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I just saw a video of #MichelleObama reiterating to us that #JoeBiden is a good man. Well, I want to reiterate the type of man who she thinks is good in her own words...

Feel sick yet?
#WakeUp! #Weinstein visited the #WhiteHouse 13 times when #Obama was President. Weinstein was #BillClinton’s WH projectionist. His arrest was no joke, Harvey is a major cog between the Mega Group, Hollywood & D Party.
It is beyond obvious at this point. Criminal sex trafficking and honeypot blackmail ring. Biggest scandal in history playing out right before our eyes and yet not a peep on the news, because they are owned by the same billionaires running the rings.
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"He's not just unprepared -- he's temperamentally unfit to hold an office that requires knowledge, stability and immense responsibility."

- @HillaryClinton


"Donald Trump isa threat to the rule of law and functional democracy.”

- Charlie Dent, former Republican Congressman, Pennsylvania

"Donald Trump is the President of his bigoted base, not the President of the United States."

- @DanRather


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📌Pop Quiz #MichelleObama is a transgender male to female. Michelle Obama's book titles are "Becoming" and "Guide to Transgender."
Decide for yourself... 👇 A great thread...
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#MichelleObama is friends with the most vile people on the planet. And she even planted her daughter as an intern at #HarveyWeinstein's…
#MichelleObama is close friends with #Oprah, that poor black oppressed woman, who said "They just have to die"

Did MO know about the human trafficking going on in #Hollywood? #Oprah sure did. Nice friend you got there #MichelleObama ImageImage
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(Photo evidence below)
Be warned, people have died to keep the information I'm providing.
Let's wake up,
reunite and take back our freedom!
#DonaldTrump Image
Let's start at the very beginning,
Clinton's emails and who is #JohnPodesta?
Officially or unofficially?
We'll take a look at the leaked emails regarding Podesta, Hilary and #PizzaGate Image
Walnut sauce? 🧐
#WikiLeaks Image
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"What does it mean to be covered in gold?"

"What does it mean to be covered in gold?"

Naomi Campbell, once seen at a party with Ghyslaine Maxwell, #Epstein and Virginia Giuffre when she was a teen.
"What does it mean to be covered in gold?" #Kobe
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1️⃣Yep, #Obama was the Antichrist, but there’s no need to fear him.
He is no super human demon.

He was just a CIA puppet playing the role of #Antichrist & #Mahdi to bring in the Caliphate to cause WW3.

WakeUp you are in the Blessed Day! 🐍leave not us! ImageImageImageImage
2️⃣The Mahdi is the M_sl_m end times messiah who was to appear after great conflict & violence (🚨believe they can bring on their own prophecy).

They hinted to the Isl_m_c 🌍 that he was their Mahdi, by using their common language of history!
3️⃣With his trip to Egypt he instigated conflict by insisting the #MuslimBrotherhood be at his
Cairo speech.

He had the gall to have Egypt’s enemies given FRONT ROW SEATs!

The Islamic history of this day was no coincidence! It was the day of the 1st MuslimCivilWar!!!
Learn⬇️ Image
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"What is it about President Obama that really gets under your skin? … Is it because he's smarter than you? …

Wife is more accomplished, better looking?

I don't know, what is it? ..."

#MelaniaVBigMike 😂😂😂

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1. Joe #Biden dit qu'il "adorerait" avoir #MichelleObama comme colistière pour VP mais qu'elle voudra pas.
2. Mi.Obama prend position pour le vote par correspondance contre #Trump puis sort 1 documentaire Netflix où elle part à la rencontre des Etasuniens.
Et si…
2) Pour le bien de son parti, #MichelleObama devra redire sans doute son indisponibilité pour le ticket démocrate avec #JoeBiden. Sa présence sur l'avant-scène médiatique, quand le candidat doit choisir une colistière risquerait sinon d'effacer largement la personne retenue.
3) Aucune des potentielles colistières de #Biden, ni le candidat lui-même d'ailleurs- ce qui constituerait 1 autre gros problème- ne peut rivaliser en charisme et en popularité avec #MichelleObama qui a aussi 1 CV en béton armé (Princeton+ Harvard School of Law).
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Tiens, tiens… quelques jours après son mari sur les normes environnementales automobiles, Michelle #Obama fait 1 incursion dans la politique partisane car appeler ainsi à l'extension du vote par correspondance, c'est contredire très fortement D.#Trump*
* Joe #Biden n'a-t-il pas dit qu'il nommerait une colistière? 😉(si rien ne l'interdit légalement, nommer Michelle #Obama pour la vice-présidence supposerait son accord et elle a TOUJOURS dit ne pas être intéressée. Mais nous vivons des temps si fous, après tout…)
** Soyons précis: #Biden a dit fin janvier dans l'#Iowa qu'il "aimerait bien" que #MichelleObama soit sa vice-présidente. Mais c'était sur le ton de la blague/boutade. Cependant, c'était avant la crise inédite que connaît le pays avec le #coronavirus.
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5 Pointed Star = BAPHOMET‼️

Michelle Obama's Library‼️ (… aka Michael) 👀

… proof is in the 🎬 and why I share the TRUTH, it's in plain sight —TIME to wake up the sleeping SHEEP‼️ 🗣

#WakeUpAmerica #FactsMatter #TheGreatAwakening #Q #QAnon #YouHaveMoreThanYouKnow
“That is a man...”

