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It’s DAY FOUR of the Kavanaugh hearings how we doin friends?
The format for today's hearings is different with 5 panels of witnesses, some from the GOP and some from the Dems. Senators will likely shuffle in and out today
Some folks have asked what happens next. Well, the Judiciary Committee has to vote first. Dems have few procedural tools to block a committee vote but they could delay it. That would put it sometime around the 20th or so of September my my rough morning math
Absent extraordinary circumstances Republicans have the votes to pass Kavanaugh out of committee. Then it heads to the full Senate for what's called a cloture vote.

Kavanaugh needs 51 votes.

I expect McConnel to schedule cloture vote ASAP after the committee vote
Republicans have said they want Kavanaugh on the bench for the start of the Supreme Court term.

That is October 1
Grassley gavels the proceedings to order
First up is a panel from the American Bar Association. Five minutes of comments then Senators get five minutes of questioning
Paul Moxley and John Tarpley from the ABA are the first two witesses

They will testify on the ABA rating process and Kavanaugh

But first Feinstein with a statement
Feinstein thanks the ABA for its work and says their recommendations matter to her
The ABA rated Kavanaugh unanimously qualified. This really isn't a surprise but it is a good time to mention that SEVERAL of Trumps confirmed federal judges have been rated unqualified including Steve Grasz who currently sits on the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals
Witnesses describing the standards the ABA applies, including understanding of the law, ability to communicate effectively

ABA interviewed around 500 folks, some identified by Kavanaugh

There's also a confidential evaluation process
Graham up with the first round of questions

Sounds like a great judge and a lousy politician, Graham says about Kavanaugh
Graham asks the ABA if he's mainstream

They say yes

The ABA backslapping with Graham is about how pipelines of power stay that way
No questions from Feinstein

Cruz is up and puts in a letter of recommendation for Kavanaugh from a bunch of conservative attorney generals
Coons asks if it would concern the ABA if the Senate disregarded their recommendation

ABA says yes
Sen Crapo up now

Wants to talk about whether the ABA could blackball a candidate

ABA says they don't blackball anyone just give recommendations
Sen Blumnethal now

Thanks the ABA for their works. Talks about the need for judicial independence

I hope you join me in believing attacks by Trump are attacks on independent judiciary

Kavanaugh would not condemn those attacks [Even Gorsuch did]
ABA witnesses love the independent judiciary but won't specifically challenge the Trump statements but do say attacks on the judiciary are not right
Sen. Kennedy up now and he doesn't have anything to add but thanks
Whitehouse up now. Asks if in the evaluation they considered any patters in decisions

ABA said reading group read his decisions and many of his writings

Tarpley said they didn't see a pattern in his decisions

*see my previous comment on pipelines of power
Whitehouse follows up and shows that corporate right wing amici have a better than 90% win rate before Kavanaugh
First panel is over up to Panel Two
Ten witnesses on the next panel. Five for the Democrats and Five for the Republicans
For those interested in witnesses testimony [and watching the proceedings I suppose!] you can find it here…
Luke McCloud and former Kavanaugh clerk is up now

Clerked 2013-2014
This is an oral recitation of a recommendation letter
Rochelle Garza testifying now.

She represents unaccompanied minor children and was the guardian for Jane Doe in the Gaza v Hargan case

She's here to talk about the impact of Kavanaugh's decision on Doe's life
Jane faced unprecedented obstruction from the Trump administration, Garza said

No one should underestimate her, Garza says
Garza explaining how Jane went through the judicial bypass procedure under Texas law. She was granted a bypass

In government custody Jane was forced to go through biased anti-abortion counseling and was isolated. Her parents were told about her pregnancy without her consent and even after Jane told them they had beaten her sister till she miscarried when they heard she was pregnant
Garza detailing how Kavanaugh's original order would have likely pushed Jane's pregnancy beyond the 20 weeks abortion cut-off in Texas

In other words, Kavanaugh would have forced Jane to continue this pregnancy against her will
I can think of nothing more human or more American than what I saw in Jane, Garza says
Now Louisa Garry, high school teacher and coach, here to testify on behalf of Kavanaugh. They are college friends
Garry's testimony is the equivalent of "he's a city mouse and I'm a country mouse"

And we're talking about women sports
This testimony feels really yuck after Garza
"Brett Kavanaugh kept Jane Doe in government custody and pregnant against her will"

"Brett Kavanaugh and I are running buddies"
Brett has Black friends, Garry's testimony right now

Oh and he quoted Atticus Finch
Now Elizabeth Weintraub

Weintraub is a FORCE in the disability rights community
Weintraub sharing her experience as a person with disabilities and the bigotry of low expectations that she has faced.

