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In Mar 2019, the EU approved the new #CopyrightDirective by an absurdly slim margin (it passed by 5 votes and later 10 MEPs said they got confused and pressed the wrong button; due to procedural rules, despite an amended total showing a majority AGAINST, it still passed).

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Specifically, the part that passed through this bureaucratic, incoherent nonsense was #Article13 (now confusingly called #Article17), which imposed a duty on online platforms to stop their users from infringing copyright.

This proposal has a bizarre history (everything about this is bizarre). It started as a mandate for copyright filters (like Youtube's ContentID, which cost $100m and counting). Then Axel Voss, the MEP in charge of it, said it absolutely was NOT a proposal to mandate filters.

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Copyright filters are now applied to live streams on Youtube.

What could possibly go wrong?

#article17 [was: #article13]…
More in this Copyright Maximalist Schadenfreude series can be found here:

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During the pandemic, classical musicians and orchestras are reliant on streaming their performances to maintain their profile and solicit donations. That's a problem, because the platforms' copyright bots HATE classical music.…

Once a record label like Sony Music or Naxos claims a performance that they have released, the bots scour the services for anything that sounds even remotely like that performance and either deletes it, mutes it, or steals the money it generates.

And on the platforms, users are considered guilty until proven innocent. An automated takedown is virtually instantaneous, while a human review that reverses it can take TWENTY EIGHT MONTHS.…

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Today's Twitter threads! (a Twitter thread).

Inside: The Public Domain Review Coloring Book, Amazon's leaked anti-worker smear plan, Wikipedia vs patent troll, and more!

Archived at:…


The Public Domain Review Coloring Book: Hokusai, Albrecht Dürer, Harry Clarke, Virginia Frances Sterrett, etc.

Amazon's leaked anti-worker smear plan: They put it in writing.

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I have a lot to say, announce or rant on here right now.
Back on Reddit there was a shakedown in the pwned sub's adminship that saw first an incompetent one then eventually a quite draconian one coming to power in whom the latter had subverted this place with many metaphorical book burnings, looking from before up till now.
Speaking about the first incompetent one he talked about turning the whole subreddit into a gaming place, which angered a lot of users.…
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Satellite hacking's finally becoming a thing at DEFCON 2020 - The Air Force Will Let Hackers Try to Hijack an Orbiting Satellite…
In wake of this I have to admit that I was pretty close in doing that on my own. More details:…
The target was @Audacy's Audacy Zero cubesat, its web interface was super-easy to be accessed; only a single Google account was required.
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1/ Hogan Lovells (HL - @hoganlovells) ‘Global Media and Communications Watch’ blog examines #Article13/#Article17 of the #EU #CopyrightDirective… #SaveYourInternet #Artikel13 #Artikel17
2/ HL reminds everyone that #Article13/#Article17 “makes some online services primarily liable for copyright infringement in relation to the acts of their users” #CopyrightDirective #SaveYourInternet #Artikel13 #Artikel17
3/ HL points out that “while the online content sharing services are urged to conclude licensing agreements with right holders or get their authorisation, it is expressly stated that rightholders are free to refuse to grant authorisation” #SaveYourInternet #Article13 #Article17
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In one of the most contentious decisions in the European Union’s history, the European Parliament today voted to approve a directive that undermines Internet users' ability to share their work and creates new limits on their ability to link, quote, and critique the news.
The Parliament narrowly rejected (by 5 votes) debating the amendment that might have removed the controversial #article13 and #article11 from the Copyright Directive and then approved the unaltered text in its entirety.
The vote came after a weekend that saw hundred thousands of netizens protesting across Europe, and months of warnings against the directive by technologists from Tim Berners-Lee and Vint Cerf, non-profits like Wikipedia and OpenStreetMap, human rights experts, and academics.
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[Thread] Mais qui s’occupe d’article13[.]org, salué hier par l’ @Elysee en soutien à la #CopyrightDirective ? #Article11 #article13 #Artikel17 #article17 cf… 1/9
Le whois n’est pas bavard : le nom a été déposé chez Gandi par une personne physique dont l’identité est par défaut protégée. Merci le #RGPD ! 2/9
Les mentions légales sont d'une transparence relative. On sait juste que le site a été créé par "EuropeForCreators". Aucune adresse, aucun n° de téléphone, rien. 3/9
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The final vote on the EU #CopyrightDirective is happening THIS WEEK!

