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#10yearsofTESD in #TESDquotes!

Happy birthday and 10 years #TellEmSteveDave!!!
¡Feliz cumpleaños!

[opens thread] 👇🏻🐜🎧💜🎉
Walt (about the podcast) "Once it became important to you, it became important to me."
Bry "Oh, you're so full of shit!"
Walt to Bry "We can close the show with a little Steve-Dave rant."
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Esta semana fue #Thanksgiving, que ya se que no se celebra aquí, pero mi familia si lo conmemora por mi abuela, que era americana, y la verdad no está de más una fiesta así para todo mundo donde la gente da las gracias por lo que sea
Por lo que yo quisiera contarles en este hilo el porqué estoy agradecido, este año quiero dar las gracias por mis amigos, que son los mejores que uno pudiera tener y para conmemorarlos a ellos, quisiera contarles una historia, acerca de la boda de uno de mis mejores amigos
Fue entonces que la boda de @dunkel_rick sería en el que hasta la fecha ha sido el mejor mes de mi vida, ese mes fue principalmente bodas y conciertos, en los que me divertí como un enano hasta en las que no esperaba divertirme
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@charliekirk11 You are mistaking #PlannedParenthoodVotes, part of a legal #PAC (#PoliticalActionCommittee) with #PlannedParenthood which uses its federal funding within highly restrictive Federal rules such as the #HydeAmendment which bans federal funding for abortions.…
@charliekirk11 #PlannedParenthood's super #PAC, #PlannedParenthoodVotes, kicked off a $45 million electoral program targeted toward battleground states for the 2020 election. That's eight times what it spent during the 2018 midterms.…
@charliekirk11 #Trump flew to #Afghanistan for his #Thanksgiving dinner.
He probably took the turkey he didn't pardon so they wouldn't have to spend extra money to feed him.
Speaking of govt. funding causing the death of children, read what the U.S. military has done throughout its history.
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So... #AirForceOne VC-25A 92-9000 was in disguise as a USAF KC10 tanker for this incognito #Thanksgiving trip to Afghanistan. 🤷‍♂️🦃

Out from Joint Base Andrews around 24 hours ago. Return flight popped up over Romania & landed at Ramstein Air Base around 30 mins ago. 👇
Well played, @SecretService 👍😛
...and of course, the great flight planners of the @usairforce 😊🇺🇸
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Trump: Day 1,042
-Stages 1st Photo Op in Afghanistan
-Claims He's Negotiating with Taliban
-North Korea Fires 2 More Projectiles
-Warned by China After Signing Law
-GOP Orgs Bulk Order Don Jr.'s Book
-Golf Hobby Costs Taxpayers $115M
-Troops Guard Oil on #Thanksgiving
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Weird to be alone on #Thanksgiving. For the 20yrs I was estranged from my family because of being gay, I created lovely Thanksgivings with other gay friends.The Wife is at my in laws, where we used to go before my paralysis. My 2020 dream is a wheelchair lift & motorized chair.♿
I always wonder how many people are shut out of celebrations due to their disabilities. There really should be a better system of access in this country. It shocks me how much of this world is closed to us completely.
My life fits into two categories: before and after paralysis. I was in a wheelchair from my 30s due to MS. But I was still able to walk a little and get out places--work, restaurants that were accessible, movies. If steps weren't involved I could visit friends and family. ♿
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Just a few miles from Plymouth Rock this #Thanksgiving, ICE is holding hundreds away from their families in custody at the Plymouth jail awaiting deportation.

If the Pilgrims arrived at our shores today seeking asylum from religious persecution, they'd all be in there with them
At risk of running this thought experiment into the ground, the Pilgrims likely would have been denied visas once they arrived based on (among other things):

--medical grounds (smallpox, etc)
--promotion of a totalitarian form of government
--promoting genocide
If they'd applied for asylum under current law after some time here, they would have almost certainly been denied due to the "persecutor bar" due to beliefs about/treatment of native peoples. (They would have qualified upon arrival otherwise--after a few months of detention.)
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Very pleased President @realdonaldTrump, along with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and @SenJohnBarrasso, spent their #Thanksgiving with our brave men and women serving in Afghanistan — the place where 9/11 originated.
Also glad to see President Trump met with Afghan President Ghani about the future of Afghanistan and how it effects our own national security.
This visit by President Trump is a tremendous morale booster for those serving in harms way and cannot be with their families this Thanksgiving.
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Ah, #Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday to be a sommelier. I get to scroll through all your food pictures and silently judge your wine choices.
BAHAHA just kidding I would never do that.
(I totally 100% will.)
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By the President of the United States of America, a Proclamation.

Whereas it is the duty of all Nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey his will, to be grateful for his benefits, and humbly to implore his protection and favor--
and whereas both Houses of Congress have by their joint Committee requested me to recommend to the People of the United States a day of public thanksgiving and prayer to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many signal favors of Almighty God especially by
affording them an opportunity peaceably to establish a form of government for their safety and happiness.

Now therefore I do recommend and assign Thursday the 26th day of November next to be devoted by the People of these States to the service of that great and glorious Being,
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Don’t forget to read the Thanksgiving Proclamation🇺🇸 #HappyThanksgiving…
“a day of public #thanksgiving and prayer to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many signal favors of Almighty God especially by affording them an opportunity peaceably to establish a form of government for their safety and happiness.”
“we have been enabled to establish constitutions of government for our safety and happiness..for the civil and religious liberty with which we are blessed; and the means we have of acquiring and diffusing useful knowledge..” #ThanksgivingProclamation
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New Mexico
North Dakota
South Dakota

These are all Indigenous words.
Here’s what I got.