She was institutionalized against her will.

She says Kavanaugh shares that same bigotry of low expectations
Self-determination is a basic human right for people with disabilities, Weintraub says

Addresses his decisions to mandate medical care [including abortions!] ignoring the input and consent of the disabled person
Rep. Cedric Richmond up now. He represents Louisiana's 2nd district and is Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus
Rep. Richmond making the case for how Kavanaugh's appointment would reverse decades of racial justice progress.

We are in the midst of a fundamental shift to nominees that represent extreme wings of legal thought, Richmond says
Richmond draws in AG Sessions and his terrible record on civil rights to show this is an arc of white supremacy rising through the federal government

He's not wrong
Ted Olson up now. He's former solicitor general in the Bush administration and giant in the legal community.

He is also a founding member of the Federalist Society
Ted Olson narrates the audio books I listen to before bed

Just kidding he doesn't but if he did maybe my sleep issues would clear up
Alicia Baker up now. She's a self-described 'pro life Christian' who is here to share her experience being denied birth control coverage and testify against Kavanaugh's nomination
On my doctors advice I decided to get an IUD but what I got was a nightmare

Says *her* religious beliefs were overruled by her *insurance company's* beliefs

Instead of paying off student loans Baker had to pay for an IUD despite the fact it should have been covered
Baker's voice cracks

What about those people who can't find that money, Baker pleads
Baker quoting scripture here

As a person of deep faith I would never impose my religious beliefs on anyone

My beliefs are separate from the law, as they should be, Baker says
Now former Kavanaugh student [and woman] Colleen Roh Sinzdak

For those keeping score that is one former clerk [Black man] and one former student [woman]

This is great! Hire diverse clerks! But don't grok the system as a judge
Sinzdak is also a former Roberts clerk .... so again pipelines of power

also a former Garland clerk

Says the country suffered by failing to confirm Garland

She says she's supporting Kavanaugh because it's important for independent judiciary
Your periodic reminder that if you have access to wealth and power it is suuuuuper easy to put aside things like *politics* to make sure it's not awkward at the clerks reunion or at the partner dinner
I went to law school with a lot of white women like Sinzdak
Now Prof. Melissa Murray is up and full disclosure I might fan girl a little because when I grow up I would loooooove to be Murray
Says she has travelled in similar professional circles as Kavanaugh. She can attest to his friendly demeanor

This isn't about how Kavanaugh treats a handful of women from elite institutions, says Kavanaugh
Murray detailing the death by 1000 cuts campaign against Roe

Calls Kavnaugh part of that campaign
Murray details how Kavanaugh's dissent in Garza v Hargan completely ignores precedent

Read her full testimony because this is a master class
Murray notes that Kavanaugh refused to recognize the importance of reproductive autonomy when asked directly

Notes that Roberts said he'd respect Roe as precedent and has yet to do so
Make no mistake about it a vote for Kavanaugh is a vote against Roe

No Prof. Akil Amar from Yale Law School

Calls Kavanaugh a bright spot on the horizon of the federal judiciary

brb grabbing the whiskey
Witnesses for this panel are now done. Senate questions to follow
Grassley asks former clerk McCloud what makes a good Supreme Court justice

Y'all know this answer
Now asks Garry about being nice to women since Prof. Murray was so mean

What would you want the average American to know about Kavanaugh and how he would see their problems, Grassley asks Kavanaugh's running buddy
Grassley turns to Ted Olson

What do other members of the legal profession say about Kavanaugh, Grassley asks

Yo didn't we have the ABA up to testify about all this?
Olson says all their friends say good things about Brett Kavanaugh
Grassley turns to Sinzdak

What qualities of Kavanaugh as a teacher would translate to being a good judge

Your tax dollars at work, folks
Sinzdak says as a professor Kavanaugh listened to all his students

