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1/15 📢 BREAKING: The Calcutta High Court just issued a landmark judgment impacting GST claimants nationwide. Case: Gargo Traders v. State Tax, West Bengal. Judgment delivered on June 12, 2023. #CalcuttaHighCourt #GSTJustice #GargoTraders
2/15 ⚖️ Gargo Traders, a registered taxable person, contested an order that rejected their Input Tax Credit (ITC) claim, a decision that was based on the retrospective cancellation of their supplier's GST registration. #ITC #GST
3/15 🚫 The Tax Department dismissed their ITC claim, alleging that Global Bitumen, Gargo Traders' supplier, was fake and non-existent, leading to the retrospective cancellation of its GST registration. #GlobalBitumen
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Hi folks! Welcome to a bare-bones #Pennsylvania #MoCTrack for the week ending 10/31/21.

Since it is so close to #ElectionDay2021 (which should be your focus), I’m just going to run down the votes and quotes, with basic links.
#MoCTrack 1/20
Full Report-
The House passed a bill to fund shelters and programs to address #DomesticViolence.

Over 95% of #GOP MoCs voted No on this. #Shame.

8 of 9 #Pennsylvania GOP MoCs were NO votes, only #PA01's @RepBrianFitz voted YES.
#MoCTrack 2/20…
In case you were wondering why all those #GOP House members voted NO a #DomesticViolence prevention bill? This portion from the speech of Rep. Bob Good of Virginia gives you an idea.

The bill passed, thankfully.
#MoCTrack 3/20…
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🧵Very important election on 11/2 in #Pennsylvania

We must show up and vote or request your mail in ballot

#VoteLocal2021 elect Dems for School Boards, Judges & Row Offices


👂to John Lewis 💗
@ConOHanlon is running for Doylestown Township Tax Collector

Connor's chair of @DoylestownDems and is ready to serve

We MUST support young Dems who have stepped up to run! Please give him a couple 💵 it will 100% help him out ⤵️…

Colleen Mullin is running for Doylestown Township Supervisor

Colleen is currently on the Ways and Means Committee and will hit the ground running!

Visit ⤵️

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This morning the @HouseJudiciary Committee is holding the second hearing in its series on the importance of diversity on our courts.

Details and livestream here, and we'll be following along on Twitter as well:…

As @RepJerryNadler notes, our courts are still dominated by white men, people with Ivy League degrees, and corporate attorneys and prosecutors.

They're more diverse than they once were thanks a committed effort, but there is still progress to be made.

"It is difficult to be what you cannot see," says Colorado Supreme Court Associate Justice Monica Marquez, explaining why it's important to help people meet judges and find opportunities to pursue clerkships. #CourtsMatter
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Arch-white nationalist @StephenM announced yesterday a new legal organization to mount challenges to anything the Biden administration does that he deems illegal.…
"America First Legal," is an all white male gang of ideologues includes former Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows, one of Trump's acting Attorneys General Matthew Whitaker, former OMB director Russ Vought, former DOJ counselor Gene Hamilton, and...
Conservative Partnership Institute executives Ed Corrigan and Wesley Denton. (CPI was founded by Jim DeMint, former S. Carolina congressman, who left the Senate to head the Heritage Foundation, only to be ousted in 2017 for-get this-being too cozy with the Trump administration)
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This week, Mitch McConnell filed cloture on a vote to confirm Stephen Schwartz to the Court of Federal Claims.

This nominee's record is ATROCIOUS, so it's time for a thread about what it means if Senate Republicans vote to confirm him.
2. If you've never heard of the CFC, it's sometimes called "the People's Court." It hears monetary claims against the government from contracts, regulations, and more. The goal is to balance government actions with citizen protection, and Schwartz could do great damage there.
3. Schwartz's nomination has been lingering for YEARS, and there's a reason: his record is incredibly disturbing. Moreover, we've learned even more this past year about just how bad it is in writings he originally concealed:…
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Amy Coney Barrett is about to be confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice. There was nothing about this process that was normal. We can’t act like it was. THREAD

#WeDissent #RuthsRevolution #CourtsMatter #NotNormal
It is not normal to announce support for a Supreme Court justice nominee before anyone has been named.
It is not normal to move forward with a nominee before the previous justice was buried.
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If @senatemajldr has time to stack the courts with Trump’s judicial nominees, surely he has time to respond to the pandemic or pass police reform legislation. Join us at 3pm ET to call on senators to #StopWalker. #courtsmatter… Image
If you care about police reform & brutality, you need to care about the courts. If you care about access to health care, you need to care about the courts. Right now, @senatemajldr's pushing through anti-civil rights nominees like Justin Walker. We have to fight back. #StopWalker
Trump court pick Justin Walker called #SCOTUS’s decision on the Affordable Care Act “catastrophic,” and praised Kavanaugh for writing a “roadmap” for judges to declare the ACA unconstitutional. He doesn't belong on the federal bench. #StopWalker #courtsmatter
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In the middle of a global pandemic, as people are fighting for Black lives and a justice system that holds police accountable, the Senate is focused on confirming judges who will gut access to health care and dismantle civil rights protections. Unacceptable. #courtsmatter Image
Today, we’re rallying to call on our senators to stop Trump’s anti-healthcare, anti-civil rights judicial nominees, Cory Wilson and Justin Walker. Join us. #StopWalker #StopWilson #courtsmatter… Image
"This is a time when the Senate should be squarely focused on the catastrophic impact of the COVID pandemic and remedying the tremendous unrest we are experiencing..." --@lisa_cylar, Director of Policy

