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"Discover the secrets of Warren Buffett, the investing legend. His disciplined approach and focus on undervalued companies have made him a billionaire. #Investor #WealthCreation"

Here Some of His Investing Rule that should Followed Investor
"Rule No. 1: Never lose money. Rule No. 2: Never forget rule No.1." - Warren Buffett #InvestingTips
"The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient." - Warren Buffett #StockMarketWisdom
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Today, many startup founders wonder how to write a great blurb for their firms. Well, it's not rocket science, but effort has to be there! A twitter thread...

#startups #blurb #intro #pitch #gist #economics #business #finance #investment Image
A great blurb always helps startup owners effectively introduce their products & services to their target audience. Besides increasing the sales, a short yet crispy blurb can also attract investors for startup funding. It can be a tool to attract the best talents, too. #HR #IT
Your startup blurb should be different for different purposes, but here’s what a great blurb should consist of:

-A pitch within 25 words.
-Use bullet points to highlight relevant stuff.
-Additional context
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Some tips on how to become a smart investor: #sarmaaya #learning #investor
Educate yourself: Stay informed about the financial markets, industry trends, and economic developments that could impact your investments. Attend seminars, read books, and consult with financial advisors to learn as much as you can.
#financialadvisor #learn #sarmaayatraining
Have a plan: Set clear investment goals and develop a well-thought-out plan for achieving them. Determine your risk tolerance and build a diversified portfolio that aligns with your financial objectives.
#investmentgoal #stayfinanciallyhealthy
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We all want extra returns.

So, we evaluated one investment strategy for you.

An investor puts in money every month when markets are at their lowest.

We then compared the returns with someone who does an SIP on a fixed date.

Result: The difference in returns is not much.

A 🧵 Image
It’s impossible for someone to know when the markets will be at their lowest every month.

An #investor has to be very lucky to do this.

But even if someone gets lucky, he or she doesn’t make significantly higher returns.
Let’s take a hypothetical situation.

Say, every month, your SIP is done in #Sensex at the lowest point of the month for 10 years.

Investment period: April 2013 to March 2023.

Your returns would have been 12.19%.

Now, let’s compare it with a regular investor.
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How to make money in the #stockmarket according to super #investor Walter Schloss

In 1994, Walter Schloss published his checklist which lists some of the factors which have to be considered for making money in the stock market. The factors as per their checklist are as follows:
1. Price is the most important factor to use in relation to value.

2. Try to establish the value of the company. Remember that a share of stock represents a part of a business and is not just a piece of paper.
3. Use book value as a starting point to try and establish the value of the enterprise. Be sure that debt does not equal 100% of the equity.
4. Have patience. Stocks don’t go up immediately.
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Walter Schloss was an American #investor & fund manager. He studied #valueinvesting under Benjamin Graham and was able to generate a 15.3% annualized return over 45 years in the period of 1955-2000.

Let us understand how he did it and his #investmentframework in today’s thread: Image
Journey of Walter Schloss:

Walter Schloss did not go to college and started his career as a runner on Wall Street in 1934 at the age of 18. During this time, he took investment courses taught by Benjamin Graham at the New York Exchange Institute while being employed at Loeb,
Rhoades and Co. He learnt the value investing technique of Benjamin Graham and eventually worked for Mr Graham in the Graham-Newman Partnership, a firm owned by Mr Graham where he met Warren Buffet.
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Here is this Week’s Market Wrap

'The Times Get Taxing' written by @shyamsek

A Thread (1/n)

#tax #investing #taxbenefits #marketwrap
Investment decisions can be taken based on tax implications. There is a natural tendency among investors to be drawn to investments where they feel taxes are lower. (2/n)

#taxes #investments #investors
When the tax concessions are withdrawn for certain investments, they tend to look less attractive to investors. (3/n)

#taxconcession #investing
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🎓Bonds 101🎓

We all have been hearing a lot about bonds and yield inversions and them being a marker for recession etc etc… but what is it all really?

