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It's a new academic year and we're sharing our authors' best professional advice, ranging from maximizing #postdocs to boosting enrollment w/ a mock trial program, setting #writing goals, becoming a #twitterstorian, writing a book proposal, & going on the job market w/ a partner.
In "What Are Work Plans, Why They Are Useful, and How to Create One" @lmchervinsky explains how to craft a work plan for articles, books, and fellowship and grant applications. #writingadvice…
New to Twitter? @DetroittoAccra's "Becoming a Twitterstorian: Social Media, Scholarly Communication, and Professional Practice" discusses how to engage as a #twitterstorian in an intentional way, ensuring that your actions reflect your purpose.…
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Please RT:
Looking for a computational PostDoc to join our lab @UiTNorgesarktis in beautiful Northern Norway through the Artic Marie-Curie PostDoc program (…).

Apply by 25th of February.

#academicjobs #postdocs #microRNA #scRNAseq Image
Successful applicants will be invited to Tromsø (travel and accommodation expenses covered) for a three-day MSCA-PF symposium June 8-10, 2022 (if pandemic allows).
At this event, the candidates will present their past research achievements, discuss future plans with their potential supervisor, and learn how to write a successful MSCA-PF application.

(see:… the lab's current projects / latest publications) Image
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Remarks on faculty job searches (as 'tis the season):
Chances are, as a faculty candidate you apply to several job ads.

Dozens. More.

You wait. You hope.

(quick thread)
#PILife #PDLife #AcademicJobs
Some places will respond with a rejection pretty quickly. Form letter.

Sometimes hilariously addressed to Dear [Applicant Name3].

Are you just a number? At this stage, likely.

Others never get back to you. Or years (!) later.

This is normal and as in any higher-level job with lots of competition.

The waiting, the rejections, and the no-responses are depressing. Discouraging. At times unhealthy.

"Does nobody care about my ideas? My science? Me?"

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Dear hopefuls,
If you are interested to study in Australia, here is a thread for you:
How to successfully secure MSc/PhD research admissions and scholarships to study in Australia

Pls kindly Retweet to reach someone in need

#AcademicTwitter #phdpositions #academicjobs
In most Australian Universities, to apply for scholarships, an applicant must first submit a candidature for a Higher Degree(MSc/PhD) at the time of application. In most cases, it can be a combined process(a single application form with a section to indicate scholarship interest)
There are a couple of ways to go with this:

You can either apply for admissions & scholarships through:

(A) an advertised project or
(B) by developing a research topic and indicating interest in a scholarship.

In either way, you still need to submit:
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The @AndlingerCenter @Princeton is searching for TWO new assistant professors to join our multidisciplinary faculty and work on the biggest challenges in sustainable energy production & use. #AcademicJobs #EnergyTwitter:

The 1st search (…) in the field of sustainable energy and environmental science, engineering and technology is focused on researchers with expertise in decarbonizing industries, such as in chemicals, fuels, materials, and water beyond the power sector.
The 2nd search (…) is focused on candidates with expertise in energy economics, energy finance, decision & behavioral sciences, or law related to energy technology & the env. incl. policy and technology adoption related to energy transitionss & GHG reduction
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Alright I can officially tell y'all I'm on the #academicjobs market.

I'm applying to higher education & sport management TT positions & this dope scholar is ready to be picked up.

You might be wondering what I do, so allow me to tell you.

Let's start w/my degree
My degree is in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies w/a focus in higher education administration.

I've got a MBA too & about 5 years as a #SApro in career services & academic advising.

You've got some career background. Now let's turn to my research.
My research centers on college athletics & at my core I'm a higher ed trained person. I use college impact, sociology, & organizational behavior theories to ground my research.

I'm a #quantitative methodologist and lean heavily into quantitative criticalism to answer my ?s
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Two years ago I went through Columbia's academic job market bootcamp. It was many weeks long and we prepped our materials and got feedback on them. Here is some of what we learned: A🧵 #AcademicTwitter #AcademicChatter #AcademicJobs
First: CVs
CVs differ from resumes in purpose, audience, scope, content, structure, length and formatting. CVs document your career history - they tell the story of your work. Structure and length vary and may vary by fields.
Formatting may vary by fields too, but it is important to have a consistent format with defined sections, and some white space.
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It's been 6 months since I made the transition from academia (postdoc) to industry (extension scientist).

I know many academics are curious about this, so here's a thread of my experiences so far:
One big change is having known expectations. They expect a lot, but it's all laid out and it feels achievable.
Not like the "just be in the top 2% for everything and you still won't be achieving enough" expectation in academia
I felt like the world had lifted off my shoulders when I no longer had to worry about how many FTE years post PhD I am or what my H index is.
Now I'm measured by the quality of the work I do, the interactions I have and the skills I have. And that's good!
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Networking tips that built my self-efficacy (thanks @midhatf3) a self-reflection and follow-along 🧵

(cc: @InclusiveGradEd @APSphysics)
apparently, MORE than 80% of jobs are found by networking?!! And networking is more than just starting a connection - it is also about maintaining it. I'll just leave some silence to absorb this statistic (looking at you #phdchat) and next up is identifying who's who
Networks and people are continuums... but identifying one or more roles a person in your network serves can *srsly* help you make a bettr elevator pitch.

Let's brainstorm & try to categorize our networks. Lets identify the category that needs more ppl. Lets build ntwrks robustly
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My department at @polymtl seeks to hire a tenure track Prof in Computational Fluid Dynamics #CFD #academicjobs…
Eight reasons you should apply: 1/9
Teaching is done in French. Research is done French or English. Speaking French is not a requirement for hiring. We'll get you a private French tutor and reduce your teaching load to help you become fluent!
Tenure and promotion are fast as compared to elsewhere in North America. Tenure is normally granted after four years.
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