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1/So the lead promise in the GOP's "Commitment to (Screw) America" is "Fight Inflation and Lower the Cost of Living", in which they seek to blame Biden for inflation but have no plan of their own. #VoteBlue2022 #inflation…
2/That's right - no plan. "A party that talks about a single problem so relentlessly must have a solution to offer. So the Republicans must be out on the hustings offering chapter and verse about their answer to inflation, right? Alas, no." #VoteBlue2022…
3/ Zip, nada, rien. Even if you don’t like the Democrats’ economic philosophy, it's at least coherent. Republicans don't have such a clear vision, and in many ways, that’s worse than having policies you disagree with. #VoteBlue2022 #inflation…
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The @MissouriGOP supermajority, a 🧵

For 20+ years, Republicans have been in charge of our state government. What do they have to show for it?
▶️ 49th in teacher pay
▶️ 4th highest gun death rate in US
▶️ 50th in youth mental healthcare access
▶️ Crumbling roads & bridges 1/
I’ve been knocking doors and talking with Missouri voters for months, and what I’ve heard over and over again from folks on BOTH SIDES of the aisle is that they don’t believe our state government is working for them.

And they’re absolutely right. 2/
Tomorrow we have a chance to flip State Rep. seats across Missouri, and end the Republican supermajority. How are YOU voting?… 3/3

#moleg #voteblue2022 #endthesupermajority
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If you are voting blue, um...🤷🏻‍♀️🤪🤷🏻‍♀️...



The CoVid Vx is TOTALLY💯SAFE! You #LibProgSocCommieTards Go With THAT👍🏼

But... Remember THIS:
You people can't UN-Vx your children💉
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Let’s talk about what “with the exception for rape or incest entails. For starters, you have to file a police report. Now the female has to endure 6-8 hour rape kit, forcing her to be violated, AGAIN… But wait there’s more.
In Oklahoma, Idaho, North Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, South Carolina, Georgia, and Iowa, abortion bans with exceptions for rape and incest are either already in effect or could take effect in the near future, pending the outcome of a court case.
In Mississippi, abortion is banned with an exception for rape, but not incest. You got that… incest
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It sucks to be Ken Paxton. It sucks even more that Ken Paxton is the Attorney General of Texas.
"A federal judge who previously quashed the subpoena ruled that the attorney general must take the witness stand in a lawsuit from abortion funds."…
Judge Pitman ordered Paxton to testify after finding his attorneys lied to the court. His ruling uses more discrete language re candor, etc. But the bottom line is Paxton's attorneys & Paxton lied. They knew the process server was coming, because plaintiffs told them about it.
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Hi all!
It's a 10 minute warning on the start of #Democrat Congressional candidate in #PA01, @ashley_ehasz's #townhall on #ReproductiveFreedom and the role of Congress.

You can watch here:

We'll be live tweeting the whole thing!
If you attended the @ashley_ehasz #PA01 #townhall in person, you'd have seen this (#Antichoice #GOP extremist Brian Fitzpatrick) cardboard guy out front.

That's as close as any version of Fitz would get to a town hall. He sprints away from unscripted constituent contact!
In case you want a run down of the legislative goods on #GOP #Antichoice extremist Brian Fitzpatrick of #PA01, here's the rundown...

The TL;DR is that Brian Fitzpatrick has ALWAYS voted AGAINST #AbortionRights.

He's no moderate, don't drink the Kool-aid on that!
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@IndivisibleLNH @maddow @MaddowBlog @allinwithchris @thereidout @BucksCoBeacon @IndivisibleTeam @pa_indivisible @LetsTurnPABlue @IndivisiblePHL @ulleryatintell Here, the brave #NewJersey members of the #FettermanFlotilla venture into the open water (of the wide Delaware River) to retrieve the quack doctor, and save #Pennsylvania from his #MAGAextremist agenda!

#FettermanIsTheBetterman #NoOZ
Now the #FettermanFlotilla disembarks from the #Pennsylvania side of the Delaware River, bearing the #MAGAextremist #GOP candidate away from the Commonwealth, and back towards his #GardenState home (one of 10? How can he keep track?)

#FettermanIsTheBetterman #NoOZ
But wait!
It appears that a new crew of #Crudite awaits the #FettermanFlotilla on the #NewJersey banks of the Delaware River!!

Will they refuse landing to our volunteer fleet, #DrOZ and his political baggage?

#FettermanIsTheBetterman #NoOZ
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Tell me again about smuggling, cupcake...

Do you need more? Mkay...……

When the DimWit-o-cRATs do it to Republican states it's ALL GOOD and TOTALLY LEGAL! No Statute quotes, none of your "it's across state liiiiiiiines

...whiny BullScheiße. And, these were UNACCOMPANIED MINORS, NOT "Asylum Seekers" - THAT Scheiße is👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼, but NOT the other way around? GOT IT🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼❗

This, isn't a HUMANITARIAN CRISIS? Cruel & Unusual Punishment in MY Conservative *frikk'n* OPINION, you...
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I asked, for you, if they sell brains at Walmart, the answer is ❝NO.❞ You will probably have to go to a vintage store. Good luck with that, you're welcome.

