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Here is a cheat sheet on when to expect low probability/S&D conditions👇

I recommend printing this and having it in front of you

Being able to forecast unfavorable conditions is one of the most important skills to have as a trader💎

Examples below🧵
The day after a large range day example⬇️

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How to use NWOG to predict choppy or trending conditions👁️

The New Week Opening Gap is a strong price magnet🧲

Draw it out every week onto your charts in a separate template

(Friday closing price to Sunday open price)

Here is some more info👇

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Breakout (B/O) Nasıl Onaylanır ?
Öncelikle belirtmem gerekir ki bu konu başlığı altında anlatılacak bilgiler yatay destek-dirençlerin kırılımı için hazırlanmıştır. Diyagonal trend çizgilerinin kırılımlarında da bu bilgilerden faydalanılabileceğiniz gibi, diyagonal
çizgilerin trade edilmesi farklı aksiyonlar da gerektirmektedir. Benim fokuslandığım alan yatay çizgi kırılımları olduğu için diyagonal trend kırılım detaylarından bu yazıda çok fazla bahsetmeyeceğim. Anlatılacaklar farklı finansal enstrümanlar (hisse, fx, kripto) için++
uygulanabilir yöntemlerdir ancak en nihayetinde teknik analiz sınırları içerisinde kalacaktır ve teknik analiz size altın tepsi içinde kesin yargılar sunmayacaktır. Her zamanki gibi bazı objektif ve subjektif teknik analiz yöntemlerinden ve belirli kabullerden bahsedeceğim.
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Thread on Trading Psychology🧵 #TradingTips

New traders worry about hitting profit goals while experienced traders worry about following their system & managing risk.

🧡&🔁 Image
STOP setting daily, weekly, or even monthly profit goals.

Setting profit goals in dollar amounts or percentage wise is the wrong mindset.

When you do this, you will force unnecessary trades to meet your profit goals.
What you should be focused on instead is simply executing your trading plan/system & improving your edge.

Stay disciplined and wait patiently for A+ setups and executing when they form.

It sounds so simple yet so many traders cannot be disciplined enough to do it.
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Qu'appel t-on appel spread/ liquidité, comment se déplace le prix ?

🚨On entend souvent dire que le prix augmente car il y a plus d'acheteur que de vendeur sur le marché...

Cette affirmation est fausse ! 🚨

Thread ⬇️

#Crypto #trading #TRADINGTIPS #cryptocurrency
Vous le savez, pour qu'il y ai vente, il faut quelqu'un qui achète (donc quand vous vendez, c'est qu'il y a quelqu'un qui est près à acheter au même prix... à mediter)

La clé du mouvement de prix est l'attitude des intervenants adoptent sur le marché (agressive ou passive)
L'offre et la demande:

Ce sont les commandes à cours limité que les acheteurs et vendeurs placent dans les colonnes du carnet d'ordre (BID et ASK)

Il n'y a pas de prix unique sur le marché, quand vous entrez sur le marché, il y a deux prix (l'achat et la vente) Image
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If you are


👉Struggling to find high probability setups

👉Lost in intraday price action

here’s what I recommend⬇️


STRICTLY focus on Daily and Weekly levels for your setups.

Once price hits these levels drop into your lower time frames (LTF) and find your specific entry model 🔎
You will often find these areas have the cleanest/smoothest price action with the highest probability movements.

Price delivery is often quick and trades are low stress ✅

Below are a few examples of what these type of trades look like⬇️
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1/ 🚀 $SOL: Trendline broken to the upside, gaining bullish momentum.

Follow the thread👇🧵

#SOL #Crypto #TechnicalAnalysis #Solana #altcoins Image
2/ 🎯 Next Target: $SOL is aiming for the gray $26.80 resistance level. Given its strength, entering a long trade now would require a stop loss below $19.50 (with a bad risk reward ratio) #SOL #Crypto #Trading
3/ 🚫 No Trade: With the current setup, I don't see a trade offering a favorable risk-reward ratio. In trading, it's crucial to wait for the right opportunity that aligns with your strategy. #SOL #Crypto #TRADINGTIPS
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1/ 🚀 $TRU: Wedge & resistance broken! Mastering wedges is essential for successful trading with #technicalanalysis.