He also knows what's important in the law, Sinzdak says

Highest of bars for our judicial nominees 🙃
Feinstein turns to Baker

America is like you, Ms Baker Feinstein says

Feinstein also calls Prof. Murray 'very cogent' and I just visibly cringed

Feinstein wants to question Garza about the Jane Doe case

"There were so many things about her treatment I didn't like" Feinstein says
Garza explaining how Jane went through every legal hoop in Texas to get the judicial bypass and how the federal government was in effect obstructing a state court order in blocking Jane's release
Feinstein then turns to Murray and says she's worried that Roe will go down
Murray says Kavanaugh says he's following precedent but that is not the case

Murray notes that in Garza he didn't even engage Whole Woman's Health which requires balancing the burdens against he impact

You will also notice that in his testimony on the precedent of Roe the *only* time Kavanaugh addressed it was yesterday when Harris raised the case specifically
That is cherry picking precedent
Now Cruz asks Prof. Amar if he thinks Kavanaugh is qualified
Cruz now asks Sinzdak what Kavanaugh was as a professor

He was great!
Cruz asks Olson what Kavanaugh was like to work with in the White House

I didn't work with him much, tbh, Olson says, but I'm sure he was great
Olson has argued before Kavanaugh on the DC Circuit, including the challenge to the CFPB which Kavanaugh said agency heads should be fireable at the whim of the president
Sen Klobuchar up now. Wants to talk about voting rights with Rep. Richmond
Asks Richmond to elaborate on the impact of Shelby Co v Holder and whether Section 2 of the VRA is sufficient to protect voting rights

It absolutely is not, says Richmond
Now Klobuchar turns to Baker and has her explain the link between faith and contraception
Thanks to allowing religious refusals Baker faced a $1200 bill for an IUD that should have been no cost out of pocket
Now Sen. Kennedy so maybe some questions on procedures? Spitballing here
Kennedy calls Rep. Richmond a "smart guy and a good guy"

Then he asks Baker if she is a Methodist

She is

Glad we cleared that up
Kennedy says he thinks our world is getting better for many Americans, especially over the last 20 months
Pretty sure Kennedy is using all his time to put Trump talking points in the record
I was right!
Sen Whitehouse up now and wants to talk about recusals
Addresses this question to Amar

Shouldn't Kavanaugh recuse

That should be decided when the case arrives otherwise it's a promise on an outcome
Amar and Whitehouse sparring a little bit over judicial recusals
Sen Hatch up now and asks Olson what Kavanaugh's reputation is among other lawyers
Then Hatch asks Olson what Kavanaugh is like in court
Hatch asks Amar why Democrats should support Kavanaugh:

Because he's studied the constitution, Amar says
Amar praises Kavanaugh's detailed knowledge of the Federalist Papers

yet this man couldn't remember who he spoke to about the Mueller investigation I'm just saying
The idea that Amar is up here saying Kavanugh will be good on the Reconstruction Amendments is bonkers
Sen Coons up now and turns to Rep. Richmond and asks him if Kavanaugh is the right person to replace Kennedy and cites the affirmative action cases
Richmond details Kavanaugh's bad record on race and then puts his philosophyin the context of the other conservatives on the Court. It's a chilling picture
Coons turning to the liberty interests of employees in the birth control cases and brings in Baker as an example of when corporate interests trump employee interests

Let's Murray dissect Kavanaugh's dissent in Priests for Life and it's fun
Murray makes it very clear that liberty interests have evolved as we've brought more people into our constitutional promise
The good news is this is the last day this week that we'll have to hear Sen. Lee questioning witnesses
I am very excited about the lunch recess
Amar is up here singing the praises of Hugo Black like that's somehow going to transfer to Kavanaugh and Cruz is eagerly nodding along
Blumenthal up now

Wants to ask Olson about the attacks on the judiciary from Trump
Blumenthal notes that even Neil Gorsuch was willing to say Trump was out of line.

