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#Ukraine: Today's updates from #UkraineWar: 1. While frontlines remain fluid around #Kreminna UA has retaken new ground in the forests S of the city & repelled attacks both here & S of #Spirne, #Donetsk region. Captured RU T-72B3 tank: #tweet100
🇺🇦THREAD Image
#Ukraine: 2. RU forces claim to have captured train station #Bakhmut-1 & taken NE of the city admin area. 200 RU troops reported to have surrendered in last week though & UA forces still fighting hard. #tweet100 (Map: @ChuckPfarrer) Image
#Ukraine: 3. Igor Girkin, RU war criminal, does not rate RU's chances of taking anything. Time lapse does not show much of a #Bakhmut RU advance in last month, 9 months after they started. UA fighters have lucky escape. #tweet100 Image
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#Ukraine leads request for social media platforms to #censor#disinformation

Wants more action.…
#NaziUkraine #Corrupcion #PaliwoodUkraine

1: #Ukraine has spearheaded a collective call to action, joining forces with seven other Central and Eastern European nations to combat “disinformation” on social media platforms.

In an open letter, the prime ministers of these nations
2: urge prominent tech companies, such as #Meta, to implement effective measures that curb the spread of misleading content and foreign interference, which threatens peace, stability, and democracy.
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1/6 #Armenia and the #CzechRepublic will cooperate in the military sphere. The #Armenian government has started the process of ratifying the agreement "On military-technical cooperation between the governments of Armenia and the Czech Republic".

#Yerevan #Military #army Prime Minister of Armenia a...
2/ It was signed in 2010, but it was not ratified for 13 yrs. The reason may be #Russia's threats. 🇷🇺 had a monopoly in the military sector of 🇦🇲 both in the supply of weapons, in the field of #military edu. Accord. to SIPRI, in 2011-2020, 94% of 🇦🇲's weapons were supplied by 🇷🇺.
3/ However, losing the war against #Ukraine, #Russia cannot sell weapons to Armenia. Russian military-industrial companies are under sanctions. And Russian weapons are a real curse for Armenia, which does not want to have problems with the West.
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Should The Czech Republic send our soldiers if Poland or the Baltic states are attacked?

"Not for sure," #CzechRepublic Presidental Candidate, former PM Andrej Babis said in TV pre-election debate.
Just FYI: Former NATO Military Committee chief Petr Pavel would defeat former PM Andrej Babiš in the second round of the presidential election next weekend with 57.7 % of the vote according to the latest poll.
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All the threes. Day 333 of this dreadful war in #Ukraine

But there are not 3 sides. Succinctly you're against #Russia killing civilians, or you're in favour.

Being "neutral" is just allowing war crimes and worse these countries likely profit from the genocide, just as in WWII.
So this is the daily thread for Sunday 22 January.

If you had a busy Saturday and main stream media didn't tell you what you need to know, I can help! Scroll though yesterday's thread right here:

#SaveUkraine #StopRussia

#Russia still losing above average numbers of troops every single day even though today's figure is lower than of late.

600 more estimated (by #Ukraine) to have been killed in the last 24 hours

5,470 Russian militia have died in the last week.
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Today is the day!
@SebLecornu @Emannuelmacron @CEMA_FR @francediplo !

Bougeons enfin sur le #Leclerc !! & idem sur #Leopard2 Des milliers d'hommes de femmes et d'enfants souffrent et meurent tous les jours en #Ukraine
Préparons les actions de demain, aujourd'hui!!!
2/ Stop procrastinating now!
help #Ukraine !
Every single one of u if there r #Leopard2 in your country, make the diff! call out your Prime minister, MOD etc.
Put positive pressure on them now!
Let's not waste more time!
#Canada #Denmark #CzechRepublic #Finland #Germany #Greece
3/ i'm not even going to mention coward greedy #Switzerland with 380 2A4s looking at cows in perfect green grass or double face #Turkish Army that received 354 Leopard 2A4s & only love the use of it against poor #Kurds ...
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Welcome to another weekend, but in #Ukraine just another day of uncertainty. Hoping for the best but forgiven for fearing the worst.

