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Right Wing Terrorism: A Thread
In 2009 the Department of Homeland Security released an internal report saying the future of terrorism was homegrown, and most perpetrators would be white supremacist lone wolves. But are they really “lone wolves” when they’re enabled by the political right?
First, let’s look at the political right and take a peek at differences among members.

JSYK: Making Sense of the Political Right
Next, we have to go back to the 1990s for a better view at the role of conservatives and evangelicals in right wing terrorism, and how right wing political power benefits from their mobilization.
Since America’s beginning, white people have committed acts of terrorism and genocide to maintain political, economic, and social control. But it was during the 90s that terrorism moved away from purely racist groups like the KuKluxKlan and became more anti-government.
It’s important to address the atmosphere of the early 90s in America so you can step into the shoes of 90’s right wing extremists.
With policy and society leaning towards progressive attitudes, conservatives of all kind were concerned that America was rapidly moving towards a point of no return.
But two events radicalized white folks more than any other.

JSYK: How Ruby Ridge and Waco Galvanized The American Militia Movement
Sidenote: here’s a picture of OKC bomber Timothy McVeigh selling racist bumper stickers outside of the Waco Siege
Thanks to internet and camcorder technology, anti-government conspiracy theories tainted with familiar white supremacist language found new audiences among fractured and isolated groups.
The 1993 Brady Bill, which imposed a waiting period for handgun purchases, is signed into law and pisses off gun enthusiasts who become fundamental members of the militia movement.
Militia of Montana, is founded in 1994 by a white supremacist supporter of Randy Weaver. More groups follow as the decade becomes increasingly progressive, and fears include a New World Order conspiracy. These groups are anti-govt but find shelter on the political right
Members of these groups stockpiled weapons & plotted acts of violence against people & institutions. The most famous anti-government white supremacist terrorist was Timothy McVeigh, who killed over 168 people. Accomplice Terry Nichols had attended a Militia of Montana meeting.
The combination of negative publicity on the militia movement from the OKC bombings, the failure of Y2K leading to the apocalypse, the election of George Bush, and 9/11 led to a significant decline in militia groups until the election of Barack Obama
A decrease in anti-government militia groups didn’t mean white radical right violence didn’t occur in the 2000s.
The number of muslims killed in hate crimes was 5x higher than before pre-9/11 levels. Racists eager to serve their country signed up for the military and law enforcement (where plenty cohorts already existed) and assaulted and murdered untold numbers of minorities.
But there was another group of right-wing radicals whose violence, especially in the 90s and 2000s, goes neglected by many conservatives of today, signifying at best, silent apathy, or worst, silent approval.
JSYK: A Short History of Anti-Abortionist Violence
Remember in 2015 when Fox reported that a group called the Center for Medical Progress infiltrated Planned Parenthood and found compelling proof that they were selling baby parts. The thing was phony, and still conservative congress members began trying to cut PP funding
Expounding on fake, questionable, or trivial news for sustained periods of time is done by media on both sides of the political spectrum, but the right has it down to a fine art.
While anti-government fervor died down among many members of the radical right during Bush’s presidency, Obama re-ignited the militia movement with a lot of credit due to conservative media and politicians.
JSYK: How Conservative Media and Politicians Helped Radicalize The Right Wing During The Obama Era
It should also be noted that anti-government militia men are also responsible for the murders of numerous police officers, which tends to go unaddressed by conservative media and pundits
Sometimes going as “patriots” and “sovereign citizens”, these groups were embodied and emboldened by the 2015 occupation of a wildlife refuge in Oregon and the 2014 Bundy Ranch standoff.
Though bullied into not acknowledging the threat of right wing terrorism early in his presidency, after the Charleston church shooting in 2015 Obama organized the Countering Violent Extremism task force, but it mainly focused on muslim communities, the opposite of DHS advice
It’s silver lining was an effort to prevent radicalization thru community programs- something the Trump Administration isn’t doing. One 2002 study found white women enter right wing movements by being recruited to work for mainstream causes like school quality & community safety
The Trump administration is actually nudging right wing terrorism along, as the president and numerous cronies use soft versions of hate speech against muslims, immigrants, and minorities found on white supremacist sites
The three Kansas militiamen who planned to bomb a complex with a large Somali-American population the day after the 2016 election were inspired by Trump, and one is claiming he should get a lighter sentence because of Trump’s influence
Mail bombings and recent massacres at a Pittsburgh synagogue (anti-semitism) and a Kentucky Kroger (racism, and would have been worse had the shooter not been locked out of a black church) are just two examples of growing right wing terrorism in the era of Trump.
Whereas past acts of violence were mainly demonstrations against governments seen as corrupt (Clinton) or corrupt AND pro-black (Obama), violence occurring now are violent actions against people & institutions who are anti-Trump or anti-white supremacy (& therefore anti-America).
Also, acts of violence against minorities by right wing extremists are validations of ideas & speech spouted by “non-violent’ conservatives & evangelicals on the political right. Folks who turn a blind eye to the atrocities committed by the radical groups they rely on for votes
They cling to the “lone wolf terrorist” narrative because it’s easier than addressing the ways in which the political right helps radicalize young white men into committing acts of violence on the basis of patriotism.
It’s easier than addressing the rampant racism of evangelicals and conservatives, who allowed a corrupt tyrant like Trump to become president. Years from now if we survive this, they will be the ones saying:
If they conservatives continue to stay silent or falsely equate right wing terrorism with groups like Black Lives Matter, violent extremists will continue to feel justified in their actions.
The real rub is determining who among the conservative right is just ignorant, and who is being silent on purpose because they approve.
Conservative and Right Wing Movements (Blee and Creasap)
Obama and The Media (Alterman)
The Fox News Effect (DellaVigna and Kaplan)
See 10 More Sources here:
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