Complicated stuff - NOT AT ALL!

Let’s go over some quick basics to understand it all and make you a Pro, shall we?……
What are Bonds and how do yields move:

Bond is nothing but a Loan Certificate, you loaned $100 of your money to someone and got a certificate back stating they will pay you in so and so time (Tenure) with so and so interest (Coupon).

Now when you try and sell this Certificate/……
What is Bond Yield Inversion?

Bond yield inversion is when yield of short term bond becomes higher than yield of long term bonds.

Why it happens you ask? - It’s simple…

if demand for short term tenure bonds is higher than demand for long term tenure bonds, the price of……
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The #AdaniGroups Saga- For Naive #Investors. A thread

I, Mr A(#Adani) have 100 chips. By #Law, I cannot own more than 75, so I hav 73 chips. 27 chips r sold in d market. Anther 15 Chips: My uncle buys them by pretending to b normal people. This is illegal, bt who will catch me?
So there are 12 chips left in the market. Out of these, #Funds like #LIC buys 9 chips. 3 chips are now left on the open market.

My #media, #political and PR management and #connections are excellent. There are whispers that I am related to the #king and #Government.
My uncle, disguised as a common man, #buys and #sells chips again, creating an impression of great demand. A plastic chip worth Rs 2 is given for Rs 10.
People compete to buy at Rs 12, 13. Then my uncle increases price and buys chips fr Rs 100 making me one of Investors Fav scrip
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Recent circular issued by @SEBI_India issued to @amfiindia & directed the AMCs & MFDs to comply. Being a MFD we all surely will. It further states that we cannot print/ post/ type future returns based on assumptions & projections for which disclaimer was being used (1/n)
Not challenging the decision made but what if the #investor asks that how much is expected returns - What should we say kindly enlighten the MFDs? In case of stocks upsides are always projected by way of Target & this must stop as its misleading. (2/n) @MFSahiHai
Those who distribute #mutualfunds & promote it by misusing the code of conduct in any way stern action is always taken & should always be taken. Professionally we are perfectly in favor of it. Rules & regulations must be abided. (3/n)
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Whether you like it or not, we're in an #economic #reset & nothing can stop it

The #macro chart of the #USA #economy reveals a crucial insight everyone should pay attention to

US #GDP & M2 money supply in #USD tn

Read on...

#tradingview chart👉

1/🧵 Image
Untill 2011, money supply M2 consistently remained below 60% of #GDP

#Growth in M2 kept pace with GDP growth

Enabling low #inflation secular growth #economy

Despite popular #fintwit narrative, even GFC of 2008 did not upset M2 GDP⚖️balance

This is what GFC did...

2/🧵 Image
Average #GDP growth was 4% but M2 grew at 6%

Since 1960, this is the 1st time M2 increased faster than GDP

Still in 2011, M2 was less than historical average 60% of GDP

The story gets interesting for #investor #Traders #students #everyone

Then came the opportunity...

3/🧵 Image
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(1/8) A #bearrun occurs when supply exceeds demand & market performance falls short of recent highs.
This thread helps you delve deep into the realms of #cryptocurrency and determine the essentials required to spot a Bear Run.🧵

Read more:…
(2/8) A crypto bear run could be hard to foresee before it happens. It does, however, usually go along with extremely optimistic moments.
Although it has many of the same drawbacks as a bull run, a #bear run is more unpredictable having higher price #volatility.👀
(3/8) Investors need to have a keen eye for spotting a bear run in order to properly manage their #investment choices. These trends might seem very obvious, but identifying them beforehand is essential to cut down on investment. #risks. 🕵🏼‍♂️
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Mahila samman saving certificate vs FD:
Where should you invest?

Point of diff:
• Eligibility
• Tenure
• Required Investment
• Risks
• Interest Rates
• Pre-mature withdrawals
• Tax Benefits

Hit the retweet🔁 to educate the maximum investors.

