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Pay Up, Or We’ll Make Google Ban Your Ads…

Extortionists know Google will kill a website's ads and claw back its money if they detect fraudulent clicks, and they know that it's impossible to get anyone at Google to answer the phone if this happens.

From there, it's a pretty simply leap to start to send extortion notices to smaller sites threatening to unleash bots to click on their ads and get their Google accounts killed if they don't pay menaces money.

This literally happens to every system of algorithmic banning, including Youtube's Content ID, where extortionists threaten to lodge fake copyright complaints against creators' accounts if they aren't paid.…

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@TheSchommes @daniel_wwf @HelgaTruepel @ackreti @kylotan @Isarjunge1 @Falkvinge @StefanBrindusa @Jamie_Foxworthy @Michael_02895 @condr3t @Desamii @EagyptM @ronin_sam @GercaAG @helienne @IMPALAMusic @Europarl_EN @EUCouncil @EP_Legal @ro2019eu @GabrielMariya @Ansip_EU @AxelVossMdEP @MinistereCC @BundesKultur @CorinaRascanu @SHKMEP @VRoziere @Piratenpartei @Senficon @doctorow @solmecke I lived in Pulheim (next to Cologne🇩🇪) from 2013–2017, but my German is not good enough to understand legalese. I’m using Google translate to help me and it’s long… I’ll finish tomorrow.

How about I’ll begin with a summary of your argument then?…
@TheSchommes @daniel_wwf @HelgaTruepel @ackreti @kylotan @Isarjunge1 @Falkvinge @StefanBrindusa @Jamie_Foxworthy @Michael_02895 @condr3t @Desamii @EagyptM @ronin_sam @GercaAG @helienne @IMPALAMusic @Europarl_EN @EUCouncil @EP_Legal @ro2019eu @GabrielMariya @Ansip_EU @AxelVossMdEP @MinistereCC @BundesKultur @CorinaRascanu @SHKMEP @VRoziere @Piratenpartei @Senficon @doctorow @solmecke ~~~~~~~~~~
Sorry for the midnight drop!
I’ve been working on the English summary of “Zensurmaschine” yesterday + today and it took me whole evening to catch up with the discussion in the rest of the thread.

@TheSchommes’ abbreviated argument:
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In an hour starts what is supposed to be the last trilogue negotiation on #copyright. @AxelVossMdEP told us he’s prepared to make a deal based on completely new text that hasn’t been discussed. None of the shadows agreed with this, it’s irresponsible lawmaking! #SaveYourInternet
Yesterday, negotiators from across the political spectrum expressed their dissatisfaction with @AxelVossMdEP negotiation stile. @POLITICOEurope has more:… #SaveYourInternet
Discussions among governments in Council didn’t go smoothly either yesterday, apparently. Whether there can actually be a deal in the trilogue negotiation today is still wide open. Expect updates during the break around lunchtime and later tonight. #SaveYourInternet
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three major developments over the past day demonstrate how #Europe seeks to shape the global #Internet. if you only focus on US reg, dominated by politics & not law, you’re missing a major part of the action.
first: yesterday the European Ct of Justice held hearings on #France’s push to globalize the right to be forgotten…
read @daphnehk on the implications:…
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Article 13 vote: The European Parliament endorses #uploadfilters for all but the smallest sites and apps. Anything you want to publish will need to first be approved by these filters, perfectly legal content like parodies & memes will be caught in the crosshairs #SaveYourInternet
The new exclusive right for sports organizers approved by European Parliament by one vote. A catastrophe for sports fans, especially combined with #UploadFilters #SaveYourInternet
Final vote for Parliament position on the copyright directive with #UploadFilters and #LinkTax: adopted. Parliament has failed to listen to citizens’ and experts’ concerns. #SaveYourInternet
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My speech to @Europarl_EN about tomorrow's copyright/#SaveYourInternet vote (Thread):
Dear colleagues— Copyright law is complex. When it comes to tomorrow's vote, you're getting a lot of mixed messages. Here's why:
The problems that @AxelVossMdEP and @EU_Commission want to solve are serious. But they are NOT caused by copyright law. Copyright law can't bring back lost newspaper subscriptions or lost ad revenues.
If that's the problem we want to solve, we need an Online Advertising Regulation – that's how tech companies actually make their money, how they put the independent press under pressure.
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Red alert: On Wednesday, the EU votes on #Article13—a disastrous proposal that would require websites to filter and censor uploaded content.

These #CensorshipMachines would break the Internet as we know it, and we have to stop them. <Thread>…
We aren’t alone in the fight. Artists, websites, technologists, and more are up in arms about this looming Internet catastrophe.

@WordPress, @Kickstarter, @Patreon, @Shapeways, @Bandcamp, all say no to #article13…
Github doesn't want open source developers censored:
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