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@akrabjohansen @R4nd4hl Jeg har med sikkerhed brugt mere tid siden på artikel 11/15 i ophavsretsdirektivet end dig

TL;DR Det er svært at formidle artikel 15 på en måde som er præcis uden samtidig at kede folk ihjel. Men lad mig prøve..

Spoiler: #linktax er et kampagne hashtag.
@akrabjohansen @R4nd4hl Q: Hvad er artikel 15?

A: En NY beslægtet rettighed til nyhedsudgivere (mediehuse) for platformes onlineanvendelse af nyhedsartikler. Den overlapper den eksisterende ophavsret, men dækker formentlig også ting som i dag ikke er beskyttet, fx tilpas små tekstuddrag (snippets).
@akrabjohansen @R4nd4hl Facts: det rene hyperlink (URL) er ikke omfattet af art. 15. Og der betales ikke til staten ("skat").

Men "links", specielt på sociale medier, kommer med et "snippet" (hvis indhold bestemmes af det website som der linkes til via et API). Søgemaskiner viser også små tekstuddrag.
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Well now, that is quite a shock.

#copyrightdirective and thus #linktax and #article17 copyright filters will *not* enter into UK law:…
"the United Kingdom will not be required to implement the Directive, and the Government has no plans to do so. Any future changes to the UK copyright framework will be considered as part of the usual domestic policy process." Image
In other news, the Directive's #linktax is in a quagmire in France and Germany, and the Commission has to create guidance as to how to do filters.

So maybe it's not so surprising that a deregulatory government would steer clear of regulation that's clearly going wrong.
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The US-UK trade negotiations are looking just as bad as you might expect, given the disparity of negotiating strength. The media have focused on the NHS, but @openDemocracy here analyse some of the other aspects:…
@openDemocracy But top prize goes to @reddit where apparently the whole set of negotiation papers was leaked *a month ago* and nobody noticed.…
@openDemocracy @reddit Link to the actual papers to download is here:…
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Today, tens of thousands of visitors to sites across Europe will see them entirely blacked out in protest of the EU's #CopyrightDirective for #Blackout21.

Here's why:…
The #CopyrightDirective poses a dire threat to the future of the free, fair and open Internet. Sites are protesting in part because, as @Wikimedia says, this Directive makes the simplest basic actions of those Internet users—sharing and linking—suspect.…
Under #Article11, the #LinkTax, text that contains more than a "snippet" from an article must be licensed and paid by whoever quotes the text—meaning countries could make laws that pass using as little as three words from a news story.…
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1850: Deutsche Presseverleger wollen Urheberrecht auf Nachrichten durchsetzen, weil die neu eingetroffene Technologie des Telegramms ihr Geschäftsmodell ruiniert. Es wird abgelehnt. 1/26
#THREAD #copyright #Artikel11 #saveyourinternet
1886: Deutsche Presseverleger wollen, dass Nachrichten in der Berner Übereinkunft urheberrechtlich geschützt werden. Es wird abgelehnt, und eine Urheberrechtsausnahme für Nachrichten wird etabliert. 2/26
#copyright #Artikel11 #saveyourinternet
1908: Deutsche Presseverleger wollen beim Berliner Treffen für die Berner Übereinkunft die Möglichkeit der Reproduktion von Nachrichten durch das Urheberrecht einschränken. Es wird abgelehnt, da das Urheberrecht nur für kreative Schöpfungen gilt. 3/26
#copyright #Artikel11
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1850: German Press publishers want #copyright of news because the newly arrived technology of the telegram is ruining their business model. It is rejected. THREAD 1/26
1886: German Press Publishers want news to be covered by copyright in the Berne convention. It is rejected, and Ccopyright exception for news is established. 2/26
1908: German Press Publishers want to limit the possibility of reproduction of news by #copyright in the Berlin meeting for the Berne convention. It is rejected, as copyright is intended for inherently creative production. 3/26
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Today a 21-pages document was sent to at least 22 members of the European parliament. The authors claim to „have clear evidence of US meddling in this EU law making process“ and that a full release will happen in the next days.

They are wrong and here is why. /1
Good: They are transparent about how they came to their conclusion and what tools they used. Else this thread would have ended like the last one.

The false core claim: 23%-47% of mentions of anti copyright directive campaign hashtag mentions came from the US. /2
Biggest mistake: They presented location data by @Talkwalker without questioning it.

The used the full version, but the free version is enough to prove my point that the location data is not trustworthy.

