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#Ukraine: Today's updates from #UkraineWar: 1. UA military says it is advancing in several directions at once in S in #counteroffensive, up to 2 km in each direction. RU counterattack successfully defeated: #tweet100
🇺🇦⚡️THREAD🇺🇦⚡️ ImageImage
#Ukraine: 2. N of #Bakhmut, in a series of coordinated attacks, UA have breached several key RU positions & yesterday retook heights overlooking the city. #Prigozhin, seeing RU losses said collapse of RU N flank is "only a matter of time". #tweet100 (Map: @ChuckPfarrer) Image
#Ukraine: 3. In #US, current draft of Nat. Def. Authorization Act for 2024 includes $80 million for supply of ATACMS to UA. #Germany delivering 64 Patriot missiles & #Belgium M113 APCs following Ramstein meeting. #tweet100. Update on #Counteroffensive: ImageImage
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🧵Latest: We can now reveal that #Belgium has reportedly been in talks with #FCAS stakeholders regarding an “observer status for the time being,” rather than fully acceding to the program. The Belgian MoD did not respond to requests for comment.…
2. The CEO of #Dassault Aviation, Éric Trappier, has made it known he’s against expanding FCAS to include other countries involved in the #F35 program, even if they are European. However, he has not ruled out the possibility of governments joining as observer nations.
3. Trappier made the following remarks at a hearing session on France’s 2024-2030 Military Programming Law held last month. “I don’t really see the point in putting more F35 countries into the program. Why would I make room in my factory for people who have chosen the F-35?”
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The desert is coming. The #Sahara desert is expanding towards Southern #Spain and #Italy, and experts predict that both regions will become deserts by 2100 or even sooner. Unfortunately, not much grows in the desert. Image
Natalie Thomas, author of the study that quantified the Sahara’s century of growth, asks: “Morally, how do we deal with the fact that developing countries are paying the price?”
“Only when problems begin to affect wealthier nations do these find impetus to act. The Sahara situation is similar: desertification could actually spread across the Mediterranean Sea into Europe within the next century, which would certainly stir up its member states.”
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#Ukraine Banning Pro-russian TV Stations and Political Parties - #Disinformation #Overview Image

“This is a recurring #disinformation narrative by pro-#Kremlin media about the West’s purported attempts to interfere in #Ukrainian politics and set the #political establishment there against #Russia.
In reality, neither pro-#Kremlin parties nor #politicians nor #media are #persecuted in #Ukraine as long as they obey the #law.
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🧵Latest w/ @sfrantzman: #Israel's Elbit is ramping up its production of multi-purpose rocket and drone launchers in Europe, as the Netherlands is buying the firm's PULS system which #Spain also appears to be favoring for its new rocket artillery program.…
2. On May 17, Royal Netherlands Army announced on social media that it had contracted Elbit for supply of 20 of the truck-mounted PULS systems. Earlier in April, Dutch government had stated that the country would spend around $650 million on long-range weaponry.
3. The move is the latest example of how countries are increasingly turning their attention to ground-based strike capabilities, particularly artillery rocket systems, after how vital they have proven to be in #Ukraine’s defense against Russian invaders.
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🧵Latest at #FEINDEF: Navantia’s fourth of five Avante 2200 corvettes will be delivered to the #Saudi Royal Navy next week, as the Spanish shipbuilder expects to receive a proposal from the Kingdom by 2024 to build five new multi-mission combat ships.…
2. Navantia was contracted by #SaudiArabia in 2018 to build 5 corvettes based on the Avante 2200 design and adapted to specific requirements, including ability to operate in extreme temperatures. Program, dubbed Alsarawat, called for the units to be delivered on a fast schedule.
3. This meant that the company eventually had to produce a ship every four months, which it has managed to do. While the first 3 vessels were commissioned in #Spain, the final two will be inaugurated in Saudi Arabia.
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🧵Latest at #FEINDEF: Airbus Spain is ready to start work on the high-endurance drone SiRTAP for the Spanish and Colombian air forces, saying the first units could be delivered to #Spain by 2026 if the government approves a contract soon.…
2. Officials have confirmed that #Spain is considering procuring a total of 27 SiRTAPs [each of which consists of three aircraft, a ground control station and data reception equipment]. The drone is currently still in a pre-design phase.
3. Both countries signed an MoU for cooperation on the drone in 2019, followed by a formal proposal submitted by Airbus to the Spanish Ministry of Industry in Jan 2021. More recently, the Spanish MoD obtained approval to invest roughly €500 million into the drone project.
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One of the biggest challenges for #solar and #wind is integrating more renewable energy into the power system. How can we do this effectively? #renewableenergy #cleanenergy
To encourage the buildout of renewables, we need strong financial incentives. Finding the right mechanisms is crucial for a successful energy transition. #renewableenergy #financialincentives
Impressive! #Denmark consistently meets 85% of its weekly energy needs from #renewables. They are leading the way in sustainable energy production. #cleanpower Image
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As the @BMWK considers continuing the subsidization of #energy prices; back in the real world power prices in #Germany will be zero for a large part of the weekend, as they are every second weekend. Image
Meanwhile in the #netherlands today you can be paid EUR100/MWh to take power… Image
#spain will also have zero power prices as it did yesterday Image
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NEW: European Parliament's @EP_PegaInquiry
has issued their final report.

