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There was a request for me to do a #thread on the multiple facets of God in the Bible, dismissing the much later inventions that God is Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent. These are very new ideas (respectively), so let's get started. #threadstorytime #threadseries
Because Genesis 2/3 is based on Enuma Elish, and contains the ideas of Near Eastern gods (see other threads about this), it makes sense that the god of Genesis 2/3 is not any of the three O's. Genesis 3 shows this well: /1
For one, God is "moving" or walking about in the garden which makes God not omnipresent. More importantly, God asking Adam "Where are You?" This is not a play on words. The God of this chapter literally does not know where Adam is. This God also does not know what occurred/2
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Well, a lot of you have been asking about a David/Jonathan thread, about not how they were just lovers but married! @maklelan and @sohelpmejesseca were just talking about it too! Here it goes! #threadseries #thread
So let's get the obvious stuff out of the way. David was bisexual, and he and Jonathan were lovers. The evidence in the text of this is strong. And while some may deny it, those are the same men who scream that Song of Songs is about Israel and God. So let's go through this./1
We read in 1st Samuel 18 that Jonathan's "nefesh" his soul, became "nik'sh'ra" (bound up or binded) with the "nefesh" of David. Soul on soul love. Deep love. This is not friendship. This is soulmates. Moreover, from a Hebrew point of view, the word "nik'sh'ra" is.../2
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Okay folks, as requested, here is my #thread about ANGELS in Judaism and might even tap into the differences between Judaism's angels and those within Christianity (if I have time).
#threads #threadseries #judaism #Christianity
So, before we even begin with angelic presence in the Torah and Tanakh, I think it's important to to note where angels are NOT present. Let's start with Genesis 1. While it is a popular idea that the "us" here refers to God and the angels, that is a much later idea imposed.../1
...upon the text. Instead, this refers to the pantheon, polytheistic beginnings. This is true for "b'nai elohim" (sons of god, people of god, etc), this does NOT refer to angelic beings. The transposing of angels on these polytheistic aspects of the Torah are the work.../2
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How about a #thread on why the #AssaultWeaponsBan is a very Jewish thing to do?
Let's dive in.
#thread #ThreadsOfLight #threadseries #AssaultWeapons #AssaultWeaponsBanNOW
As a rabbi, I’ve had the horrible privilege of writing and speaking about the countless mass shootings that have occurred in this country. I wrote after Sandy Hook, after Las Vegas, after Orlando, the list is seemingly endless./1
Just recently, about 10 minutes down the road from me, there was a shooting at a mall, where a married couple was shot and killed. And for so long I was without hope because somehow we had not moved an inch as the blood of men, women, and children cried out from the ground./2
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Bhimkund- A water tank which defines infinity.

Nature never fails to astonish us with the secrets kept within it. Located near Bajna village in the Chattarpur district of Madhya Pradesh, Bhimkund is one such example.
Legends has it that the depth of the

#threadseries Image
Kund is endless and no one till date has been able to untangle the mystery.

In general, the dead bodies float back over the water but here the bodies are never seen again.

The source of the Kund is yet to be found.

Before any natural calamity, the water
level of the Kund starts increasing abruptly.

After the Kund became famous, Discovery channel came to study it. The swimmers went deeply in the water but failed to answer most of the questions.

They felt the fastest water waves at 80 feet inside the Kund and hence, after
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You should know that how people treat you is not a reflection of your value or who you are.

#ThreadSeries 👇
Why you should know:

Shitty people are everywhere in the world. And sometimes even the best of people can do shitty things. Focusing too much on what you might have done to deserve being treated in a specific way, or wondering why someone you love would hurt you often
just leads to pain without solutions.

