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Mary Trump’s and John Bolton’s books are whipping up news. You wonder what is classified and what is not. I sat down with @realDonaldTrump to ask a few questions.

<this is a thread>
Here is @realDonaldTrump's photo in his chair. We do not have the permission to show the whole thing because Trump’s torso, his face, his silhouette, his furniture, and even the light in his room is classified. Image
Q: What is classified?

Trump: I would say everything is classified in fact they tell me everything I say is classified it's beautiful how it is done it is perfect and if you look at it I will tell you it is classified and which is which is what it is and it is classified.
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Like many, I’ve had some extra fee time these days... After rebinging @theofficenbc and #theofficereunion I was inspired.

A thread of Trump’s handling of the #coronavirus (#COVID19) pandemic, as told by Michael Scott. #TheOffice
Way back in 2018, Trump decided it was a good idea to disassemble the #Pandemic Response Team – created by the Obama administration in case there was “an airborne disease that is deadly.” This can’t go wrong! #thiswaspreventable
Trump does nothing to replace this. He plays golf and insults people on Twitter – just the normal things that presidents do right?
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For some seniors, virus is shifting their views of Trump - CSMonitor (h/t ⁦@madrid_mike⁩ )…
Hit Trump HERE: ⤵️⤵️⤵️ #Seniors #TrumpVirus
Trump approval rating amongst #seniors plummeting; dropped TWENTY POINTS in recent Morning Consult poll): 👇👇👇 #TrumpGate
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1/ Little Thread about all The Misleading Medical Information still floating around about #Hydroxychloroquine & #Chloroquine & #Azithromycin & #ZelenkoProtocol - by 1 doctor - @zev_dr & #Remdesivir & more

Despite #TrumpIsNotADoctor has stopped saying "What do you have to lose?".
2/ #TrumpIsTheWORSTPresidentEVER

First, why it has been political all the way, suspected from day one:

"Trump had been touting HCQ for weeks, sparking worldwide shortages of HCQ & prompting negotiations with Indian PM Modi to lift export restrictions"…
3/ #Trump2020

Indian PM Modi and Trump held a rally together.

"Mr Trump wanted to show people in the US that he was hugely popular abroad and that he was capable of negotiating good deals out of a country he once described as the king of tariffs"…
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1) Impeached American despot Donald Trump has launched the second phase of his reelection campaign strategy.

This is his behind-the-scenes attacks on America by his supporters to demand "America open up," the anti-health protests of the most dangerous large crowd sizes ...
2) ... no social distancing, and no masks as they attack governors -- especially DEMOCRATIC governors -- demanding an end to life-saving stay-at-home orders.

If you ask, "Why would Trump want to kill his supporters?", you are asking the wrong question. Deaths? ...
3) He has no concern for anyone other than himself, so that first question is not relevant. (Note: he expressed more concern for the possible passing of the North Korean dictator than he has for tens and tens of thousands of Americans felled by the pandemic.) ...
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1/ WTH? @TeamTrump Campaign goes full North Korea? That App Promo Video is literally what you can expect to see in Dictatorships & Cults. #Resist #Resisters #Resistance #TrumpIsAnIdiot
2/ Not weird that the #TrumpLiesPeopleDie App uses #Phunware after seeing these slides! They're not hard to understand. Gives you a sense of total lack of privacy. Guess #TrumpCult users should be warned!
3/ #Phunware claims:

"Ability to collect Location Data from more than 1 Billion Active Mobile *Devices* per Month"

Said in 2019 when there was about 3.2 billions smartphones in the world.

So collecting almost 1/3 per month?

There's your #Trump & #PrivacyNotIncluded

👇 + 👇
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#Presidementia - Trump received daily warnings re #COVID starting around Xmas. Dementia however means cognitive impairment, inability to understand situations, make decisions. He doesn’t pay attention because he CANT.…
Trump can read aloud, but listen to him: he doesn’t comprehend his monotone reciting of text. Then he interrupts himself with bullshit, calf splatter, lies, insults, & rambling nonsense. Which he then repeats.
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Hey Google, define 'mental decline'.
Dr. Birx's reaction when Trump asks his science advisor to study a COVID19 cure using UV light inside the human body, & injecting disinfectant, is all of us.