Urges #EuropeanUnion towards stronger regulation. Calls out several abusers.

Good thread on highlights👇 Image
"strategic campaign to destroy media freedom" in 🇭🇺 #Hungary.

"a system for the surveillance of the opposition...designed to keep...the government in power" in 🇵🇱#Poland

The @EP_PegaInquiry PR is not mincing words about #Pegasus #spyware abuses in the 🇪🇺#EU Image
The @EP_PegaInquiry also raises serious questions about spyware abuses in 🇬🇷#Greece & 🇪🇸#Spain.

It's clear: spyware is a European problem. Image
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Tracking #SARSCoV2 #Lineages - Globally

Top lineages -#20DayTrends (#G20):

XBB.1.5 (36.6%)⬇️
XBB.1.9.1 (11.5%)⬆️
EG.1 (4.7%)⬆️
XBB.1.16 (4.4%)⬆️
XBB.1.9.2 (3.1%)
XBB.2.3 (1.8%)
XBB.1.5.13 (1.6%)
XBB.1.16.1 (1.5%)…

Updated 04/29/23 Image
Granular details #Global #20DayTrends

This analysis includes all designated #SARSCoV2 sequences submitted to @GISAID with sample collection dates on or after 04/09/2023 (14,137 sequences) Image
#USA, #Austria, #France & #Canada have submitted a lion's share of sequences with sample collection dates on or after 04/09/2023 ...followed by #UnitedKingdom, #Australia, #Germany, #Sweden, #SouthKorea, #Singapore, #China, #Spain Image
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Day 426 of #Russia's needless and disastrous full invasion and war in #Ukraine.

A reasonably quiet start to Tuesday 25 April.
Need a quick recap of yesterday's news? Click below:


The level of #Russia's losses in the last 24 hours remains in line with recent days. Another 690 killed in #Ukraine and we remain on course for 200,000 in mid-May.

Also note a very large 31 vehicle/fuel tanks.

#RussiansGoHome Image
British Intel today comments on the figures. They are slightly behind the 8-ball because as readers here will know, the trend is slightly up again. But yes, down from the insane numbers when #Russia was launching non stop attacks with cannon fodder.

#SaveUkraine #StopRussia Image
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Hello and welcome to the daily "#Ukraine" thread for Day 424 of the awful and illegal war started by #Russia.

For those of us in #England, happy St George's Day. It's also London Marathon day, so let's wish luck to this remarkable man: #StandWithUkraine

Yesterday we saw #Russia's brotherly love for Eton Musk. Russian advances in #Bakhmut. Explosions in occupied #Melitopol as well as usual attacks on the liberated part of #Kherson and #Kharkiv.