#TheGreatAwakening #Q #QAnon #FactsMatter #RealityCheck
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Take a look at this #VanityFair cover. With what you all know now, what do think about the symbolism? Who is the master & who is the slave? These are all 🤡 assets. #Luciferian dogma. These people are SLAVES. #Oprah appears to be one of the high priestesses. Friends w/ #Weinstein
This picture to show Jessica Chastian, who starred in #ZeroDarkThirty. A movie about 🤡 ops also produced by the C_A. #Weinstein tied to #Israeli intel tied to #Epstein tied to the #Clintons & #Rothschilds. A big chunk of the picture.…
#Weinstein was #BillClinton’s #WhiteHouse projectionist. He also visited #BarackObama’s #WhiteHouse 13 times. #JeffreyEpstein was arrested for #ChildSexTrafficking. Bill flew to his private island over two dozen times. They all protected themselves.…
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2020 is a major inflection point in American politics:

The Democratic Party is poised to become either a party of the people or a party of big money and GOP appeasement.

Which path do YOU choose?

Follow the facts & the money...

First, let's get something out of the way:

The GOP is a rightwing extremist party, a threat to democracy.

But that doesn't give Dem leaders a free pass. It's our DUTY to hold politicians accountable. Unthinking party loyalty is a path to tyranny...

If your overarching objective is to defeat Trump, let's see how we got here in the first place:

When Bush-Cheney launched a brutal war based on lies to open this century, most Dem leaders went right along — the same Dems in leadership roles today...
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Why are public figures calling #JussieSmollett ‘NOBLE’ at this point?


🛑Did you know #Chicago State Attny #KimFoxx is up for

Yet #Foxx’s campaign continues to receive donations frm indicted criminals, SECRET BANK..
ACCOUNTS & OUT-OF-COUNTRY ILLEGAL FOUNDATIONS/ACNTS frm @Suntimes, current Dem politicians etc-All frm the #DNC & #GeorgeSoros

Q #2849 2/21/20
What happens if the phone records of SMOLLETT leak?

😏The judge has ordered phone records frm the CLOUD frm #Google & cell co?

🛑We already know #KimFoxx texted #TinaTchen who was #MichelleObama’s aid & is #Jussie’s aunt #KamalaHarris?

🛑#Kamala just endorsed #Foxx YESTERDAY! #AntiLynchingBill


#Chicago #CookCounty #TAP #QAnon #jussiesmolletthoax
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1 Rusty Shackleford wanted us to see what Epsteins Island looked like before Dorian. I suspect he will be showing after videos.
He said that you could virtually indict the entire Virgin Island government, Power Company, Port Authorities

2 to Cops and bankers on corruption charges even without human rights violations, they are all involved in cover-ups, Kickbacks, drugs, blind eyes everything was and is allowed free reign down there including defrauding the United States and federal government.
God please!
3 Adding links Rusty put in the description area. Got some rabbit holes to look into.…
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The #GreatAwakening is on many levels. There are many who don’t believe in Q & never will. People don’t like to be lied to & the Media & the Deep State have been lying to us forever. Here is one lie that might help you open the doors with friends on the Obama’s #FloppyMike👇👇
1) #FloppyMike forgot to tape it down before getting in the sloppy Joan Rivers throws a “truth bomb” out there and dies a few weeks later. Coincidence?
2) #FloppyMike on the Ellen Show. Another sloppy performance. I guess the music just does that to you. How did the Obamas have kids? 🤔
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#AbigailFillmore created the WH library.
#EdithWilson basically served as POTUS after Woodrow had a stroke.
#EleanorRoosevelt desegregated the WH, was on the board of #NAACP, helped create the UN, and was the first chairman of the UN Human Rights Commission.
#BeBest 1/
#JackieKennedy restored and refurbished the WH and was a style icon.
#BettyFord fought for the #ERA and abortion rights, raised awareness for both breast cancer and addiction.
#RosalynCarter attended all Cabinet meetings and advocated for mental health awareness.
#BarbaraBush raised awareness about literacy.
#HillaryClinton was head of the Task Force on National Health Care Reform and created #CHIP. Her speech on women's rights as human rights at Beijing was an international sensation. She also won a Grammy while in the WH.
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1. #QAnon What is Ruth Bader Ginsburg's current state of health?
Are pictures of her being avoided for a reason?
2. #QAnon It is easy enough to get pics of RBG in and out of home, in and out of cars, where we only see that much...
3. #QAnon Rep Collins has just released the transcript of George Papadopoulos's interview before the Judiciary Committee. Quite something: Details Mifsud working w FBI to set him up with Roman wine store manager touted fraudulently as "Putin's niece". #Q
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Dot Connection: DIA (Denver International Airport) -> LOOP CAPITAL

Both things Q has posted about separately are connected.…

#Qanon #UraniumOne #Loop #LoopCapital #DenverInternationalAirport #DIA #QTeam #GreatAwakeningWorldwide
the loop starts at the 1 trillion dollar stimulus - and they give that money to Loop Capital - Michele Obama's brother oversees it and despite whatever it was meant to be paid for instead ends up looping back to bad actors. I think... #Qanon #Looper #LoopCapital #MichelleObama
based on #Qdrops that includes funding organizations like this which hires ex government employees - slush funding out tax dollars as needed to buy people off as an "analytical service" #Qanon #Qteam #Slushfunds #LoopCapital #Analytics #GreatAwakening
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