Kavanaugh won't
Olson says he personally deplores statements attacking the judiciary

Says he has the hugest respect for RBG and calls her a warrior and a hero
Blumenthal turns to Garza and mentions Kavanaugh dismissing his order as just a 'delay' of the procedure and no big deal
Blumenthal also thanks Garza for her work generally in Brownsville, TX and YES Garza is doing gods work
Notes that Jane had the option of a medical abortion early on but because she was delayed [by Kavanaugh] she was pushed into a surgical abortion
Sen Booker up and wants to talk to Murray about the standards Kavanaugh DID NOT apply in Garza

Why wouldn't a judge that sticks to precedent stick to these cases? I don't understand it

Murray: I don't either
Here is the Supreme Court precedent that Kavanaugh directly ignored in the Garza case…
Pivots to Rep. Richmond who addresses the *INCREASE* in racism in this country over the last two years
Booker poses one question to Amar

In your con law class do you regret passing me, Booker asks

I mean chuckles and all but c'mon
Harris says Kavanaugh has issued a bunch of "dog whistles" like "abortion on demand" and "racial spoils system"
Asks Rep. Richmond to explain the term "racial spoils system" and how it is used

Richmond says its a way white folks pit poor white folks against Black folks and says the reason you're poor is because Black folks are scooping up all the benefits that should be yours
Richmond calls the use of "racial spoils systems" basic pandering
Harris notes that Kavanaugh has been praised for thoughtful writing and opinions so the idea that he testified he didn't know what it means yet used it twice is concerning to me, Harris says
Harris asks Murray to break down the kinds of abortion restrictions Kavanaugh would hold up

Eliminate D&E abortion procedure
Increase wait times
Mandate doctors disclose scientific falsehoods like abortion leads to suicide

These are just a few examples
Hirono up now. She's the first Senator to ask Weintraub to address the risk Kavanaugh's confirmation poses to people with disabilities instead of just praising her for being there
"Nothing about us without us"
Hirono turns to Garza and how Kavanaugh characterized the case as a parental consent one when it wasn't

Murray and Garza both agree
Hirono links Kavanaugh's dissents in Garza v Hargan and Priests v Life again and I wish more Senators, especially men, would do this
The common elemen,t Murray says, is that there is no burden too great for a woman to bear to access reproductive health care
It is not germane but can we all have a moment for Prof. Murray's blazer
Tillis is up and lets Amar wax poetic about executive power
30 min lunch break
Whoops! We're back and I'm late because I was getting more yogurt
First witness is A.J. Kramer, federal public defender for DC

He's here in support of Kavanaugh and he wants to talk about Kavanaugh's decisions in criminal cases

Kramer couches his testimony as from *him* and limited to his experience as a *criminal* law attorney
Now up is Aalayah Eastmond, Parkland shooting survivor
Eastmond recounting her experience during the shooting. It's gripping and terrifying

She's clenching a book to shield her from gunfire

I actually can't tweet this testimony it's so much
My kid had a lockdown drill this week and I just can't
Someone was picking body parts out of her hair I just can't
I'm just going to ask everyone reading my coverage of this hearing to read Eastmond's testimony in full and if you can watch her. And don't look away.…
This teenager just fully called Kavanaugh out for refusing to shake the hand of a Parkland parent
Rebecca Taibleson is up next. She's an assistant US Attorney and former law clerk and here to testify about what Kavanaugh is like as a person and a judge.

This is gross after Eastmond. She could have just submitted her comments to the record
I'm not sharing Taibleson's testimony it's a bunch of fluffing
The universe intercedes and gives Taibleson mic troubles
Taibleson gets her mic back but I'm still not going to summarize her testimony after Eastmond
treacherous white ladies to the left of me, fluffers to the right.....
It's been a long couple of days but this is the first time I've considered muting testimony for my mental health
Now is Jackson Corbin, a thirteen year old with pre-existing conditions
Corbin testifying about his medical care and his brothers. Combined their care costs more than their family makes.

He's been fighting for health care for two years

So since he was eleven
This kid is making Taibleson's testimony sound even worse and exposing it for the pandering it was

The room breaks out in applause for Corbin AS IT SHOULD
Hunter LaChance is up now. He's a teenager with asthma and here to testify against Kavanaugh
What kind of SCOTUS nominee do you have to be to have kids coming to the Senate to testify against you. I'm just saying.
Former Deputy Solicitor General Maureen Mahoney here to testify for Kavanaugh. He's a lot like Roberts she says
I'll say this. The divide between Kavanaugh witnesses, all of whom exist in rarified and elite spaces even if they are school teachers, and the witnesses against is STARK
Judge Kavanaugh is nice to elite ladies but this teenager was picking body parts out of her hair
Melissa Smith, union member and teacher from Oklahoma she's here to testify against Kavanaugh
Smith describes the funding crisis in Oklahoma schools and explains how Kavanaugh's embrace of school vouchers and union busting would make this worse
Mr. Kenneth Christmas, Executive Vice President of Marvista Entertainment is here to endorse Kavanaugh

They are besties
They watched Sports Center and played pick up basketball together at Yale Law School

Yeah this totally doesn't sound tone deaf after hearing from the union teacher from Oklahoma
Sorry Mr. Christmas but Aalayah Eastmond testified to Kavanaugh's character already
This man legit just said it was 'inconvenient' for him as a Democrat to support Kavanaugh.

