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Thread by @LJT_is_me: "Really important! California Montana New Jersey Alabama South Dakota Mississippi New Mexico Mississippi Iowa Your free begins with making your voice heard! I want everyone to make their voice heard. That said, If they are liste […]"…
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So I had a VERY bad medical week and have a heavy writing week ahead and I promised The Wife that I would stay off Twitter today and rest and do a little research and rest some more.

And here I am yelling at Ben Sasse because he's pretending AGAIN to be "moderate" but he is NOT.
We absolutely have to yell in the faces of these people every chance we get and remind them that their whole raison d'etre is to make life 100% unlivable for people like me and my family and my black neighborhood and every woman, even the privileged ones.

People like Ben Sasse present as benign, but are destroying our world.

Remember he called women protestors at the #KavanaughHearings "hysterics" & "deranged" & implied Sen. Amy Klobuchar was also deranged AND NOBODY BLINKED.

Sasse is presumed a "moderate." He's an extremist.
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Superb thread in response to Ben Sasse's calls for a mythical apolitical time in America that resembled Friday Night Lights.

Folks like me never were part of this str8 white binary where ball games & testosterone were the locus. We have been excluded always.Sasse doesn't see us.
Sasse doesn't even believe his own fairy tale of a sparkling str8 white male world with no pesky women, POC or LGBT to muck up the dream or he wouldn't have to have his wife homeschool their kids in tiny Fremont, NE to prevent any outside influence from seeping in.
Sasse presents himself as an anti-Trump moderate, but he's one of the youngest (40s) and most extreme GOP senators.

I'll never forget his comments at the #KavanaughHearings
where he called women protestors "hysterical" and "deranged." In his world, women are seen & not heard.
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In ANY type of criminal case, Rape, Assault, Robbery etc., a person can be convicted solely on the word of a complainant.

If you think that's not enough in a Rape case, you should be similarly concerned about every other type of criminal prosecution.
Until relatively recently in most US states, in order to prosecute rape cases there was an additional legal requirement of "Corroboration." This was only needed in rape cases. So in a robbery case, I could say you stole $1000 from me & that would be enough for a conviction.
But in a rape case, there had to be something more, for instance, an eyewitness. Clearly rape cases were the least likely to have this sort of "corroborating" evidence, by their very nature, so to require this extra proof was illogical & unfair.
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.@realDonaldTrump is kicking off his rally in Erie, Pennsylvania. Follow this thread for live fact-checks! #TrumpRally
@realDonaldTrump What's up with Donald Trump and Andrew Jackson?
@realDonaldTrump Trump brought up the #KavanaughHearings. Here are your Kavanaugh-Ford hearing questions answered
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☦️☦️☦️💥💥💥💣BOMB: How the Kremlin uses a network of the agents of influence to stack courts with #KavanaughConfirmation and stop the investigation into the global organized crime, money-laundering and political machinations of Putin and Trump. #Kavanaugh #KavanaughHearings
The article shows how conservative religious groups and networks like the Federalist Society, the National Prayer and Chabad were infiltrated and/or manipulated by the Kremlin to support critical decisions like Kavanaugh's nomination. 👇…
This thread+article show that, willingly or not, the Federalist Society, Fellowship Foundation, The National Breakfast Prayer, Russian Orthodox Church, and Chabad movement are being instrumental in lifting the economic sanctions against the Russian oligarchs & officials.
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1/ There are many nonverbal signs indicating relative levels of confidence. During last week's hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford exhibited contrasting examples of one such signal.
2/ When a person raises their right hand to be sworn-in before testifying, if their fingers and/or thumb are spread apart - it signals low levels of confidence.
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So everyone knows Feinstein hired a Chinese spy as her driver. What if Trump got a legally-obtained FISA warrant against Feinstein? What might they learn by listening to her calls? #Feinstein #KavanaughHearings #ChristineBlaseyFord
What if they picked up Feinstein plotting to spring a last minute charge against Kavanaugh to delay his nomination to SCOTUS? Who else might they have also heard in the phone conversations?
What if "they" hired the sex crime prosecutor to ask Qs that would reveal Dems plan? Notice she specifically stayed away from asking typical Qs about the actual "assault." And why ask Qs about whether CBF taught tips about polygraphs when she was supposed to ask about assault?
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Thread: Connections - Katz (Ford Atty)/Weinstein/NXIVM

1). On Sep 27, #Q posted @TracyLynn128 's tweet showing #Kavanaugh accuser Ford's atty, Debra Katz, w/ HRC.