It's Day 332 of #Russia's illegal war on its' peaceful neighbour. Here's the daily thread with all the important news and analysis.
First thanks to Simon S, who last night tipped me for my work (see profile for link).
Cheers, drinking coffee, enjoying a cake now!

So Friday was errr... eventful? Yes, that's the word! Catch up by scrolling through here:

#Russia has now lost over 120,000 soldiers from its' regular army. Another huge daily number of sacrificial lambs on the altar of Tsar Putin: 860, one of the highest ever.

Also decent equipment numbers hit by #Ukraine according to their estimates.

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Καλή χρονιά με υγεία!

Happy new year ppl!

#σημερα εκτός από Πρωτοχρονιά στα κράτη που ακολουθούν το #gregoriancalendar και την #japan είναι η δεύτερη μέρα του #hogmanay στη #scotland, τελευταία μέρα του #kwanzaa για τους Αφροαμερικανούς, ημέρα Σύνταγματος στην #italy,

ημέρα ίδρυσης της Σλοβακικής Δημοκρατίας στη #slovakia, ημέρα αποκατάστασης της ανεξαρτησίας στην #CzechRepublic, ημέρα απελευθέρωσης των σκλάβων στις #usa και μερικά κράτη της #carribean, ημέρα της σημαίας στη #lithuania, ημέρα ίδρυσης στην #taiwan,

#παγκοσμιαΗμεραΟικογενοιας, ημέρα ανεξαρτησίας σε #brunei, #cameroon, #Haiti και #sudan, #kamakuraEbisu στην Ιαπωνία και ημέρα θριάμβου της επανάστασης στην #cuba.

#σανσημερα το 45 BCE η υιοθέτηση του Ιουλιανού ημερολογίου στη #rome, προκαλεί την πρώτη Πρωτοχρονιά.

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Dear Twitter & Nafo Friends,

We have now almost raised £10k.

Two of our cars have now been delivered to aid partner @PavelDudaAid in #Ukraine

If your seeing this post please Follow Us and Retweet if you can.

Also, donation link is here

THREAD 1/30 Image

In today's update thread we shall recap on where exactly we are, the last 5 or 6 weeks have been fairly full-on for all of us, myself and @Peter_Dads_Army spent a huge amount of man-hours collecting these cars, lifting up the bonnets, doing a few bush fixes and getting

garage assistance where it was necessary.

As we already said two of the cars are now delivered and are with our aid partner, two more were also transported to Ukraine and are currently undergoing scheduled maintenance before going to #Donbas.

For those of you who missed
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On to day 266 of #Russia's full invasion and war on #Ukraine.

The big question today - was it a Russian missile or not which landed in #Poland, killing two people?

Find all Wednesday's news here:

So a lot of activity in USA, Europe & Bali overnight.

Joe Biden has now said the missile that hit #Poland was "unlikely" to have been fired from #Russia

There's a thought it may have been hit by #Ukraine anti-aircraft fire: others believe it's a convenient dodge of the issue.
In #Russia this morning an oil depot has gone up in flames in the #Oryol region, which is 100 miles from the border with #Ukraine.

They suspect a drone but fail to explain how air defences of Belgorod and Kursk managed to miss one drone!

