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I used to think that breaking the cycle of addiction in my family had to include helping others do the same,
so much so that I built my whole entire life around my trauma.
I don't think I've ever looked forward to a #NewYear quite like I am this year -
as I leave that all behind.
For me, my #CheersToTheFall 🥂🗑️🔥messy, traumatized out the ass, vulgar but entertaining at least,
#whistleblower year...
A dumpster fire that took me all across the beautiful/terrible USA and back...
It taught me soo much that I'd 💯💯
do it all over again (but better ✊🏻)...
And the biggest lesson of many big lessons?
For me,
true #recovery has always been about #recovering who I was before all the trauma.
that shit got slapped out of me this last yr...
who I was before my mom's addiction stole my childhood.
I've gotten to #recover ME. ❤️✊🏻
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Dear subscribers and guests of the channel! On Friday, December 2, #Russian President Vladimir #Putin held an operational meeting via video call with the permanent members of the Russian Security Council.
We have already reported that after the main part of the meeting, in a closed format, the meeting participants discussed the report of Security Council Secretary, Nikolai #Patrushev, who informed about the inability to use 87% of #Russia's nuclear missile weapons.
But there was another rather large discussion regarding the second topic of the same report. #Patrushev reported that, according to available information, the #Crimea bridge could be completely disabled in the next two months.
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Happy Spiritual Diwali/Dipawali to you all.

But do you know why Jains celebrate Dipawali ?

Read rhe thread.
Diwali is one of the most popular festivals in india. For Jains it is a very important occasion. It is a festival of glory and achievement of Bhagwan Mahavira who attained nirvana on this day.
A brief history of diwali in jainism:

#Diwali was known as Deepalika- the Festival of Lights. Deepak is a symbol of light of abolishing the darkness of ignorance.
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115.01/ Week one-hundred and fifteen, September 24-30, 2022, thread begins here.

Week 114 below.
115.02/ #ShavuaTov everyone & hello to the last day of 5782! I admit that I get a special thrill about skipping "Vayehi Noam" even though doing so implies my upcoming week has many days of isurei melakha. I love yuntif, honest I do, but I am a fan of writing & the internet, too.
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Happy Sinhalese & Tamil New Year to Everyone!

For centuries this has been an important celebration for Sri Lankans of all backgrounds...

Take a look at how it started and where it evolved from below...

#HappyNewYear2022 #Srilanka #Otd #History #ceylon #newyear #lka #celebrate
There is no definite origin story for the Sri Lankan New Year and most scholar point to a multitude of sources that all evolved into what we now celebrate today. But, it can be said that the modern festival originated in the 1500s during the Sītāvaka Period.
The celebration has a long history in India which likely influenced the date for the festival in Sri Lanka as both places have had a history of cultural exchange and movement for millennia.
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In many countries Christmas decorations are taken down on the 12th day of Christmas (January 6th), also known as Epiphany. To keep them up any longer is nowadays considered bad luck.
But what about Japan? Well, that depends where you live. ImageImageImageImage
In Japan the New Year holiday period is known as 'Matsu-no-uchi' (松の内).
From December 13th ('Shōgatsu-goto Hajime' 正月事始め) preparations for welcoming the New Year begin: pine decorations are cut/bought ('Matsu-mukae' 松迎え) & the house is cleaned ('Susu-harai' すす払い). ImageImageImageImage
When does the New Year period end?
Well, in eastern Japan it usually finishes on January 7th, but in western Japan it goes on until the 15th.
In 1662 the Shōgun fixed January 7th as the 'end' of the New Year...but this decree arrived late in the west, so they settled on the 15th.
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#Thread |

A new satellite image shows that #China's building a bridge on its side of the Pangong lake in eastern Ladakh
The Chinese move comes amid the prolonged Sino-India military standoff in the border area


@kakar_harsha @asthana_shashi @MeghBulletin
Reports say that the satellite imagery is of an area on the Chinese side of the Line of Actual Control (LAC) near the Galwan valley region
The armies of India & China had created a buffer zone in Galwan valley following their deadly clashes on June 15, 2020

Marking #NewYear Indian & Chinese troops exchanged sweets & greetings at 10 border posts along LAC including in eastern #Ladakh
As per reports, the bridge is at a distance of around 40 km from LAC & India is also developing infrastructure in response in the region at a rapid pace
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When we started MHT in 2019, we set out to transform Mental Health & Subtance Abuse testing, an industry in desperate need of technological innovation.
With skyrocketing rates of mental health disorders and a subtance abuse epidemic, it’s never been more important to identify disorders, and monitor them effectively throughout treatment.
Our platform is designed to create a seamless end-to-end experience for both patients and clinicians. Better efficiency, data-tracking, and ease-of-use means more people get the help they need.
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I got home this morning after an overnight shift in the pediatric emergency department.

