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The nurse in ‘Romeo and Juliet’. A thread 👇
Nurse is often seen as just a comic character, but there's much more to her than meets the eye. Her character represents both nurturing and comedy, and her close relationship with Juliet is central to the play. #nurse #RomeoAndJuliet
👩‍👧 The nurse has a unique bond with Juliet, essentially serving as a surrogate parent. This closeness is emphasized in Act 1, Scene 3, when Lady Capulet feels she can't have an intimate conversation with Juliet without the nurse present. #nurture #Shakespeare
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DALL-E created this image of a paramedic and nurse wearing VINO OPTICS Vein Finder Glasses.

These people don’t exist, but our tech most certainly does.
Available at
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This is an interesting case. I’m interpreting these as the presenting labs. I think 1-1.5L of lactated ringers (w/o added KCL) is the best choice. LR has some K, K is not that low, the lactate will help shift K into cells by raising pH, and priority is volume.
There’s so much going on here, but remember #nurse the priority intervention for DKA and HHS is to bolus w/ an isotonic solution to maintain adequate circulatory volume. Testable on the #nclex. The hypovolemia is even higher priority than these crazy labs
The right answer on the #nclex for DKA or HHS is to bolus normal saline and that’s what most protocols call for. However, one could postulate Lactated Ringer’s (Hartmann’s) may be superior in DKA b/c the lactate is turned into bicarbonate by the liver txing the acidosis.
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So I spoke with the Health Care Authority of West Virginia who approves certificates of need in our state. A 🧵 by #folkreporter @folkreporters 1/
I spoke with Timothy Adkins, the interim director of the Certificate of Need program. He clarified the CON program for me, as it pertains to #obgyntwitter in West Virginia. 2/
If an ambulatory care center aka hospital or hospital affiliated clinic exists in your community, that entity DOES NOT need to apply for a CON to add #obgyntwitter care to it's existing facility. 3/
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@ePatientDave @janoldenburg @MightyCasey @HealthPrivacy Been stewing on this actually @ePatientDave .
It's the same problem @claudiawilliams and @HITpolicywonk raised.
In sum, a state can require certain behavior of a #licensed #professional that may be inconsistent with #HIPAA right of #access, or #CLIA rules, or (1/several)
@ePatientDave @janoldenburg @MightyCasey @HealthPrivacy @claudiawilliams @HITpolicywonk Or even @ONC_HealthIT. The issue is which rules win?
The first principle is that accessing your own health info is a privacy right.
There's a clear rule about state laws that give fewer rights, like making it cost more than #HIPAA says it should. Those are preempted 2/
@ePatientDave @janoldenburg @MightyCasey @HealthPrivacy @claudiawilliams @HITpolicywonk @ONC_HealthIT The second principle is that legislatures dictate license terms to keep patients "safe."
So here, some states are adding physician requirements about labs to keep patients safe. It's a theoretically different line of law entirely, but it's crashing into the first principle 3/
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What if all these nurses live on one side of the hospital where they work, or they have problems of mobility, as I do. And they use their car to drive to work on the other side of the hospital.
They could use a wheelchair or a buggy, but they haven’t got round to it, because it’s free. Of course they should pay!
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I'm in the ER right now after experiencing vertigo yesterday and again this morning. I literally diagnosed myself because I graduated from WebMD medical school, but I came to make sure there wasn't anything more serious.
They told me it's likely positional vertigo, and they drew a bunch of blood and gave me a banana bag for dehydration. So I'm sitting here waiting for the iv to finish and there is a man in the other room calling everyone "fucking niggers" and demanding a white nurse.
After ten minutes of listening to him repeatedly say nigger, I was ready to rip the iv out and just leave, cause seriously?
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I’ve been a registered #nurse for 3 years.

2.5 years of #covid working front line, and left burnt out, seeing such trauma left me #suicidal and needing #PTSD #EMDR therapy. In that time I was diagnosed with Autism and this year I buried my mum.

So actually @RishiSunak
I will be #striking #rcn #costofliving #ToryChaos

Your government were encouraging the public to clap for us during some very dark times.

