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This week on my podcast, I read "All (Broadband) Politics Are Local," my @Medium column about the horrific state of US broadband, the pandemic's worsening of the situation and the near-miraculous shift in US political will for universal fiber:… 1/ Farmers and co-op members assisting professional telephone p
If you'd like an unrolled version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
US broadband has been a shitshow since GW Bush killed DSL line-sharing in 2001, which relegated Americans to getting their connectivity from monopolists who divided up the country into non-competing zones like the Pope dividing up the "New World":… 3/
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1/ #Redlining is in the news: in today's @NYTimes, columnist John McWhorter challenges what he sees as conventional wisdom on racially discriminatory housing by reporting that 82% of residents of redlined neighborhoods in ten large cities were white.…
2/To the untutored, this might be shocking, but historians have long known that ethnicity and immigration status were sometimes factors in redlining. Dig a bit for references to white “aliens” and “immigrants,” including Italians, Poles, and Jews here:…
3/ McWhorter reports accurately—in a sort of both-sides way—the far more shocking fact that “over 97 percent of Black individuals and 95 percent of Black-owned homes ended up in red-shaded HOLC zones.”
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I salute new research on #redlining that furthers the conversation. But let’s not just revert to debating whether HOLC, FHA, or private industry was most culpable. Rothstein’s assertion as quoted in this article is not incorrect ……
HOLC didn’t even *have* to share its maps to help spread the racist notion that Black people’s very presence lowered property values. @lwinling & I show that it collaborated with FHA & private indivs to spread this thinking and #redlining methodology.
I mean, HOLC City Survey head Corwin Fergus showcased the Dayton, OH map to an audience of 600 conferees at the 1937 Appraisal Forum, among other occasions. HOLC (and FHA) also sponsored workshops where they taught these methods.
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And we're back for another #CourageousConversations! Today we're talking about #housingdiscrimination and #redlining with local experts. Follow along for highlights from the convo!
.@saphyr29 sets the stage for the discussion noting that "housing in the United States is a case study for structural inequity." #CourageousConversations #equity #housingdiscrimination #redlining
Terri Gentry, with the Black American West Museum, begins by explaining that redlining is an extension of many other oppressive practices that have existed within our systems for a long time. #CourageousConversations #housingdiscrimination #redlining #equitablehousing
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Check out "The Roots of #Redlining," a new article @lwinling & I wrote that was just released in the @JournAmHist. Here's the link… but an illustrated thread with summary & our major findings follows ... (1/17)
@UrbanHistoryA @SACRPH
We trace the intellectual roots of #redlining to economist Richard T. Ely and his students & colleagues affiliated with the Institute for Research in Land Economics, which he founded in 1920 ... (2/17)
While a faculty member at Johns Hopkins, the University of Wisconsin & Northwestern from the 1880s-1920s, Ely trained scores of economists, sociologists & historians -- including future president Woodrow Wilson ... (3/17)
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Maybe you've seen this, but this week my students and I went on an eye-opening trip through the @americanpano Mapping Inequality project from @UR_DSL

#Redlining in #RVA: a quick #Thread
Background: the federal govt's Home Owners' Loan Corporation was a New Deal org aimed at helping people keep their homes post-Depression. Financially, it did pretty well - even turning a small profit
But to "help" mortgage lenders, they generated maps of urban areas, color-coded by how "secure" neighborhoods would be for home loans. Here's the RVA map - guess what they based "security" on?
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Good morning and welcome to the weekend! Day 13 of our collab with artist Greg Edwards (@GregtheGrouch) features Amanda Gorman, who at 22 is the youngest entry of this series. Her story demonstrates the empowerment that comes with having a voice & creative outlet.

#BHM #thread Image
Poet and activist Amanda Gorman was born in Los Angeles, California, in 1998. She grew up with a speech impediment and has an auditory condition making her hypersensitive to sound.

Facing these conditions, Amanda did not despair. Writing in 2018, she said,

“I always saw it as a strength because since I was experiencing these obstacles in terms of my auditory and vocal skills, I became really good at reading and writing."

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1/ What do #racism & #redlining have to do with inequities in #HIV outcomes?

Our new study just published in #ClinInfectDis examines neighborhood deprivation, race/ethnicity, and HIV viral suppression. Thread 👇🏾

#MedTwitter #MedStudentTwitter #IDTwitter… ACCEPTED MANUSCRIPT "Neighborhood Deprivation and Racia
2/ #Redlining in the 1930s involved racialized federal mapping of housing "desirability" (L) --> ⬆️💰 into White/affluent areas + systematic disinvestment in "undesirable" areas.

To this day, HOLC maps of urban areas like Omaha STILL align w/deprivation & racial segregation (R). An official U.S. Home Owners Loan Corporation (HOLC) map of Area Deprivation Index (ADI) map of the Greater Omaha Area, Racial Dot Map of Greater Omaha Area, demonstrating clear pr
3/ Omaha is among the most segregated U.S. cities. Our HIV clinic serves ~50% Black and Latinx pts, who disproportionately live in deprived neighborhoods.

