownCCA board voted to sign on #StartsWithHome campaign lead by @OttawaAlliance mid February. We voted May 2022 to continue as a member of @OttawaCBN after signing on as a founding member of LeBreton Flats Community Benefits Coalition #cba4lebreton in 2019.
This project was initiated by @ottawacity under #Federal Gov't #RapidHousingInititiave Major City Stream admin by @CMHC_ca. The 28 units is part of 109 units under 4 projects for $31.9M allocated to #Ottawa to help the Jan 2020 declared #homeless and #housing #emergency. 3/
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Welp...the pressure is on me again.

I told my landlord of the situation regarding my disability pay & the delay in paying my rent, and he went OFF on me. "No more excuses, pay up by Thursday morning or you are OUT OF HERE!!!", he basically said.

Gonna need that $300 real soon.
Even though I brought the paperwork to my doctor early in order to avoid this, they still managed to dwadle and delay to the point that I won't get my disability biweekly check this week.

This is getting repeatedly stupid.

So, once again, I seek y'allz for help in this. You've come through for me everytime before; I'm hoping you have enough to help me here, too.$AnthonyJK6319…

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1) Welcome to a #tweetorial on what every #ICU #nurse should know about #hypertensive crisis, or #hypertensive #emergency as it is now more properly termed. I’m Bryan Boling @bryanboling, ICU #NP, & co-host of the @icuscenarios podcast. Follow this 🧵for 🆓CE/#CME credit!
2) This accredited educational activity is intended for healthcare providers & is supported by grants from AstraZeneca, Bayer, & Chiesi. Faculty disclosures Like ❤️this topic? More CE/#CME on #hypertension mgt at….
3) So let's start with a case: 65yo ♂️, presents to the #ED with #headache, lethargy & confusion. PMH: #HTN, #hyperlipidemia, #DM2, COPD. Initial VS: HR 85, BP 205/120, T 37.2 RR 12, SpO2 92% on RA. Family reports that he has been more lethargic over the past 2 days.
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Today might be D-Day for the Digital Services Act!

Together with the European Parliament & Council, the Commission has worked in record time to protect 🇪🇺 citizens online.

Here are the 10 things you need to know about the #DSA ahead of our (hopefully) final trilogue.

1️⃣ With great power comes great responsibility 🕷
The DSA is setting clear, harmonised #obligations for platforms – proportionate to size, impact & risk.

2⃣ A harmonised system to fight ALL forms of #illegal content – from counterfeit or dangerous products to hate speech 🥷🏻
Any national authority will be able to request that illegal content is removed, regardless of where the platform is established in Europe.

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Al parecer Emmanuel Rivers tenía conflicto de interés en su estudio de EGDT, en 1997 había mandado a la oficina de patentes de 🇺🇸 un dispositivo para medir SvO2 continua (🧵 1/4) #FOAM #FOAMcc #sepsis #Emergency
Sus metas tempranas como sabemos consistían entre otras en mantener una SvO2>70 (con monitoreo continuo🧐) ya sea con líquidos inotrópicos o hemoderivados, excluyeron 27 pac 13 del grupo EGDT y 14 del grupo control porque “no completaron 6 hrs” (2/4)
Sus resultados fueron biológicamente improbables, el perfil hemodinámico de SvO2⬇️ con TAM⬆️ en sus datos basales es atípico para sepsis, casi todos los sépticos tienen SvO2 ⬆️ (3/4)
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#FactCheck #Bucha 1/4
March 30 - #RussianArmy left town
March 31 - Mayor declared liberation, nothing special reported 2/4
April 1 - no reports
April 2 - Clearing Operation by #UAarmy 3/4
April 3 - #BuchaMasacre publ. by #Ukraine️
April 4 - RU kits nearby victims detected 4/4 ImageImage
#FactCheck #Bucha 2/4
Bucha Mayor Anatoliy Fedoruk:
... "March 31 will go down in the history of our settlement, the entire territorial community as a day of liberation from the Russian orcs ..." ...

Full translated message in EN/DE/ES see screens

Source… ImageImageImage
#FactCheck #Bucha 3/4
#Specialforces have begun a clearing operation in the city of Bucha in the #Kyiv region, which has been liberated by the #ArmedForces of #Ukraine. The city is being cleared from saboteurs and accomplices of #Russian forces.
Source… Image
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1. Relating to the approval/start of emergency #COVID19 vaccine dose - 4th #dose and vaccinating lower age groups of children:

Is there any #emergency now?

