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Chères autrices, chers auteurs,

Pourquoi ne vous êtes vous toujours pas bougé le cul contre la #CopyrightDirective ?

Ça vous convient de devoir payer une redevance à vos éditeurs ?

C'est dans l'#Article12, mais on peut aussi parler du 11 et du 13, c'est terriblement drôle...
L'#Article11 prévoit une taxe sur les liens vers les sites de presse et d'information.

Si Wikipédia est en lutte contre la #CopyrightDirective, c'est parce que cette taxe signera son arrêt de mort, ainsi que celui de bon nombre de sites de presse et d'information...
Et pourtant, combien de médias ont pris le parti de s'y opposer ?

@Telerama est à ma connaissance le seul grand média qui a eu le courage de s'opposer plus ou moins ouvertement à cette #CopyrightDirective, mais ce fut discret, et il est bien isolé.
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We've only got days to go before the final vote on the #CopyrightDirective and we're still hearing assurances from its apologists that #Article13 will only force copyright filters on "the largest Internet platforms"—but that's not true.…
#Article13 requires filtering of any site that "gives access to a large amount of copyright protected works," and since every creative work (e.g. message-board posts) is born copyrighted, this standard covers every service. Text from the techdirt article.
#Article13's biggest boosters are now openly saying that they're happy to extinguish sites that allow people to talk to each other.…
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Why are Europeans turning out in force for street protests on March 23 over something as obscure as the #CopyrightDirective?

It will fundamentally reshape the Internet.
#Article13 of the Directive makes online services liable for checking everything users post to ensure they don’t violate copyright. Advocates say services can do this by licensing the libraries of all media companies—video, music, games, photos), but..…
…even if it was possible to turn online platforms into subsidiaries of the media industry, this doesn't solve the problem. #Article13 requires services to stop ALL copyrighted material from being posted—and there's no conceivable way to do this.…
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.@davidakaye is the UN Special Rapporteur on freedom of expression. He's published an urgent warning that #Article13 of the EU #CopyrightDirective will be a disaster for free expression, especially for artists whom copyright is supposed to protect.…
Kaye agrees with other independent parties: #Article13 will lead inevitably to automated filtering, and that will obliterate EU's tech sector while improperly censoring vast swathes of material.…
EU: The vote is on the week of March 25.

Across Europe, concerned citizens are marching on March 23. It's vital that you contact your MEP and tell them to vote against #Article13. They're facing elections right after the vote, so they have to listen!
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Es geht bei der Reform doch noch um viel mehr. Neben #Artikel11 und #Artikel13 mit #Leistungsschutzrecht und #Merkelfilter gibt es noch vier andere Artikel, welche alles andere als urheberfreundlich sind. Thread:
So ist #Artikel12 praktisch die Enteignung der Autoren gegenüber den Verlagen. Der Artikel sieht eine grundsätzliche Bestellung der Verlage vor. Was der #BGH und der #eugh als unrechtmäßig ansahen, soll jetzt legalisiert werden. @Freischreiber…
Der #Artikel12 hat noch den Unterpunkt (a). Wer Fan oder #Journalist ist, wird merken, dass Preise für Sportsendungen ansteigen werden. Denn der Artikel gibt den Vereinen das alleinige Verwertungsrecht. Ohne Ausnahme für die #Pressefreiheit. Warum ist @kicker dafür?
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Europe: What began as a bad idea has become an outright crisis for the future of the Internet as we know it: the #CopyrightDirective is headed for a final vote. There's never been a moment where your voice mattered more. #SaveOurInternet…
Over four million Internet users have signed the petition against the Directive. Now, it's time to call your MEP directly and tell them #Article11 and #Article13 would be a catastrophe for free expression and competition online. Text that reads: Article 13. They want you to believe that Article 13 is not about filtering content. #SaveYourInternet
Under #Article13, virtually every online community, platform, or forum will have to add copyright filters at a cost of millions.

Experts say this will turn the Internet into “a tool for the automated surveillance and control of its users.”…
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Agreement reached to modernise copyright rules.

Freedoms enjoyed by internet users will be enhanced, creators better remunerated & internet economy will have clearer rules.

It will strengthen creative sector.
It will bring added value to EU citizens.…
It does not in any way limit the use of content under copyright exceptions (e.g. education, research) or free speech (e.g. parody and memes)on user-generated content platforms.

It includes fair remuneration of authors for the first time as a principle in European copyright law.
Opportunities to use copyrighted material for education & research.
Cross-border & access for citizens to copyright-protected content.
Users will continue to be able to share content on social media & link to sites & newspapers.