Dozens of MEPs are undecided on how to vote on the EU's disastrous #CopyrightDirective. Here's how to call them now, and how to tell them to delete #Article11 and #Article13!
This is the most controversial Directive in EU history. The petition against Directive's #Article13 is the largest in history, with over 5 million signatures, and protestors have taken to streets this weekend to ensure that MEP's know what's at stake!
#Article13 would require "copyright filters" that would check every tweet, Facebook update, shared photo, and uploaded video to see if they were similar to items in a database of known copyrighted works, and block it if they found anything too similar…
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All over Germany people are saying no today to Merkel's upload filter.
Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart and Göttingen are all marching against plans to censor the internet.
Hannover, Kiel, Cologne and Magdeburg.
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Today, tens of thousands of visitors to sites across Europe will see them entirely blacked out in protest of the EU's #CopyrightDirective for #Blackout21.

Here's why:…
The #CopyrightDirective poses a dire threat to the future of the free, fair and open Internet. Sites are protesting in part because, as @Wikimedia says, this Directive makes the simplest basic actions of those Internet users—sharing and linking—suspect.…
Under #Article11, the #LinkTax, text that contains more than a "snippet" from an article must be licensed and paid by whoever quotes the text—meaning countries could make laws that pass using as little as three words from a news story.…
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Martin Kretschmer ist einer der renommiertesten empirischen Copyright-Forscher. Sein Interview bei @iRightsinfo zu #Artikel13, #Uploadfilter ist dementsprechend eindeutig: lieber keine, als diese Urheberrechtsreform.…
Kretschmer zu Verschärfung von Haftungen: "Aus Erfahrung weiß man: Tritt ein solches Haftungsrisiko auf, wird defensiv gehandelt. Und das bedeutet entweder, die Inhalte zu filtern, das Uploaden nicht mehr zuzulassen oder den Dienst ganz einzustellen." #Artikel13
Kretschmer zu dem, was wir mit #Artikel13 zu verlieren drohen: "Das interessante, innovative Potenzial von Plattformen für User-generated-Content liegt darin, dass man dort etwas findet, von dem man nicht wusste, dass es kulturellen oder wirtschaftlichen Wert hat."
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Chères autrices, chers auteurs,

Pourquoi ne vous êtes vous toujours pas bougé le cul contre la #CopyrightDirective ?

Ça vous convient de devoir payer une redevance à vos éditeurs ?

C'est dans l'#Article12, mais on peut aussi parler du 11 et du 13, c'est terriblement drôle...
L'#Article11 prévoit une taxe sur les liens vers les sites de presse et d'information.

Si Wikipédia est en lutte contre la #CopyrightDirective, c'est parce que cette taxe signera son arrêt de mort, ainsi que celui de bon nombre de sites de presse et d'information...
Et pourtant, combien de médias ont pris le parti de s'y opposer ?

@Telerama est à ma connaissance le seul grand média qui a eu le courage de s'opposer plus ou moins ouvertement à cette #CopyrightDirective, mais ce fut discret, et il est bien isolé.
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To hear Axel Voss and other supporters talk about it, the recording industry is in a death spiral without #Article13…
Yet, @IFPI_org's actual stats show things are going quite well: A chart showing increasing Global Recorded Music Revenue for each year, increasing year over year thanks to streaming music after a slight dip in 2014
Is it any wonder that Europeans are planning mass protests for March 23?
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Under #Article13, "Independent creators will be stuck behind three
gatekeepers: the platforms, the collecting societies and the filtering
companies," writes Joe MacNamee from @edri…
"The creator’s freedom and negotiating power will decline"
This is why Europeans are taking to the streets on March 23
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We've only got days to go before the final vote on the #CopyrightDirective and we're still hearing assurances from its apologists that #Article13 will only force copyright filters on "the largest Internet platforms"—but that's not true.…
#Article13 requires filtering of any site that "gives access to a large amount of copyright protected works," and since every creative work (e.g. message-board posts) is born copyrighted, this standard covers every service. Text from the techdirt article.
#Article13's biggest boosters are now openly saying that they're happy to extinguish sites that allow people to talk to each other.…
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Proponents of #Article13 say that it won't lead to filtering. But people who analyze it show that it absolutely will:…
#Article13 requires that online services pro-actively license copyrights for anything users might post (including other users' posts, pictures, etc, and block users from posting things that have been identified by rightsholders A chart showing how article 13 functions.
This requires online services to filter — full stop. The fact that the Directive tells services not to erroneously block this is irrelevant. Even an unrealistically tiny error rate (1%, say) will block millions of legitimate works EVERY DAY.…
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Why are Europeans turning out in force for street protests on March 23 over something as obscure as the #CopyrightDirective?

