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A brief list who reject #AmyComeyBarrett for #SCOTUS

🔹Over 150 Civil & Human Rights Group
🔹6200 Lawyers— Kavanaugh had 2400
🔹Over 100 Notre Dame faculty & colleagues
🔹1500 Rhodes College Alumni
🔹Notable Catholic orgs

Even People of Praise deleted Barrett from its website
This is a brief list of some of the over 150 Civil rights, Human rights, Women’s rights, LGBTQ Rights, Legal scholar groups, and even her own Catholic religion groups who have rejected #AmyConeyBarrett for the #SCOTUS bench: Image
Discrimination & harassment in the workplace based on race & color is illegal. But Amy doesn’t think being called the n-word applies… perhaps bc POC can “deadlift” & are “shocked” by snow.

#AmyConeyBarrett’s overt racism & subverting civil rights on the law is disqualifying.
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In 1977 there were just 44 breweries in the US. The beer situation was so bad that there was a black market for the ‘luxury’ beer, Coors.
Jimmy Carter set the hops free in 1978 when he signed a law allowing limited home brewing. This small piece of deregulation...
...led to a huge variety of beer. Beer for everyone, no matter your taste! Today there is bitter beer, sour beer, dark beer, fruit beer, high gravity beer…there’s even maple bacon beer. Now there are over 2,800 breweries in the US and beer drinkers have never been happier...
...When the limits where lifted, people where free to choose and the beer flourished.
The media, that 4th Estate that's supposed to report all the news, has told you you have to choose between Bud and Coors...
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“The danger he poses is related to past dangerousness he has shown in terms of verbal aggression, boasting about assaults, paranoid reactions… This is a national security threat and the White House has a credibility crisis.” @pttrn_ntgrty #The25thFor45

“It cannot be that here and now in 2020 we allow the government of the people, by the people and for the people to perish on this earth. No, it cannot and it must not… WE WILL VOTE.” @JoeBiden in Gettysburg

“The FBI says white nationalism is a real problem, and the FBI wants to do something about it, but President* Trump doesn’t want to talk about that. He doesn’t keep the country safe.” @GenMhayden @RVAT2020

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Typical income taxes:

Teachers paid $7239
Firefighters paid $5283
Nurses paid $10,216

...and Donald Trump paid $750.

That is unfair by any measure.

#VOTE @JoeBiden #TrumpTaxReturns
“Who do you owe the money to? Do you owe debt to ANY foreign nation? Do you owe anybody money who is impacted by any decision you make as president* of the United States? WE NEED TO KNOW THAT.” @KamalaHarris

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#RuthBaderGinsburg is walking w/ the ancestors now. We thank you, mother Ruth, for your indomitable spirit. We honor you for daring to dream a world where law sees women as FULLY human. You held on as long as you could; made good on your promise to fight till your last day. 1/ Image
Thank you, Ma’am. ((Deep bow))

The stakes for BIPOC and women and LGBTQ and disabled people and immigrants just went through the roof.

Civil Rights
Voting Rights
Women’s Rights
Disabled People’s Rights
Indigenous Rights
Environmental Rights
#riprbg #ripruthbaderginsburg #voteforher #votefortheleastofthese #planyourvote #turbovote

*** The illustration in tweet 1 of #RuthBaderGinsburg was created for National Geographic's book In Praise of Difficult Women by Karen Karbo.

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“President* Trump’s actions and language are in fact racist. Those words gave permission to white supremacists to think what they were doing was permissible… We are less safe today because of his leadership.” @NeuSummits @RVAT2020

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President* Trump’s attacks on our U.S. Postal Service are deliberate decisions to hurt our veterans and to hurt our seniors who depend on mail for medications and checks. VOTE EARLY. @votevets #TrumpYouLose

Every journalist should ask President* Trump @svdate’s question:

“After three and a half years, do you regret all the lying you've done to the American people?"

Does he have any regrets AT ALL?

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