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Das ist #Bernie, Schwurbler aus #Australien, der in einem mobilen Blitzer die nächste Verschwörung wittert.

"Ich weiß nicht diese 2 Kameras da oben was die aufnehmen."

Nicht wissen was es ist, aber gleich von Überwachung sprechen. Ein Klassiker.

"The New South Wales Government will be trialling high-tech cameras which they say are capable of detecting illegal mobile phone use from as far as a kilometre away, and issuing fines without drivers being aware." (17.04.2018)…
Grund für die Einführung der "Mobile-Kameras" war der Tod von 2 Polizisten, die während einer Kontrolle von einem Van überfahren wurden.

Der Fahrer gab später zu, für 10-20 Sekunden auf sein Smartphone geschaut zu haben während er 60km/h fuhr.…
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@BillClinton setting priorities from BBB would have been better. Work requirements make sense. But there are also #PelosiPoisonPills the $275 Billion SALT tax cut for the rich and disturbing trend in many areas by this administration, surveillance of individuals bank accounts.
Surveillance of #Parents after calling #Moms #DomesticTerrorists calling for @TheJusticeDept to invoking #PatriotAct to have @FBI surveil, investigate #Parents is Orwellian. #MerrickGarland is harassing, intimidating ordinary people legitimately concerned about their children.
I know some of these folks in NoVa concerned about their children. They are NOT the #Jan6thInsurrection crowd @BillClinton No one is herding the cats.
Cabinet secretaries are acting, making very bad decisions - @SecMayorkas at the border,@SecCardona in Ed. #MerrickGarland - COI
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Okay, we now have a winner, so you can stop with the #Bernie memes
Oppan, Bernie style!
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#Bernie photoshops from the inauguration that will steal your heart. A thread...
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The Moscow Hotel suite had more cameras than CNN, aimed at the bed.

Incest is too sensitive a topic for the MSM to mention, esp when it involves a "Billionaire" whose favorite Bible quote is "An eye for an eye", and is notoriously litigious, so the video was called "the P-tape".
The "P" stands for Pedophile.

PUTIN got the two of them having sex on video.

THAT'S how you control an asset. Carrot and stick. He needs money, you give him money. You also give him a hot wife to keep him in line, so you don't have to threaten him with releasing the P-tape...
The hot wife works for PUTIN, and if Trump is reluctant to obey an order, the hot wife stops doing that thing Trump really likes until he complies.

The money is incidental - Trump's never been bothered by unpaid creditors.

Going without sex, OTOH, is a different story.
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Yes, I do.

PUTIN knew about Trump and Ivanka, invited them to Moscow to bid on a VIP parking garage.

Trump brought Ivanka as his "+1". "P-tape" resulted.

Trump too stupid to be an agent, but was Useful Idiot - Casinos laundered $$$.

By 2006, PUTIN decided to run his operation
In 2006 he had Kilimnik organize his 2016 Election Team. Those are Trump's and #Bernie's campaign mgrs. That's PHIL "But her EMAILS!" GRIFFIN who runs #MSNBC at the table.

Also in 2006, Trump Models was founded, which pimped-out underage girls he bought from the Russian Mafia.
Trump Models was also referred-to as The Kompromat Factory, since Trump set up the most powerful VIPs he could find, then blackmailed them to do his bidding (or go to prison).

Need more, or do you regret challenging me yet?

@GenMhayden @gregolear @PalmerReport @counterchekist
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@carmenxbrook #MedicareForAll Act of 2019: Introduced in the House 2/27/19.

House members who support the bill: 118. Number of additional House members needed for passage: 100.…
@carmenxbrook #MedicareForAll Act of 2019: Introduced by #Bernie 4/10/19.

Senators who support the bill: 15. Number of additional Senators needed for passage: 45 w/ filibuster, 36 w/o filibuster.…
@carmenxbrook IF #Republicans hold the Senate, NO #healthcare bills will pass. McConnell & the GOP are killing 400 bills, most bipartisan, passed by the House incl'g multiple bills on rx drug prices, #vets' healthcare, preexisting conditions. See the list here:…
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We don't need Socialism to fix the environment.