Details in the thread🧵👇

#Crypto #truefi #altcoins Image
2/ 📐 Descending Wedge: $TRU's wedge persisted for a few days, and we finally got a breakout. The price is now above both the wedge's top trendline and the gray resistance level. #TRU #Crypto #Trading
3/ 🎯 Short-term Targets: I'm bullish on $TRU and expect an initial test of the blue resistance at $0.0821, followed by green resistance at $0.90. As long as we stay above the gray $0.74 support, the bullish view stands. #TRU #Crypto #TradingTips
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1/ 🚀 $ICX Technical Analysis: Bullish Wave Count in play. ICX could be starting a new uptrend as price didn't reach the previous all-time low.

Details. Follow. Thread. Now.🙃👇

#ICX #Crypto #TechnicalAnalysis #altcoins Image
2/ 🌊 Wave analysis: My primary count suggests we're currently in blue wave 5 of black wave 3. This could mean we're in for more upside in the short term. #ICX #Crypto #ElliottWave
3/ 🎯 Next target: I expect $ICX to test the $0.50 level before experiencing another pullback, which would correspond to black wave 4. Keep this target in mind as you plan your trades. #ICX #Crypto #Trading
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1/ 🚀 $DYDX Technical Analysis: Next step broken, and we're looking bullish! Details in the thread.👇

#DYDX #DeFi #Crypto #TechnicalAnalysis #altcoins Image
2/ 🔍 Final retest of green support: Price made a higher low, which signals bullish momentum for DYDX. #DYDX #DeFi #Crypto Image
3/ 💪 Blue resistance now support: The blue resistance level was broken, and has been successfully retested as support. #DYDX #DeFi #Crypto Image
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Here are my favorite macros to trade👁️

💎9:50-10:10 am

💎1:30pm Judas

💎3:15-3:45pm "Sweet Spot"

Everyday I usually see a setup form in at least one of these windows of time.

I have 3 chances to catch a high probability play any given day✅

Examples below⬇️🧵

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Weekly Profile & Daily Profile $NQ



Classic Tuesday Low (these can form on monday also)
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Okay, I shared @I_Am_The_ICT weekly profiles.

But for futures traders, we got daily profiles to run in conjunction with them 📝



Two sessions up close.
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This is probably the most slept on @I_Am_The_ICT concept there is 🫠

I'm guilty of sleeping on these but not anymore, I used to use them when I was at peak for my game 📸

Weekly profile templates 💎



These will play into W/D/4H PD array.

Look for then on a 1H TF 📝
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Are we heading toward a Bull Run?🐮

After the continued bear market of 2022, the investor sentiment is that the #crypto industry is entering the bull run in 2023.

In today's 🧵, we explore strategies that traders can make a profit from crypto trading in the bull market.
2/ Bull Run: The price of an asset generally increases, typically for several weeks or months. Traders expect prices to continue to rise & increase in value for the foreseeable future. 📈 This can be an exciting time for investors if they exit before prices start to decline.
3/ ➡️Dollar-cost averaging is a strategy that involves investing a fixed amount of money at regular intervals to benefit from market volatility & accumulate assets over time. It spreads out risk, allowing traders to benefit from the bull market without taking on too much risk.
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There are 6 Daily Index Templates👁️

Two Session Up Close
Two Session Down Close

AM Rally PM Reversal
AM Decline PM Reversal

Consolidation AM Rally PM decline
Consolidation AM Decline PM rally

Below you will find when to expect them + examples⬇️


Two Session Up Close:

If we are in the middle of an intermediate or long term price swing based on what we would see on the HTF chart, this is the classic scenario

When we start approaching HTF opposing arrays, this profile is less likely to occur 🙅‍♂️
Two Session Down Close:

If we are in the middle of an intermediate or long term price swing based on what we would see on the HTF chart, this is the classic scenario.

