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Do you know that most fire outbreaks are as the result of human carelessness?

We can prevent or minimize fire outbreaks and also stop the blame game of Fire Service arrived late, they did not come with enough water, it took them too long to put out the fire etc,
If only as individuals or organizations we are more careful and complaint to fire prevention measures.

These are some of the things you can do to prevent or minimize fire outbreaks....
√ Ensure all electrical appliances are switched off when not in use .
√ Ensure proper house keeping.
√ Ensure total compliance to fire safety and building codes.
√ Ensure you place a burning candle on a mental stand.
√ Don't leave your cooking unattended.
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#Threads Collating National Protests Against #CAA_NRC_NPR
Scheduled On 30 January 2020, Thursday
24x7 | Shaheen Bagh | women led protest
24x7 | near Khureji Petrol Pump, Khureji | women led dharna
24x7 | Seelampur-Jafrabad, in front of Al Taj Dawakhana
24x7 | Inderlok Metro Station
24x7 | Turkman Gate, Chandni Chowk
24x7 | Jamia Millia Islamia Gate 7
24x7 | Brijpuri Pullya, Mustafabad
24x7 | Kardampuri Chowk, opp. Yamuna Vihar
24x7 | Chand Bagh, near Gokulpuri Metro Station
24x7 | Sri Ram Colony, Ramleela Ground, near Hanuman Mandir, Khajuri
24x7 | Gandhi Park, Hauz Rani, Malviya Nagar
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RISHI DADHICHI also known as Dadhyanga or Dadhyncha which means body part taking strenght from curd.Dadhichi is revered among the sages for his selflessness.Rishi dadhichi was a ardent devotee of lord Shiva .He received a prominent mention in Hindu scripture.
Dadhichi was theson of Rishi Atharvan and his wife Chiti.Atharvan was said to be the author of AtharvaVeda.His ashrama was present at Naimisharanya.
Sabarmati Ashrama was also the ancient site of his Ashram
DADHICHI was granted 3 boom from Mahadev
He could never be killed
He will never be humiliate
His bone will become as hard as diamond.
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Malawi’s Matyr Dr. Attati Mpakati.Perhaps a brief contextual background would be necessary before zeroing in to portray what really Dr. Attati Mpakati represents as far as the history of Malawi is concerned. #Threads
Dr. Attati Mpakati was a charismatic and fearless leader of the Socialist League of Malawi (LESOMA) a political movement founded by exiled Malawians.Ladies and Gentlemen, we are all aware that, Malawi was a country where silence ruled.
There were gross violations of human rights. People were killed just because they uttered a word on how the country should be governed. People’s property were confiscated through the infamous Forfeiture Act. People were imprisoned and exiled among others.
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Malawi has a rich political history which deserve to be given a proper place in our nation history. Giving maximum attention preferred events denies Malawians knowledge of who their heroes are. #Threads #Africa #africanbiohub
It is critical especially to the younger generation to understand in detail the route map to our political independence that will instil "national pride ".The contributions made by deserving Malawians like Orton Edgar Ching’oli Chirwa,Levi Ziliro, Isa Lawrence,
Kapote Mwakasungula, John Fredrick Sangala, General Flax Musopole, Charles Matinga, Reverend Thomas Maseya, Vera Chirwa etc should be given a proper space in our political History.
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Aujourd’hui, #cultureBite dans ce #thread s’intéresse à cette image. Vous avez du la voir un peu partout. Sur les tee-shirts, les serviettes à sandaga , sur internet. Apres Bob Marley, c’est l’image de la culture rasta la plus partagée et “piratée”.
En effet, il s’agit d’une œuvre de RAS Daniel Heartman (de son vrai nom Lloyd George Roberts). Sa passion pour les Art avait débuté avec la danse où il excellait par ailleurs. Il s’est fait surnommé “heartman” en rapport avec “Man Of Heart” @_Baba3000
Plus tard, il intègre le “Majestic Theater” et commence une carrière remarquable dans la danse où il excelle. Mais le destin avait d’autres plan pour lui.
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Where are we?

1. Trump is impeached.

2. He just announced that he can do ANYTHING he wants without consulting Congress. He can ignore a subpoena and any US laws.

3. He just said he can commit troops to any assassination or act of war WITHOUT consulting or notifying Congress.
Where are we? <continued>

4. Trump is quietly gutting tax law while Americans are distracted, simultaneously bankrupting the country and setting up the #oligarchy !

5. Trump is creating one of the largest deficits and adding many trillions of dollars to the national debt.
Where are we? <continued>

6. Trump's war on science continues (more ignorance) ... especially attacks on #ClimateAction attempts, almost as if he's trying to accelerate #GlobalWarming !

