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It's one thing what people tweet, it's another thing what they do. Our household (me a physician, my infectious diseases physician husband, & 3 kids, all #vaccinated, all elig #boosted) are back to:

👉Grocery delivery
👉Drive-thru pharmacy
👉Take-out food only
👉No airplanes
P.S. To those who say this disregards the safety of grocery store workers, pharmacy workers, restaurant workers, that is false. ALL OF THOSE WORKERS are safer if their workplace contacts are limited to a small # of core staff & not open to the general public. This benefits all.
And for context, which is important since we all come into this #pandemic with diff situations & risk tolerance, 3 wks ago:

👉 We got all groceries/prescriptions in store (😷)
👉 Husband ✈️ (N95 😷) for work
👉 Had fam Xmas trip & late Jan ✈️ friend trip planned (all cancelled)
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/04/2021…
A 45-year-old man declared 'dead' was found alive after 7 hours in a morgue freezer, reports say…

Magnetizable Concrete in Roads Could Charge Electric Cars While You Drive…

#ElectricVehicles #BatteryCharging #MagnetizableConcrete
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1/n #Hanukkah comes super early this year – it starts tonight! – and in fact, this is the earliest that it *can* occur. Let’s talk about why that’s so! (thread 🧵 ) #Hanukkah2021
2/ The date of #Hanukkah is determined (no surprise) by the Hebrew calendar, not by the Gregorian calendar. More specifically, Hanukkah begins on the 25th day of the Hebrew month of Kislev...
3/ The Hebrew calendar is “lunar-solar,” which means it uses months based on the cycle of the moon’s phases, but also attempts to synch up with the annual cycle of the seasons…
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27 y.o. Fabian Granado is fighting for his life against COVID-19 at the University of Florida Hospital-JAX. A Texas native, he was attending the CDA Technical Institute Commercial Underwater Welder when he became ill. #TheySurvivedCovid…
Like a lot of young people, Rene Granado believes it was a perception of invincibility that kept his son Fabian from getting vaccinated.
Rene Granado, a single father of two and a thirty-four-year veteran of the Garland #Texas Police Department has been at his beside throughout his recovery
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#Thanksgiving  lesson I learned during my clinical training: loneliness feels *way* worse than being surrounded by people that annoy you

To all the clinical trainees who will be sleeping in a cold hospital call room tonight: I see you. Hang in there, it gets better

To all the clinical fellows and attending physicians who are taking home call: it’s never too late to drop off a warm meal or a grab-bag of snacks


To the nurses who are kind enough to invite the on-call resident to stop by the break room for a potluck: thank you so very, very, very much

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Update from print pooler @KannoYoungs on @POTUS #Thanksgiving activity — now a visit to a @uscoastguard station.
Details from the @WhiteHouse on the visit by @POTUS and @FLOTUS to the @uscoastguard station.
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Having a weird IT issue for which I’ve had to call Help Desk about 6x in the past 24h. The person I spoke with today asked me what I was thankful for. I’m grateful for so many things, but one just floated to the absolute top: my 9 year old is healthy. #Thanksgiving
Health is a blessing I often take for granted. I’ll be praying today for the health of kids everywhere today.
I’m also grateful for all of the people working today to keep the world going today. And for the gentleman who took my frustrated IT call and turned into an opportunity for gratitude. Do that today for someone, if you can. #thanksgiving
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1. “The narrative around #Thanksgiving today ignores our history”

The story of America is incomplete without understanding the genocide of Indigenous populations

It is a day of national mourning #ThanksgivingDay #Thanksgiving2021 #NationalDayOfMourning
2. “To me, #Thanksgiving is a reminder of our resistance as Indigenous People navigating this settler society that continuously tries to erase & destroy us, yet we are still here.”