When we start approaching HTF opposing arrays, this profile is less likely to occur 🙅‍♂️
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There are ONLY 4 conditions in the market place:


This is exactly what you need to look for in price when in one of these conditions🔍👇:



When Price leaves a level quickly this indicates a willingness on the part of the Market Makers to reveal their intended repricing model🧠

We look for the Orderblock the market makers leave at or near the equilibrium👁️

When Price returns inside a recent price range this indicates a willingness on the part of the Market Makers to reprice to levels not efficiently traded for fair value🧠

We look for the FVGs and liquidity voids👁️
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There is ONLY 2 real ways the market will turn around🔄:

1) A Breaker where they run stops
2) A failure swing.

The breaker swing point is the IDEAL scenario. You want to be looking for it all the time on any time frame🔍

The Breaker👇
The Failure Swing👇
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Keys to Daily Bias🔑

A thread🧵:

We're not trying to get a daily bias every day🙅‍♂️

We are trying to determine the direction of the WEEKLY expansion↕️
🔹Does price want to run to an old low?

🔹Does it look like its gonna run to an old high?

🔹Is it running to an imbalance below or above the market price?

🔹Is it likely not to move because there is no data for it that week ?
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Understanding Intermediate Term Highs/Lows🧠⬇️

-Every single time price rebalances an old imbalance, that swing high or low should be immediately labeled as an ITH/ITL

-If we break beneath an ITH/ITL, we have a significant break in market structure👁️

#Tradingtips Image
ITHs/ITLs have TWO classifications:

1⃣) ITH that has a lower STH to the left of it and lower STH to the right of it (flip logic around for ITL)

2⃣)Trades back up to an imbalance to rebalance
$ES 15m

The Aftermath🩸 Image
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1.1A #Doji candlestick is a type of chart pattern that is commonly used in technical analysis for trading. It is formed when the opening and closing prices of an #asset are virtually equal, resulting in a small body with long upper and lower shadows.
1.2 The #Doji candlestick is considered a reversal pattern, indicating a possible change in the direction of the trend. If it appears after an #uptrend, it may indicate a potential #reversal to a downtrend.
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1/10 VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price) is a popular trading indicator that helps traders understand the average price of an asset based on its volume. #TradingStrategy #VWAP
2/10 To use VWAP as a trading strategy, traders should first plot the indicator on their chart to track the average price of the asset. #VWAP #TradingTips
3/10 Traders can then look for trends in the VWAP line to identify buying and selling opportunities. If the price is above the VWAP line, it suggests that the asset is being bought at a premium, indicating a potential selling opportunity. #VWAP #TradingAnalysis
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If you say something like "this trade looks risky" or "I took this risky trade." This is an obvious indication that you have no idea operating in that market environment. #trading #forextips #TRADINGTIPS

This approach is more rational : "I don't know how to operate in this condition, so I'm at sidelines and not taking any trade, until this/that happens."
You should always be studying the conditions you don't know how to operate, regardless of whether you're profitable trader.
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Read this comprehensive thread so you understand why this is the BIGGEST BULL TRAP that we have ever seen

#thread 🧵 Image
Let's start with JPOW & Interest Rates

Currently, Fed has been raising interest rates to battle inflation which puts downward pressure on the #StockMarket

So if Fed keeps raising rates, it's #bearish for #stocks & #crypto.

Raising Camign → Pause → Decreasing Campaign

2🧵 Image
We are in a #BearMarket and this recent rally has sparked a lot of enthusiasm from #investors and #traders.

Bear Market Rallies are a common phenomenon during the Bear Market and usually have multiple selling climaxes and declining volume on the rallies.

3🧵 Image
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