@lbc #r4today #c4news #bbcaq #Newsnight

"[Trump is] so attentive to the scientific literature & details & data. I think his ability to analyze & integrate data that comes out of his long history in business has really been a real benefit”

Actually, Dr Birx is part of the problem.

@lbc #r4today
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We will never get back to what we think of as "normal."

Consider this.

We made no attempt to contain the coronavirus. It is now wild in the world. We will be unable to clean every surface or identify every carrier. It will now be there forever.

What does that mean?

We don't know yet if treatments or a vaccine are even possible. They may be. Maybe not.

We now have effective treatments for HIV/AIDS, but they took decades to develop.

We might get a vaccine, but not before summer or fall of 2021 at the earliest.

Until we get a vaccine--if we get one--there will be repeated waves of #TrumPlague infections. We =must= handle those future waves better, with massive testing and effective contact tracing.

Between waves, we'll engage in social distancing as a matter of course.

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More than 35,000 Americans have died in little more than a month. A new analysis shows that the death toll is 10X higher than it would have been if Trump had introduced social distancing just two weeks earlier.
Intelligence agencies began warning Trump of the threat in January. When HHS Secretary Alex Azar tried to talk to him about the virus in January, he switched the subject to vaping. When Peter Navarro put the warnings of mass deaths from the virus in a memo, he ignored it.
Trump was warned about everything that could happen, but all through February he kept golfing. And holding rallies. As March began, he was still partying w/donors at Mar-a-Lago.

Now the death toll is 10X higher than it needed to be. And Trump’s search for a scapegoat continues.
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A tale of two states
Minnesota and South Dakota are adjacent. Both are primarily rural with a couple of denser urban areas. Minnesota 's population is far greater, an estimated 5.6 million, with S. Dakota's at less than one million.

Which is faring better in this pandemic?

We're told urban density is an important factor encouraging spread. The Minneapolis/St Paul urban area (the red portion on this map) has an estimated 3.5 million people, nearly four times the population of the whole of South Dakota.

This graph shows how Minnesota is doing compared to the rest of the country. The pinkish line is MN, the green line is the US in total. The graph is logarithmic (look at the scale on the left), which shows the rate of growth well.

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I'll help you with words. @realDonaldTrump doesn't have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of. He only wants re-election to live off Americans nickel 4 more years. That's why he made the grand announcement that his official residence is FL.
No one has to declare, legally that you are moving from one state to another. The NY attorney General is standing outside the White House ready to slap the handcuffs on him the very second we get a new president and tRUMP knows it. He's already murdered
thousands of Americans through negligence. He continues to lie to everyone on a daily basis. He doesn't care if you live or die. He's incapable of feeling emotions because he's a sociopath. We need voting by mail to ensure that we have free and fair
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🦠Trump along with his propaganda channel @FoxNews have made the Coronavirus pandemic #1000xworse. Trump owns every death‼️…
🦠Trump’s ‘Red State Governors’ care more about fealty to @realDonaldTrump than their own constituents... #clusterfuck #COVID19 #coronavirus…
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@TheDailyEdge @FEMA is also purposely outbidding blue states for medical supplies.
This targeting is so Dems in those states can then be blamed by #IMPOTUS for #tRumpDeathToll.
This setup is to cause death for political benefit in #2020Elections.
Hes already lying that NY/NJ didn't act fast.
@TheDailyEdge @fema He also lies & praises red states actions, like Florida, but they have been the worst to respond to the #tRumpVirus #tRumpPandemic.…
@TheDailyEdge @fema This is also why he has refused to use the DPA, which DOD uses 300,000 times a year. He can't blame the Dems in Blue States if he takes control of the supply chain. He places responsibility on Govs so he can blame them later.…
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#Presidementia (1/3) 3/30 Press Briefing: The briefings have morphed into Trump’s alternative to rallies, sparring with both the truth & the press. By any normal standard, there is not much substance; and it’s a fact checker’s nightmare. #COVID19 #TrumpNotFitForOffice
#Presidementia (2/3) 3/30 Press Briefing: Trump’s cognitive impairment is obvious in his daily repetition of old tapes, false statements, & replays of blame & grievance. It seems the public is buying what he’s selling—except for the press corps, who are losing the battle.
#Presidementia (3/3) 3/30 Press Briefing: Most baffling re these briefings—100% clear when reading the daily WH transcripts—is an impaired Trump’s inability to answer a question or tell the truth. His presidency can be summed up in 4 words: “We’ll see what happens.” #TrumpVirus
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Enraging: @GOP's push to kill millions is turns on the idea that the economy is both more important than & immune to mass death comes (in part) via @RichardAEpstein, a libertarian, as in, a proponent of an intellectual tradition that collapses at each confrontation w.reality 1/
2/ It's worth noting. Epstein is not a trained statistician, public health expert, ID researcher, etc. He's a guy who has written influentially on property rights, public domain, etc. As in--he's a superannuated bro w. a bit of UG math training theorizing beyond his expertise...
3/ To which, add that the central tenet of modern libertarianism, expressed most readably in Friedman's work, is that economic power is a counterweight to political power, and hence economic freedom is an essential bulwark of liberty. Which is perfectly consistent as theory...
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1. A bunch of people have decided to make #Coronavirus political. Blaming @realDonaldTrump, renaming COVID-19 the #Trumpvirus and 2nd guessing his every move. This is an engineered attack on our president...just like every other democrat led assault on him since his inauguration!
2. Well don't forget, obama didn't arrange anything with world leaders like closing borders and sharing medical supplies. He wasn't faced with an incessant onslaught of attacks from the media and he never once was accused of being responsible for H1N1.
3. Obama's immigration policies allowed cases from Mexico to FLOOD the U.S.

