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Sued For Racist Practices?
Trump - YES
Bloomberg - YES
Sanders - NO

Sued For Sexual Harassment?
Trump - YES
Bloomy - YES
Sanders - NO

Registered Republican in the 2000s?
Trump - YES
Bloomy - YES
Sanders - NO

In Favor of $15 Minimum Wage?
Trump - NO
Bloomy - NO
Sanders - YES
Massive Contributor to Gentrification?
Trump - YES
Bloomberg - YES
Sanders - NO

Support #GreenNewDeal?
Trump - NO
Bloomberg - NO
Sanders - YES

Fundraise/Donate to Republican Congressman/Senators in 2018?
Trump - YES
Bloomberg - YES
Sanders - NO
Support #MedicareForAll?
Trump - NO
Bloomberg - NO
Sanders - YES

Endorsement in 2012 Mass. Senate Race:
Trump - Unknown
Bloomberg - Scott Brown (R)
Sanders - Elizabeth Warren (D)……
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Today I am brave enough to share #myberniestory, it is also a Valentine’s Day story & the story of how I lost my mom.

9 years ago, the year my mom would pass away, my sis & I organized a massive Valentine operation to shower my mama in love during the last moments of her life.
She received hundreds of valentines from all over the country for weeks!! Our mailman rushed up our stairs everyday excited to hand her more love. She told me over & over how special each 1 made her feel. Compassion from people she didn’t even know kept her heart safe & hopeful.
My mom was 63 when she died & had a lot of love left to give. Our family was uninsured, lower middle class & regular visits to the Dr. were not in her budget. I didn’t realize it then, but I know now, like many mothers, she never prioritized herself so our family could have more.
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ITS HAPPENING: Bernie 2020 has announced state co-chairs in every Super Tuesday state.

Help knock every door:

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i thought it's time for a little drive down memory lane and document how corporate media has been trying to smear, minimize, erase and flat out lie just to try and stop @BernieSanders:
@BernieSanders Here, the candidate with the most diverse campaign, who just won the most votes of color in New Hampshire doesn't connect to people of color:
@BernieSanders About the corporate "Bernie Bros" smear featuring your beloved Ms. Tanden:
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a lot of you probably know that for a long time and until very recently, i was a warren supporter. i saw myself, or at the very least, i really, really wanted to see myself as a powerful female figure like elizabeth warren
it wasn’t until i reread this essay my mom published in 2008 about the time we went to the soup kitchen that i realized that bernie and his policies were much more in line with my upbringing than what warren or hillary stood for…
i think i distanced myself from bernie for so long because i really wanted to think what set me apart in life was just my gender and not my upbringing. i wanted to identify with my peers at mt holyoke, many of whom embraced female candidates
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Had ANY other candidate been in #Bernie's position, the mainstream media would be showering them with praise.

But because Bernie is winning, the pundits are looking for anyone else to distract from his strength.

Still, it doesn't matter.

#NotMeUs has its own momentum...
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Electoral politics are cool, but have you heard of the abolition, civil rights, collective bargaining, minimum wage, weekends, labor rights, woman’s suffrage, stonewall, reproductive rights, social security, UFW, AIM, ADA, anti-war… movements?

Movement Lessons for #NotMeUs 1/9
What historical gains like these all share in common is that they were ALL rooted in movements that posed a serious threat to the status quo.

Civil disobedience, strikes & shutting down business-as-usual all raise the cost of oppression & injustice. 2/9
ONLY when those in power felt that if they did not concede to demand X, they would then lose something EVEN GREATER than X is when we won X.

That’s the logic of movements. 3/9

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.@AOC turns it to 11. We didn't come to play. We came to win.

Let's do this.

@AOC "When we look at what happened in that debate stage, who brings up Palestine? Senator Bernie Sanders... who stood up for women and gender nonconforming right to choose in the 90s?. Fast forward this campaign, who is the only candidate to call and break up ICE and CPB?" @AOC
@AOC "We cannot understand the power of hate. We cannot underestimate it. It is not going to be any one candidate that defeats Donald Trump, it's gonna be a movement of Americans that defeat Donald Trump in rejection of hatred and embracing of love" @AOC to over 6,700 #NotMeUs
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📣 New Podcast! "Episode 807 | Bloomberg's Racist, Classist Past | What Happened To Pete? | Moderates for Bernie" on @Spreaker #biden_ad #bloomberg #notmeus #wallstreetpete…
Audio of @MikeBloomberg’s 2015 @AspenInstitute speech where he explains that “you can just Xerox (copy)” the description of male, minorities 16-25 and hand to cops.

Bloomberg had video of speech blocked.

Perhaps because of the problematic explanation he gives for #StopAndFrisk
Bloomberg requested the video not be released.