Review anything you missed by clicking and scrolling⬇️

For the first time the @TheStudyofWar states that #Ukraine troops have claimed land south of the river (left bank) in #Kherson region.

I'm not 100% convinced. I'd say this coastal region is uncontrolled, with very regular sorties by 🇺🇦 tactical squads:…
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🔥Le régime espagnol annonce une nouvelle violation et profanation de la Valle de los Caídos, cette fois-ci pour exhumer les restes du martyr Primo de Rivera. (via Natalia Junquera)
#PrimodeRivera #ValleDeLosCaidos #Espagne #exhumation #Spain @YvesPDB @BugaultV #JesusChrist Image
Le 20 avril 2023 - les autorités du régime espagnol - dirigées par le Premier ministre social-démocrate #PedroSanchez - ont annoncé via leurs médias sociaux qu'elles allaient procéder à une nouvelle violation de la Vallée des Morts,
cette fois à l'encontre de la Tombe où sont enterrés les restes de José Antonio Primo de Rivera - le fondateur du Parti #Falangiste Espagnol - depuis son assassinat par des Militants Républicains durant les premières semaines de la Guerre Civile Espagnole.
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Tracking #SARSCoV2 #Lineages - Globally

Top lineages -#20DayTrends (#G20):

XBB.1.5 (46.4%)⬇️
XBB.1.9.1 (10.1%)⬆️
XBB.1.16 (4.9%)⬆️
EG.1 (3.7%)⬆️
CH.1.1 (2.3%)⬇️
XBB.1.9.2 (2.3%)
XBB.2.3 (1.3%)⬆️


Updated 04/15/23 Image
Granular details #Global #20DayTrends

This analysis includes all designated #SARSCoV2 sequences submitted to @GISAID with sample collection dates on or after 03/26/2023 (15,505 sequences) Image
#USA, #Austria, #UnitedKingdom & #Canada have submitted a lion's share of sequences with sample collection dates on or after 03/26/2023 ...followed by #Germany, #France, #India, #Italy, #Australia, #Sweden, #Denmark, #Singapore, #SouthKorea, #Spain, #Netherlands Image
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Have a great weekend! Below everything you want to know about #ChatGPT. Thank you Vered! I will add my #thread, with some information about #EU's reaction to ChatGPT.
#ChatGPT created by #OpenAI can carry out conversations, write texts on many topics, perform complex tasks: writing code &planning an event. #Italy's privacy watchdog asked to temporarily ban ChatGPT since the information collected & sent to #chatbot is in violation of #GDPR. 1/1
#ChatGPT unlawfully "fed" the personal data of millions of users to process its replies. @GPDP_IT opened an investigation against #OpenAI: the lack of information to users whose data are collected,absence of a legal basis justifying the massive collection/storage of #data 1/2
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Hello again and welcome to the daily thread covering the #RussiaUkraine war for Weds 12 April, which is Day 413 of the illegal invasion by Moscow.

All yesterday's news is just one click away, right here:
Let's start with strange "goings-on" in #Russia overnight.

It started with what some residents in #Yekaterinburg thought was a missile, but could well have been a meteorite.
In #Yekaterinburg strange "fire circles" reportedly developed at the site of impact. Officials in #Russia say it's all a fake for "Cosmonauts Day"