Swine flu was a MUCH LARGER pandemic than COVID-19. Over 60 MILLION Americans tested positive for H1N1 with 12,000 deaths. There were hundreds of millions of cases from the rest of the world.
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1. The #LeftistMediaTerrorists painted a picture of Trump and the #Coronavirus they're now DESPERATELY trying to hide.

The fear mongering media claimed Trump was failing the U.S. by not acquiring more test kits. They said more tests were needed because the virus was so deadly!
2. At the same time, the media exploited the death rate as "Trump's failure" at tackling the virus. They said he was doing a horrible job because the death rate compared to known cases was so high. It was right around that time that the op-ed piece from NYT called it #TrumpVirus
3. They said that this high death rate was evidence that Trump had not done enough early enough and that the virus was out of control. The constant vitriol was that Coronavirus is extremely deadly for anybody that contracted it.

Then, the government got more test kits out.
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Doctors have discovered a #TrumpVirus so the CDC needs #BlackTwitter to help find causes and symptoms. I found 10:

1. If you bathed in urine from a Russian sex worker, you might have #TrumpVirus

2. If you had unprotected sex with an adult film star, you might have #TrumpVirus
3. If you didn't wash your hands after grabbing a woman by the ... You might have #TrumpVirus virus

4. Covfefe causes #TrumpVirus

5. You can get #TrumpVirus from quid pro quo over the phone, even if the call was perfect
6. If your skin is the same color as Ernie from Sesame Street, you might have #TrumpVirus

7. You can get #TrumpVirus from working in closed spaces near people who believe electroshock therapy can cure homosexuality

8. Jeffrey Epstein died from complications due to #Trumpvirus
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Mar 18, Trump: "It snuck up on us"... I consider myself "a wartime president." NO.

Trump INVITED "enemy" attack for >month with no defense (tests) or alert (it's a hoax).

This timeline shows his incompetence since 1/22 w/ the reality of daily cases/deaths. #TrumpVirus 1/
Trump delay/incompetence caused our catastrophe like Italy's rather than a manageable crisis like South Korea's. After this crisis, there will be another. @realDonaldTrump's INCOMPETENCE REMAINS THE GRAVEST DANGER AMERICA FACES NOW. We will not forget, despite the gaslighting. 2/
The entire Trumposphere, @SenateGOP, Fox and the rest, now pivot to gaslight us into rallying around the "wartime president," and want us all to forget that his delays/lies aided, abetted, and gave comfort to the "enemy." Their malfeasance made this crisis our catastrophe. 3/
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#Covid_19 #BreakingNews
Scientific reports from the #Wuhan Virology Lab confirm,
HIV was introduced into the COV virus strain or SARS.

#Covid_19 needs to be examined from the HIV markers in the report.

The lab is only 30 miles from the #WuhanCoronovirus 1st report

This is the full scientific report
Where they talk about adding HIV to the SARS virus

Scientific report # 2
It begins off in the first paragraph talking about how the HIV was introduced to the wars virus.
It is an extension of their research from report 1.

Where is the media on This?
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