#investor #finance
• Eligibility

MSSC: Deposits can be made only in the name of women or girl child

FDs: Anyone who is Resident Indian, Sole Proprietor, Partnership firm, or HUFs with the necessary PAN card details & KYC documents is eligible for FDs.
• Tenure

MSSC: Tenure of this scheme is up to 2 years & this scheme is available up to March 2025.

FDs: Tenure in FDs can range from 7 days to 10 years & investors can choose the tenure according to their requirements.
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let's talk about #investment.

#capitalism and capitalists' fortunes are built on this practice. all the free-flowing #business and #finance propaganda, churned out in huge volumes for the edification of persons who've devoted themselves to #money, talks about _investing_.

the great bulk of money made in #capitalism goes only to the ownership class; the toilers below them get pennies. those unable to toil get *less* than nothing—capitalism wants such people to be liquidated, hence @charlesmurray and @EPoe187 cook up rationales for doing so.

ultimately this is *why* #eugenics and "scientific racism" exists at all: #capitalism needs some pseudointellectual justification for marginalizing and liquidating all human beings who are unable or *unwilling* to toil for capitalism. this is WHY @Quillette is well-funded.

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@WholeMarsBlog now...this sort of thing is very interesting. it's speculative and futile, nonsensical even, but these little arithmetic calculations are one of the chief preoccupations of the grifter class—the #entrepreneur class, the #investor class, the #cryptocurrency gambler class.

@WholeMarsBlog @WholeMarsBlog, @APompliano, @BillyM2k, and all the other grifting rag-tag who are wont to dangle after @elonmusk (or any other wealthy and famous person whom they perceive as blessed with #success) spend huge amounts of time with these napkin-scribblings that forecast *riches*.
@WholeMarsBlog @APompliano @BillyM2k @elonmusk @WholeMarsBlog starts out with a false assumption: @Tesla will be able to extract cash from literally every car driver in the country. this is their presumed #market, and it's deliberately chosen to be as broad as possible, so as to forecast even greater riches from extorting it.
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#ChatGPT is a before and after in the economy. Many sectors are now disrupted.

This should greatly increase investment in AI versus the old-school version of doing things.

But not all #AI #investment will succeed.

Here's my take on the two divisions of AI (feedback welcome):


AIs based on PUBLIC models or data.

Startups that use models like #GPT or others based on image, text... trained with publicly available dataset/models, maybe adding their own "layers/fine tuning".
The part they are building, in many cases, may be overperformed for the biggest models, their "parents".

Like Saturn and his Son.
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(1/7) #Bullmarkets are periods of increased #asset values due to regular #price fluctuations. This thread emphasizes on its causes and characteristics. 🐮🧵

Learn More 👇…
(2/7) Wage growth, capital inflows, minimal unemployment, strong #consumer spending, and increasing corporate #profits are all factors that lead to sustainable #bullruns. 🐮📈
(3/7) Characteristics of a #BullCycle:
1. Boosted #investor confidence, falling policy rate. 🔝📈
2. More #money being invested in the future by businesses. 💵📈
3. There is a decline in the #unemployment rate. 👨‍💼📉
4. The process of #spending money is more straightforward ⬆💯
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1. BUY GIFTS EARLY: Global supply shortages are delaying deliveries so order early. More tips:…

#CyberMondayAmazon #CyberMonday #finance #Blog #MONEY #mondaythoughts #holiday #shoppingstar #Investor 1. BUY GIFTS EARLY: Global ...
2. SET A CHRISTMAS DAY BUDGET: Plan ahead & ask family to bring supplies. More tips:…

#tuesdayvibe #finance #blog #blogger #WritingCommunity #christmas #holiday #budget #MONEY #Investor #timidbee 2. SET A CHRISTMAS DAY BUDG...
3. PUT MONEY ASIDE FOR HOLIDAYS: Save for the holidays in a separate account. More tips:…

#wednesdaythought #Wednesday #holiday #MONEY #finance #blog #WritingCommunity #christmas PUT MONEY ASIDE FOR HOLIDAY...
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What is the Relative Strength Index (RSI), and how do you use it?