How did President Trump earn his PERSONAL INCOME in 2017? Oh, HE WAS PRESIDENT, you Nimrod.

What did he DO with his monthly Presidential SALARY? Oh, wait... he DONATED it, to the military, if memory serves (it does, BTW).

He separated himself from the family ❝R.E. (that's short for Real Estate, #idit)❞ business(es), and when you're talking about income tax...
3/#'re talking about an "individual," so his INCOME was ZERO.

Corporate taxes? Totally separate and I'm pretty certain THAT is what you're attempting to refer to. So do your own frikk'n research on Trump Ent., or #WTF ever it's called, then delete your account.
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“My top-level, expert legal analysis of the [Trump Mar-a-Lago FBI search] affidavit is: Why ain’t this dude in jail? What does this man have to do to go to jail?”

@ElieNYC @DrJasonJohnson @CrossConnection
#TrumpStoleClassifiedDocuments #TrumpESPIONAGE
“Just the classification markings referred to in this [redacted Mar-a-Lago search warrant] affidavit — made the hair on the back of my neck stand up… Literally human lives can be at stake.” @FrankFigliuzzi1

@NicolleDWallace #TrumpStoleClassifiedDocuments
“There is a feeling here that [if] Merrick Garland decides not to prosecute Trump, how do you hold anyone else accountable for violating classification rules going forward in the U.S. government?”@JaxAlemany

@NicolleDWallace #TrumpStoleClassifiedDocuments
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"The searing takeaway was not [KKK klansman David] Duke himself, but nearly 700,000 Louisianans who, knowing what he stood for, voted for him anyway."

#Racism #USA
"On Election Day 2016, nearly 63 million Americans voted for Trump, giving him more than 300 electoral votes and the White House.
The takeaway?
They, too, knew where he stood and voted for him anyway."

#Racism #USA
"Four years later, the impeached, scandal-scarred president went before the American people once again.

By then, Trump was known all too well.

In his losing bid for reelection, Trump attracted 74.2 million votes."

#Racism #USA…
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“This was not just extreme carelessness with classified material, which is still totally disqualifying. This is calculated, deliberate, premeditated misconduct — a cover-up [with] false statements and lies to Congress and the American people.” #LockTrumpUp
“Trump’s attorney, Alina Habba, says that Trump wants the Department of Justice to release the names of the witnesses who helped secure the search warrant for Mar-a-Lago.”@therecount

#TrumpIsANationalSecurityRisk #TrumpCrimeSyndicate
CPAC 2022: “We are all domestic terrorists.”

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#EspionageAct [doesn’t] mention classification at all. It talks about a specific type of information: national defense… The real question is, why would Trump WANT to declassify secrets that could harm the U.S.?”
.@AshaRangappa_ @TiffanyDCross @thereidout
“Trump has still not said a word of explanation as to why he took the documents, why he did not return them all, and what he was doing with them for over 18 months.” @AWeissmann_

🎶: #stilloneblackmansopinion…
“[Donald Trump] has betrayed our national security, and he will do so again… You will not change him. You cannot constrain him. He is who he is. Truth matters little to him. What’s right matters even less, and decency matters not at all.” Adam Schiff

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Good news, Texas, Big business is doing great!
Our GOP legislature & governor sent them a $6.4 billion lifeline in 2021.

Bad news: Consumers are paying to bail out big business.

Taking from the poor and giving to the rich, that's the Texas way!
Texas consumers are paying that $6.4 billion. Texas consumers will also pay to bail out phone companies.
Attention all Texans who use a cell phone or landline: The Watchdog has bad news. Starting with September’s phone bill, your bill is going up.
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The GOP-controlled Texas Legislature authorized $6.4 billion in bonds to pay for losses recorded by electricity & natural gas businesses during the 2021 winter storm. Our GOP Governor signed the bill into law.
Oddly, ordinary Texans weren't compensated for their losses during the storms, nor for the deaths resulting from the failure of the Texas power grid. Instead, consumers were stuck with a bill for $6.4 billion.
We may be paying off those bonds for 30 years. That means Texans who weren't even born when the storm hit will pay for those companies who failed to do their jobs.
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If I ever have the honor of meeting @staceyabrams I will ask her if she had a hard time convincing Dems to vote for Dems like we do here in Williamson County. Turning a red district Blue takes yrs & several cycles, but we're against a self-defeating narrative here.
To some degree I get it bc for many yrs Dems weren't on the ballot. But we've run primaries for the last 2 cycles & this yr had a contested primary for a county-wide seat for the 1st time ever! Yet many Dems pulled an R ballot to "vote for the least crazy R". They didn't need to
E.g., many Dems wanted to keep Glen Casada out of the County Clerk seat. So they pulled an R ballot to vote for the other guy. Casada lost by over 8K votes but & according to election data about 1.6K Dems crossed over to vote for a guy & party who don't share their values.
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Polls are great, but only votes matter. #VoteBlue2022