I rarely share personal reflections based on my clinical work as a #pediatrician via @twitter, but I'm allowing myself this exception.

#omicron #COVID19Qc #N95sForAll

A thread 🧵 1/21...
2/ I started my winter holiday stretch of shifts by working on #Christmas evening and finished it by ringing in the #NewYear last night while taking care of sick & injured children with a phenomenal (but overworked & somewhat demoralized team) at the children's hospital.
3/ Let me re-iterate at the outset that I've always been opposed to @francoislegault @coalitionavenir's imposition of the #curfew because of its harmful impacts on many of the most marginalized people in society.…
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My Ambition is To Be Free And Awesome!… #FEMINISTGIANT #NewYear2022 A picture of Mona in a yell...
Take #FEMINISTGIANT with you into the the #NewYear
Feminism is not a few women hurdling over patriarchy's obstacles. Feminism is the destruction of those obstacles.… #FEMINISTGIANT #NewYear2022 A picture of Mona in a yell...
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It's a NEW MOON tonight.
In next 2 days Hindus across India will celebrate their #NewYear--
#Vaisakhi in North,
#Vishu in Kerala &
#Puthandu in TN.
A very auspicious time of the yr.🙏
In Kerala, day starts with VISHU KANNI-- auspicious items are laid out around Shri Krishna.
Auspicious items include everything YELLOW (be it fruits, Peetambar-Krishna, or new set of clothes), this so bcoz yellow represents PROSPERITY.
An imp item of KANNI is MIRROR which is kept in d center-- reminding us that:
"I alone can change my destiny".
This festival is based on SOLAR calendar though this yr d festival falls right next to a new moon. So it becomes an even more auspicious time to manifest our wishes.
Sun represents our soul, and moon our emotions.


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And while you’re at it @piersmorgan @Peston @SamCoatesSky @maitlis & @krishgm can you explain to them that the virus won’t go away just because the “old & vulnerable” have been vaccinated. It will continue to spread through communities until ADEQUATE SAFETY measures are in place.
As we’re seeing now on “the frontline” WHOLE FAMILIES are infected. The combination of advice to #schools/#earlyyears & #Christmas/#NewYear created repeated family #SuperSpreaderEvents of monumental proportions.
There are young ppl who’re sick & in ITU. More cases = more v sick.
INDOOR workplaces are NOT #CovidSecure .
#Schools & #earlyyears settings are NOT #CovidSecure.
Too many ppl are travelling, to many work outside their home & are in education/childcare.
Look at the roads,the #Tube this morning.
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I know this headline may resonate with some, and that is why I have decided to share.

After 6 years of anticipating a Ph.D., I got a fully-funded Ph.D. admission in 2019. Those 6 years of waiting looked like 'forever'!
#success #phd
Waiting for anything in life is not easy, especially when you have had many successes in a related area. Don't get me wrong, I was making progress in many other areas of my life, but this one thing I have always desired and wanted: to be a Ph.D. holder wasn't just forthcoming.
A bit of background, I finished BSc summa cum laude and top of my faculty and proceeded to pursue MSc in the UK on the prestigious commonwealth scholarship. I should also mention that my undergraduate degree was filled with so many prestigious scholarships and awards.
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How a #vaccine works: when we get #covid19 we make #antibodies and #Tcells. A #vaccine introduces #antigens: heat-killed, parts of #virus, #mrna that makes virus #spike into our bodies to produce the antibody and Tcells WITHOUT infecting us with #coronavirus & making us sick. 1/ ImageImageImageImage
When a new disease comes along like #COVID19 #coronavirus our body does not have #antibodies or #Tcells to fight it off. First we recognize it (the #antigen) and START to BUILD our defense or army to fight it back. #vaccines #vaccine (from 2/ Image
The #vaccine helps us to build an army that is ready to fight the #coronavirus before it tries to infect us. The #vaccines are parts of the virus or #antigens that our body knows are foreign invaders (BUT can’t attack or make us sick). #mrna vaccines are different 3/ Image
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🟥32 pays (outre 🇬🇧UK) signalent la souche B.1.1.7., la mutation Anglaise

Les voici :