AOC's Green New Deal (nice of #JillStein to let her use that name w/o mentioning that it was "her" idea back in 2016) would cost $100 TRILLION over the course of 10 years. When asked how we'd pay for it, she said "Take it out of...
... the Defense Budget."

Which is less than $1T/yr.

Never mind that she's a Congresswoman, I thought bartenders and waitresses could do better math than that!

$100T / $1T/year = 100 years.

Her objective has NOTHING to do with the environment - Her goal is Socialism...
Since #Bernie fizzled out, they became "Progressives" and "Justice Democrats" (as opposed to...?).

So the "half-a-loaf" option kicked-in: If you're all working on the same $100T program for the same employer, what's the difference between that and Socialism?

No difference...
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Now let's examine this photo Trump's FBI collected from MANAFORT's apartment and see what it tells us about #Bernie's ties to PUTIN.

At first, I thought it was just PUTIN's Ukraine rat-fvckers, but then I realized that PHIL GRIFFIN was an #MSNBC exec.

Why was he there?
Then a GRU-Troll claimed that was a DIFFERENT Phil Griffin, a Ukrainian wrestler with a very thin cover story and a very thick neck.

So they lied about #MSNBC's GRIFFIN being on their 2016 Election Team.

Is anybody else suspicious yet?

#Bernie's TAD DEVINE and MANAFORT stayed
in-touch DURING the 2016 campaign, Devine forwarded materials from the DNC to MANAFORT who forwarded them to PUTIN's GRU pals for use against Hillary, the only candidate running who supports the Constitution instead of PUTIN.

#MSNBC's MorningJoe gave Trump LOTS of free air-time.
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So, maybe NOW you people are willing to look at this photo that I've been blanketing Twitter with for ages?

And everybody accused me of being a "Conspiracy Nut"?

Please notice that TAD DEVINE was #Bernie's 2016 campaign advisor, AND PHIL "But her EMAILS!" GRIFFIN runs #MSNBC? Image
And please note that #Bernie's million-dollars/month campaign advisor, TAD DEVINE, is sitting between KILIMNIK and Trump's MANAFORT.

LOOK behind #MSNBC's PHIL "But her EMAILS!" GRIFFIN and there's Christian Ferry, Lindsey Graham's 2016 campaign mgr. Image
Now, as for Trump Models, it was also founded around 2006, and it pimped-out underage girls to NYC VIPervs.

I heard they called it "The Kompromat Factory".

So, anybody have any questions?

Remember, TAD DEVINE passed Hillary's contributors' list to MANAFORT during the campaign? ImageImageImage
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The Unity Task Force set #democratic policy & legislative goals on #ClimateChange, healthcare, the economy & #jobs, criminal justice, education, & #immigration.…
@AOC & @JohnKerry chaired Unity Task Force on the #ClimateCrisis. It set a national goal of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions for all new buildings by 2030 & eliminating carbon pollution from power plants by 2035, in addition to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.
"I think we actually made far more progress than I think I even anticipated,” Sunrise Movement co-founder Varshini Prakash told Vox, because many of the advisers on #ClimateChange nominated by #Biden were "equally amenable to ambitious action as many people on the #Bernie side.”
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Its roots go back to "Religion is the opiate of the masses."

That's why Socialism preaches atheism - If it supports the goal of global Marxism, it's moral.

Even murdering a friend from your teens (Epstein), if it helps create a Workers' Paradise, good.

@MingGao26 @gregolear Image
And PUTIN tends to be cautious (since he almost started a war when Reagan was in-office), so he reuses proven assets, like AG Barr.

Same role - Drop charges against Traitors caught red-handed.

Reagan started out as a liberal Democrat, then became a Union Leader (SAG).

Then.. ImageImageImage
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Way ahead of you.