7. Trump lies about protecting the environment, simultaneously removing all protection.
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Voici le #thread des #threads #2019 histoire que les affaires soient bien classées, en tout c'est une petite trentaine de sujets qui ont été abordés ! C'est par en dessous que ça se passe ! ⤵️⤵️
C'était il ya onze mois, nous nous demandions si le #Brexit allait survenir. Depuis on a eu la réponse mais àa n'a pas été sans mal ! 😅
Puisque c'était dans l'actualité de la fin de l'hiver, nous avons regardé du côté de la #viande et des différents #scandales en cours…
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The #NHS has become the No.1 issue in the #GE2019
If you can spare 8 minutes, grab a cup of tea, and learn everything you will ever need to know;

The NHS: An Updated Visual Essay: (Part 1)

Follow for more #FactCheckuk

#videothread #threadio
Still with us? Grab another biscuit.

The NHS: An Updated Visual Essay: (Part 2)

#Threadio #FactCheckTheNHS
Follow for more #FactCheck
You've seen videos before. You've seen #threads before. Ever seen a #Threadio? You have now:

The NHS: An Updated Visual Essay: (Part 3)

#Threadio #FactCheck #NHS #GE2019 #Brexit
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Siga o fio e entenda por que a reunião de #RicardoSalles com os governadores da Amazônia, que deveria tratar sobre medidas para conservação e o desenvolvimento sustentável da região, não passou de anúncio vazio.…
#Threads #semverdena🇧🇷 #forasalles
A coletiva de hoje, cinco meses após @inpe_mct mostrar a explosão do desmatamento, só confirmou que o ministro do @mmeioambiente se desviará dos problemas reais, e segue sem planos para conservar a Amazônia e evitar sua devastação…
Salles nega as aparências e disfarça evidências de que o desmatamento é provocado por atividades criminosas, incentivadas pela certeza de impunidade. Taí a alta de 30% em 2019 “potencializada” por @jairbolsonaro pra comprovar.… #semverdena🇧🇷 #forasalles
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3 years back our Emperor started his crazy experiments with economy by demonetising 86% of the currency notes!

Rest is history!

It was also an experiment to see how much we are conditioned to mutely surrender when our civil liberties and rights are taken away!

We seen then how India's main stream media and journalists colluded with the regime and sold propaganda to us on a daily basis.

TV shows and columns are saturated with praise songs and fantasies!

We heard how our economy is transformed from black to white, informal to digital!
Those fantasies include chip notes, digital economy, record income tax payees and collection, black money bags floating in rivers and left at waste bins, shell companies were dusted to ground, windfall gains to Government, etc.

We forget all pain and reveled in delusion 🤣
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@Conservatives and @MattHancock keep "sincerely" insisting #NHS isn't being privatised.
They accuse Labour of lies.

@UKLabour say it is & they will put #OurNHS back into a publicly owned, publicly run & delivered healthcare service via #NHSbill

What is "privatised"?
Tories haven't defined, but say it isn't privatisation, it's outsourcing, & "public-private partnerships" 🙄🤔

Labour says it's putting the running & delivery of services into private sector hands.
NHS Campaigners agree with Labour & adding NHS has been "corporatised" run as a business... eg Foundation Trusts.
Business puts profits before people.

Examples of @Conservatives in charge of #OurNHS
Extracts from #NHSE documents....
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0/ A compilation of all (well most) #threads I have posted on #FinTwit in no particular order. I will keep adding new threads I post on this main thread and pin it to my profile. No reccos implied or otherwise. Share & discuss if you find it useful ...
1/ On investing mistakes, diligence findings and lessons ... this will be updated from time to time ...
2/ Why Indian FMCG / consumer cos seemed to me to be overvalued in Sep ‘18
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Now a days, throughout the world Pakistan is the only country having less than 1% electricity production from coal despite of the fact that we've ranked 7th in the world 7th for coal reserves. The total coal reserves of #Pakistan is estimated to be about 186bn tons
And the estimated annual coal consumption is about 5800 million tons, of which major chunk (75%) is used for electricity production. This means that the coal reserves of only Pakistan is solely enough for the world for about 30-35 years.
The indiginous coal are widely used for electricity production because of their low cost and wide reserves. If we look into world's energy production, USA and other western countries are producing more than 40 wt% and China and India are producing greater than 70 wt% of
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THE TIME I FUCKED MY BROTHERS BESTFREIND💦🍆! #storytime #storythreads #threads #freakythreads
So let’s start off with this being my first story time so might be a little yunno😬! Anyways brother bestfreind = LJ
Ok so me and my brother was over my auntie house we stayed for a weekend because my mom and dad went for a lil trip or w.e🤷🏽‍♀️
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Bagaimana jika salah satu kita bosan?