Q&A:… #CopyrightDirective
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BREAKING: EU negotiators say they have struck a deal to approve #Article13 and #Article11, despite massive public opposition. Now only the EU Parliament can stop it. Contact your MEP now!…
The EU #CopyrightDirective has — amazingly — been made even worse. Now, #Article13 requires mandatory copyright filters for any online community that has existed for 3 or more years, regardless of size.…
For more information on who to contact, visit
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You did it!

European Internet users in key countries have been asking their governments to push back against #Article13 and #Article11 (copyright filters and the snippet tax).

Those countries just voted down the proposed text in the European Council.…
Net users in Belgium, Sweden, Germany, Luxembourg, Poland, and Czech Republic wrote negotiators, asking them to oppose #Article13 and #Article11.

All but the Czech Republic voted against going forward—tipping the balance decisively against the articles.…
Now, even the rightsholders are turning against the #CopyrightDirective:…
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Last week, the #EU's attempt to ram through the new #CopyrightDirective before Christmas collapsed…
The plan to put your online speech in the hands of black-box AI copyright filters isn't dead though! It'll be back in January, as @senficon's interview in the @GreenEUJournal explains…
Our own @doctorow has written a new science fiction story about the collateral damage from #CensorshipMachines to run alongside the interview
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Giving creators more copyright powers to combat exploitation by monopolistic corporations is like giving your kid more cash to compensate for having his lunch money stolen by schoolyard bullies. They'll take that too.
Give creators 100 years of copyright, and corporations will require that it be assigned to them for the full duration as a condition of publication.
Give them the right to license - and thus, prohibit - excerpting, and corporations will take that right as a condition of access to the market.
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Today Members of the European Parliament adopted three terrible proposals in the new #CopyrightDirective and rejected every good one, setting the stage for mass, automated surveillance and arbitrary censorship of the Internet. (1/6)…
#Article13: the Copyright Filters. All but the smallest platforms will have to defensively adopt copyright filters that examine everything you post, and censor anything judged to be a copyright infringement. (2/6)…
#Article11: Linking to the news using more than one word from the article is prohibited unless you're using a service that bought a license from the news site you want to link to. (3/6)…
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[Thread] C'est frappant comme on a –toutes proportions gardées– le même type de pb avec le numérique qu'avec le changement climatique. Sous le nez, un modèle totalement toxique. Dont on voit les effets délétères tous les jours mais dont on n'arrive pas à sortir.
Alors on patche, on rustine. Dans certains cas ça ouvre des perspectives (#RGPD). Dans d'autres c'est contre-productif parce qu'in fine on ne fera que renforcer la situation monopolistique d'acteurs qui fonctionnent à la prédation des données (#CopyrightDirective).
Mais ce qui me frappe aussi, c'est la stérilisation des imaginaires dans le «grand public». Qui envisage qu'on puisse demain avoir autre chose que Facebook, Twitter et YouTube? Pas grand-monde hélas (et ça me déprime).
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three major developments over the past day demonstrate how #Europe seeks to shape the global #Internet. if you only focus on US reg, dominated by politics & not law, you’re missing a major part of the action.
first: yesterday the European Ct of Justice held hearings on #France’s push to globalize the right to be forgotten…
read @daphnehk on the implications:…
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In case you're wondering: the #EU just voted to impose filters on all the text, audio, photos, videos, etc you might post. If you think this will help photographers or other creators, you don't understand filters.
First of all: pirates laugh at filters. The most sophisticated image filters in the world - those used for state censorship in China - are trivial to evade… Anyone whose occupation is beating filters will beat filters.
But people who are legit? Including photogs? They're FUCKED. Filters can be intentionally bypassed if you know the trick, but if you're (say) a news photog whose photo of a protest includes a bus-ad with some stock imagery, the filters will not be able to know that you're legit.
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Red alert: On Wednesday, the EU votes on #Article13—a disastrous proposal that would require websites to filter and censor uploaded content.

These #CensorshipMachines would break the Internet as we know it, and we have to stop them. <Thread>…
We aren’t alone in the fight. Artists, websites, technologists, and more are up in arms about this looming Internet catastrophe.

@WordPress, @Kickstarter, @Patreon, @Shapeways, @Bandcamp, all say no to #article13…
Github doesn't want open source developers censored:
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I seguenti parlamentari europei del @pdnetwork hanno votato a favore della #CopyrightDirective: Bonafè, Bresso, Costa, Danti, De Castro, De Monte, Ferrandino, Gasbarra, Gentile, Gualtieri, Morgano, Picierno, Sassoli, Toia, Zoffoli. Domanda: hanno capito ciò che votavano?
fonti:… e… (intersezione di insiemi offered by yours truly)
sarebbe utile spiegare loro perché hanno fatto una stupidata, sperando che non la ripetano a Settembre
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