Quick disclaimer: This is a HUGE topic and there's no way anyone can get to the bottom of this in just a few paragraphs. This is just a humble attempt at catching the most important things

Don't get me wrong. If you
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okay guys so this day was boring asf . i was over at tre house , i was in his room on ft with makayla while he was downstairs playing the game with von ( one of his hbs ) .

me : hey hoe

kayla : hey bitch

me : i’m bored wydd ?

kayla : nothing , but you should do this prank
on tre

me : what prank ?

she started telling me about how she did this prank on keon & she was showing out in front of his friends so i said fuck it . 🤷🏽‍♀️

i got up & put on *pic* , went to the kitchen to grab a water & sat in the living room with them . Image
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okay guys so i woke up to a facetime call from tre , and he was looking good asf .

tre : goodmorning mama

me : goodmorning bae ♡

tre : i miss you

me : i miss you too baby

in the midst of our convo his mom walks in to tell him she and his sister are leaving
(hm - his mom)

me : hey mommaaa 🥰

hm : hey babyy , how’s my son treating you ?

me : he be bullying me ma

tre : bruh no i don’t

hm : *slaps him upside his head* don’t be bullying her , imma ttyl okay

me : okay thank you ma love you

tre : see you later ma

hm : love y’all
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A story from #Thiruvilayadal puranam-one of divine leelas of Bhagwan Shiva

#threadseries #madurai

Koodal Kaandam

Story 33- it is about how Bhagwan Shiva as Sundareswarar gave Astama siddi Upadesham to Karthigai Pengal

அட்டமா சித்தி உபதேசித்த படலம்
Once 6 Karthigai Pengal/women - Nitharthani, Aparakhendi, Magendi, Vardhayenthi, Amba & Tula who took care & brought up Karthikeya/
Subrahmanya from time of his birth came to Mount Kailash.

At that time Bhagwan Shiva was sitting under a tree & Devi Parvati was also there.
Karthigai Pengal worshiped Bhagwan Shiva and requested him to give Astama siddi Upadesham.Bhagwan Shiva advised Karthigai Pengal to worship Devi Parvati to realise the 8 (Ashta) great mystic powers.But due to ill fate,Karthigai Pengal ignored the words of Bhagwan Shiva.
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A story from #Thiruvilayadal puranam-one of divine leelas of Bhagwan Shiva

#threadseries #madurai

Koodal Kaandam

Story 31- is about how Bhagwan Shiva granted undepleting pouch of gold to Kulabhooshana Pandyan & about importance of vedic rituals.

உலவாக்கிழி அருளிய படலம் Image
Kulabhooshana Pandyan ruled Madurai Kingdom & was a great Shiva Bhakt.He took care of people needs & all were happy.He was very proud about himself &started to ignore & disrespect the brahmins who performed yagnas & vedic rituals. As a result,the rainfall declined.There was water
shortage.So people were suffering for water & food.Also no yagnas were performed.People started migrating to other places.Pandyan was not happy with the happenings.He went to Alayam &worshipped Sundareswarar to help his people as they are suffering because of drought.
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A story from #Thiruvilayadal puranam-one of divine leelas of Bhagwan Shiva

#threadseries #Madurai

Koodal Kaandam

Story 30- is about how Bhagwan Shiva came as a cheif soilder along with Shiva ganas as soilders for his devotee Soundara Samanthan

மெய்க் காட்டிட்ட படலம்
Kulabhooshana Pandyan ruled Madurai Kingdom.His army commander was Soundara Samanthan.He was a very brave man and was a devotee of Bhagwan Shiva.
He did selfless service to Sivanadiyars.There lived a hunter Sendirayan - he was chief of the hunter community.He was a terror
And many victories made him arrogant.He was planning to attack the Pandya kingdom. Kulabhooshana Pandyan got this news from his spy network.He wanted to strengthen his army by recruiting new people.So he gave his army commander Soundara Samanthan this task.
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𝗪𝗲𝗲𝗱 𝗕𝘂𝗱𝗱𝘆👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨🍃..
#explorepage #threads #storytime #threadstories #threadseries #threadstorytime #seriesthreads #newseries #explore #seriesofseries Image
just like it up💕..
𝐈𝐧𝐝𝐢𝐚 𝐩𝐨𝐯
10|21 10:15𝐚𝐦

“wake y’all asses up!!”

I began jumping on Lexi bed as her and Mark was sleeping. Mark was groaning as he woke up.

“wtf is youu doing fam? enzo come get yo girl!!” Marcus said.

“baee getcho ass down” lorenzo said.
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A #story from #Thiruvilayadal puranam-one of divine leelas of Bhagwan Shiva

#threadseries #Madurai

Story 18- it is about how Bhagwan Shiva protected Madurai when Varuna Dev sent the giant waves to destroy the city.