Again folks. Pipelines of privilege
Grassley up with the first question and it's to Mr. Christmas and I'm sure it's going to be about Kavanaugh having Black friends
Grassley asks Christmas to assure the American public that Kavanaugh will rule for the little guy
Grassley just took a swipe at Jackson Corbin as not the little guy but someone with "special medical problems"

He is a 13 year old
Grassley now asks the public defender to address the "low income" people and tell them everything will be okay
Sen Whitehouse up now. Addresses Eastmond and Corbin immediately and I kind of want to give all three a hug

"When you spoke today you were the biggest guy in the room" to Corbin
You are up against enormously powerful forces on the other side, Whitehouse says

He calls out the NRA
The fetish of denying health care to people
The polluters
Those other forces may be big, but this is still our country Whitehouse closes
Hatch up now and completely ignores the kids, goes right to the friendly public defender
Hatch then addresses one of the admiring white ladies
Sen Blumnethal is up now and joins Whitehouse in thanking the kids in their advocacy

Then thanks Smith for demonstrating the power of the collective voice
Blumenthal turns first to Eastmond and chokes up talking about Sandy Hook. This is a sincere moment.

Eastmond addresses Kavanaugh directly : my life and the lives of youth are more important than that gun
I hope Judge Kavanaugh is listening to you, Blumenthal closes
Sen Lee is up and also ignores the kids and goes right to one of the admiring white ladies
Wow it's really stunning to see the Republican Senators look right past Eastmond, Corbin, and LaChance

There's your 'pro life' movement for you
Lee pivots from admiring white lady to another
Oh wow Lee addresses Smith. Let's see if he's condescending or nah

Help me understand the connection between your concern for those resources and this jurisprudential philosophy of this judge, Lee asks

Looks like the answer was yup condescending
Smith answers with vouchers and Lee says well but he's not a policy maker so what gives

Lol amazing. I didn't think I could like Lee less but here we are!
Now Booker is up. He addresses Eastmond first and asks her to speak to some of the policy positions she'd like to see and how that relates to Kavanaugh

assault weapons ban
high capacity magazines
I want Congress to focus on the youth in black and brown community
These young people are amazing my god
Booker addresses the public defender and brings up the use of plea bargains and asks if there's a shift in practice
This is a smart use of Booker's time to get specific policy details in the record through these witnesses
Booker talks about all the drugs at Yale and Stanford and the fact that black and brown kids get charged with things that two prior president's did yet prosecutors dangle deals without an explanation of the fact that plea stays for life [absent expungement]
Senator Kennedy up now

Thanks everyone for their testimony

That's all
Whitehouse jumps in to address corporate 'mens rea' in public welfare offenses [like intentionally polluting] and warns he's worried Kavanaugh is going to morph his criminal jurisprudence to insulate corporations from that kind of liability
That's a smart cross-pollination by Whitehouse
Grassley dismisses that panel. Fifth and final panel up for the day
Grassley thanking the staff for all their work and for real that's a lot of work
Among the panelists now are Paul Clement and John Dean
Monica Mastal, real estate agent and basketball mom here to testify on behalf of Kavanaugh

Kavanaugh coaches her daughter
Really makes you wonder what's in the Kozinski documents if the GOP lined up so many women to testify about what a great guy he is
But have you ever had to pick body parts out of your har, Ms Mastal
Mastal is now reading her daughter's basketball evaluation into the record
Former Counsel to the President [Nixon] John Dean up now to testify against Kavanaugh

If Kavanaugh joins the court it will be the most presidential-power friendly court

But the thing is Dean, he's a great coach
Dean brings up both Rehnquist and Thomas as Justices whose lack of vetting has stuck with their careers

Dean talking about Rehnquist's lack of vetting and false statements but still becoming Chief Justice is something
Dean pivots to the lack of vetting for Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill.

