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Los 7️⃣ hábitos del trader altamente INEFECTIVO (y perdedor).

Sígueme en la triste historia de aquel trader abocado al fracaso por sus hábitos emocionales perniciosos.

⚠️ Ojo, que todo trader, independientemente de su experiencia, lidiará con ellos a diario.

⚠️ Disclaimer: No me refiero a ti...¿O sí? Chequealo por si acaso. Pero que sepas que siendo muy importante, capital, no es solo cuestión de la estrategia de #trading... es que quizá no tengas la mentalidad adecuada.

Empezamos el destripe ⤵️

Ataca el mercado sin un #tradingplan claro, conciso, cerrado. Que es del todo o parte subjetivo. Lo cual le deja en manos de las decisiones impulsivas poco fundamentadas. Carnaza para los tiburones. ⤵️
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Rule #1 in #trading : Risk Management
"Every moment in the market is unique " & no one knows what is going to happen next
I Pre define the amount of $ I’m willing to LOSE
This amount is set FOR ALL TRADES i take

**Thread 1/4**

Ex. : I am willing to lose 100$ on every trade i take so i will enter a trade with the AMOUNT of #shares that fits to this risk
Example : $AMZN can be 100 shares , $AMC can be 500 shares

SL Price / Entry Price=SL Percentage ->
100/SL Percentage -> gives you the amount in $ -> Amount in $/Entry price = numbers of shares i buy

** 3/4**
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Share trading or stock market investing offers a land of opportunities for those who are willing to learn and invest their time into research. Don't take financial markets lightly and think all is going to be good by chance. Learn and experience. Image
Many people confuse stock options with binary options; they are completely different instruments and should be treated as such. Make sure you understand stock options and stay away from "gambly" binary options.
Stock options…
#stocks #options
Always have a trading plan, don't leave it to chance.
Many rookie investors and traders underestimate the value of having a solid trading plan and sticking to it.
Successful investing requires planning and discipline.…
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Berhubung lagi rame soal #jouska , kami ingin membahas beberapa hal yang menurut kami, berdasarkan common sense dalam dunia pasar modal, sebaiknya dilakukan oleh seorang investor dalam keputusan pembelian saham

Kami tidak berkomentar soal aspek legalitas maupun tetek bengek lain
Disini kami membahas murni dari sudut pandang Investasi #saham, metode, serta analisis dalam trading saham.

Ada beberapa point yang menjadi highlight kami > Pilihan Emiten/Perusahaan yang dibeli sahamnya, Keputusan Buy di harga berapa, serta reaksi ketika terjadi fluktuasi harga
Di Kasus j yang sedang ramai, banyak klien yang di portfolio #saham nya dibelikan saham L**K.

mengapa harus beli saham ini?

Metode pengambilan keputusan pembelian suatu saham, harus menggunakan Analisis, baik Fundamental, Teknikal, serta faktor lain seperti News, Sentimen Pasar
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Why is it that some CFD traders manage to make profit consistently when most of the retail traders lose money?
Are experienced traders better at research or sticking to the trading plan?
A few essential CFD trading tips in this thread.
#cfds #trading Image
1. Have a trading plan.
What is that you want to achieve? What instruments you want to trade? Do you set out your entrance and exit levels before you enter the trades? It's important to have a trading plan and stick to it no matter what.
#tradingplan #plan
2. Don't over-leverage.
Keep your leverage in check. If you have only enough money to risk 1 trade then you're definitely over-leveraging and just one bad trade will wipe you out. Ideally, you don't want to use more than 5% of your funds on any one trade.
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Nifty Trading plan for tomorrow. Do ask questions and let me know if it helps everyone learn simple trendlines. I know there are too many lines, but observe the price action at all lines

#Nifty #trendlines #trading #5minscharts #tradingjourney #tradingplan #learning Image
Good opportunities on both sides were presented on the plate today! but one had to be patient enough.
Tomorrow's plan
- The red rectangle is the danger zone (confluence of multiple trendlines), any break below go short.
- Any sign of support above the red rectangle, go long Image
Nifty - go long with stop 10920. Image
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A well meaning follower at @GreeksPoint asked me this and I'm sure others will have the same question.

How much return on margin can I make using your #GammaScalping Webinar?

Great question and thanks for it. Here are some thoughts.

One of the primary goals when @alok_dharia and I started running Webinars at @Greekspoint was to educate and share our experiences with others.

But in addition we wanted to ensure that we present a quantifiable representation of our learnings.

In all our Webinars we have attempted to put quantifiable metrics out regarding the ideas discussed.

A number of them show positive profitable expectancy but we have tried to also include testing results that show a strategy doesn't work.

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