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It's a new academic year and we're sharing our authors' best professional advice, ranging from maximizing #postdocs to boosting enrollment w/ a mock trial program, setting #writing goals, becoming a #twitterstorian, writing a book proposal, & going on the job market w/ a partner.
In "What Are Work Plans, Why They Are Useful, and How to Create One" @lmchervinsky explains how to craft a work plan for articles, books, and fellowship and grant applications. #writingadvice…
New to Twitter? @DetroittoAccra's "Becoming a Twitterstorian: Social Media, Scholarly Communication, and Professional Practice" discusses how to engage as a #twitterstorian in an intentional way, ensuring that your actions reflect your purpose.…
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Re #aha22 jobs panel. I'm a #twitterstorian working outside of academia- a path I forged w/o help from my alma mater. There's a dearth of helpful advice for ppl being forced out of/choosing to leave academia. Here's what worked for me, what didn't, & what I wish I'd done sooner🧵
Caveats: I'm a cis straight white woman from a middle-class family. My background meant that if absolutely everything fell through, I could've moved back in with my parents (but like I was 29 so omg no thank u)
I started my PhD sure that I wanted to be a prof & would move anywhere to do it. I was told to try the market for 3yrs & if you're open abt location, something will work out. I applied when I was ABD & when I was a postdoc @DolleyPapers, for a total of 20ish jobs over 2 cycles.
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A summary thread and musings on Allen and Wrigley's theory of early pre-industrial urbanization in Britain. 1/ #econhist #EconTwitter #twitterstorians Image
Most pre-industrial societies were caught in a devastating low-level equilibrium trap: they had small cities (in absolute and relative terms) and unproductive agriculture (low crop yields and labor efficiency). 2/
To expand the cities and get more labor into industry, farms needed to become more productive—e.g. investment, land use optimization, crop experimentation, etc. for raising yields. 3/
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my stomach dropped seeing these headlines.
my heart goes out to the families of these victims.
let us fight for them + everyone in our communities feeling unsafe + scared at this time.
notably: asian women make up a far higher share of the hate-incident reports (68%) as compared to men (29%)…
our hearts are heavy this morning

but here are concrete steps we can take 👇
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My mother-in-law announced that this year for the #FourthofJuly the family is cancelling the Fourth of July...

and Thanksgiving...


A thread of love and respect to my momma.
Now mind you, this woman is the quintessential Black matriarch who loves her family and family gatherings more than anything. She starts planning next year’s Thanksgiving at this year’s Thanksgiving (what family color to wear, the decorations, the theme, etc). Serious thought.
A change like this is huge for her. I watched her struggle with it for years. It involves admitting that all the glorious days she planned so lovingly in the past were part of building an American mythology that masked settler colonialism and slave racial capitalism.
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It’s been extremely encouraging to witness surge of energy among Asians for #BlackLivesMatter. From media coverage to countless online+offline convos to solidarity statements to direct actions, I’m hopeful that this groundswell will last. 1/x

Love this graphic by @kalamendoza
Based on queries I’ve been fielding from journalists + DM’s from people ranging from high schoolers to retirees, rounding up some reflections, links, + suggestions for further reading + doing 2/
The fact that there there’s been sprinkling of media coverage on (US+Asia) is a hopeful sign , suggesting that people throughout our communities are truly receptive to understanding how anti-blackness operates in American life 3/
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Took my 1st AsianAm Studies course in 1993 w/Yuko Kurashashi (now @KentState). We watched @rtajima’s WHO KILLED VINCENT CHIN. Changed my life. Thrilled 2 B part of #AsianAmsPBS series debuting tonight! Thx Renee @sleochiang + team 4 dreamy opportunity to talk AsianAm history!
Fueled up the fam w/homemade scallion pancakes, precious hot and sour soup from frozen lunar new year stash, beautiful salad greens from local Peoples Market CSA, dumplings gifted from @CaraCaddoo. Ready for #AsianAmPBS!
Here we go! #AsianAmPBS
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Reading @HC_Richardson #HowTheSouthWonTheCivilWar passage discussing US founding:

The founders excluded minorities, women, & the poor leaving “a minority of people running the government, a body politic dedicated to the needs of [white] men of property.”

Sad GOP is this in 2020
1980 GOP:
"I don't want everybody to vote. Elections are not won by a majority of the people. They never have been from the beginning of our country & they are not now. As a matter of fact, our leverage in the elections quite candidly goes up as the voting populace goes down."
From 1776 to 2020 the push to maintain white supremacy remains the same. Thank you *radical revisionist historians* for telling the full, and true story of how our society was formed and still operates today.
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Changed my handle to more accurately represent myself to any readers of The Atlantic who might stumble upon my humble tweets.
“Backwater” is historian-speak for “deplorable.”
For those not immersed in the world of #twitterstorian online-ness...this is what I'm referring to.
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Historian Answer Time. I've gotten these questions a bunch, so here's a #twitterstorian explainer (a brief thread)
1. No, I can't think of a precendent for the NYT anon op-ed. Only thing close is maybe Kissinger conducting foreign policy while Nixon was in a gin-induced blackout.
Historian Answer Time. I've gotten these questions a bunch, so here's a #twitterstorian explainer (a brief thread)
2. Not invoking the 25th amendment to avoid a constitutional crisis is in itself a constitutional crisis, yes.
Historian Answer Time. I've gotten these questions a bunch, so here's a #twitterstorian explainer (a brief thread)
3. Sure, there were worse nominees than Kavanaugh-worse justices, too (looking at you, Roger Taney!) But not that many, and when you're in this territory, it's BAD.
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1. Since that Vox article came out, I've been getting lots of requests for suggestions on what to read on the history of American conservatism. I will use this thread to link to the books I've read on the subject. Feel free to mute the thread if it's not of interest to you.
2. This is a foundational classic. Many have criticized it, but it basically started the field.…
3. Nash's most recent thoughts on Trump can be found here. It's worth noting that Nash identifies as a conservative himself, not just as a historian of conservatism.…
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I visited 16 archives on 3 continents, took digital photos of 100K+ pgs of archival material, + gathered thousands more pgs in other formats to write #ForgottenPeace. As a result, I have a comprehensive system of archival methodologies + best practices #twitterstorians
I’ve given yearly workshops on these methods to colleagues, grad students, + undergrads @Princeton, as well as @UConnHistory. I’ve long thought of recording the presentations, both to share these ideas w/ a larger audience + to get feedback to improve my own practices
So here are my two videos on research methods for historians
1) (13:19)
2) (26:03)
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