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Trump is doing a rally in Georgia. Tweets in this thread. (Only three or four more of these in the next two days, I promise)
Right Side Broadcasting, my favourite Trump-streamer, informs its loyal viewers that the "ultimate dream of any reporter" is to fly on Air Force One, "or at least of this reporter."
Trump dutifully reads his line about how this is one of the most important elections of our lifetimes, then ad-libs, "I wouldn't say it's as important as '16, but it's right up there."
Trump notes how big the crowd is even behind the camera stand. He says that this isn't the case with "with other celebrities who come here, who don't have very big crowds." He is at Middle Georgia Regional Airport.
Trump is boasting about how he was always at the centre of the debate stage in the Republican primary two years ago. He mentions "Crooked Hillary." There is a Lock Her Up chant. "Ahhh, what a group. What a group. You're great people," Trump says.
Earlier than usual, Trump is doing the thing about how television camerapeople won't turn their cameras to show how big his crowds are. "They're fake news, they don't want to show it," he says to cheers.
Trump, adopting a mocking voice, makes fun of news people for saying that both he and Obama have "wonderful crowds." He suggests his are much bigger.
Sir Alert: Trump says he'll never forget when a Georgia farmer allegedly told him, pre-hurricane, "Sir, I've been growing cotton for 25 years, this is the best crop I've ever grown...this is going to take care of all my problems," but then, hurricane, no more cotton.
Trump claims that the Georgia farmer who called him sir also said he had "the best cotton I've ever seen." Then Trump says, of this supposed remark, "Sounded like Trump, actually." He has these occasional moments where he seems to know his stories do not sound plausible.
The point of the anecdote, I think, was that the hurricane negatively affected economic growth.
Big cheers for the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh. "Boy did he get treated badly," Trump says. He asks people if they saw the story about the self-discredited Kavanaugh accuser (who got substantially less attention than the others, such as Blasey Ford).
The crowd chants "Lock Her Up" about the Kavanaugh accuser who admitted she made up her story. Here's the context:…
Tears Alert: Trump says he was greeted backstage by a "very powerful, strong guy" who had "tears coming down on his face" and said "thank you, Mr. President, for saving our country." He adds: "Happens all the time...TEARS. TEARS."
Here's my story about all the big strong tough men Trump claims have cried in gratitude to Donald Trump:…
Trump says he asked the crying strong man when he has previously cried, and the crying strong man said he doesn't think he ever cried, even as a baby.
Trump tries to use the little-known Kavanaugh accuser's retraction to impugn the well-known accusers, saying, "How about the other ones?...You'll see others, now."
Trump tries to motivate his supporters with the story of the Kavanaugh accuser's retractions, saying, "You gotta get to the polls on Tuesday, and you gotta vote."
Trump says that members of Antifa have "little arms," not strong arms, and have to resort to using clubs. He says, "Where are the Bikers for Trump? Where are the police? Where are the military? Where are - ICE? Where are the Border Patrol?"
Trump continuing to mock Antifa: "These are bad people. These are people causing problems, and the press doesn't want to talk about them."
Trump does his usual egregious rapid-fire lies about Democrats, saying they want to "totally erase America's borders" and take away people's health care.
Trump does his usual lie about how he is building the wall (no) and how he has secured $4.8 billion for the wall ($1.6 billion for non-wall fencing projects, maybe another $1.6 billion in December for next year).
Trump vaguely floats his conspiracy theory about the caravan: "Ask yourself, how do you think that formed?"
Trump said he had Pence call up the leaders of Latin American countries where caravans have formed, and that Pence said, "We pay you hundreds of millions of dollars a year, which is probably just stolen." I doubt Pence said the last part if he said anything.
Trump lies that Democrats are urging "caravan after caravan" to enter the country.
Trump gleeful: "You saw that barbed wire going up. That barbed wire. Yes sir, we have barbed wire going up. Because you know what, we're not letting these people invade our country."