Global #Deaths are now all-time low since the start of mass #vaccination. #Cases are also not rising. (plots attached) ImageImage
2. For #India #COVID19 Deaths and Cases are now all-time low since beginning of #pandemic (plot)! Hence not at all an #emergency; instead, heading towards normalcy after two years.

There is indeed not an emergency for US too (plot).

Then why any emergency approval/#rollout? ImageImageImage
3. Israel began vaccinating 5–11 years old in Nov, 2021 and initiated the fourth #dose during Jan, 2022. Israel in fact is leading/ guiding the vaccine rollout strategy.

For #Israel, the recent peak not only in Cases but also for Deaths reached an all-time high (plot). Image
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I'll apologize before hand for the length of this, but I think I need to explain everything to get the help I need.

In February 2020, I was diagnosed with stage IV ovarian cancer. I have fought to stay alive over the last 1/
couple yrs. I have been through multiple rounds of chemo, biologics therapy, two surgeries(1 that nearly ended my life), ect. I have went through scans every couple months, blood test and every few weeks. Though I have insurance, it rarely covers all costs. I have been
buried in bills. Bills that make living hard. So hard in fact that I had to move back into my parents home. At 43 yrs old, it has been no picnic. But we are all making it work.

My parents have helped me with my bills to the point where they are not in a great place
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"The erosion of meaningful culture, the domination of corporate & state media [] the loss of a knowledgable audience. And as one sees w/ the Russophobic response to Ukraine, the entire pandemic only served as a precursor to some complete mental collapse."…
"And perhaps the best place (or one of them) to start is with ideas of #autonomy, #AI, and #tech (#media). For #automation and the internet have both, in their own ways, contributed hugely to the layers of mystification surrounding everything in the #capitalist west today."
"#AI seeks to achieve the same control over mental processes that #scientific management sought to achieve over physical #labour [in 2nd industrial revolution] through a process of rationalization, fragmentation, mechanization and routinization."
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We need more of this - much more of this from the international community before the air bridges & resupply routes are severed.

@GOVUK what assets are being deployed to #StandWithUkraine
Needs more of these also

Reports of Netherlands also dispatching 200 Stinger Missile to #StandWithUkraine
Now Germany subscribes to send 1000 anti-tank & 500 stingers

#Russians pls you-have to stand down and get they boys & girls back home. This is a war which can’t be won as the world #StandWithUkriane
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Étant d'origine Russe, ayant de la famille sur place, j'en ai plus que marre du #RussianBashing des médias français, et des occidentaux moralisateurs en général. Que dirait les USA si la Russie allait installer des bases opérationnelle avancées au Mexique et à Cuba ? 1/2
De plus, n'oublions pas que les accords de Minsk ne concerne que les territoires de la Crimée et du Donbass. Les termes était l'arrêt de l'avancée des pro-russes au-delà de ces territoires. C'est ce qui a été fait. Poutine ne fait que reconnaître une république qui a déjà 8 ans.
Biden et les représentants de L'OTAN n'ont qu'à arrêter de prendre les gens pour des cons. N'avaient ils pas promis en 1989 de ne pas s'étendre en direction des frontières Russe ? Qui sème le vent, récolte la tempête.

#Ukraine #RussiaUkraineCrisis #Russia #UkraineCrisis #Donetsk
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Just a friendly reminder @moderna_tx told the @SECGov that the @US_FDA defines #mRNA as gene therapy. And called it an unprecedented new category of #medicines tho they really want that #vaccine classification anyways for liability protections & fear the public wouldn’t take it.
They know the #COVID19 #vaccine isn’t a vaccine but human #gene #therapy.
The @US_FDA #fda reaffirmed their definition of modified viral #nucleic acid that alters #CELL Jan 30th 2020 #COVID ImageImageImageImage
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ULTIMATELY, and indeed appropriately, a future Judge acting as the final 'trier of fact' will ultimately determine what constitutes "exigent circumstances" in relation to "reasonable limits" that Charter #CCRF permits.

THAT SAID, PLEASE SEE attached four (4)Threads, with Links:
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We thought this was a peculiar case of one client, until we did our research on millions of inputs .. & the result just blew our minds! 🤯

72% Indians don't have adequate emergency fund⚠️

This is a 🧵 on even more shocking facts (1/11) 👇

#personalfinance #FinancialFreedom
Are you just as shocked as we are? 🤔

Find out more such facts in the full report for FREE -…

Well, absence of an #emergency fund could actually mess up ur entire #personalfinance ! Understand the reasons in this thread..