And said "The truth is right in front of you"...

2). The truth is, Katz also represents Irwin Reiter, SVP of Accounting @ Weinstein Co. As the SVP of Acct, Reiter would have first hand knowledge of where & to whom payments went to. He also knew of Weinstein's crimes but didn't report them.

3). As many know already, HRC is friends w/ Weinstein. Weinstein has been a major donor to her and the Clinton Foundation.

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Like many in US, I've been watching the #KavanaughHearings closely. I don't know what happened or didn't happen 36 years, but I do know what I'm seeing now & quite frankly, it's not good.
As a conservative woman, I've spent the last couple of weeks agitated, uncomfortable, & confused. I couldn't put my finger on it. I support both survivors & due process, but something's been off.
Yesterday, I finally found words for my agitation & then I read this article this morning & it confirmed what I've been struggling with.…
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1/ The following is my second analysis of a portion of Brett Kavanaugh's testimony during his hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee on 27 September 2018.
2/ JOHN KENNEDY (beginning at 3:45:39): "I’m — I’m sorry, judge, for what you and your family have been through. And I’m sorry - for what Dr. Ford and her family have been through. It could have been avoided [long pause] Do you believe in God?"
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#ConfirmKavanaughNow ⚖️🇺🇸 @senatemajldr speaking from the well of the Senate. The #KavanaughHearings reminds everyone of the #McCarthyHearings
"The Democratic administration has greatly lost the confidence of the American people by its complacency to the threat of communism and the leak of vital secrets to Russia through key officials of the Democratic administration.
There are enough proved cases to make this point without diluting our criticism with unproved charges.
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Flake-y FBI Thread - 1
A. At first glance I was discouraged by (what a) Flake's appeal for FBI to investigate for 1 week.
B. I thought "No...No more delays" vote, asap
C. I realized rushing it through is what u have 2 do if u r afraid, if u r afraid something else will come out
Flake-y Thread 2
D. Ford supplied no real or tangible evidence that can be investigated
E. But she did testify under oath, so what could the FBI find.
F. They could find who paid 4 lie detector test, who leaked her story, They can also search Ford's phone, email, &social media
Flake-y FBI part 3
G. After Kavanaugh testimony I believe him & I dont think any additional false accusers or claims is going 2 do any damage bc they wont be "credible"
H. Dr. Fords testimony & accusations aren't credible either. The only reason we r hearing about it is politics
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THREAD: Body Language Analysis No. 4347: Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearings - Part I • #Nonverbal #Emotional #Intelligence #KavanaughHearings #ChristineBlaseyFord #BrettKavanaugh #BodyLanguageExpert #BodyLanguage
1/ In case you hadn't heard, on Wednesday 27 September 2018, both Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee.
2/ This hearing could supply a year's worth of nonverbal teaching examples and it would close to impossible to analyze the entire event in one session. Thus, what follows is the first of several analyses of this historic exchange.
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Dr. Ford’s assault was extraordinarily similar to mine more than 20 years ago. I remember the feeling of being terrified while held down & feeling his tremendous weight. I remember the light rain and that the grass was damp beneath me. I remember what he said—it was disgusting 1/
I clearly recall how I escaped the situation & how clueless he was of my fear. He was happy & laughing and not understanding why I wouldn’t come home with him. He even called me weeks later to ask me to lunch. I didn’t know who he was because I’d blocked his name from my mind 2/
What’s I do not remember is exactly who was at the party we’d just left. I recall two people. I do not remember whether I heard anyone talking nearby while I was attacked. I do not remember how loud the music was or wasn’t at the party. 3/
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THREAD: Since I published a secret recording last week of the Bergen County Sheriff going on a racist rant I've fielded several tips about shocking remarks made by public officials in Bergen County, NJ. In this thread I'll highlight two that recently aired in public meetings.1/7
"I'd like to kill her, but I can't do that. I look at the 'Shawshank Redemption' and say, 'Hmmm.'" - Englewood Cliffs Police Chief Michael Cioffi on Englewood Cliffs Council President Carrol McMorrow. 2/7
That remark was made on a tape recording made by Cioffi and played by McMorrow at Thursday night's council meeting. The tape was released as part of a lawsuit that both are embroiled in. Hear the tape at 12:45:… 3/7
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Watching #AnitaHill speak at #GraceHopper celebration. You can live stream you go to their site.