Call your senators and tell them to #StopWilson and #StopWalker. 202-224-3121
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Day 3 of #ACS2020 is about to begin! Today's panel will focus on a progressive agenda for 2021 and beyond. Opening remarks from @AGEllison, followed by @russfeingold, Ann Carlson, @KristenClarkeJD, @ksabeelrahman, and @RiaTabaccoMar. Streaming now:…
Introducing @AGEllison's remarks is ACS Next Generation Leader Saraswati Singh, who notes that the Minneapolis community is in pain and shows us that racial injustice is embedded into the very fabric of our society and we want no more of it.
.@AGEllison notes that "we need to build an ethic that going into the judiciary is a noble and positive pursuit" and we need good judges and diversity on the bench. Image
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In the middle of a global pandemic, the Trump administration is trying to rush anti-health care, anti-#LGBTQ nominee Cory Wilson onto a lifetime seat on the 5th Circuit. His record is clear: he doesn’t belong on the federal bench. #courtsmatter #StopWilson Image
Cory Wilson has repeatedly attacked the Affordable Care Act, which has provided critical health care coverage to tens of millions of Americans. His nomination to the Fifth Circuit is yet another shameful attack on health care access in America. #StopWilson Image
The nation is watching. Will Mitch McConnell focus on protecting public health and our communities, or will he move forward on anti-health care judicial nominees like Cory Wilson? Our #courtsmatter too much to remain silent: We must #StopWilson.
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Today marks the 10th anniversary of the Affordable Care Act, which has helped millions access affordable health care.
It's more important than ever that we keep fighting to protect our care and keep Trump’s anti-health care, anti-ACA judges off the bench. #ACA10 #courtsmatter
The Affordable Care Act has given millions access to affordable health care - but the Trump administration has been working overtime to pack our courts with judges who will gut this critical law. To #protectourcare, we must #protectourcourts.#ACA10 #courtsmatter
The ACA has provided crucial health care coverage for millions of Americans - but Republican senators are aiding and abetting Trump’s work to pack the courts with extreme, anti-ACA nominees. It must end. #ACA10 #courtsmatter
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#NEWS: Trump-appointed judge rejected a trans woman's request for correct pronoun usage and misgendered her throughout an opinion.
Yesterday we filed a brief asking that the Court remove this harmful & disrespectful language.
Read it here:…
The judge in question was (surprise!) a Trump appointee, Stuart Kyle Duncan of the Fifth Circuit.

You might remember him from some of our ongoing coverage during his confirmation process. 👀…
Everyone deserves to be treated with fairness and respect in court, regardless of who they are. #CourtsMatter

That's why we filed this brief in partnership with fellow #LGBTQ rights organizations.

Read about the case:… Image
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NEXT WEEK: Senate will vote on the nomination of anti-voting rights judge Andrew Brasher.
Brasher’s anti-voting rights, anti-reproductive rights, anti-worker record is disqualifying for the federal bench. To protect our rights, we must #StopBrasher.… Image
It’s 2020. We can’t afford to let this administration pack our courts with judges who will rubber-stamp their voter suppression efforts. We must #StopBrasher.
11th Circuit nominee Andrew Brasher is a crusading ideologue who has devoted much of his career to attempting to restrict voting rights, #LGBTQ equality, reproductive freedom, environmental protection, & other critical civil & human rights. Senate must #StopBrasher. #CourtsMatter
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Good evening, Twitterverse! We’re tuning into tonight’s #DemDebate. We don’t play favorites, but we need to know: Are these candidates ready to fight for full equality alongside us? Follow along!
Did You Know: In 2009, the Iowa Supreme Court ruled in our case that prohibiting marriage between same-sex couples was unconstitutional, making Iowa one of the first states to legalize #MarriageEquality. We ♥️ Iowa.

Read more ⬇️⬇️⬇️ #DemDebate…
➡️ 12 candidates still seeking the Democratic presidential nomination
➡️ 6 of them participating in tonight’s debate
➡️ 7 questions that we need answered!
#DemDebate #LGBTQ…
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"After three years of sustained attack on the integrity of our federal courts, our system of justice is now indisputably in a state of crisis." —LL CEO @KJennings.
Read our newest report. #CourtsMatter #ProtectOurCourts…
@KJennings The attack on civil rights of #LGBTQ people through the judiciary keep coming.