Let's look at #SaveYourInternet as an example. 63k mentions in 7 days. /3
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Liebe Grünen, bei dem Streit um die #Urheberrechtsreform, #Uploadfilter und #LinkTax geht es nicht um ein paar Youtube-Kanäle von Teenies.
Es geht um die Zukunft des digitalen Binnenmarkts in der EU.


@Die_Gruenen @GreensEP @europeangreens…
Die Digitalbranche ist nicht nur ein sprudelnder Quell von Steuereinnahmen, sondern für einen immer größeren Teil der jüngeren Generationen die einzige Möglichkeit, einen sicheren Job zu finden.

Die #Urheberrechtsreform führt in der jetzigen Form dazu, daß die Digitalbranche in der EU nicht nur jegliche Rechtssicherheit verliert, sondern durch den Zwang zu #Uploadfilter sämtliche Daten durch #BigTech Konzerne in den USA filtern lassen muss.

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In an hour starts what is supposed to be the last trilogue negotiation on #copyright. @AxelVossMdEP told us he’s prepared to make a deal based on completely new text that hasn’t been discussed. None of the shadows agreed with this, it’s irresponsible lawmaking! #SaveYourInternet
Yesterday, negotiators from across the political spectrum expressed their dissatisfaction with @AxelVossMdEP negotiation stile. @POLITICOEurope has more:… #SaveYourInternet
Discussions among governments in Council didn’t go smoothly either yesterday, apparently. Whether there can actually be a deal in the trilogue negotiation today is still wide open. Expect updates during the break around lunchtime and later tonight. #SaveYourInternet
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Article 13 vote: The European Parliament endorses #uploadfilters for all but the smallest sites and apps. Anything you want to publish will need to first be approved by these filters, perfectly legal content like parodies & memes will be caught in the crosshairs #SaveYourInternet
The new exclusive right for sports organizers approved by European Parliament by one vote. A catastrophe for sports fans, especially combined with #UploadFilters #SaveYourInternet
Final vote for Parliament position on the copyright directive with #UploadFilters and #LinkTax: adopted. Parliament has failed to listen to citizens’ and experts’ concerns. #SaveYourInternet
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My speech to @Europarl_EN about tomorrow's copyright/#SaveYourInternet vote (Thread):
Dear colleagues— Copyright law is complex. When it comes to tomorrow's vote, you're getting a lot of mixed messages. Here's why:
The problems that @AxelVossMdEP and @EU_Commission want to solve are serious. But they are NOT caused by copyright law. Copyright law can't bring back lost newspaper subscriptions or lost ad revenues.
If that's the problem we want to solve, we need an Online Advertising Regulation – that's how tech companies actually make their money, how they put the independent press under pressure.
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Red alert: On Wednesday, the EU votes on #Article13—a disastrous proposal that would require websites to filter and censor uploaded content.

These #CensorshipMachines would break the Internet as we know it, and we have to stop them. <Thread>…
We aren’t alone in the fight. Artists, websites, technologists, and more are up in arms about this looming Internet catastrophe.

@WordPress, @Kickstarter, @Patreon, @Shapeways, @Bandcamp, all say no to #article13…
Github doesn't want open source developers censored:
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Everyone needs to know just how wildly dangerous the European Union’s vote this week could be for the global Internet, and the undecided members of the European Parliament must consider the massive worldwide ramifications of their votes. (1/24)
First, some EU lawmakers want to create a #LinkTax (#Article11)—a ham-fisted proposal that would punish those who use the Internet as an open platform for sharing. /2…
Second, they also want to force sites to filter nearly all of their users' submissions against a database of copyrighted works. #Article13 would create a #CensorshipMachine so big it threatens to wreck the Internet itself. /3…
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German Christian Democrats are using mafia methods to stop their European party colleagues from voting against the #LinkTax. Knowing they have all the facts and experts against them, they resort to threats. #fixcopyright #SavetheLink…
CDU/CSU bedroht europäische Abgeordnete ihrer Fraktion: Wenn sie nicht für das #Leistungsschutzrecht stimmen, verlieren sie ihre Posten. Fraktionskollege spricht von „besorgniserregender“ Einmischung deutscher Verlage.… #FixCopyright #SaveTheLink
Der Artikel wurde inzwischen gelöscht (Original hier… ) und das anonyme Zitat, das von Erpressung durch die CDU berichtet, wurde durch Lob für das #Leistungsschutzrecht durch Fraktionsmitglieder und Axel Springer ersetzt:… 🧐 #LSR
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