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10 mindset tips for #traders.

1️⃣ Be process oriented. Trading is a business & your trading system is a business model.
The output is money which comes automatically when your system works right. Focus on the right execution of your system! You can Remove the P/L from your screen
2️⃣ Be careful with the information you consume. Everything we read, watch and listen to can have an influence on our mind. Only consume media which is helpful – avoid everything else. Ignore trader hero movies, hypes and popular bestseller books … Be selective!
3️⃣ Reflect your thoughts. You must be a constant listener of your own thoughts and analyze them in real-time. Was the thought helpful? What does it mean? Write is down if it helps you! Talk to yourself loud and reflect your thoughts if it helps you, but listen to your thoughts.
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#tradingtips #floatMechanics 1
Some trades are more than Technical/Fundamentals.
What I call Float Mechanics
What is Float, How Many are Short, How much is restricted or held by institutes, What is liquidity on a super low float stock. Supply/Demand..
#tradingtips #floatmechanics 2
When you see crazy moves like $APVO $LGVN there are reasons beyond fundamentals/technical
If tradable float is only 3Mil shares (means only 3 Mil shares to buy/sell), You ever think when it trades 50 Mil where is that all vol coming from..
#tradingtips #floatmechanics 3
Do you wonder who is buying and who is selling?
What shares are changing hands and how, How is float rotating 10 times(means exchanged hands 10 times around)-3 Mil float at 30 Mil vol has traded 10 times its shares that is (Float Rotation)
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Diwali special portfolio.
Wait for muhurat #portfolio on Thursday at 6 PM.
Put your reminder on friends.
🥂 Cheers 🥂.
As per #indian belief, today Ma #laxmi comes to bless her children and on this auspicious occasion, #investors generally #invest something as it is regarded as Shubh Shagun.
For this, #BSE n #NSE offer trading for 1 hour known as #MuhuratTrading .
It's not mandatory but (2/n)
If you have excess cash in hand,you may invest in the #muhurattrading2021 .
Never invest by expending ur emergency fund or by any kind of borrowing.
Normal investing principles must not change for any occasions.
Stick to basics.
Learn D company well,read in detail (3/n)
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The basic rules of Elliott Wave Theory ARE NOT hard to learn.

However, like anything it does take time.

Within this thread I will cover the basic rules of Elliott Wave Analysis.📖
Back in the 1930's, Ralph Nelson Elliott developed EWT to describe recognizable patterns within movement in price.

Elliott identified that price tends to move in recurring "wave" patterns.

These waves can be identified in stock price movements and in consumer behavior.
The Complete Cycle:

The recognizable pattern that Elliott had identified was that price cycles move in a total of eight waves.

This cycle is broken down into two separate phases:
1. The five-wave motive phase
2. The three-wave corrective phase

Let me explain these phases...
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#tradingtips #newbie 1/3
You are new & lost money, studied hard, got a strategy but scared to get back?
✔️Take 50 trades with 1 contract or 100 shares.
✔️Prove to yourself that you can win 30 trades atleast out of 50,then scale
✔️Find conviction/consistency first,$$ comes later!
#newbie 2/3
Once u can win 50/60% of ur trades; find out do u win big and lose small? Is ur Win 2R 3R? If after winning 60% times ur still down...go back to drawing board...find new test run again until u start to win more than u lose!!
#newbie 3/3
Does not matter you win 8 times out of 10 if u give all up in 2 loses.
Trading/Investing to be successful u can't do Random. Probability and Statistics of your System is what matters!
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#Fibonacci Retracement How i use it ?
Fibonacci Retracement is a technical analysis tool that i use to locate areas/levels of support & resistance
It is based on the Fibonacci sequence ratios introduced by Leonardo Fibonacci
Measure the rise of price from swing low to swing high (depends on the time frame in use)
This level will give the support levels AND the potential resistances levels once price continue higher
Let's take $FSLY Daily for example
White Arrow : Swing high
Yellow Arrow : Swing low