Need proof? Here's our report from 2018:… Image
@KJennings We issued a report sounding the alarm in 2017 as well:…

This is no mere symptom of the Trump-Pence administration.

This is part of a larger, planned strategy to stack the judiciary against us.

To stack justice against us. #CourtsMatter Image
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#BREAKING: We just released a sweeping new report illustrating the impact of efforts by President Trump and conservatives to reshape the federal judiciary in 2019. Read more by @quasiasher in @Newsweek. #CourtsMatter #ProtectOurCourts…
@quasiasher @Newsweek when presented with a future where more than 1/3 of sitting federal judges have a documented history of bias against #LGBTQ people, we find this featured "next article" on Newsweek soothing, tbh. #CourtsMatter… Image
@quasiasher @Newsweek We are facing 40+ years of courts tainted by the Trump-Pence administration.

All of these confirmations are LIFETIME appointments. Our resistance cannot end with this administration.

We're in this fight for the long haul. Please help support our work: Image
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Speaking on the Senate floor to once again oppose one of President Trump's ideologically-driven, deeply partisan judicial nominees, Sarah Pitlyk. #StopPitlyk #CourtsMatter…
Sarah Pitlyk has worked to erode women’s access to safe, legal abortion—including defending legislation that would have allowed landlords to evict tenants, & employers to fire employees, simply because they used birth control or got pregnant before getting married. #StopPitlyk
Sarah Pitlyk has not only expressed her personal bias against assisted reproductive technology (A.R.T.), such as IVF, but has authored briefs arguing surrogacy and A.R.T. have "grave effects on society."

These views are alarming and disqualifying. #StopPitlyk
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This morning the Senate Judiciary Committee is expected to vote on Lawrence VanDyke's #TrumpJudge nom. We must #StopVanDyke b/c "confirming him to the #NinthCircuit would be a severe blow to the rights of millions." #CourtsMatter…
We wrote to SJC on Nov 13 to make our #StopVanDyke #CourtsMatter case: "Although nominated to a seat designated for a Nevadan, VanDyke’s connections to the state are sparse. He has been found unqualified by the ABA. He has worked as a culture warrior."
The ABA found VanDyke unqualified not once but TWICE: "Because the first review found him unqualified, the committee directed a former chair to conduct a supplemental review to ensure fairness. The results were the same." #StopVanDyke #CourtsMatter
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Speaking on the Senate floor to call out Senate Republicans for their unwavering support for President Trump’s efforts to remake the federal judiciary & rubberstamping his nominees—many of whom have no business sitting on the federal bench. #CourtsMatter…
Senate Republicans are packing the court with hard-right, ideological picks like Lee Rudofsky. Rudofsky’s record includes:
➡️working to deny women access to repro health care
➡️arguing in favor of cutting Medicaid funding to @PPFA
➡️fighting against LGBTQIA+ equality
@PPFA Sarah Pitlyk is another judicial nominee who has worked throughout her career to limit access to a wide array of repro health care services, and she’s called birth control “evil” & a “grave moral wrong.” She’s far too ideological to sit on the federal bench. #StopPitlyk
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What's scarier than ghouls, goblins, & 👻? 👀 Unqualified and extremely conservative nominees being confirmed to LIFETIME positions as federal judges. 😱

Their judgeships could have disastrous results for GENERATIONS. 😧 Meet just a handful of them. ⤵️

#Halloween #CourtsMatter
Extreme and biased: Sarah Pitlyk has gone on the record against alternative reproductive options, such as surrogacy and in vitro fertilization. She can’t be trusted to protect our health and rights. #StopPitlyk #CourtsMatter
We need judges who will protect our constitutional rights — not Steven Menashi who has spent his career working against them. Senators must stop his confirmation. #StopMenashi #CourtsMatter
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Tonight the Senate will likely confirm Trump’s 145th nominee to an Article III court (these include SCOTUS, circuit & district courts & the Court of International Trade). Once confirmed this will mean 1/6 of ALL Article III judges will be Trump appointees. #CourtsMatter
Any issue that matters to you--whether it is LGBTQ rights, #reporrights, the environment, labor, etc.--is affected by the courts.
This further highlights the importance of asking about the courts at tonight’s #DemDebate. We joined with @WeDemandJustice @TakeBacktheCt and the Committee for a Fair Judiciary in urging @CNN moderators to ask about the courts:…
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I will be voting NO on Matthew Kacsmaryk, President Trump’s nominee for a federal judgeship in Texas. His anti-#LGBTQ views would move our nation backwards.
This #PrideMonth, Rs are trying to confirm Kacsmaryk--who compared the “march towards so-called marriage equality” with “complete lawlessness,” & called transgender identity “a psychological condition in need of care, not a category of persons in need of special legal protection”
The beauty of our Constitution is that it protects the rights of ALL Americans. It allows people of different views, different values, and different faiths to live together with a culture of tolerance, not exclusion.
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