In #Moscow there was definitely something unidentified floating above the capital yesterday evening. ImageImageImage
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1/ New research @UniLUT on value chain options for steel industry transition in Europe… - Key insights: low-cost renewable electricity & green, hydrogen required. 5 value chain combinations & DE, ES, FI with supply from CL, MA analysed. Impacts expected.
2/ Three different European markets investigated - DE, FI, ES – for primary and secondary steel production. Today’s main types are BF-BOF (coal), EAF (secondary with electricity), but also DRI-EAF (hydrogen) and BOF
3/ five different supply chain combinations investigated: a) full domestic production; b) import of H2 for steelmaking (shipping, pipeline); c) import of hot briquetted iron (HBI); d) import of crude steel.
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Erdogan´s move to only ratify #Finland goes against the wish of those 28 allies who have already ratified both Sweden and Finland – together, as it was intended. Turkey creates a wedge in #NATO that mainly serves the interest of Russia. A thread👇…
1/5 Russia benefits from a fragmented and unfulfilled security architecture in Europe. Hungary, also with close ties to Russia, will follow suite and only ratify Finland.
2/5 Sweden’s status as an invitee means that defense and political integration into NATO is ongoing. Noteworthy, Turkey is not blocking it. In addition, several allies have already given bilateral security assurances. Hence, in the short term, the decoupling is less worrisome.
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I've had the pleasure of being invited to review or respond to a range of excellent books in recent times, on a range of aspects of #constitutionallaw and #democracy worldwide.

A short thread on 7 reviews 🧵
Mark Tushnet @Mark_Tushnet, The New Fourth Branch: Institutions for Protecting Constitutional #Democracy
I see this is as a landmark book in the rapidly expanding literature on 4th branch/guarantor institutions and raise key qs
🔓 Open access @icon_journal…
Emilio Meyer @pelusoemilio, Constitutional Erosion in #Brazil (@hartpublishing)
Meets a crucial gap in the global literature on #democraticdecay, anatomising a highly complex context + considering ways forward
🔓 Open access on the Suprema journal…
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There's been criticism of the detail (esp re #Poland, which has already delivered Leos) - but @JeremyCliffe's main point is right.
▶️I'd actually take it further (it's not about #Germany but about #Ukraine), which is why we need to talk about #Finland🧵…
I've repeatedly praised #Finland's approach to standing up #Russia & have written on its own #Zeitenwende in joining #NATO.
I've also repeatedly praised @MarinSanna as a figurehead of #NeoIdealism - who's been wonderfully clear on how & why #Ukraine must win & RU must lose
So, to be clear, this is not a general critique of🇫🇮or '🇫🇮 bashing'!
- BUT on the tank issue, I think #Finland has got it wrong.
- According to public info they have agreed to send
3 Patria Leopard2R heavy mine breaching tanks
-But NO #Leopard2 MBTs…
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Day 365 of #Russia's illegal war. A momentous day.
#Putin chose to invade #Ukraine after promising the world he would do no such thing.

As we reach the end of a year of fighting, don't forget this event I'll be on at 18:30 GMT this evening:…
It's not quite the anniversary of #Russia's full invasion of #Ukraine - that is tomorrow, at 04:00 local time.

If you like my work you can buy me a coffee (see my bio)

To catch up on yesterday's news, here's the link, click & scroll:

A bumper crop for #Ukraine's army in the last 24 hours, according to #Kyiv's figures.

Almost 800 more dead Russian troops, plus 16 tanks destroyed. All the first four categories today are above average.

#RussiansGoHome (dead or alive, your choice)
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⭐️#Spain Approves Menstrual Leave, Teen Abortion, Trans Laws #Thread
1. The Spanish parliament approved legislation expanding abortion and #transgender rights for teenagers while making Spain the first country in Europe that will entitle workers to paid menstrual leave.
2 The driving force behind the two laws was Equality Minister Irene Montero, who belongs to the junior member in Spain’s left-wing coalition government, the “United We Can” Party.
3. The changes to sexual and reproductive rights mean that 16- and 17-year-olds in Spain can now undergo an abortion without parental consent.
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🇺🇦🇪🇸⚡️Ukrainian wheat, intended to be sent to poor African countries, has instead been used to feed pigs in Spain, according to journalist Michael Koch.
#ukraine #ukrainewar #grain #wheat #spain #graindeal…
The European Union was seeking to create a corridor to deliver Ukrainian grain by sea to the poorest countries to avoid food shortages.
However, Koch claims that little of it reached the third-world countries, with most going to Spain, as the Ukrainian authorities prioritised financial gain.
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