No photos yet.
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NEW: #Russia's war in #Ukraine & #cyber - "We have learned a tremendous amount" @CYBERCOM_DIRNSA Gen. Paul Nakasone tells @CFR_org

Says #Ukraine has hardened its networks & has been a step ahead of the Russians in #cyberspace
"Having 10 folks on the ground that are tied back to our command & our agency, that's power I think is really helpful" per @CYBERCOM_DIRNSA re US #cyber aid to #Ukraine

Says US "surged to well over 30...we flooded the zone" to help #Kyiv in #cyber
#Ukraine's warnings abt looming #cyber attacks by #Russia on energy, financial sectors - "They have gone after energy, certainly" @CISAJen tells @CFR_org

"We've been working very closely w/the energy sector ... we are not at a place where we should be putting our shields down"
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100000 demonstrate in #Prague Czech Republic. They hold the EU solely responsible for the European economic disaster and the rise in energy bills.
They dont want to #FreezeForUkraine

Protesters threaten strike and coercive action if government doesn't resign by Sep 25
Massive Demonstration in #Prague Czech Republic against government and soaring Gas and Electricity prices. They dont want to #FreezeForUkraine
They hold #EU solely responsible for the European economic disaster and #inflation
Demand government resign by Sep 25
"This is not our war" "We will Not Freeze and Starve For Ukraine"
anti-government rallies taking place in #Prague, #CzechRepublic
They hold #EU solely responsible for the European economic disaster and #inflation
Demand govt resign by Sep 25
#FreezeForUkraine #StarveForUkraine
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Every now and then I jump into spaces and hear #Bullish propaganda. This thread will be a collection is why there is more #pain coming.

#Germany next. The people have had enough. How will they survive the winter? 🤷‍♂️

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BREAKING News/ Not officially confirmed. SOURCES: At least two #Russian citizens have attacked a Military Base in Gramsh; #Albania, while they have attacked Albanian soldiers with acid.
#Albanian soldiers were attacked with paralyzing substances, photos from the soldiers in the hospital. the fate of the #Russians is still unknown
updating; The attack was not on a military base, but on a #military FACTORY.
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New survey by @EwlGroup & partners about #Ukrainian #refugees in #Czechia, #Poland and #Romania highlights some interesting similarities and differences in demographic profile, intentions and integration. 🧵 1/…
Survey #demographics confirm what we know: refugees are overwhelmingly (>90%) #female, and half or more are at least 36 years old. Most (60%) have arrived with #children under the age of 18; yet also have members of immediate #family back home. 2/
#UkrainianRefugeeCrisis #gender Image
The three largest #concerns among Ukrainian refugees included "difficulty finding #employment" (25-50%), "concern for relatives staying in Ukraine" (31-40%) and "poor knowledge of the #language" (30-38%). 3/10
#UkrainianRefugeeCrisis Image
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Some more thoughts on meaning of RU oil embargo: 1) economic calculations are not the main issue. It is political breakage of “business as usual” with #Russia. The most sensitive area starts being covered by sanctions. Strategic turn from energy dependence is being started. 1/
2) “Steel” schemes appeared to be flexible. #EU changes its politics, business in areas, which were untouchable before. 3) RU isn’t a reliable partner anymore. The sooner this dependence from RU ends, the safer for the EU. This approach slowly, but irreversibly shapes reality 2/
3) #Ukraine will raise its weight in energy (and not only) negotiations, cause southern part of #Druzhba pipeline goes through 🇺🇦 territory to all 3 countries, excluded from ban on oil embargo: #Hungary, #Slovakia and #CzechRepublic. 3/
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Days 95-96. Due to the war, 35% of the 🇺🇦 economy does not operate. According to various estimates, from 30% to 50% of the economy has been lost as of today 😓 To know more about Ukraine's current situation, please read our fresh update 🔽…
#Sumy and #Chernihiv regions remain the target for the 🇷🇺 army. On Sunday, 🇷🇺 forces fired 10 times at border areas there from the territory of Russia. Over the weekend, 🇷🇺 aircraft bombed a church and a kindergarten in the Sumy region.
115 miners of #Toretsk have been stuck underground because of the blackout. 🇷🇺 forces have destroyed all of the critical infrastructure in the 🇺🇦 city of #Severodonetsk. The #Slovyansk heat power station has stopped operating. Shelling of the #Kharkiv region continues.
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Happening now: US @SecDef Lloyd Austin & @thejointstaff Chairman Gen Mark Milley brief following a virtual meeting of the 40+ member #Ukrainian Defense Contact Group
.@SecDef calls virtual mtg "highly constructive", giving contact group members a chance to hear from key #Ukraine officials, inlcu DefMin @oleksiireznikov

