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I'm somewhat curiou, why a tweeter: @VicSidewalkFail has blocked me? I tried to flw them as they state their goal "promoting safe sidewalks" which is something that caught my eye and interest. And was told by twitter I'm blocked from flwing them at their request. Huh?
My curiosity re blocking extends beyond this 1 acct.(Our #YYJPoli pal,Luke,comes to mind) I can understand block if someone is rude/hateful.
But wouldn't those who profess to advocacy want more not less engagement *especialy* w/those who have differing views? #EchoChamber
Aryze has substantially >than average #FakeFollowers (27.4%) as per @SparkTogo. But we can ignore those -
My ? today is directed to his legit 2773 flwrs- some of whom are actively engaged in #YYJPoli #YYJElxn . .
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"This new wave of entrepreneurs has a different set of expectations. The new social contract is a commitment to make on their own. It’s a promise to themselves. They want to build their own island of stability in a sea of uncertainty." -- Pippa Malmgren…
Mental Health Care Should Be Available for All, Not a Luxury…
#OpEd, #MentalHealthCare, #UnderservedCommunities, #HealthEquity
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1/ Alternative investments are becoming ever more popular.

With more sponsors looking to cash in on the trend, an overwhelming amount of deals have an unattractive alignment of interest and a clear principal-agent problem.

One way to fix this...
2/ ... is by making agents (GPs) move closer to principals (LPs).

This requires a meaningful amount of #skininthegame (meaningful commitment as a % of the deal).

Forget industry standards like 0 to 3% commitments, which GPs often quote since it favors them (#confirmationbias).
3/ Our job as LPs (HNWIs & FOs) is to look for anomalies and no-brainer opportunities — not 99% of the cookie-cutter deals.

On Twitter, it seems most GPs are in an #echochamber.

They spend all their time discussing what they prefer, without giving a second thought about LPs.
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The thing that scares me most about social media like @Twitter is the echo chambers;

my first #thread, so, please, be gentle 🎩🧵
Don't get me wrong; I love the families that are created around #NFTs and other #crypto-projects;
i.e. I love following every @firatinsayfasi profile pic in circulation, and I love to see them into my newsfeed; I love to see it populated by @apa_nft, @MifutoMFT and others...
But I think it's something to weigh carefully;
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Interesante corto ”The Echo Chamber” d alumnos @informaticaucm asignatura Ética, Legislación y profesión del mal uso de #RRSS en la pandemia d #coronavirus
El objetivo es concienciar sobre los peligros que esconden las RRSS
#EchoChamber #Covid_19
Hilo 1/5
¿Qué es una #EchoChamber?
Sistema cerrado en el q solo se comparten opiniones/ideas afines, provocando q sean amplificadas y repetidas e invisibilizando las contrarias. Se crea así un círculo de gente que no difieren en estas
Hilo 2/5
¿Riesgos de #EchoChamber?
Solo hay opiniones comunes, no se ve la otra cara d la 🪙, llevando a la radicalización d ideas, no verificar la información q se comparte, llevando a desinformación y anulación d pensamiento crítico
Hilo 3/5
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Watch Brian Katulis of the Center for @amprog meltdown when I point out that he is parroting the #echochamber's talking points & tweets on @realDonaldTrump's decapitation strike on #Iran's #Soleimani.
@amprog @realDonaldTrump According to Mr. Katulis, Trump's maximum pressure on #Iran only gave us maximum resistance. Our allies don't trust us and Trump has no plan because he receives different opinions for advice. Incidentally, hearing the same advice repeatedly is part of what an #echochamber does.
@amprog @realDonaldTrump If we back up to the beginning, you hear the same #echochamber talking points that Team Obama used. It shouldn't be surprising. He works at @amprog, which is headed by @neeratanden. They dislike what Trump would call, #winning 👇…
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Same concept, but for GOP and notable third party/independent candidates.

cc: @ZellaQuixote
First up: Libertarian candidate John McAfee. Accounts retweeting @officialmcafee also retweet Trump, a variety of #AltWankers such as @JackPosobiec, @PrisonPlanet, @CassandraRules, and @Cernovich, as well as @RT_com, @wikileaks, and @ggreenwald. They tweet mostly in English.
An interest in cryptocurrency shows up in both the hashtags used and media sites linked by accounts retweeting @officialmcafee. Other favorite sites include Reddit, Zerohedge, RT, and Wikileaks, and Assange/Wikileaks-related hashtags and #MAGA turn up frequently.
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Because THIS guy draws another false equivalence between the torrent of lies he spun selling the #IranDeal and Trump’s meetings that resulted in nothing similar, I’m compelled to call him out in vivid detail as I did in 2015 with this thread for the record 👇🏼
You can follow along with the article I wrote in @TimesofIsrael in 2015, "Framework Iran’ Sequel Leaves Audiences and Critics Confused" in which I demonstrate that at nearly every turn, #Iran's version of the deal was accurate and the White House lied.…
We should recall that in 2015, there was a sizable disagreement between the garbage Ben Rhode's and his #EchoChamber were selling, what Europe was saying, and what #Iran said happened.
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