Oh man this is gonna drive conservatives bonkers
I should mention that Dean is supplementing his written testimony

Says Kavanaugh should be demanding his entire record be disclosed unless there is something to hide
Paul Clement up now and he jumps right in aggressively to endorse Kavanaugh

This is on brand for Clement. It's how he argues at SCOTUS and it does a good job of *immediately* drawing attention away from Dean
IOW Clement doesn't let his opponent's words hang if he can help it.

Oh Clement is the former Solicitor General who won a lot of terrible cases like Shelby County, Gonzales v Carhart
It's a little weird I could just recognize Clement by his voice but that is what happens when you're covering SCOTUS and stuck behind a pillar with no view 😂
lolol Clement literally just closed his argument with "I urge you to vote for his confirmation" like this was an oral argument
OOPS! got that last one wrong deleting and correcting. So sorry!

It's been a long Monday
That is Prof. Rebecca Ingber and she said Kavanaugh is terrible on presidential power

Now it's Professor Adam White who loves Kavanaugh's opinions on agency law
Professor Lisa Heinzerling up to testify about Kavanaugh's vies on administrative law as well. She's the rebuttal witness to White.
NOW it's Professor Jennifer Mascott and she is another former Kavanaugh clerk
The optics of a bunch of well-heeled white women coming out to testify in support of Kavanaugh is real telling as to the voting demographic Republicans are speaking to
Now Professor Peter Shane to address Kavanaugh's approach presidential power and accountability

There are a lot of legal elites speaking against Kavanaugh's views of presidential power
Shane's testimony is detailed wrt Kavanaugh's time in the Bush White House and notes that the most egregious power grabs subsided when Kavanagh left, raises the question as to whether Kavanaugh was helping craft the worst of the Bush policy
Grassley up and directs it to Heinzerling and Shane and asks if their concerns are specific to Kavanaugh on president power or the times we are in.

They both say yes
Sorry got a call but I'm back now
It's rude that people still use the phone, mostly
Grassley asks Clement what kind of judge Kavanaugh is

Clement say's he'll fit right in at SCOTUS
Whitehouse is up and address Dean first and is pretty much going to give him the floor to dissect Kavanaugh's take on US v Nixon.

As you would.
Kennedy is in charge of the hearing and manages to screw up the order of Senators asking questions

Klobuchar up now
Klobuchar asks Dean about the need for impeachment power
Dean is walking through why the this power along with questions as to whether the president can be indicted
Sen Crapo passes on asking any questions so it's Coons turn
Coons is also concerned with presidential authority and using his time to address that directly with Shane and Dean
Now Sen. Hirono is up and also addressing presidential power and asks Dean what issues are on the horizon

Trump v Hawaii is worrying, Dean says
Hirono has Heinzerling walk through how Kavanaugh's views of standing make it harder for public interest groups to bring lawsuits while making it easier for corporate interests
Now Senator Blumenthal. He starts with Dean. And Watergate and the tapes.
My dad talks about Watergate and the hearings allll the time and even before Trump. It was formative in a lot of ways and by proxy me
Blumenthal asking about Nixon's resignation and the fact that Nixon was about to lose the impeachment battle

Dean has said he doesn't think Trump will resign, even in impeachment

Says Trump could care less about the rule of law
Blumenthal closes

It was ultimately the republicans though who gave the message to Nixon that his behavior would not stand, correct

Yup says Dean
Kennedy up now and goes from Dean's testimony to Mahoney and her daughter's basketball evaluation 😳
Kennedy, who cannot grasp basic rules of procedure announces that he thinks the Chevron Doctrine [on agency power] is unconstitutional.
Kennedy asks Clement if they should televise SCOTUS arguments and he says personally he thinks they should

I agree with Clement on something!
Whoa. Kennedy turns to Dean.

That's a plot twist
He said Dean and his co-conspirators hurt his country

"You did the right thing, but you only did it when you were cornered like a rat"

The president has also called me a rat, Dean says
Dean responding with a very eloquent 'fuck you very much'
The record remains open until noon Monday but the proceedings are gaveled closed.

That's a wrap, folks! Look for another #BoomLawyered later today and more coverage from yours truly next week

I'm going to go walk Ripley now
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