Developed by J. Welles Wilder in 1978, the Relative Strength Index(RSI) is a momentum oscillator that measures the speed and change of price movements.

#TradingSignals #RSI

🧑‍🏫Let's Learn!

Educational 🧵👇

1/ Image
The RSI is an oscillator with a range from 0 to 100

There are 3 main values of interest:

🔵Below 30 signals that the market is oversold 📉

🔵50 signals neutral 😐

🔵Above 70 signals overbought 📈

2/ Image
The #RSI indicator has been featured in many books and articles over the years. Even though the it was created well before the computer era, it is still a widely used indicator that traders use to determine momentum in any given market.

3/ Image
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ITC Q2FY23 results update📰
Segment wise analysis📊
Future outlook🔍

Everything in this #Thread🧵

#StockMarket #Stocks #invest #Investment #investor

@caniravkaria @Ishan_Narayan_ @harrie007 @kaushaldarshan_ @mystock_myview @SmartSyncServ @connectgurmeet @kuttrapali26

👉Near term outlook remains positive as :-

a) Positive cigarette volume traction in a stable tax regime.

b) Strong pricing & benefits of backward integration in paper and paper board in near term.

c) Structural recovery with robust outlook in ARR and occupancy levels in hotels.

d) Sustained growth across segments in FMCG with margin expansion likely from Q3/Q4 FY23.

👉Expect slowdown in growth post FY23 given high base of current year.

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A look into @SundaeSwap published #Tokenomics vs. #OnChain reality 🔍

A thread 🧵

#Cardano #ADA #SundaeSwap #Transparency #Accountability #NFT #eUTXO #DEX Image
1) It seems like Sundaeswap originally placed tokens into #eUTXOs with respect to the posted #tokenomics, looking at the early eUTXOs. However, it also seems that this intentional separation did not work out.
2) Additionally, looking at the published tokenomics and the on-chain reality captured by the #token distribution over wallets, it becomes hard to identify which portion of the tokens are indented for the advertised use case. Image
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Dear Investors friends, creating a master #Thread documenting all #Important Links, Sites, Knowledge sources, Stocks currently I'm #Bulish on, etc. (1/n)
#Sharewolves #Educational #TechnicalAnalysis #LearnTechnicals #LearnnEarn #ProTrader #NiftyBullWave
Top websites for Fundamental & Technical Screener:
Best sites for #TechnicalAnalysis Studies:
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10 important lessons learned during more than 20 years in #investment management.

A 🧵 to help you become a better #investor in #stocks.
I started to invest my own money in stocks in 1999 and made my first $100k a year later, massively profiting from the DotCom boom.

As we all know, the DotCom bubble burst and I lost half of my wealth in less than a year. Ouch!!!
This unpleasant early experience shaped my thinking about how financial markets work.

It also made me realize that a systematic, data-driven approach is the most promising way to invest.

The following 10 lessons learned are based on this idea of systematic investing. Enjoy!
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Sam Zell is a billionaire businessman and #RealEstate investor known as the “grave dancer”.
He is less well known for what billionaire #investor guru @MohnishPabrai describes him as: “being one of the very best people on the US Tax code”.

#RuleHurdling 🧵 no.2 Image
In 1981 Congress passed the Economic Recovery Tax Act.
Among other things, it extended the life of net operating loss (NOL) carry-forwards from 7 to 15 years. NOLs allow companies to offset their current year's taxable income with past losses to reduce tax liabilities.
Zell examined all public companies with large NOLs finding they had little change in share price resulting from the Act.
The market overlooked the value added, presenting him with an opportunity to acquire the NOLs creating holding companies to shield business profits.
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