#MUSTREAD 2018 essay by @lilnativeboy
#ThanksgivingDay #Thanksgiving2021…
3/. For Indigenous Americans, #Thanksgiving = a #dayofmourning

For other Americans, #ThanksgivingDay = a day to start along the road of redemption

Redemption requires:
🌻Penance (i.e. making amends)

At COP26 this man took two steps along this path
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¡Feliz Día de Acción de Gracias!🦃🇺🇸🇪🇸 Happy Thanksgiving day! @USembassyMadrid @SpainInTheUSA. ¡El primer #Thanksgiving fue español!🇪🇸🎉🦃 ¿Cuál es la fundamentación histórica de esto? Sigue el hilo 🪡 🧵#AprendiendoAdefenderLoNuestro
En 1565, una expedición de hugonotes franceses se asentó en Fort Caroline (en la región actual de Jacksonville). Estas tierras pertenecían a Felipe II, rey de España. Para echar a los franceses, envió al capitán Menéndez. @Armada_esp
El primer intento de tomar el fuerte francés, con 4 navíos, fracasó. Los franceses intentaron devolver el ataque, pero un huracán hundió sus barcos. Al capitán Menéndez se le ocurrió una ingeniosa estrategia: atacar por tierra. @Armada_esp
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A Writer’s Thanksgiving. Ten things writers are (or should be) grateful for.

No. 1: The em dash. But don’t abuse it.

#writingtips #Thanksgiving
A Writer’s Thanksgiving, No. 2: The English language’s abundance of robust verbs (and the occasional adverb). Use them wisely.
A Writer’s Thanksgiving, No. 3: Copy editors.
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Getting the whole world to #netzero #GHGs rapidly is going to be incredibly difficult. But given how strong and organized the #climateopposition is, we must distinguish #thesignalfromthenoise on which pathways are the most likely to succeed. A 🧵 on how I think about this 1/14
2/ First, we cannot rely on social and lifestyle change governed by new paradigms like degrowth to deliver in time for this #climatedecade. But if the movement delivers small reductions in energy or meat consumption, we need it…
3/ #Technologyandpolicy (and politics) need to do the heavy lifting. Can they deliver? Yes, but to effectively channel our efforts and fight off the opposition, we need to distinguish between main courses, side dishes and poison pills (frequently buried in the side dishes)
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On this #Truthsgiving, I'm sharing resources that highlight #NativeAmerican & #Indigenous voices, lived experiences, knowledge systems, histories & futures. Here's a 🧵 of materials for you to share with your relatives today that resist colonial narratives of #Thanksgiving...
The "All My Relations" podcast (@NativeApprops, @matikawilbur) talks about Indigenous relationships "to land, our creatural relatives, & to one another"
The "This Land" podcast by @rebeccanagle is about the implications of Indigenous land rights & sovereignty in the present day
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Should we celebrate #Thanksgiving?

As a Native American journalist, author and speaker, I have been asked this question so many times this year.

Here are my thoughts and responses regarding this holiday.

Let me first say it is possible to both celebrate as well as remember.
First - the history re: #Thanksgiving

In 1621, Pilgrims celebrated a feast w/Wampanaog men, but it was not repeated in the years to follow. In 1636, a murdered white man was found in a boat & the Pequot were blamed. In retaliation, settlers burned Pequot villages. 100's died
English Major John Mason rallied his troops to burn Pequot wigwams and attacked and killed hundreds of men, women and children.

They were blamed for a murder they did not commit - and were burned to death.
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Why are true entrepreneurs so applauded in our country? Because the system is rigged against escaping the plan. This is the reason why we don’t have #MedicareForAll & other policies that support breaking free. If you leave the system you lose any healthcare & benefits you have👇🏻
You can always identify fake progressives by how they treat true entrepreneurs in their circles. True progressive know that unless we break the cycle of the rich employing us while we pay taxes that also then benefit the wealthy through subsidies we will never reach prosperity👇🏻
To be clear Entrepreneurs are those who take a true risk in proving their business concept. Those who came from money or have money gifted to them to start up without any real raise to their way of living don’t really qualify in book. True entrepreneurs struggle, they fail 👇🏻
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El Día de Acción de Gracias se celebra el 4º jueves de noviembre en los EEUU. Según los norteamericanos, su origen es una celebración que tuvo lugar en Plymouth en 1621 por colonos ingleses junto a indios Wampanoag, como lo representa esta pintura. Nada más lejos de la realidad. Image
Según el historiador y corresponsal de guerra Michael Gannon, el primer #Thanksgiving fue español, 50 años antes que el que claman los ingleses. “Fue el primer acto comunitario de religión y Acción de Gracias en un asentamiento permanente en la tierra”. Image
Arqueólogos del @FloridaMuseum lo han ratificado: el primer Día de Acción de Gracias fue celebrado por el Almirante español Pedro Menéndez de Avilés, @AytoAviles, a orillas del río Matanzas, junto con unas 800 personas (soldados, marinos, nativos). Image
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71.01/ Week seventy-one, Nov. 20-26, 2021, thread begins here.