Perhaps because of his explanation for #stopandfrisk, admitting that all the cops are sent to minority neighborhoods and, “yes we’re arresting minorities for marijuana” but “that’s where the crime is,”…
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A thread w/ #Bernie's excellent interviews today.
#Bernie2020 #NotMeUs #NHprimary2020

"If you do, as Mayor Buttigieg does, take huge amounts of contributors from pharma CEOs, fossil fuel financiers, insurance, Wall St, does anyone seriously believe you will stand up to them?"
Chris Wallace makes the case for Pete Buttigieg.

Sanders - "Do you think when the CEO's of the major drug companies contribute to your campaign, you will take them on? Common sense suggests ... you will not effectively represent working families." #NotMeUs #NHprimary2020
"How do you overcome the #socialist label?," Chris asks.

"In many respects, we are a socialist society today ... The difference between my socialism and Trump's socialism is I believe that government should help working families, not billionaires." #BernieBeatsTrump #Bernie2020
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I want to tell you a story, about how @kenzoshibata, Chicago teacher and union leader, became passionate about @BernieSanders and #NotMeUs. (thread)
@KenzoShibata @BernieSanders Kenzo was a passive supporter in 2016, the first time Bernie ran. He liked the guy, but there was a lot going on in his own life, and he didn’t necessarily have the space to care that much.
@KenzoShibata @BernieSanders But by 2019, things were different. Something happened that changed Kenzo’s mind about Bernie Sanders, that turned him into a passionate supporter of this movement.
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Imagine it. A world where you walk down main street early in the morning and there are no people laying down on the street. On a bench. In the cold.

Every child waking up to breakfast. Every person waking up without fear or uncertainty or heartache about their future.
I've had to turn egg powder and potatoes into a meal before.

I've spent weeks eating a single can of tuna a day.

I am in a much better place now, but being that hungry changes your mind about some things. Will I fight for someone else? You bet your ass I will!
This is the largest donation I can make to @BernieSanders. I work part-time. I rent an apartment. I pay utilities. I barely skate by. This is a lot of money for me.

Please win. You have to. So many of us are counting on it.
#NotMeUs #CancelStudentDebt #M4A #ILikeBernie
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If you’ve moved decidedly left in the last 10 years, I’d like to hear from you and hear why. Whether that’s a republican to a moderate, a moderate to a leftist or anything else.
If anyone's interested here's my transition. My dad, grew up poor in a 2 bdrm Bronx apartment. Put himself through school on the GI bill, bought a house in the suburbs, and although we assumed large student debt, put 3 kids college/grad school. I believed in a meritocracy.
My brothers are 7 & 10 yrs older. They paid off their debt. I was hit with 2008 financial crisis and lost everything. Debt increased by 20k due to forebearance, but truthfully, my shift wasn't economic based.
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1/4 This is stochastic terrorism. @HardballChris is endangering @BernieSanders’ life. “I believe if Castro and the reds had won the Cold War there would be executions in Central Park and I could have been one of the ones getting executed.” #NotMeUs @MSNBC
2/4 “That Commie Bernie will commence execution is Central Park,” is stochastic terrorism and @HardballChris is going to rile up some lunatic to “save America” with a rifle. @MSNBC needs to start disciplining their commentators. #NotMeUs
3/4 It is one thing for @MSNBC people to lie all the time, like Zerlina and Joy do. Or have guests say ridiculous things like “Bernie makes my skin crawl.” But suggesting Bernie is part of a totalitarian regime that will do mass executing this is a horse of another color. #Shame
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To my Clinton-supporting friends: We were in the trenches together in 2016. I know some of you are furious at me and @leeladaou for backing #Bernie. We get your rage every day. I understand. Not long ago, the idea of Bernie winning would have angered me...
@leeladaou But I am asking you to join us. You can hate #Bernie and still love his diverse, passionate, and progressive #NotMeUs movement.

No, they're not all "bros." They are people from every background who want a better America.

And they will fight hard to defeat Trump and the GOP.
@leeladaou The #IowaCaucusResults tells a powerful story. Against the odds, Bernie is at the top of a huge 2020 field.

A testament to the mass movement he has sparked.

His campaign raised a mind-blowing $25 million in January alone.

THAT is how we beat Trump. PEOPLE POWER.

Join us.
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I have a little story to share with you all about the importance of door knocking and reaching out to your friends and neighbors and encouraging them to vote for Bernie!

I went out door knocking all weekend in the town my precinct is in. I was happily surprised when... (1)
...the Dr.'s name I used to work for (Keith) popped up as the next door to knock. He wasn't home so I left the Bernie literature on his door and decided to reach out and text him. I told him I stopped by and left him a love note from Bernie 😍and that I hoped to see him... (2)
...on Monday at the caucus.