(2/11) #FinancialFreedom Image
A job loss or an unforeseen medical expense can backfire if u don’t hv readily available funds. That's where ur emergency fund comes in rescue!

It includes a highly liquid investment to meet any emergency & reduce ur dependence on loans.

But then, how much? 🤔

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Let's roll the sequence of Event and Why #ShivSena was formed... Who was the brain behind foundation of #ShivSena. From a cartoonist to #HaftaKhori and #HaftaKhori to Political Blackmailing and from Political Blackmailing to Forming a Party..
On 11 Jan 1966, On unfortunate day We lost our PM Lal Bahadur Shashtri Ji in #tashkent ( still not known ). The PM who gave the slogan, "जय जवान जय किसान" and made Pakistan kneel down on Knees in 1965. Think who benefited from his demise...
After the unfortunate demise of #ShashtriJi, on 24 January 1966 #IndiraFerozKhan was sworn in as Prime Minister of India.

Now the political scenario :-

1- Congress as ruling party but popularity declining.

2- Communist as a major opposition but behind the curtain Dating Cong
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1) @EdforBoston we thought you were the one for common sense. Why not hold a hearing and vote the @MayorWu rules into law? #WheresTheEmergency #NoVaccineMandates #NoVaccinePassports #FreeTheHub…
2) June 2020 @EdforBoston and Flaherty were justly concerned about these experimental jabs and boosters on our #Boston cops, firefighters, and nurses. We now know of “long term” affects and limited effectiveness. #NoVaccineMandates…
3) @EdforBoston this guy makes sense. Could @BOSCityCouncil convene/hold hearings on @MayorWu mandates? The Citizens want to know A.#WheresTheEmergency ? B. If the mandates are so good why not #HoldAMeeting ? C. What happened to your concerns on side effects for #Boston workers?
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This is scandalous.

"#EmergencyUseVaccine" - as response to polio outbreaks - caused by vaccines.

Nov 13 2020: "#WHO today listed the nOPV2 vaccine for emergency use to address the rising cases of a vaccine-derived polio strain in a # of African & E. Mediterranean countries."
"The emergency use listing, or #EUL, is the first of its kind for a vaccine & paves the way for potential listing of #COVID19 #vaccines."

Children in impoverished/destabilized countries are given an oral vaccine - discontinued in wealthy countries decades ago.

Aired on CBC, 44 yrs ago.

Dr. Jonas #Salk, July 6, 1977:

"We have known now since 1961 in the US, and prior to that in other countries, that the live virus #vaccine for #polio, does cause the disease itself." 👇

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1st Justice HR Khanna Memorial National Symposium hosted by CAN Foundation with NLU Jodhpur and GNLU to begin shortly.

The session aims to pay homage to #JusticeHRKhanna and to commemorate the Judge's legacy, including his celebrated dissent in ADM Jabalpur v Shivakant Shukla
Justice UU Lalit, Supreme Court of India will be delivering the keynote address on the theme “Reflections on #JusticeHRKhanna - Nurturing India's Constitutional Fabric.”

Panelist, Senior Advocate PS Narasimha will also be speaking thereafter.

Track thread for Live Updates.
The session begins, Manu Maheswari welcomes the gathering and introduces Chief Guest, Justice UU Lalit (L), and Panelist, Senior Advocate PS Narasimha (R). Justice UU Lalit
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Earlier today we were in downtown #yyc handing out water & gatorade and fruit, when we decided to stop & have a break by the Cat Cafe...when we came upon a senior lady rummaging through the city's garbage bins.

#Yyccc #Calgary #Alberta #Canada #SeniorLiving #seniorcare #Seniors
We thought she was looking for bottles to turn in for money but we were wrong. She was looking for both bottles & she was also taking food out of the bins & putting it in her cart.

As soon as we saw that we went over to offer her our help.

#Help #Community #Compassion #BeKind
We went over, asked if we could get her a cold drink & a snack & asked her if she'd like to join us on our break.

She accepted. We went into the coffee shop across from the Cat Cafe (Forgot Name), grabbed some drinks & snacks and sat down in the shade across the street. #Hope
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