Week 70 below.
71.02/ Dr. Rivka Press Schwartz @Doc_RPS is speaking in my community tonight! Very much looking forward
71.02b/ Dr. @Doc_RPS Press Schwartz's talk was excellent and we had a pretty good crowd for a Saturday (night). We all learned quite a lot and I'm proud to have had my children there to listen and absorb. The Q&A was pretty raucous though, but nothing she couldn't handle.
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Wishing a very warm happy holidays to all – we deserve to celebrate even amid immense hardship. I have been asked frequently about safe travel and gatherings for the holidays amid #COVID19 lately. Here are my thoughts. 1/
🔑 Being vaccinated against #COVID19 and getting a booster as soon as its available to you is absolutely key to gather safely this holiday season.

Also get a flu vaccine to further protect yourself and your family. 2/
🚘✈️ Before traveling, get tested at a free site or get a home test. If your test comes back positive for #COVID19, follow current @CDCgov guidelines and stay at home. 3/
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Next week is #Thanksgiving, and like millions of Americans, staff at GOPC will be traveling, gathering with our families, and giving thanks. This month, we are devoting our #OHCommunitySpotlight to our hometowns & special places around Ohio #GOPCThread
GOPC’s @AlisonGoebelOH grew up in the Chicago suburbs but has lived in #Ohio long enough to feel like a native. She claims @Mansfield_Ohio & @TiffinOhioGov as her adopted homes. #GOPCThread
@AlisonGoebelOH @Mansfield_Ohio @TiffinOhioGov GOPC did an #OHCommunitySpotlight on #Mansfield earlier this year, focused on the amazing past, present & potential futures of the Fun City. Mansfield has a rich manufacturing history, which continues today while also diversifying into “eds & meds”
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"I think we got a lot done" at #COP26, says @POTUS.
The previous administration in the US refused to even acknowledge a climate crisis, notes @POTUS.
So many things happened today "that I feel good about," says @POTUS at #COP26 news conference.
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🧵Daily thread where I tweet my favorite shots from all of my favorite movies.

Day 001: Blade Runner 2049 (100/100)

Director: Denis Villeneuve
DP: Roger Deakins Image
@LightsCameraPod My favorite shots, from my favorite movies.

Day 002: Creed (93/100)

Director: Ryan Coogler
DP: Maryse Alberti Image
@LightsCameraPod My favorite shots, from my favorite movies.

Day 003: Kill Bill: Vol. 1

Director: Quentin Tarantino
DP: Robert Richardson Image
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I bought a bag of this #brachsturkeydinnercandycorn a while back and have been saving them for #nationalspookymonth. I’m a #registereddietitian and this is my honest review as a nutrition professional. Ahem. 1/18 Image
Here is an example specimen of each flavor. When you open the bag, you’ll smell only the coffee ones. This is a transparent and deliberate attempt to lull you into a false sense of security. Don’t be a sucker. 2/18 Image
First of all, there is a special place in hell for whoever decided to make 3 of the flavors so similar in color. 3/18
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#Trudeau jets to Tofino for vacation on 1st "#TruthAndReconciliation" day.

Father of my children, #Indian, #sixtiesscoop survivor, worked all day to survive in #colonial system. He can no longer sit in a local coffee shop, let alone a plane. #NoJab…
#TruthAndReconciliation is marketing-as is #OrangeShirtDay2021 & holiday for white people on stolen land. Reconciliation would be giving land back. EuroAmerican destroys everything in path. #Indigenous peoples rep. less than 5% of pop. -yet support approx. 80% all #biodiversity.
#TruthBeforeReconciliation would be criminal charges against those responsible for res. schools & dead children. "However, as w/ any criminal case, the charges would be laid by the Crown—which would essentially amount to the govt putting itself on trial."…
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Title: #Thanksliving
Colossians 2:6-7, 1 Thessalonians 5:18
"Abounding" means existing in Thanksgiving.
It is essential for a Believer to have an attitude of Thanksgiving ALL THE TIME (1 Thessalonians 5:16).
We are to give thanks to God in "ALL THINGS"
#Thanksliving is a consistent (and continous) attitude of Thanksgiving. It is being conscious of the benefits you receive. Thankfulness is the soil on which joy and peace thrive.
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