We assessed neighborhood disadvantage using the ADI, outlined by @amyjhkind et al. in @NEJM.…
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“Lower home ownership depresses voter turnout and homeownership for Black Americans has been declining for the past 15 years. Clearly this year is going to be a very high turnout election, but having said that, Black Americans will still be uniquely disadvantaged.” (SHORT THREAD)
According to a new study by Rugh published in Race and Social Problems, Black homeownership has fallen to the lowest level since the 1968 Fair Housing Act. [H]omeownership is strongly tied to voter turnout, even after controlling for other factors.…
Neither education, income, nor credit explain this divide, Rugh finds. For example, Rugh cites research that reports that Black college graduates remain less likely to own their homes than White Americans without a high school diploma. 3/
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First up is Eunju Lee, Arden O’Donnell, Tracy Ng, and Michelle Charles, presenting about “Interupting Racism”. Lee starts us off reminding the audience that the genetic similarity between humans is 99.9%, indicating race is a cultural construct. #SWHPNSummit
She shares that history shows the use of pseudo science such as eugenics as “proof” to demonstrate “differences” between people in order to give power to one group over another. #SWHPNSummit #HAPC #JUNETEENTH2020
Lee references John Punch as a black indentured servant who ran away with a Dutchman and Scotsman, both also indentured servants. When these 3 were caught in the 1640’s, which was a tumultuous time between classes, they were all sentenced to longer periods of service.
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The day after the 2016 election was the most difficult day to teach.

I mourned with students of color who had family who had been deported, who had been abused by police. They cried, afraid.

Several white students didn't get it.

In 2020, most get it:
From May 15–22, 2020, 398 students responded, for a response rate of 26%, including 325 registered voters who said they would vote in 2020. Over 9 in 10 of the students surveyed took a general education course with no prereqs; they represent all BYU majors & most U.S. states.
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Alright, fine. I admit, there is one aspect of “the good ‘ole days” that I wish we still had today.

@federalreserve c. 1932:…
Omg this is like a fantasy world
Holy balance sheets batman, rural banks and big city banks used to have a SYMBIOTIC relationship that supported access to credit in rural areas
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Reading @HC_Richardson #HowTheSouthWonTheCivilWar passage discussing US founding:

The founders excluded minorities, women, & the poor leaving “a minority of people running the government, a body politic dedicated to the needs of [white] men of property.”

Sad GOP is this in 2020
1980 GOP:
"I don't want everybody to vote. Elections are not won by a majority of the people. They never have been from the beginning of our country & they are not now. As a matter of fact, our leverage in the elections quite candidly goes up as the voting populace goes down."
From 1776 to 2020 the push to maintain white supremacy remains the same. Thank you *radical revisionist historians* for telling the full, and true story of how our society was formed and still operates today.
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Here are some reasons why I'm voting to make @ewarren #PresidentWarren. Feel free to add your own.
1. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which she birthed before even getting to Congress. A result of her career researching why working people end up going bankrupt.
2. She started waitressing when she was 13. She was born with no silver spoon. Her dad had a heart attack when she was 12, and lost his good salary. Mom took work in a Sears call center. She knows how it feels when you work hard but the deck’s stacked against you.
3. It's not all about her. She listens. To everyone. Those selfie lines take hours because everyone has something to tell her, and she wants to hear it.
4. She puts her team members in the spotlight, instead of hogging it for herself.
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Under President Trump, banking regulators have slowed enforcement of laws against racial discrimination in lending. A thread...
#fairlending #fairhousing #redlining #thecolorofmoney @CFPB @FDICgov @federalreserve @TheNCUA @USOCC @HUDgov @TheJusticeDept
Either redlining and lending discrimination by race have nearly disappeared, or the law enforcement has nearly disappeared.
#fairlending #fairhousing #redlining #thecolorofmoney @CFPB @FDICgov @federalreserve @TheNCUA @USOCC @HUDgov @TheJusticeDept
The new information is disclosed in a new Department of Justice report that seems to have stayed under the radar.
#fairlending #fairhousing #redlining #thecolorofmoney @CFPB @FDICgov @federalreserve @TheNCUA @USOCC @HUDgov @TheJusticeDept
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Let’s talk about this City’s history with #exclusionary #land use and zoning laws. #Redlining

Thread 👇🏾
Across the country, including Seattle, #racially #restrictive housing covenants became common in the 1920s. Those covenants were challenged in the courts and in 1926 our U.S. Supreme Court put a stamp of approval on those racially restrictive covenants.
Layered on top of these covenants were financial lending policies that prevented the sale of a single-family home located in a racially restricted area from being sold to a non-white person. This is how #redlining came to be in #Seattle and across the Country.
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