“In the Classic version of our forecast — which doesn’t use the race ratings published by the Cook Political Report and other expert groups — the movement toward Democrats has also been steady.
“There, their chances sit at 67 %, up from 56% at launch on June 30 & 52% in the June 1 retroactive forecast. (We discussed some of the differences between our Classic and Deluxe versions of the forecast on this week’s podcast, and it’s a theme we’ll revisit in the coming weeks.)
“It’s always hard to know how much to emphasize relatively modest movement in the forecast. Sure, the difference between a 47% chance and a 55% chance might matter to a poker player (raises hand) or an options trader.
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Polls are nice. Votes are nicer. #VoteBlue2022

“As was the case when we launched the forecast a month ago, the Deluxe version of FiveThirtyEight’s midterm model still rates the battle for control of the Senate as a ‘toss-up.’
“But within that category there’s been modest, but consistent movement toward Democrats. Their chances of winning the Senate now stand at 55%. That’s up from 47% from forecast launch on June 30. It’s also up from 40% in a retroactive forecast dated back to June 1.
“This is matched by Democrats’ improved position on the generic congressional ballot, which asks voters which party they would support in a congressional election.
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Yet more reasons to #VoteBlue2022 — to defeat Putin and his American allies.

“Putin is pretty much betting that the [U.S.] midterm elections will undermine Biden and that by 2024, the United States will be in a great big mess.”
“I came back from Europe just a little bit before July 4, just after the Supreme Court ruling on Roe vs Wade, the efforts to deal with gun violence, and against the backdrop of all of the Jan. 6 hearings. Those three things were being paid very close attention to.
“I don’t think we fully process here how much the rest of the world feels that the United States is undercut by the manifestations of polarization and partisan infighting.
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I tweeted a thread about pregnancy complications going untreated after SCOTUS overturned Roe v. Wade. The response shows that this is a powerfully motivating issue for women. One tweet has already been retweeted almost 500 times. Keep spreading the word.
Next, we need to convert outrage into action. Please use your anger as motivation to vote, register new voters, support Democratic candidates, and get out the vote. The solution is keeping the House in Democratic hands & adding at least two more Democrats in the Senate.
The outlook for the Senate is promising. That will allow us to set aside the filibuster to codify Roe v. Wade.
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“WE COULDN’T BELIEVE there were enough people to walk alongside them. One morning we woke up from an uneasy sleep and there was no more laughter…It mustn’t happen again. We can’t let it. We simply can’t let it happen again.”
Twilight Zone 1963 #NeverAgain
“California [will] make our own insulin at a cheaper price, close to at cost, and to make it available to all…
Because in California, we know people should not go into debt to receive life-saving medication.”
@GavinNewsom @CAgovernor #Insulin4all #Insulin
“Freedom is under attack in [Florida]… In California [we] still believe in #freedom. Freedom of speech. Freedom to choose. Freedom from hate. And the freedom to love. Don’t let them take your freedom.”
Newsom DeSantis ad #IndependenceDay2022

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🧵1/ This #IndependenceDay, let’s talk about how to keep our democracy. This is not hyperbolic—right *NOW* the GOP is enacting an *ongoing* coup 50+ years in the making. #53PickUp #VoteBlue
2/ Odds are you don’t have a strong understanding of US civics because our government didn’t *WANT* you to understand it. The GOP’s most reliable voting block are uneducated whites. They want it easier to dupe voters with diversions & propaganda. 🧵:
3/ It’s also easier to fool people into thinking the Democrats are purposely or incompetently messing things up if your audience doesn’t know how civics works. The GOP & enemy countries have massive & effective propaganda networks to turn public opinion. Image
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Pat Cipollone: The rioters have gotten to the Capitol, Mark.

Mark Meadows: [Trump] doesn't want to do anything, Pat.

Pat: Mark, something needs to be done or people are going to die and the blood is going to be on your f—ing hands.

Liz Cheney: The night before #January6th, President* Trump instructed Mark Meadows to contact both Roger Stone and Michael Flynn regarding what would play out the next day.

#CassidyHutchinson: That’s correct. That is my understanding.

Cheney: Did Rudy Giuliani [seek a] pardon related to January 6?
Cassidy Hutchinson: He did.
LC: Did Mark Meadows ever indicate that he was interested in receiving a Presidential pardon related to #January6th?
CH: Mr Meadows did seek that pardon. Yes ma’am.
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