A 72p pay rise won’t even get me three Cadbury chomps! It’s insulting to all of us #keyworkers @UKLabour @AngelaRayner
You know how you can fix this? Call a #GeneralElection and move aside for a real government, you have no mandate, no integrity, and no hope. #ToryChaos #ToryShambles #GeneralElectionNow
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1/ Welcome to Edition 119 of West’s Well-Being Wednesday! Today: a review of threads and content from October 2021. #wellbeingwednesday #wellbeing #burnout #medtwitter #meded
2/ From October 6, a brief thread on speakers at the #ACPH21 meeting, including @PresCoreyDLBHF @Surgeon_General @vivek_murthy @JillianHortonMD. Quite prescient for current impact, no?
3/ Look for more excellent speakers on the vanguard of physician #wellbeing at #ACPH23 in Palm Desert, California October 11-13, 2023. Bookmark this link and add to your calendars because this meeting fills up fast once registration opens!
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🧵Globally, migrant nurses and midwives make up a significant proportion of healthcare workers, and trends indicate an exponential rise in #nurse & #midwife migration globally.
The @WHO healthcare workforce report predicts a shortfall of ~ 6 million nurses by 2030
Many countries rely on nurse and midwife migration to manage their shortfall of healthcare professionals
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1) Welcome to a #tweetorial on what every #ICU #nurse should know about #hypertensive crisis, or #hypertensive #emergency as it is now more properly termed. I’m Bryan Boling @bryanboling, ICU #NP, & co-host of the @icuscenarios podcast. Follow this 🧵for 🆓CE/#CME credit!
2) This accredited educational activity is intended for healthcare providers & is supported by grants from AstraZeneca, Bayer, & Chiesi. Faculty disclosures Like ❤️this topic? More CE/#CME on #hypertension mgt at….
3) So let's start with a case: 65yo ♂️, presents to the #ED with #headache, lethargy & confusion. PMH: #HTN, #hyperlipidemia, #DM2, COPD. Initial VS: HR 85, BP 205/120, T 37.2 RR 12, SpO2 92% on RA. Family reports that he has been more lethargic over the past 2 days.
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1) Welcome to a new #accredited #tweetorial on parenteral #antiplatelet therapy in #neurovascular interventions. Our expert author is Fawaz Al-Mufti MD @almuftifawaz, interventional #neurologist Interventional Neurologist @NYMedcollege @WestchesterMed @neurocritical @svinsociety
2) This program is intended for #healthcare providers & is accredited for 0.5h CE/#CME for #physicians #PhysicianAssociate #nursepractitioner #nurse #pharmacists and is supported by educational grants from AstraZeneca, Bayer, and Chiesi.
3) Be sure to see prior tweetorials on #antiplatelet management, still available for credit, at…. Faculty disclosures are listed at
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Join us tomorrow for the launch of a new accredited tweetorial – a case-based program on the assessment and management of patients with IgA #nephropathy (#IgAN). Free CE/#CME for #physicians, #nurses, #pharmacists! Expert author none other than @IgAN_JBarratt. FOLLOW US . . .
. . . and tell your colleagues to join you here on @ckd_ce, your ONLY source for accredited #tweetorials in the #CKD space! #nephtwitter #nephjc @nephondemand @Nephro_Sparks @edgarvlermamd @ChristosArgyrop @goKDIGO @nicklimd @CKJsocial @ERAkidney @kidney_boy @kidneypathology
1) Welcome to our accredited #tweetorial on optimal contemporary mgt of #IgAN. Earn 0.5h CME/CE credit #physicians #nurses #nursepractitioners #physicianassistants by following this thread. I am @IgAN_JBarratt. @MedTweetorials #nephtwitter #nephjc #FOAMed #MedEd Image
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In case anyone is wondering how we NHS Nurses are doing out here- read this.
Because you need a subscription to read the full article I’ve added screenshots tothisThread

Nurses with long-COVID: NHS urges trusts to redeploy,not dismiss.…
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1/🧵 #WISDOM of Wine, Coffee & Chocolate. 🍷 🍫 ☕️
Millions love morning coffee or curling up w DARK chocolate & wine
What’s the #SCIENCE?

All 3 in moderation are safe…
This thread will focus on WINE! Let’s explore actual SCIENCE…
2/ This infographic shows the putative benefits – weight & BP control, diabetes & stroke prevention. But what do actual data say about this?
3/ Wine has antioxidants and flavonoids that might reduce cardiac disease.
Resveratrol from grapes inhibits initiation, promotion, and progression of cancer.
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Everyone has a slightly different attitude to books.
Some give them the white glove treatment.
Others break the spine.
Or use book marks.
Write in the margins.
Or have 'post it notes'.
I am a corner turner. Top of the page for something to read again. Bottom for an 'extra'
important passage.

The amount of angles in this one is a reflection of how important a read it is.

As someone who had a loved one who also had a fondness for hats, and in later years kaftans, it was an opportunity to learn about a fellow wonderful, colourful man who was loved
So very much.