It will fundamentally reshape the Internet.
#Article13 of the Directive makes online services liable for checking everything users post to ensure they don’t violate copyright. Advocates say services can do this by licensing the libraries of all media companies—video, music, games, photos), but..…
…even if it was possible to turn online platforms into subsidiaries of the media industry, this doesn't solve the problem. #Article13 requires services to stop ALL copyrighted material from being posted—and there's no conceivable way to do this.…
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New statement by #copyright negotiator @AxelVossMdEP revels real agenda behind #Article13. He says about YouTube: Platforms that make money by giving access to ©️ protected works should perhaps not exist at all. #SaveYourInternet
It’s astonishing that @AxelVossMdEP still mixes up copyright infringement and protected content. Patreon, Tinder, TripAdvisor all make money by giving users access to protected content, but not by exploiting authors! Every work is protected from the moment of creation. #Article13
Here is the source for the statement:… #Article13 is clearly not about making Youtube pay more for creators. It’s about making sure that such platforms can’t exist and we go back to the days of good old television. #SaveYourInternet
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.@davidakaye is the UN Special Rapporteur on freedom of expression. He's published an urgent warning that #Article13 of the EU #CopyrightDirective will be a disaster for free expression, especially for artists whom copyright is supposed to protect.…
Kaye agrees with other independent parties: #Article13 will lead inevitably to automated filtering, and that will obliterate EU's tech sector while improperly censoring vast swathes of material.…
EU: The vote is on the week of March 25.

Across Europe, concerned citizens are marching on March 23. It's vital that you contact your MEP and tell them to vote against #Article13. They're facing elections right after the vote, so they have to listen!
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@TheSchommes @daniel_wwf @HelgaTruepel @ackreti @kylotan @Isarjunge1 @Falkvinge @StefanBrindusa @Jamie_Foxworthy @Michael_02895 @condr3t @Desamii @EagyptM @ronin_sam @GercaAG @helienne @IMPALAMusic @Europarl_EN @EUCouncil @EP_Legal @ro2019eu @GabrielMariya @Ansip_EU @AxelVossMdEP @MinistereCC @BundesKultur @CorinaRascanu @SHKMEP @VRoziere @Piratenpartei @Senficon @doctorow @solmecke I lived in Pulheim (next to Cologne🇩🇪) from 2013–2017, but my German is not good enough to understand legalese. I’m using Google translate to help me and it’s long… I’ll finish tomorrow.

How about I’ll begin with a summary of your argument then?…
@TheSchommes @daniel_wwf @HelgaTruepel @ackreti @kylotan @Isarjunge1 @Falkvinge @StefanBrindusa @Jamie_Foxworthy @Michael_02895 @condr3t @Desamii @EagyptM @ronin_sam @GercaAG @helienne @IMPALAMusic @Europarl_EN @EUCouncil @EP_Legal @ro2019eu @GabrielMariya @Ansip_EU @AxelVossMdEP @MinistereCC @BundesKultur @CorinaRascanu @SHKMEP @VRoziere @Piratenpartei @Senficon @doctorow @solmecke ~~~~~~~~~~
Sorry for the midnight drop!
I’ve been working on the English summary of “Zensurmaschine” yesterday + today and it took me whole evening to catch up with the discussion in the rest of the thread.

@TheSchommes’ abbreviated argument:
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Breaking: @ManfredWeber and the @EPPGroup want the vote on #Article13 and the Copyright Directive moved ahead to next week to pre-empt the #SaveYourInternet/#StopACTA2 protests! We need a public outcry to stop this!
To stop the © vote from being rushed through before the #SaveYourInternet protests, reach out to the political groups' leaders:
@EPPgroup: @ManfredWeber
@TheProgressives: @UdoBullmann
@ECRgroup: @SyedKamall
@ALDEgroup: @guyverhofstadt
(Greens & Left will vote against)
Here is written proof that @EPPGroup tried to move the vote on #copyright & #Article13 ahead to next week. Apparently they're denying it now, so either your public outcry impressed them, or they figured out that the translations won't be ready in time. #SaveYourInternet
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This video by @Europarl_EN on the draft #copyright directive has sparked a lot of outrage, and rightfully so! First, the Commission called critics of the reform as a mob, now the Parliament chimes in. A thread. #SaveYourInternet #Article13 #uploadfilter
The Parliament should maintain neutrality in its communication until the final version of the #copyright directive is adopted. The video not only creates the impression that the directive has already been agreed, there are several factual mistakes and problematic aspects:
In the beginning of the video a balloon is shown, carrying the “Europe for Creators” logo. It belongs to a controversial lobby campaign by a group of collecting societies, music publishers and record producers:
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