As you can see it gives us support levels & future potential resistance levels Image
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What is it and why you need it in your #TRADINGTIPS

Values generally range from 100 to 150 where the higher the rating, the higher the perceived tail risk and chance of a 2 deviation event. A rating of 125 and below I'm looking for a big bounce 7-45 days out
Notice The $SKEW stayed in the upper range and the highest its ever been since MAY! You could say the Skew was skewed and most of us got skewed!
I have labeled this and used these levels for years now and honestly it can really help you get ready for the bigger sentiment changes
in the #StockMarket, this is a bigger picture and you can really see the value when placing a $SPY chart behind this. Notice the Purple chart shows when SKEW is high this will result in the Pull and when low results in Risk on!
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1) People talk about popular stocks for followers. Especially ones people are getting bagged on. It’s called confirmation basis.

2) if everyone is talking about your ticker. You should be selling.

3) if trend is up play up. If trend is down play down.

4) if a stocks going to the moon. You should be paying yourself along the trip. IE: scaling out

5) plays that have 0 noise have the best success rate.

6) before you hit BUY you should tell me exactly where you’re going to sell.

7) sometimes the best trade is no trade
8) do your own studying and ask detailed questions and you will get a detailed response. “U IN?” Will get a no reply 99.9% of the time.

9) stocks can always go much lower then you expect and much much much higher.

10) chart > FURU
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#tradingtips #goldenrule You don't need to win 90% of time to succeed. You can win 40-50% of time and still be at a top and make $$$ and succeed.Key is to have winners many times bigger than losers. And to do that we need discipline and Rules. Keep #winnersbigloserssmall 1/3
#tradingtips #goldenrules Letting winners run rule is another way of saying to keep winners bigger than losers.We as emotional biengs are impatient with our winners and patient with our losers,to succeed be patient with winners and impatient with losers. 2/3
#tradingtips #goldenrules Many a times we find rself going no where and portfolios going lower even when we have a winning strategy and we have so many winners; because , when we lose we wipe our last few winners.Conquering your mind is the final step after u master a system 3/3
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What is a momentum shift? [THREAD]

A momentum shift (that’s how I call it, don’t know if it exists under a different term) is exactly what it sounds like.

It’s when people say “This one isn’t the one.” and move on to find a different setup.

#MomoEdu #TradingTips
The thesis is very straightforward - have you ever been watching a stock with high expectations only to see it knife and then fade all day?

Well, you’re not alone. There are hundreds of people just like you who were also waiting for a good setup to form/were already in.
Let’s split the market participants into two groups - smart traders and “dumb” traders.

Smart traders are educated, very intelligent, and/or experienced. Novice traders are new to trading, they chase, have FOMO, and generally have no idea what they’re doing.
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#tradingtips #entry #riskreward 1/5
If price is extended from ema or makes New Highs and you slap the ask, you already skew your risk reward (in case of short you slap bid at new lows)
You have to let entry come to you for best risk reward, find pullback in the trend!
#tradingtips #entry #riskreward 2/5
When you chase, you are one providing liquidity to someone who is going to exit at that price, so you will be immediately down or negative in your position.
Even though our mind is wired to give us FOMO and we click the market buy..its wrong
#tradingtips #entry #riskreward 3/5
rather than skewing your risk reward chasing 5 plays....wait for a pullback in trend on 1 play and have size with conviction with clear support/risk off level...same if shorting...wait for resistance level bounce
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Trading is a marathon, not a sprint. A thread:

#StockMarket #Tradingtips #OptionsTrading #tradingpsychology #FollowTheMagician
Mental vs financial capital. ~80% of trading is mental, ~20% is charts. Have rules and do NOT break those rules for one trade.
A lot of people blow up their accounts because they attempt to 10x their entire portfolio in one week or worse in one single trade. Don’t treat market like a casino. It may take few weeks to couple month so build up. “Pay”tience is a virtue.
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(2) Yatay piyasa filtrelerinin amacı önce yatay piyasanın varlığını belirlemek sonrasında da o kuralınıza göre yani piyasa yataya sarınca açtığınız işlemi kapamak veya hiç işlem açmamaktır. Kullanırsanız işlem sayınız azalacaktır.
(3) En klasik/basit yatay piyasa filtresi ADX'tir. Grafikte 30 dk altı periyotlarda ADX(14) için 25 daha uzun periyotlarda 20 değeri trend varlığı için sınır kabul edilir. Yani sisteminizi yatay sınırlarınız içinde işlem yapmasın isterseniz .... "AND ADX(14) > 20" yazacaksınız.
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•What makes a stock go parabolic and how to find them
Main reason for a stock going parabolic is shorts. For an example, let’s say a stock goes from 4 to 5 off of news that Stanley Morgan gave them a PT upgrade of 6. Shorts will see this as weak news and start
to pile on in for a short taking positions at 5 dollars (most shorts like to take positions at psych numbers, I talked about it briefly but will cover it more into detail in the future). The stock blows through 5 dollars and is now at 5.50 from more buying pressure.
Shorts are now in a pickle and have to buy back their shares before the stock really takes off. So they buy back at 5.50 with more buying pressure coming in. So now that’s double the buying pressure along with new shorts taking a position at 5.50 causing the stock to go parabolic
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Trading strategy 1/n
1. Shortlist stocks above 100 DMA
2. Spot the ones that take support at 10 DMA
#nifty50 #NIFTYFUTURE #Nifty #daytrading #Sensex #NSE #tradingtips #banknifty #StockMarket #StocksToWatch #investing #NSE #stocks #StocksToBuy #forextrading #forex #ICICI #buyback
Trading strategy 2/n:
3. Limit Buy 2% below the 10 DMA support
4. SL at 1.5 ATR or exit after 5 trading days or when 3 day RSI above 50 #nifty50 #NIFTYFUTURE #Nifty #daytrading #Sensex #NSE #tradingtips #banknifty #StockMarket #StocksToWatch #investing #NSE #stocks #StocksToBuy
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When you buy and sell on the charts
Intraday trading
-look at 1 minute 2 minute and 5 minute charts, check the daily to see how the stock runs (is it a pump and dump, is it a all day grinder, does it go parabolic, etc)
-look for supply and demand
-when looking for demand zones, look for a giant green candle to the upside and wait for a dip to come down to that area
-when looking for supply zones, look for a giant red candle to the downside and wait for a pop to come up to that area
-reasoning for this is say Goldman Sachs wants to buy 20 million worth of a stock at 5 dollars and they only get filled for 5 million worth, they still have to get filled for 15 million dollars at 5 dollars so wait for it to come back down they aren’t chasing stocks, they wait)
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"All the math you need in the stock market you get in the fourth grade"

A story and strategy of one of the most successful investor of all time '' PETER LYNCH ''

#investing #StockMarket #TRADINGTIPS
👉Peter Lynch is a famous capitalist and fund manager. At present, Peter Lynch net worth is $450 million.
👉As the manager of Fidelity Investments’ Magellan Fund from 1977 to 1990 – which averaged a 29.2% return during that time and grew from $18 million in assets to $14 billion,
👉Since retirement, he is involved in extending his knowledge on investment strategies and philanthropic activities. He is well known for his skills in managing the Magellan Fund and providing the investors with the highest returns.
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How to build small account
-short term swing trades. Try to get anywhere to 5-15 percent on the trade. Don’t go for the 100 percenter
-look for bottomed out charts that are near 52 week lows or possibly all time lows forming a upward trend. The risk to reward ratio
is in your favor
-take profits! The higher your trade goes up, move your stop loss up so you break even or make profit
Aim for around 1 percent of your portfolio a day. For an example if you have 5k aim for 50, 10k aim for 100, etc. It adds up Before you know it, you’ll be aiming for 1k-2k a day.
-cut losses fast before youre bag holding for months just to make 2 percent or break even on a trade
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@saptak81 I don't believe in technical analysis and target.
I am a pure fundamental guy with fundamental analysis, business model,management analysis,future growth prospect and above all PSYCHOLOGY.
But as you are asking for target,let me disclose(13/n)
@saptak81 When I first studied it at 28.02,my short term target was Rs 39 which it has already achieved.
Now let's discuss other targets.
According to book value this should go to Rs 90.
Then there is huge resistance at Rs 93.
If it breaches it, then according to net profit margin (14/n)
@saptak81 It should reach 180 Rs.
Then as per ROCE it should breach Rs 200


According to special situation investment strategy,the target should be between Rs 380 to 390 by 5-6 years.