Caucus day comes and my Field Organizer comes to help out at my precinct as an observer since we're the largest in the county. (Don't be too impressed. The county is still so small and rural, there isn't one stoplight in the entire county! 😱) (3)
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MSNBC - Live w/Velshi & Ruhle - 2/04/2020 - 1:09pm

-Bernie & Weaver media scrum✈
-using 360p to save upload time
-4 part vid thread

#Bernie2020 #NotMeUs #BigUs
Part 2 - 2/02/2020
Part 3 - 2/02/2020
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THREAD about last night's #IowaCaucuses:

1. Bernie is the national frontrunner and there is no reason for this debacle to slow him down.

2. Our campaign expands when it focusses on the issues that matter most to people and harnesses the loving power of #NotMeUs.
3. Yes, what happened was unfair to Bernie but it was unfair to other candidates who had a good night as well. Nobody likes a victim so DO NOT let that become the mood of this campaign.

4. Also: don’t say the DNC "flushed people's work in Iowa down the toilet" (con't)
If we honestly believe we are building a movement, not just an electoral campaign, then the relationships we forge, and the political education we do along the way, is never wasted. It’s all part of building power, which we badly need no matter what happens. Nothing is wasted.
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It's been a long journey to reach that conclusion. Please hear me out.

My journey started in Beirut, where I grew up in a brutal civil war. Violence and injustice everywhere.

But today's America alarms me more than Beirut...

In America today, children are stolen from their parents, locked in freezers, caged, gunned down in schools.

Billionaires get richer while children go hungry, homeless, and without healthcare.

A society that brutalizes children is BROKEN...

When I quit my music career to become an anti-Bush activist at the turn of the millennium, it stunned me to see the Democratic Party, my party, largely go along with Bush's assault on civil liberties. Torture. War based on lies. Patriot Act...
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Some back-of-the-envelope calculations: Putting the world on course to appropriately address the climate emergency would require 20% of global GDP over the next 10 years.

In the US, only Bernie Sanders’ climate plan is on this scale.…
For reference, during the height of the second world war, about 37% of the US economy was devoted to the war effort.…
What it looks and feels like to appropriately address the climate emergency, in the words of the world’s best scientists, are "rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society”.

We need to remake the world, literally.
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My statement regarding last night:

“I am so incredibly in love with the movement that our campaign of #NotMeUs has created. This makes me protective over it and frustrated by attempts to dismiss the strength and diversity of our movement. (1/4)
“However, I know what is at stake if we don't unify over one candidate to beat Trump and I intend to do everything possible to ensure that Trump does not win in 2020. (2/4)
“In this instance, I allowed my disappointment with Secretary Clinton's latest comments about Senator Sanders and his supporters get the best of me. You all, my sisters-in-service on stage, and our movement deserve better. (3/4)
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I make more than $15 hr - Yet I support Bernie

My ex works for a university, so my daughter won't need free college - Yet I support Bernie

I have the best Medical coverage subsidized - Yet I support Bernie

I live in an MJ legal state - Yet I support Bernie
I'm not LGBT or Q - Yet I support Bernie

I'm not undocumented - Yet I support Bernie

I have no student debt - Yet I support Bernie

I'm not Native American - Yet I support Bernie

I'm not homeless - Yet I support Bernie

Most of Bernie's policies will have minimal
impact on my life.
Bernie's policies are basic human rights, to not want them makes no sense.
That's why, I'm willing to fight for someone I don't know.

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Since reaching the age of awareness and reasoning with what is going on in our world this has been my experience with Presidents

Nixon -
targeting minorities and hippies w/ drug war

extending the Vietnam war with backhanded negotiations and dropping agent orange for yrs
Recordings of him deciding not to do universal healthcare because Kaiser was in the mix and willing to bribe our officials

And of course Watergate

Which led to Gerald Ford become president and pardoning Nixon - So again people in power are not held accountable
Gerald Ford was pretty much just a placeholder for Carter

Carter put solar panels on the White House and pushed policy for us to become totally energy independent

He wasn’t a perfect president, but he wasn’t the worst and that brought us to Reagan
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Today I'm proud to endorse @BernieSanders for President.

No one elected official, even President, can create an America that doesn't leave anyone behind. Change and compassionate solutions come from our communities -- Bernie gets it. #NotMeUs
I ran for state representative to build a Pennsylvania that works for us all. Through my community engagement in the nonprofit sector in Pittsburgh, I’ve witnessed the resiliency of my neighbors, but also in an intimate way how people have been left behind as we’ve rebuilt PGH.
I know how precarious the very existence of the American middle class is today. I lost my father to an opioid addiction when I was young and saw my mom struggle to make ends meet. As a representative, my neighbors come through our doors to share their own painful stories.
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