As the 'predominant' person involved in his care I shared some of the frustrations particularly around information sharing. I was 'lucky' though. When well and unwell John was able to voice that he wanted me involved. I know that was often
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1/🧵ICU Burn-Out Prevention in #COVID: a few thoughts
Early on as an ICU Doc, I carried a lot of shame because I realized that even though I sufficed as a technician and possessed the right knowledge, I was NOT doing a good job as a “person” with “people.”
#burnout #nurse Image
2/ Which is to say, I was only “good” doctor on paper. NOT in real life.

I kept myself at too much of a distance, and I thought my job was to do procedures well and provide the right medicines.

Now I know that was not enough, not by a LONG SHOT.
3/ 📚 I wrote: “That shot of adrenaline from saving a life dissipated once the ventilator was in place…as if we handed over care of our patients to machines while we went off & intubated, sedated & paralyzed the next person...

P.58 #EveryDeepDrawnBreath Image
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1/🧵 How do #COVID patients suffer after the ICU?
This new @JAMA_current study of 246 Dutch pts shows that 3 out of 4 people had physical problems 1 YEAR LATER plus 1 in 4 have #brainfog, depression & anxiety.
What do we call this?

2/ The paper is also discussed in @Medscape👇: “Our study shows what an impact ICU admission has on former #COVID19 pts. Even after 1 year, half are tired or experience lack of the energy to fully resume their work," says author Marieke Zegers, PhD
3/ I searched this paper for well-known terms like post-intensive care syndrome #PICS, #LongCOVID & even “post-acute sequelae of COVID”#PASC
NADA. Zip. Zilch.

Why weren’t these names mentioned? At the very least, these pts’ disabilities are DEFINITELY PICS & underestimated btw
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2 days, 2 colouring ins.

I've started adding gems just so the novelty doesn't wear off.

The anchor one has most meaning.
First because I ordered myself one as a bracelet with the word 'hope' a few days before my hospital admission. I haven't worn it yet. ImageImageImage
Second, because I have been trying to think of a way that I can visualise 'protective factors'. The best I have thought of so far, is as anchors; things that help hold me down and help give me stabiliy through the storm.

Work/my identity as a #nurse is one of my biggest anchors
and I no longer feel the need to justify or explain that (and believe me I have been challenged to numerous times over the last few months).

So anyway. This leads to another subject. I WENT BACK TO WORK TODAY 🥳. Well it was more of a showing my face and that I am alive, but
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This 👇👇👇 (h/t @joemd)

Also, at midcareer female success is threatening to men our age AND to younger men who rely on patriarchal patronage systems. Women, overpoliced by the system, then, yes, are tougher bosses AND we *do* tend to adhere more closely to ethics.

I do do all:
On #MedTwitter there is a pattern of “callouts”, yes vs all genders & ages, but also pattern of misogyny and misogynoir. It happens towards nurses & doctors alike. One of the reasons I connected with @ShrimpBrokkoli is because I saw a yt male resident ridiculing her online.
I saw that behavior being taught by NON-clinical faculty & that REALLY crossed a line.
If you are a woman + nurse + frontline + Black/WOC, you already live with so much violence towards you. Added online made up drama from a trainee vs nurse?
No, no, & no.…
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How enduring use of 150-year-old speculum puts women off smear tests #cervicalcheck #pain…
I was invited by @NHSEngland for routine #cervicalscreening and despite the efforts of my practice #nurse, even the smallest available #speculum caused me greatest amount of #pain and we had to stop the #procedure within a minute after insertion.
I have been in pain for 9hrs now. 😑 No test designed for #screening #population should be thus. It is hardly conducive for #uptake. Why has #gynaecology stuck with this 'instrument of torture', despite advances in #medicalinstrumentation? Could it be #apathy? @MamaDoctorJones
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Criticism of the ☣️#CDCGuidelines ☣️
A #nurse isn't impressed with the #CDCGuidelines either.
*physicians assistant... But there is no good hashtag for that
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“Given #Omicron's lower severity, the negative cost of lockdowns and school closures—including financial turmoil, isolation, and lost learning time—far outweigh the benefits.” write @AliHMokdad and @kleachkemon in @ThinkGlobalHlth👇…
Estimates suggest that #Omicron is just 3% as deadly as #Delta and 1/10 as likely to cause hospitalization while simultaneously spreading at “stunning” speeds and will likely infect as many people in the next 2 months as SARS-CoV-2 has infected people in the past 2 years
📍The good news is that in most countries, the death toll will be nowhere near as extreme as it was last winter.
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