If government holds D region in firm (15/n)
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How to train your mind to be OK with losses? I mean at a deep level

And no, you can’t just tell yourself it’s alright after a loss. It won’t work long term

You will just find yourself wanting to switch strategies or find new mentors during a drawdown

Let’s get into it ->
You need to truly embrace this:

Your strategy is different from your identity

It is nothing but a lens/belief system. One that you choose to view the market with

The distinction is very important

So next time you take a loss or are in the middle of a drawdown, remember-
It wasn’t you that was wrong. Hell you weren’t even trading. It was your lens/belief system or strategy

Why does this work long term?

The mental dialogue shifts from being right/wrong

You ultimately begin embracing the idea of being a risk manager & adopting a probability
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Rule #1 in #trading : Risk Management
"Every moment in the market is unique " & no one knows what is going to happen next
I Pre define the amount of $ I’m willing to LOSE
This amount is set FOR ALL TRADES i take

**Thread 1/4**

Ex. : I am willing to lose 100$ on every trade i take so i will enter a trade with the AMOUNT of #shares that fits to this risk
Example : $AMZN can be 100 shares , $AMC can be 500 shares

SL Price / Entry Price=SL Percentage ->
100/SL Percentage -> gives you the amount in $ -> Amount in $/Entry price = numbers of shares i buy

** 3/4**
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How to draw Demand & Supply Zones:
Large Caps and Indexes (SPY,QQQ):
15m, 30m, 1hr, 2hr, 4hr
Occasionally : 10m
- Basing candles before impulse move
Supply (green basing candle)
Demand (red basing candle) ImageImage
1) You can either just place your limit buys there risking it going the other direction (high risk high reward) or
2) Wait for confirmation that it bounced off those zones (imo best strat)

Stop loss below Demand zone or below the reversal candle
How to draw Demand & Supply Zones:
Small Caps S/D Zones
Intraday: (5m mostly,10m,15m)
Larger Time frame for past zones: (30m, 1Hr (fav), 2hr, 4hr)
- Plot entire Consolidation area before impulse move
- Basing Candles before impulse move
#tradingtips ImageImageImageImage
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-- Educational - #Fibonacci trading? --

1. What are Fibonacci numbers? (4 parts)
2. How are they used in Trading? (4 parts)
4. Using Fib Extensions (2 parts)
5. Using Fib Retracements (2 parts)
5. Using Time Cycles (2 parts)

#BTC #cryptocurrency #Crypto #TRADINGTIPS
-- What are #Fibonacci numbers? Pt.1 --

🔹 Fibonacci numbers are a numerical series depicting nature’s expansion
🔹 The same number sequence appears all over throughout nature. i.e.
🔸 The number of petals on a flower
🔸 A snail shell

#BTC #cryptocurrency #Crypto #TRADINGTIPS
-- What are #Fibonacci numbers? Pt.2 --

🔹 The sequence is made by simply starting at 1 and adding the previous number to arrive at the new number:

0+1=1, 1+1=2, 2+1=3, 3+2=5, 5+3=8, 8+5=13, 13+8=21, 21+13=34,…

#BTC #cryptocurrency #Crypto #TRADINGTIPS
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Look at change in OI, including highest change in OI both sides to see where new support/ resistance levels are being formed #nifty50 #NIFTYFUTURE #Nifty #daytrading #Sensex #NSE #tradingtips #banknifty #StockMarket #StocksToWatch #investing #NSE #stocks #StocksToBuy #forex
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