Trump brings out former University of Georgia football coach Vince Dooley, who praises Trump and Brian Kemp and says Herschel Walker also supports both of them.
Trump, referring to the green farmer version of his campaign hat, says he has indeed made farmers great again.
Trump says he used to hear about this "horrendous" blue wave, but "I haven't heard the term blue wave" recently, but if his supporters don't vote, "I'm going to look very bad with this statement."
Trump points out that Brian Kemp cares about veterans and talks to him about them a lot. He adds: "Sometimes I say, 'Brian, we gotta talk about another subject, please, Brian.'"
Trump baselessly: "If Stacey Abrams gets in, your Second Amendment is, is - gone. Gone. Stacey and her friends will get rid of it." He suggests people will come knocking on their door and say "please give us all guns right now."
Trump says Stacey Abrams will turn Georgia into Venezuela. He says this about a lot of Democrats who will not turn their respective jurisdictions into Venezuela.
Trump, attacking Stacey Abrams, says Oprah, who campaigned for her, used to be his friend until he ran for office.
Trump criticizes the media at length for being too hard on him, saying he gets in trouble for merely "a little bit of a mispronunciation of a word." There is a CNN SUCKS chant.
Trump lies that he was on Oprah's show in its last week because she had on "her five most important people." He was on the show 3.5 months before it ended: her last show was on May 25, 2011; Trump appeared on Feb. 7, 2011.
This is the fourth time Trump has lied that he was on Oprah's show in its last week, but it's the first time he's claimed it was because he was super-important to Oprah.
Earlier, Trump repeated Kemp's false claim that Abrams wants illegal immigrants to vote. She simply said her movement includes unauthorized immigrants, not that they should actually cast ballots. Here's an AP fact check with the context:…
Trump repeats his lie that Democrats will be "raiding Medicare to fund benefits for all of the illegal immigrants that they want to pour into our country" and his lie that "Democrats are openly encouraging millions of illegal aliens to break our laws."
Trump, who has tried and is still trying to weaken Democrats' protections for people with pre-existing conditions: "Republicans will always protect patients with pre-existing conditions...the Democrats like to spread false rumours. They're the ones that won't be able to..."
Trump asks mockingly if Elizabeth Warren is still running for president. He says her DNA test decision shows she could not deal with the leaders of foreign countries. He asks Ohio to elect Mike DeWine, saying Ohio is probably listening to him here in Georgia.
Trump, talking at length about immigration and crime, mocks Pelosi for telling him not to call MS-13 members animals. "They cut 'em up. They go straight into your neighbourhoods," he says.
Trump, as per usual, denounces the "horrible NAFTA deal" and boasts of his "incredible, brand new" USMCA, which is very much NAFTA (with some real changes).
Trump on reducing drug prices: "We're cutting out the middleman. The middle man and woman, I guess, right? We're cutting out the middleman and middlewoman."
Trump on Obamacare repeal: "We actually had it repealed and replaced, but we had one disappointing vote." He did not have it repealed and replaced.
Trump boasts of how he got the Veterans Choice program passed and created, though it was created in 2014 and he signed a modification of the program.
Trump repeats his usual exaggerations about Iran, claiming as usual that before he took office it was going to take over the entire Middle East.
Trump says that when he meets with "kings and queens and princes and we meets on occasion with a president and a prime minister," "every one of them," "practically," comes into the Oval and says congratulations on "the incredible job you've done with the economy."
Trump, getting a bit confusing in his nonsense, says that even "the Democrats," when they aren't on television or in public, say they can't believe how much he's accomplished, "and they want to stop it as fast as possible."
Trump asks people to send a message to Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Maxine Waters, who is not a party leader but is a Black woman, by electing Brian Kemp. As almost always, Waters gets the biggest jeer.
Trump has concluded. He has another rally in a couple hours in Tennessee.
My vote for most interesting moments in that one: Trump's lies and fearmongering about Stacey Abrams on guns and immigration; Trump's insistence that he too was once important to Oprah.
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