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To those of us who fight him daily, Trump is an abomination, an unhinged racist who has disgraced his office, who tortures migrant children, who incites neo-Nazi violence...

But to media and political elites of both parties, he's just one of the gang.
The GOP considers Trump a hero. Smug thugs like McConnell, Pence, Barr, & Pompeo suck up to him because he openly expresses what they privately think. Trump mastered the language of hate that Limbaugh, Hannity, and others spent decades honing. A quintessential modern Republican.
Corporate media see Trump as a cash cow, a ratings gift that keeps on giving.

They gave him billions in free coverage, helping to elect him.

Supposedly "liberal" outlets like the NYT continue to glorify his voters, treating them as the "real Americans."…
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Here's the @nytimes on my #TooFarLeft hashtag.

And to be clear, this isn't primarily about Obama for me, though he was the catalyst for the tag.

I've argued for a long time that the political-media establishment NEVER asks if the GOP is too far right.…
@nytimes This was a week before Obama made those comments:

@nytimes In fact, here is my pinned tweet, from my April appearance on @TheBeatWithAri

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Here's what's happening right now:

Warren's heel turn on Medicare-for-All is dragging some people out of the movement for M4A. They're now arguing that a public option is a sensible compromise. We're not even out of the primaries, and we're compromising with the right.
They are trotting out people's heroes to tell them that they shouldn't fight for change. Whether that's Obama telling us not to be #TooFarLeft , or Warren not committing to primarying Dems opposing M4A, or even Jayapal or Barkan continuing to push Warren's candidacy as pro-M4A.
Why is this happening?

Because we, the progressive left, represent the greatest threat to the oligarchs across every major industry that controls this country. And they know private insurance is just the first step. Next up, energy companies, fossil fuels, banks, etc etc.
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1. Well, this doesn't happen very often. But I pretty much agree with this #LAGov analysis on CNN.

Republicans have a built-in advantage and actually did far better with Indies down ballot than other races. But at the top, they didn't do as well.…
2. Republicans tend to drop off in runoff elections in LA, albeit by a few points. But when you have a popular incumbent like Bel Edwards, it's not a few points you can afford.

Personally, I thought Abraham was the stronger GOP candidates vs. Bel Edwards.

It'll be close...
3. It'll be close but 1) D gubernatorial candidates perform strongly statewide in LA, historically a long track of just that. But 2) if Rispone does pull it out, it'll be because of that last rally.
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I am #TooFarLeft because I believe healthcare is a right.

I am #TooFarLeft because I believe our children should not be shot in schools.

I am #TooFarLeft because I believe women should control their own bodies.

I am #TooFarLeft because I don’t think kids should die in cages.
I am #TooFarLeft because I don’t believe it’s illegal to be black.

I am #TooFarLeft because I believe women should be paid equally.

I am #TooFarLeft because I want my grandchildren to have a planet.

I am #TooFarLeft because transgender rights are human rights.
Why are you #TooFarLeft?
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