⤵️ #COVIDー19 #lockdown #vaccine #coronavirus
🇰🇷Corée du Sud
🇦🇪Émirats arabes unis
#NewYear #COVID19 #Covid_19 #newstrain
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हम वोह है जिन्हें पैदा होते ही उम्मीदों से लांघ दिया जाता है फिर थोड़ा बड़ा होते ही किताबों का बोझ डाल दिया जाता है बड़े लाध से रखा जाता है बाद प्यार किया जाता है कभी कभी ग़लतियो पर दांत भी दिया जाता है तोह कभी कभी शरारतों पर मार भी दिया जाता है।
और फिर हमारे रोने पर हमें चुप कर दिया जाता है और बड़े प्यार से समझा दिया जाता है की तुम लड़के हो ऐसे रोया थोड़ी जाता है।
तुम्हारे आँसू को तुम्हारी आंखों मे क़ैद कर दिया जाता है तुम्हारी भावनाओं को तुम्हारे दिमाग़ में बाँध दिया जाता हैं ।
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🇫🇷 #coronavirus France

🟥France #Covid_19 : Hausse de la positivité, plateau de cas

🔷En 24h -> 19 927 Positifs et 252 Décès

Bilan au 31 décembre🎉🎊

☣️2 620 425 Positifs
💀64 632 Décès
🩹194 221 Retours à🏡

#COVID__19 #COVIDー19 #COVID19 #Corona #CoronaInfoCH
🎉Tous d'abord, je voulais vous souhaiter une très bonne année 2021, ayez la santé, la réussite, l'amour🙃!

J'espère que 2021 sera bien meilleur que 2020

Merci d'avoir passé cette année à me lire !
#NewYear #HappyNewYear2021 #2021year #HappyNewYear
Pour rappel :

▶️Le nombre max de Positifs annoncés en 24h est de 88 790 le 07/11

▶️Le nombre max de personnes décédées en milieu hospitalier en 24 heures s'élève à 613 (le 6 Avril)

▶️Le nombre max de décès notifiés (Hôpitaux + EMS) en 24 heures est de 1 437 (le 14 Avril)

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This #NewYear we must get serious about climate change. A big obstacle: our brains.

Current risks are vastly different from our ancestors, but our brains are wired the same. Knowing the science behind decision-making helps us better talk about climate threats & spark action. 1/
I’ve dedicated my career to understanding what factors influence our perceptions of risk & shape behavioral outcomes, especially around climate action.

We clearly do not judge risks accurately. Let’s try this example. What is more likely to kill you:
Ppl often say shark attacks even though plane parts are 30x more likely to kill us. Attacks are more sensational/easier to recall.

Brains react in certain ways to risks around us, rapidly scanning environmental cues (e.g. snake’s stance) with subliminal and automated processing.
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Fierce love.

Defiant joy.

Nurturing solidarity.

FEMINIST GIANT hopes that what lies ahead is better for us all. #NewYear
Art by @sxgx FEMINIST GIANT in yellow letters, a blue fist with a yellow
FEMINIST GIANT says refuse to “go back to normal.” Fuck Normal!

From May 2020
🎥 @rerutled #NewYear


What fucking world is this:
- where men still beat and kill us even during a pandemic
- how long must we wait until men stop beating and murdering us, even under #COVID19 lockdown?

From April 2020

🎥 @rerutled #NewYear

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If you are interested in moving to Canada and getting all the benefits of a permanent resident, this article is for you.

Issa thread!
One of the hot topics in Nigeria these days is about relocating to Canada.
But is it worth it&then what does it cost&how long does it take?About 2 months ago,I decided to nosedive into the topic&this post is a summary of what u should know if you plan to relocate to Canada
With the present state of the country at the moment, I really don't blame any Nigerian who is looking for a better life for themselves and their family.
Truth is...Canada is a great country and home to about 100,000 Nigerians
As a permanent resident in Canada, you enjoy;
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It is New Year eve, time to enjoy the season.

Let me share BONEY M classics!
🎵🎶🎻🎸 💃

⛔️ Must be news for Bazzukulu like @owori_jr & @kerkozer

✅ Only fellow Jajjas like @GyagendaSZ and @jbyabs will appreciate. #BoneyM #Malaika

@owori_jr @kerkozer @GyagendaSZ @jbyabs It is New Year eve, time to enjoy the season.

BONEY M classics! #ZionsDaughter
🎵🎶🎻🎸 💃

@owori_jr @kerkozer @GyagendaSZ @jbyabs It is New Year eve, time to enjoy the season.

BONEY M classics! #BahamaMama
🎵🎶🎻🎸 💃

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