1) As the dust begins to settle from Mueller's report on @GenFlynn, a few things are beginning to clarify. First, the stated crimes and the cruel and unusual punishment of an entire year from plea to sentencing,, fails to be proportionate.
2) Second, how can you prosecute a lesser crime, when a vast conspiracy of high crimes were employed to entrap an innocent man? Mueller is tarring himself with his own brush. Hold government employees to the highest standard? What about the standard of fairness, justice?
3) Think about it. We know that illegal surveillance was employed, illegal unmasking and illegal leaking, all high crimes committed against @GenFlynn. Not one word about those. Not the threat of investigation let alone prosecution. Where is his justice?
4) To steal a man's justice is a terrible thing. But then, to compound the theft by prosecuting and breaking him with the infinite force of coercion that Mueller wields, places Mueller in the ranks of the great Star Chamber and Inquisition ministers of evil.
5) Don't take my word for it. Look around, you will see more and more analysts realizing that this has been among, if not the very worst abridgements of justice we've ever seen.
6) Let's turn to the plea deal, and why we keep hearing that it gains nothing for the investigation other than a conviction and possibly some information. Funny, we do not know of any informational value from Gen Flynn's interviews yet, we just have to take Mueller's word for it.
7) The problem is that Gen Flynn did not confess to any actual, underlying crime. Consider the Logan Act allegation. It was Mueller's greatest error to include it in his report. We all know no one has ever been convicted by it in over 200 years. And, Mueller didn't prosecute it.
8) Had Gen Flynn been guilty of it, and Mueller prosecuted it, then that might have a shred of integrity. Mentioning it at all, but NOT prosecuting it, shouts the Mueller knew he'd lose that contest. So, just break the man and then state it in passing. Bad form.
9) It's deeper, though. The real basis of the investigation is Russian Collusion, which is not a crime, so it would end up having to be a conspiracy to turn the election, with Trump having paid money (as HRC actually did) to subvert the democratic process of the election.
10) To properly negotiate Gen Flynn's plea, for the benefit of the investigation itself, what he needed was a confession to some portion of the crime, participation in the conspiracy. Think about Flynn's 19 interviews and all the computer and phone information he gave.
11) Imagine Flynn has all the goods on everyone who actually did collude in some actually illegal manner. Okay. How does he have all that information, damning everyone else, but bear no guilt of participation? That's why Mueller needed a confession of guilt the actual crime.
12) And all the prosecutors on TV tell us the same thing. You turn a lower level participant with a deal and get a guilty plea to the actual crime. In return for information of others, you're let off with a lower sentence. Then, you indict the others with your witness' help.
13) But, when your witness does not confess to participation, how then is he qualified to implicate others? And again, logical problem, if he can implicate others, how is he not thereby implicating himself? Logic does not allow you to have it both ways.
14) So that brings us to the real motive. Here's my theory. Silence. That is, this entire investigation is, in fact, just a sham. It is a cover to weaken @realDonaldTrump, and more, its true purpose relative to Gen Flynn is to take him OFF the national stage.
15) Think about it. I can attest, personally, as can @JoshuaMacias, to @GenFlynn's impact on the 2016 shock victory. He did ever so much more, but I can state, emphatically, that General Flynn rallied the Veteran's community for Trump, as no other.
16) I can testify that the rallying endeavor he made, made a difference. Few people realize that out of 18M Vets, in 2012, only 12M voted. In 2016, that number rose to 15M. We won 85% of the Vet vote. Do the math.
17) We could go deeper, focusing on Obama warning Trump off of Flynn on 10 November, all the crimes against Flynn, the ridiculous Yates attack about the Logan act, etc., but there's no need. If you just look at 2016's outcomes you can see clearly the motivation to silence him.
18) Here's some pure speculation. I project that we'd have won 4 - 10 house seats that we lost, if Gen Flynn had been out in the field rallying the troops for Republicans in the mid-terms. If I'm right - and I have a good track record! - then you need look no further for motive.
19) So what do we do about all this? There is one and only one thing that matters. We must reclaim @GenFlynn, restoring his reputation, clearing his name, and return him to his position of leadership with full respect on the national stage. And how do we do that?
20) Most important, do it yourself, in your own individual heart. Reclaim Gen Flynn as your own personal leader, as I have claimed his as mine. I'm just one guy, and you're just one guy or gal. But we count. And if we join hands in supporting our leader, we'll get him back.
21) Then, reach out and have this conversation with another #Maga supporter. As we extend the hand of honorable followership from one MAGA friend to the next, the ground swell of our support will, sooner or later, reach and explode past a social tipping point.
22) We will not allow Mueller and his perjury machine, take our leader from us. I don't care what the outcome of an unjust and illegal investigation is, one designed to protect criminals against the innocent. Their unjust actions cannot dictate whom I choose for my own leader.
23) I an I alone chose my own leader. You too. And if we agree about that leader, then we are members of a team, together. Democracy itself is based upon that fundamental unit of friends agreeing to throw their support to their own self-chosen leader.
24) So does this mean I am proposing a renewed political career for my hero? Hell no. I'd support it with my whole heart if he chose that path. But, I have absolutely no idea what his path will be. And I don't care. Let me illustrate. I consider Thomas Jefferson to be my leader.
25) Sadly, I do not have the ability to resurrect him from the grave and recruit him into our political process, yet he is my leader anyway. I can study him - and everyone should follow @shestokas in order to become better followers of Jefferson's - and learn from him, and...
26) In looking to Jefferson's life and work, I am led by him, he is my leader, I am his follower. Do you see? We do NOT need Gen Flynn to run for office. I hope he may, and if he does, I'll be right there. But, I need not propose any such thing in order to be his follower.
27) Here's another example. I love @newtgingrich. I often disagree with him. I have NO desire for him to run for office again. But, he is a great leader. It is that which I demand for Gen Flynn. And by demand, I mean just that.
28) That is why I created the #ClearFlynnNow campaign back in February, right here at Twitter (with huge amounts of help, of course!). I believe that every single time we type in that hashtag we are making our voices heard, insisting upon the return of our leader.
29) So I say, let us wait, yet a bit more. The fog has not yet fully cleared and we don't know what the next steps will be yet. Okay. I've waited this long. But I must give this warning. If the illegal establishment tries to execute another such attack my patience will wear thin.
30) In all this, I have been sad, brokenhearted, yet cool. I know others flash hotter than I do, and are often impatient with me for such cause. Yet, should there be some new means by which they keep our leader from us, that will call for a new strategy. I don't know what, but...
31) I promise all my impatient friends, that I will let my ire rise in heat if they steal him from us a second time. I will be angry.
32) Finis. Let us not end on a negative note. I picture joy. Great joy. Pure joy. Complete satisfaction and happiness. Soon. Oh happy day. We will soon have our leader back. And I will be ready to hoist a toast of better days to come. I hope you will too.

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