Needed this community, this speaker, after witnessing questioning of Dr Ford and Kavanaugh.
no female up for supreme court justice would be able to be vulnerable in the same way" -talking about Judge Kavanaugh being able to cry and be angry in a way we would never allow a woman up for the job. #gracehopper2018 #GHC18 #GHC #AnitaHill #Keynote
Women need to have authenticity (emotions, personality) in how we do our work, and we are in a system that does not allow us to have it, but does for men. -#AnitaHill #gracehopper2018 #Ghc #GHC18
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You voted for those people, America. They represent you.
-The majority of white American women voters vote GOP —> Grassley and the all-male Senators on the Senate Judiciary Committee.
-There has never been a woman GOP Senator on that committee. It is 2018. #KavanaughHearings
It is 2018. These are the GOP Senators on the Judiciary Committee.
- Old white men - average is 62, Grassley is 85.
- A majority of white American women voters vote GOP. They are footsoldiers of the white supremacist patriarchy that hurts us all.
It is 2018.
- Regardless of how you vote, as a white American, white supremacy works in your favour.
- But if you’re a white woman, patriarchy does not.
I urge all white American women to remember that and to fight it by fighting gendered racism. #KavanaughHearings
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Feeling drained after the #KavanaughHearings? I've been thinking about why. Objectively, there are far worse injustices going on even as Kavanaugh spoke.

Sure, there's the out of sight out of mind factor. Most injustice goes unreported; yesterday's hearing was not that.
But there was something distinctive about the hearing. It was a rare exposure of several different vectors of underreported injustice, concentrated into one episode.
We hear stories of sexual assault all the time. Or oppression. Abuser protection. Entitlement. Privilege. Character assassination. Lip service to the oppressed. Trauma. Legalized discrimination.

Rarely do we get to see it all in one day, before hundreds of millions of people
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Looming for GOP are imminent charges by SC’s ofc & others referred to State AGs on intl & dom corruption, NRA-Russia, Russia-treason, etc makes clear Lindsey Graham’s collapse into hysterics during #KavanaughHearings & urgency to seat BK.

Gamble vs. United States..
#SCOTUS will hear arguments to overturn the “Dual Sovereignty Doctrine” which currently allows both federal and state prosecutions. Overturning the “Dual Sovereignty Doctrine” would tie the hands of states to prosecute that which has already been prosecuted under federal law...
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.@nycsouthpaw: When career prosecutor Rachel Mitchell asked #Kavanaugh about his drinking & the July 1 party where Judge and Smyth were in attendance – a key date that aligns with Ford's account – Republican senators then came to his rescue and benched her…
American Bar Association: delay #Kavanaugh confirmation vote until an FBI investigation is completed into the sexual assault allegations against him #KavanaughHearings…
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We know two things for certain: That she told the truth as best she was able, and he lied without compunction. Most of the rest of what we know flows from those two facts. #KavanaughHearings
Ford spoke carefully, thoughtfully, forthrightly, even where doing so undermined her current rhetorical point. Kavanaugh issued flatly preposterous untruths without blinking. #KavanaughHearings
Kavanaugh said the party couldn't have been on a weekday, because he worked weekdays. Later he admitted he drank on weekdays, and his diary shows one drinking gathering on a Thursday. A stupid, obvious lie. #KavanaughHearings
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