PUTIN knows more about Socialism than anyone else (except for the millions killed needlessly), he saw what it did and "succeeded" in ascending to the top of the KGB under it.

If he thought it was a good idea, he could easily reinstate it.

No, it's a blight,..
And a farce, except w/o the humor. It salts the earth.

That's why he's doing everything he can to stuff it down our throats.

He doesn't like us. He's backing it *for us*, b/c it's a pox upon the land (#COVID19).

Like #BREXIT will be on the "United Kingdom".

This is evidence.
You *might* have had a case if it were only staffed by DEVINE and MANAFORT as being a meeting between PUTIN and his Ukraine rat-fuqqers, if not for PHIL GRIFFIN's presence.

Why would he be in the meeting over Ukraine? He's an #MSNBC exec.

It's an American news network favored..
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Please look at this picture.

It's a kick-off meeting of the people PUTIN selected for the 2016 Election.

I've identified some of the people who have since demonstrated TREASON, yet only MANAFORT is in prison.

Key point to note: PHIL "But her EMAILS!" GRIFFIN runs #MSNBC, STILL Image
Also, please note that TAD DEVINE was #Bernie's $1M/month Campaign Advisor is sitting next to MANAFORT, and, yes, they worked together undermining Ukrainian democracy since this photo was taken.

When the 2016 Election started, they worked together vs Hillary, but SO DID #MSNBC!
You may recall that #MSNBC gave Trump an hour/day during "Morning Joe's" daily show.

PHIL GRIFFIN was their boss.


Their main shows STILL support "Justice Democrats", who are just PUTIN PUPPETs.


#Bernie split Hillary's support. ImageImageImage
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And will not God give JUSTICE to his elect, who cry to him day and night? Will he delay long over them? I tell you, he will give justice to them speedily.”

— Yeshua Image
Hold fast to dreams
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird
That cannot fly.

Langston Hughes

#VIRGINIA: The Lily White Republican Movement vs. Black Virginia Conservatism

A White Virginian Republican response to being labeled the Party of the Negro… Image
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#VIRGINIA: The Lily White Republican Movement

A Republican response to being labeled the Party of the Negro

Despite black support, the Republican party increased efforts to recover white votes through a "lily white" movement.…
A History: Virginia Black Republicanism

Imagine walking into the corridors of White Supremacy; like an African King reclaiming your fucking crown 👑?

If you can grasp this ...
Tnen you'll better understand who Mr. John Langston Mercer was.

Black Excellence on Fucking Fire🔥!
Momma Africa Reclaiming Her Time!
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Since #Bernie reversed course and is running again trying to get Trump re-elected, I'll point out that his sudden trip to Rome, with his ENTIRE extended family on a chartered flight, happened THAT WEEK! The SAME WEEK as the Panama Papers/Money Laundering story broke.

The gall...
Who in their right mind thinks they can just *drop by the Vatican* and get THE POPE to ENDORSE his campaign?!?

The declared intent of flying to Rome was for a "photo-op" of #Bernie shaking hands with THE POPE!

And he brought all his relatives with him so they could see Rome.
And he's there in Rome for 1 day.

Well, how much time does it take to see Rome, anyway, right? What? TWO days?

Hotels are expensive!

After spending ONE DAY seeing Rome, and he was turned-down for an audience with THE POPE (Jeez, who does he think he is?), he AMBUSHES THE POPE
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of the virus would have the very same inexplicable sections of RNA that the vaccine expert would be avoiding, since that's where undesirable mutations could develop in a vaccine breeding stock.

China has no other plans for the Uighurs, so they are better hosts for #COVID19 than

Let's never forget what sorts of research Dr Mengele performed on the population of the Nazi death camps.

This is not unprecedented in BioWeapon development.

This is not an indictment of vaccines - I've had 4 in the past 4 months, myself.

Nor is it an indictment...
of the Chinese but for the Uighurs Genocide.

I don't believe that they deliberately released the BioWeapon against their biggest customer for goods, as we *were* also their source of food for their population, not to mention the source of the US government's operating funds...
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IF THAT'S TRUE (the quote), then it's MUCH MORE telling than you realize.