Teruntuk kalian yang sedang bosan-bosannya.

-------------------- A THREAD --------------
#Threads #Thread #love #LoveStory

Source: LINE
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🥡instagram feed theme ideas🥡

#selfcare #threads
🥡match ur pose/outfit with ur fav celebrity
🥡match ur outfit color with an aesthetic pic
🥡cute filters (thread for selfie apps🔜)
🥡rainbow feed (1st pic red 2nd orange etc)
🥡matching emojis on ur pic
🍥use the blue sky as bg for ur pics
🍥apply the same effect on all ur pics
🍥paste the watermark of ur fav tv channel
🍥add stickers on ur pics
🍥take pics at night and keep the dark theme w/ or w/o flash
🍥have similar poses
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Le #breaking de la nuit US signé @nytimes: #Trump aurait approuvé des frappes de représailles sur l'#Iran, les avions étaient déjà en l'air… puis ont été rappelés. Les revirements de cette administration et de ce président posent question.…
2) Personne n'obligeait hier #Trump à faire son tweet de Tartarin sur la très grosse erreur de l'#Iran quant à la destruction du drone US. Cela suit d'ailleurs des mois de menaces peu usuelles pour 1 président US: il a promis aux Iraniens leur "fin" (sic) le 19 mai…
3)...sur le plus long terme, c'est aussi #Trump qui a "fabriqué" l'#Iran comme ennemi de nouveau à abattre au plus vite, en se retirant d'1 accord nucléaire qui fonctionnait, en déclarant les Gardiens de la Révolution organisation terroriste, en universalisant les sanctions...
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The Time I Got Freaky on FaceTime 😏#Threads #threadstorytime #storytimethread
So this all happened literally last night. I was on FaceTime with my lil summer fling( we gonna call him Ricky). Now I’m on Vacation atm with my family and I’m sharing a room with my little cousin(he’s like 8)
So my little was sleeping in the bed and I was on an air mattress. I had in nothing but a jacket a bra, some lace underwear. Now by time I called Ricky I was already in the mood, so I was tryna get him to notice, so I took off my jacket
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How me and my bestfriend fucked at my grandmother cookout 💦😋👅 #threads #thread #threadstorytimes #freaky #freakthreads #viral #explorepage #read #enjoy #threadstories #threadtrends #explore #threading
Ok so this was summer time around early June a couple months faster me and my bestfriend fucked so after we fucked we didn’t fuck no more but we were still so close. If you haven’t ready the past story you won’t get it so go read it but anyways my bestfriend name is going to be—
Jay, so anyways I invite jay to my grandmother cookout because it was just something we always did. The night before I ended up staying at his house and sadly nothing happend. So when I got up that morning I took a shower, brushed my teeth, did my face routine and make up then—
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I’ll tell that other story time later THIS one is more better and friskier 😈😈🤫.....#Threads #storytimethreads #storytimes #STORYTIME: Fingered in tha mfin Uber 🤣
So me and my nigga Quay🤪 (Yes from the Otha storytime) was finna go on a luh double date or whateva so..yk I had to luck cute for my nigga..with his fine ass💗 I had on dick appointment pants and this cute ass shirt I looked like a mfin.... 🥴
So we playin around on the way..touchin each other and yk that cute shit☺️he kept lookin at me knowin damn WELL he still make me AND my pussy nervous af😩 so I had a plan for daddyyyy🤪
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Story time A THREAD: THE TIME MY BF AND I GOT SUPER FREAKY💦💦#Threads #threadstorytime #freak #storytime #stories
This the boy from my last story’s😭 so he Carmel wit waves☺️ but he not the cutest in the bunch🤷🏽‍♀️ be he taller than me ANYWAYS TJ and I had broken up for a few months and he got another gf🙄 so they broke up and I was like
So he texting me on snap telling me why they broke up and that he should have never broke up with me😂 so we talkin for like a two months now and so he asked me out🤪 I said yes then we texting freaking🙂 mind you we live in the same neighborhood so😋 but we outside and we sneak
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J’ai été interpellée au sujet des numéros présents sur les #emballages en #plastique. Ces symboles, au nombre de 7, sont des triangles constitués de 3 flèches et un chiffre qui indique le type de plastique. Donc c’est parti pour la description de chacun de ces symboles #Thread
Pensez à aller voir mes #threads sur les plastiques et le #recyclage, épinglés sur ma page si ce n'est déjà fait ça vous aidera sur certains points
N°1-Le PET ou PETE, c’est le plastique qui constitue principalement les #bouteilles d’eau et de boissons gazeuses en plastique, flacons de produits d'hygiène, etc. Il est facilement recyclable=> #PoubelleJaune
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