Alabama (Choctaw)
Alaska (Aleut)
Arizona (O’odham)
Arkansas (Quapaw)
Connecticut (Nishnaabe)
Hawaii (Hawaiian)
Illinois (Nishnaabe)
Iowa (Nishnaabe)
Kansas (Lakota)
Kentucky (Haudenasaunee)
Massachusetts (Massachusett)
Michigan (Nishnaabe)
Minnesota (Lakota)
Mississippi (Nishnaabe)
Missouri (Missouri)
Nebraska (Oto)
New Mexico (Nahuatl)
North Dakota (Dakota)
Ohio (Haudenasaunee)
Oklahoma (Choctaw)
South Dakota (Dakota)
Tennessee (Cherokee)
Texas (Caddo)
Utah (Ute)
Wisconsin (Nishnaabe)
Wyoming (Leni Lenape)

Corrections appreciated
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Here's some tips for talking with your climate-denying relatives this #Thanksgiving. First, recognize that there is only a small chance of changing a climate denying cranky uncle about climate change. Some studies quantify the odds at 1 in 50! 1/5
This is because the very same science that a cranky uncle approves of in a missile is rejected if they think it threatens their ideology. 2/5
So pointing out reasoning fallacies in your cranky uncle's climate-denying arguments isn't about changing his mind, it's about inoculating everyone else against misinformation. Like exposing the sleight of hand in a magician's trick. 3/5
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Beloved, Rev. Dr. Howard Thurman's "Litany of #Thanksgiving" is glorious. Text to follow, for use in your home, your prayers, your community. Full text from a @MarshChapel sermon here:…
Today, I make my Sacrament of Thanksgiving.
I begin with the simple things of my days:
Fresh air to breathe,
Cool water to drink,
The taste of food,
The protection of houses and clothes,
The comforts of home.
For all these I make an act of #Thanksgiving this day!
I bring to mind all the warmth of humankind that I have known:My mother’s arms,
The strength of my father
The playmates of my childhood,
The wonderful stories brought to me from the lives
Of many who talked of days gone by when fairies
And giants and all kinds of magic held sway
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President Donald Trump to pardon White House turkeys 'Bread' and 'Butter'
"According to bios provided by the White House, Butter enjoys NASCAR and trips to the Outer Banks, while Bread enjoys college basketball and leaf-peeping."
"Butter, I wish you a lot of luck. I hereby grant you a full and complete pardon. Full and Complete!"
Complete is a synonym of full.
@realDonaldTrump Complete is a synonym of full.
Complete is to finish; to make done; to reach the end‼️
Full is containing the maximum possible amount of that which can fit in the space available.
#POTUS is telling us he and the #Patriots have finished draining the swamp 💥💥💥
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One of the oldest Holocaust groups in Germany loses its nonprofit status. From DW, day 10 of Holocaust stories
Students at University in Chicago had assignment on if the Holocaust happened. They were outraged! Professor has apologized. Day 11
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Historians believe they have disproven the claims of author Horace Greaseley. He claimed to have escaped 200 times from Nazi POW and work camps. Day 8 of Holocaust stories
Loewe clothing pulls outfits for being too similar to outfits from the Holocaust. Day 9
One of the oldest Holocaust groups in Germany loses its nonprofit status. From DW, day 10 of Holocaust stories
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Did you know that every day there is a Holocaust story in the news? Not exactly "new"s but rather advocacy by the media. System was the first one I know to prove that.

As a tribute, a return of Holocaust story of the day. From the New York Times today. Day 1
A secret group in Labour Party who deny the Holocaust? Day 2 of Holocaust Stories
Nazi camp guard to be charged with 5,000+ counts related to the Holocaust, article from Axios.

Will the Israeli terrorists from Irgun or those responsible for the Nakba be hunted down and put on trial? Oh, I guess those war crimes are different. Day 3
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What are you thankful for???

It ain't about the weight of things done to you or how enormous they are, it is about our heart of appreciation.

I found out that there are two different ways people view #Thanksgiving. A lot fall into the category of thanking when all is on the positive, for example, when they buy a car, build a house, delivered of a baby, get promoted etc.
The other category give thanks even when situations ain't good. When diagnosed with malaria, they'll be like, "thank God it's not typhoid or HIV". When they are robbed at gunpoint, they'll be like, "thank God my life is not taken"
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(1) #Earthquake near #Anchorage, Alaska in the last hour.

Moderately deep & strong, expect some damage, but loss of life unlikely. Magnitude is usually downgraded from initial level.

Best info source:…
(3) Some photos from around Anchorage that I've seen on Twitter. In New Zealand we have an earthquake of this type about once or twice a year. It is scary, but thankfully little damage is done.

#DropCoverHold is the best advice. More:
(4) If you feel an earthquake when you're on a beach or within a few miles of the coast, be aware of #tsunami risk.

"If it's long or strong, get gone." There is no time for warning sirens or messages.

If you don't feel it, that means any tsunami is hours away. You have time.
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(1) HW Thread List #2 #HWTL.

All my recent #PhotoThreads, commentary threads, & articles in one place.

List #1 has 33 threads: will also have links.

Please RT since I'm shadowbanned, TY.

(2) Today's Caravans Thread #6 will continue the baseball field story from Caravans Thread #5. So both are linked here:


(3) A commentary thread on conspiracy theories and "Q promotion."

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Por cada me gusta a este tuit pondremos una cosa que cambiaríamos del mercado eléctrico.
(me vuelve loco el pavo que sale)
1. El reglamento de medidas.
No puede ser que el precio de la electricidad se conozca 11 meses después de la entrega
2. Las pérdidas de Red 1
26 TWh/año exige se tomen medidas para evitar las "no técnicas"
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