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🧵PRO-LIFE VICTORY IN VIRGINIA: @GlennYoungkin defeats abortion extremist Terry McAuliffe in 2022 bellwether race

Our statement:… 1/

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McAuliffe spent millions on pro-abortion ads, arguably making abortion the central issue in his campaign, but his strategy failed spectacularly

When pro-life Republicans go on offense to expose Democrats’ abortion extremism, they win

This was due in part to @GlennYoungkin punching back in his own TV ad and in the debates, defining McAuliffe as the real extremist for supporting painful late-term abortions

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If Terry McAuliffe goes down in #VAgov election tonight, it shows:

🟧 Trump weakens the GOP. In 2020, Trump lost VA by 10 points. Youngkin publicly (though not privately) avoided Trump.
🟧 Corporate centrism is a loser for Dems, esp w/a GOPer who brands as non-Trumpy
One of the big things to keep an eye on will be turnout in #VAGovernor race. It may come down to a base vs. base race. GOP "critical race" obsession was about firing up its reactionary voters while puzzling everyone else. But McAuliffe played into that w/parent education comment.
We'll see what the final totals are, but here are some stats on the two-party VA topline votes:
2013 (D gov win): 2.08 million
2016 (D prez win): 3.75 million
2017 (D gov win): 2.58 million
2020 (D prez win): 4.38 million
2021 (?): 3.16 million (estimate)
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Flood of bill signings from @GovernorVA this weekend, due to 30-day deadline from end of session. Seems like a good time for a how-a-bill-becomes-a-law #ExecutiveBranch #thread !
#VAGovernor handles bills according to Article 5, Section 6 of VA Constitution (link below for fun #quarantine reading)
#VAConstitution lays out 2 deadlines (roughly) for #VAGovernor: 7 days if he gets the bill during legislative session, 30 days if he gets them after. We're now on 2nd deadline
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The big #SuperTuesday question for me today: are polls underestimating Bernie support? Much like #BlueWave elections of past few years, Bernie is energizing youths and apolitical types
We saw this in in 2017 election for #VAGovernor - Northam cruised to a 9-point victory even though late polls showed tightened race - I wrote at the time that "no one has any idea who a ‘likely voter’ is in post-Trump America"…
If there's a similar #BernieWave out there that is not reflected in the polls, then Bernie could do better today than expected - maybe winning VA, maybe getting more national dels than expected
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The 60-day plan just dropped by @delegateaird in her bid for #VAHouse speaker is one of the most impressive political statements I've seen in a long time
First, it's brilliant politicking - Aird has to engage in tough election for Speaker with other delegates, particularly @EFillerCorn - this is a pre-emptive strike that basically sets the agenda for tomorrow's caucus meeting
Plus Aird effectively shuts down any "she's too young" or "she should wait her turn" talk by showing she's organized and ready…
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I am seeing a lot of stuff about succession for #VAGovernor mess. Most of it is misleading. What's the order of succession if one or more resign? Well, it depends on timing, plus interpretation of #VAConstitution & other laws 1/12
If Northam resigns, the VA Constitution is fairly clear: he would be replaced by Lt Gov (currently Fairfax) for full term. 2/12 Image
What if Lt. Gov office is vacant when Gov resigns (say, if Lt Gov resigns too)? I've seen reports that Senate President Pro Tempore takes his place. This is currently Republican Senator Stephen Newman 3/12
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So much of the #VAGovernor mess is a self-own from all three leaders - these scandals are about arrogance more than anything else 1/5
@vagovernor might have survived if he had responded initially: "I don't really remember this, but these were bad times - I've changed;" or even, "It was me, but I'm different now"; instead, we got his near-moonwalk, hair-splitting and bizarro explanations 2/5
Fairfax, when confronted with allegations, ignored every single lesson from #MeToo : he tried to discredit a survivor coming forward as a "smear campaign," continually throwing out Bible verses, insults and innuendo instead of counseling patience and understanding 3/5
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I'm seeing lots of conspiracy theories being thrown around the #VAGovernor mess. Here's why most, if not all of them, are probably wrong. #Thread 1/
First, the Northam yearbook photo that came out last week. Lots of speculation that this was either (a) a hit job by right-wing media, or (b) a set-up from an enemy (LG Fairfax or AG Herring) who wanted Northam out. 2/
The "right-wing hit job" idea is only half true. Northam's yearbook picture was first published by right-wing media site with ties to Roy Moore (as @SarahKing__ reported). Sure, this site has an interest in taking out Dem politicians. 3/
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