As a "Useful Idiot", Trump left the strategy to PUTIN. If Trump's involved with the DECISIONS, that means PUTIN's already FIRED HIM!

Again. (Helsinki closed-door meeting - no notes/translator muzzled) Image
And Trump quotes what Fox tells him to say. Hannity isn't Trump's pal, he's PUTIN'S ASSET, tasked w/ reading PUTIN's orders from coded Internet posts, and passing those orders to Trump.

Trump decided to fire RRosenstein against orders, and PUTIN made Hannity burn his cover...
Hannity's show has one theme: "Trump is GREAT!"

But PUTIN had plans for RRosenstein, but Trump went rogue and PUTIN HAD TO STOP TRUMP.

So Hannity's show that night was Hannity YELLING AT TRUMP!

Burned his cover...

Crash summit at Helsinki, PUTIN tells Trump: "YOU'RE FIRED!" Image
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Top Stories:
* #COVID19 survivors could lose health insurance if Trump wins bid to repeal #Obamacare - @GuardianUS…
3/ * Government Spends More On Trump's #Golf Trips Than On #ClimateChange - @RingOfFireMedia @farronbalanced
* #Airports Are BEGGING The President To Make #FaceMasks Mandatory For Passengers - @RingOfFireMedia @farronbalanced
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- The #TulsaTrumpRally fiasco fallout
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- Inside #Bernie’s 2020 Campaign PostMortem
- Spikes of #COVID19 cases…
- Anti-annexation #protests in #Jericho
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- @MaxBlumenthal & @Papi talk #Syria
- CHAOS in #KentuckyPrimary
- @NASCAR story about the #noose in #BubbaWallace’s garage stall
- @jacobinmag calling out @krystalball @esaagar #Rising on @HillTVLive…
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WTF? @CIA Bryan Dean Wright fearmongering against #Progressives - "Who is attacking us? Its #Antifa... These are ppl that we faced back in 60's, 70's & early 80's. These are ppl who are far Leftists... took many yrs to finally put it down. Now this same group who's allied.. "
...w/ a #DemocraticSocialist, we're talking the #BernieBros...they're back w/ bricks & firebombs..."

He then talks of arming themselves against this "BernieBros threat" - vigilante justice - "It's you & me & everyone watching this program arming OURselves."
Bernie's #NotMeUs #Revolution addressed #RacialInequality #SystemicRacism #CriminalJusticeReform.

#GeorgeFloydProtests are addressing a part of this, yet vocal rightwing ppl are calling protests riots, ignoring our own American #Revolution protests.

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One of the main reasons I moved sharply left (back to my Bush-era roots) since 2016 is because I knew my leftist and progressive friends would be the ones in the streets opposing #fascism. Establishment Dems would keep appeasing them...

Having lived through years of war and unrest, I had a sense of what was coming. It was clear to me that the system would only change from the ground up. Which is why I repeatedly called for a #generalstrike...

I recognized #Bernie's courage in using the word "revolution" so openly and I've gravitated more and more toward those who reject the corrupt, racist system that oppresses working people while enriching and empowering the rich and powerful...
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In 2009, #TaraReade published 2 contradictory accounts of traveling to DC to begin working in the Senate: #1> "I was beyond excited, I packed up my Nissan and cats, told my boyfriend goodbye and headed alone on the cross country drive to Washington D.C."…
#2> “'As the plane descended into Washington, D.C., my Siamese cat, Cleo, meowed loudly from under my seat.' She recalled the city lights reflecting in the airplane’s windows as 'my new job as a Senate staffer lay ahead of me'" (#Reade in "The WIP," qtd by @nytimes).
.@nytimes describes #TaraReade's account of the plane descending in DC as "sharply, dramatically precise," apparently not knowing that Tara Reade herself (that same year) had described packing her (plural) cats into her Nissan & arriving in DC after a solo cross-country drive.
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