வருணன் விட்ட கடலை வற்றச் செய்த படலம்
Abhisheka Pandyan was ruling Madurai Kingdom & he was very devoted towards Chokkanathar/ Sundareshwarar.Abhisheka Pandyan used to perform Abhishekam to Chokkanathar regularly.On the Tamil month of Chithirai (April/May) on Chithirai Nakshatra-Pournami (Full Moon) day
he performed all type of Abhishekam to Chokkanathar/
Bhagwan shiva.On that very same day,Indra Dev also used to worship Sundareshwarar & perform Abhishekams.He had to wait until Abhisheka Pandyan Poojai got over.After that,Indra Dev performed Shiva poojai & returned to Indralok.
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Nigerian Stock Market

The #equities market presents attractive opportunities for #investors in form of capital appreciation and dividend return given the low yield environment in the fixed income space.
#Nigerian stocks are currently undervalued and present an opportunity for growth in the short to medium term.
The current #ROI in the #equities market is positive with a YTD return at over 47.5% compared to the #inflation rate at 14.9%.
We believe #stocks in the #financial services (mostly #banks), ICT, and the #industrial sectors present strong prospects for growth given their resilience to the #economic recession.
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1/We’re back with the 3rd and final part of our mini-#threadseries on diabetes prevention

The last part is about balancing individual and population level prevention. As well as how to make evidence-based decisions on some of these population level interventions.
2/Individual level prevention targeted behaviors like diet and exercise. These should also be the target of population level interventions. Although these behaviors are within the control of the individual. They are also impacted by society-level factors.
3/ For instance, it is hard to eat healthy food if it is expensive or not available. It is also hard to reduce exposure to air pollution if there is a lot in the city you live in..
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Was just thinking about the #EndsSARS #EndSWAT #EndPoliceBrutality #EndBadGovernmentinNIGERIA and a question seem to be coming up in my mind.

If the #SARSMustGo guys are now retrenched, what would be their lot in relation to living...In the bid of
In the bid of solving a problem we create another. Come to think of it most of the officers in #SARS have being living large on stolen my vicinity they go about with their own PoS to extort their victims no need to follow you reach ATM
They have upgraded heavily...Now a lot of them live on over #500k a month...and we all know with this kind of lifestyle and affluence cum their qualification and all, there is virtually no job they can do to keep up with this level of lifestyle (income).
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Facebook Ads : Skills yang Mudah Dipelajari namun Bisa Datangkan Income Masif

Tips dan Panduan Dasar untuk Menjalankan FB Ads secara Profitabel

Sebuah thread.

#threadseries Image
Sejatinya Facebook Ads masih merupakan salah satu tools yg amat powerful untuk mendapatkan income secara melimpah via internet.

Ada banyak orang yang bisa meraih profit puluhan hingga ratusan juta per bulan karena FB Ads.
FB Ads tak pelak merupakan salah satu high-paid skills yg sangat rekomended untuk dikuasai.

Ilmunya mudah dipelajari, namun hasilnya bisa jauh melampaui kuliah 4 tahun yang kadang isinya tidak jelas mau ngapain.
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Cara Meraih Income Melalui Kekuatan Instagram Marketing

Sebuah thread

Cara untuk mendapatkan income melalui IG Marketing dapat dilakukan melalui dua jalur :

- jalur iklan resmi IG atau

- jalur paid promote/endorse
Cara iklan resmi artinya Anda memasang iklan secara resmi melalui platform yang disediakan IG.

Untuk bisa pasang iklan di IG, maka akun Anda harus tipe business.

Kalau akun IG Anda saat ini masih personal, silakan ubah menjadi akun business melalui “setting” (pengaturan).
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Cara Mendapatkan Penghasilan melalui Kekuatan WA Marketing. Trik, Tips dan Studi Kasus.

Sebuah thread.

The money is in the list.

Demikian pepatah terkenal dlm dunia internet marketing.

Uang itu adanya dalam list.
Dan list yg terbukti paling menghasilkan uang verrasarkan pengalaman admin itu ada dua :

-  list kontak WhatsApp calon pelanggan kita dan tertarget

-  list database email calon pelanggan dan tertarget

Jadi list-nya tertarget, bukan random list yang entah dapat dari mana.
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