Says attendees got a "a sharper" sense of Ukraine's needs
.@SecDef praised countries for new pledges of security assistance to #Ukraine - "We're intensifying our efforts"

Austin said numerous countries contributing ammo, artillery

#Denmark: harpoon launcher, missiles

#CzechRepublic: attack helicopters
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🇧🇫 - Foyer Ste Thérèse, communauté des Béatitudes; BP 35, Diébougou, Burkina Faso…

🧵 1/
Foyer Ste Thérèse, communauté des Béatitudes in #Diebougou, #BurkinaFaso (🇧🇫) is around 2891 miles from our previous church Kaple sv. Václava in #Louny, #CzechRepublic (🇨🇿) -
2/ A map showing the geodesic line between Burkina Faso and the
#Diebougou, (🇧🇫):
Diébougou Airport (IATA: XDE, ICAO: DFOU) is a public use airport located near Diébougou, Bougouriba, Burkina Faso.

== See also ==
List of airports in Burkina... (…)
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🇨🇿 - Kaple sv. Václava; Vlčí, 440 01 Chlumčany, Czechia…

🧵 1/
Kaple sv. Václava in #Louny, #CzechRepublic (🇨🇿) is around 10374 miles from our previous church Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga in #Nukualofa, #Tonga (🇹🇴) -
2/ A map showing the geodesic line between Czech Republic and t
#Louny, (🇨🇿):
Louny (Czech pronunciation: [ˈlounɪ]; German: Laun) is a town in the Ústí nad Labem Region of the Czech Republic. It has about 18,000 inhabitants. It lies on... (
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#Mariupol: Remnants Of Ukraine’s 503rd Marine Battalion Surrendered In Full | Apr 5
- On 4 Apr, 267 soldiers and officers of the 503rd Independent Battalion of the Ukrainian Navy surrendered in Mariupol. This was the entire surviving personnel of the unit. ImageImage
Boy On Situation In #Mariupol And Behaviour Of AFU Soldiers (English Video) | Ap 5
- In an information war where fakes and staged videos are released on a daily basis, the testimony of direct eyewitnesses is of particular value. Image
#InternationalCriminalCourt @IntlCrimCourt @UN_HRC @amnesty
Ukrainians Tell Reporter on Ground in #Mariupol It’s Not Russians, It’s Ukrainians #Azov Attacking #Civilians -#PatrickLancaster | April 4, 2022
- The Ukrainians explains what’s happening… Image
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This 12(!) car #train arrived at #budapestnyugati from #záhony at the #Ukrainian #border this afternoon, it was a special train for the #Ukrainianrefugees fleeing the #WARINUKRAINE

And I have to say that I am positively surprised by how much help is happening in Eastern Europe!
And to put it in context, the "normal" train back to Zahony had 5 cars...
This is at the #keleti station in Budapest, normally this hall is completely empty, now it full with stands and people who #HelpUkrainianRefugees
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Expediting digital identity amidst citizenry w/ #EyesWideShut.

Formalized in 1946, the "#FiveEyes" alliance represents "the largest #surveillance program in human history".

The Five Eyes: #US, #Canada, #UK, #Australia & #NewZealand.

I Spy (w/ My Five Eyes), 2016 👇
Curious overlap w/ world's highest #vaccine commitments per capital.

Dec 8, 2020: "RESOLVED: #Japan Is Ready to Become a Formal Member of #FiveEyes"…
Unprecedented #surveillance integrated w/ indelible compliance (via #DigitalID) will uphold the new global architecture. A #GreatReset, from class to caste.


A #NewNormal, the homogeneous society (I Spy w/ My Five Eyes clip, 2016).
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