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(1. Touched down in #Dublin🇮🇪earlier today. Good to be in #Ireland for a few days. Been following some commentary on the Consultative Forum closely,disappointed at some of the false binaries we are imposing on ourselves: pro-#NATO/anti-NATO or pro-#neutrality/anti-neutrality.
(2.What we need is better knowledge&depth as well as workable #security options that public want to unify behind & sooner rather than later. Inducing more polarization only weakens #Ireland's national #security further--diametric opposite to what we are looking for.
(3. If politicians, academics&policy experts fail to help in developing options along these lines&if some chose to side-track themselves with bitter disputes or false binaries then I think this will be a big opportunity missed to improve matters & history will be a harsh judge.
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@iltalehti_fi "-länsimaiset '#poliitikot' ”eivät aja omien maidensa etuja, vaan ovat #marionetteja globaalien #eliitti'en käsissä”:
#Zdokumentti eli #SateenkaariSanna…
@iltalehti_fi #Kusetus
cc: @ odefinn
Johan oli.. meidän onnemme että #Venäjä näkee läpi tuon Suomen valtiovallan kansan kusettamisen, ilman sitä olisimme todella #kusessa.
@iltalehti_fi @kokoomus @Demarit @vasemmisto @persut @keskusta @KDpuolue @sfprkp @vihreat #Zdokumentti eli #SateenkaariSanna
- "länsimaiset '#poliitikot' ”eivät aja omien maidensa etuja, vaan ovat #marionetteja globaalien #eliitti'en käsissä”: ImageImageImageImage
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Details of the #China Peace Plan and #Putin's Reaction

#Russian President Vladimir Putin yesterday held a meeting via video call with several trusted people from the country's leadership. Putin holds meetings in this format and composition very rarely and only to...
1/9 Image
discuss issues that require immediate decisions and on which the fate of the country's leadership depends. Thus, yesterday they discussed a proposal from the #Chinese comrades that had arrived the day before. The gist of the proposal is as follows:
2/9 Image
#Russia withdraws its troops to the borders as of February 23, 2022. The "Luhansk and Donetsk People's Republics" remain within the borders as of February 23, 2022, for a transitional period of up to five years, after which they return to...
3/9 Image
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#France and #Macron deserve a thread in the context of #Ukraine, #Russia and beyond.

- First, some historical context: France, just like #Britain, is a declining power. This process started with the loss of colonies after the World War 2.

🧵 ...

- A clear geopolitical shift happen with the Suez Crisis in 1956, which marked the emergence of #USA and #USSR as the world powers.

- #France also experienced a humiliating military defeat by #Germany during the World War 2. That shaped rather pretentious politics of ...

.. Charles de Gaulle, who tried to restore the French power with dissenting views vis-a-vis #Americans and #British (or the "collective Anglo-Saxons"). In 1966, #France withdrawn from the #NATO's military command.

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What #CBSE history books tell us- #VascoDaGama was the first #European to reach India by sea.

What they don't tell us

1. When he arrived in Calicut in Sep 1500, he #burnt other ships & crew alive in full view of the public.

2. He #bombarded the city of Calicut for 2 days.

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This is the building of the @Europarl_EN in Sofia, #Bulgaria, after the "peaceful march" of the pro-Russian Revival party led by Kostadin Kostadinov. The marches draw increasingly bigger crowds. But Kostadinov's success was not an overnight sensation 1/ Image
Kostadin Kostadinov came to prominence in 2020, in the midst of anti-vaxx and anti-COVID19 protests. But he has long batted for the Kremlin on the Bulgarian political field. More on Kostadinov and Vazrazhdane below. This is a thread about #EU Enabling.… 2/
Kostadinov relies on simple strategies to ascend to power: fear-mongering and hard nationalism fueled by disinformation, propaganda, and conspiratorial thinking. But prior to his ascent, #Bulgaria had turned into a VERY hospitable environment for the right populist organism. 3/
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@Europarl_EN #Merkel and #Hollande admit the west didn't want to achieve #peace in the #Donbas through the #MinskAgreements (2014 and 2015).
- They wanted to give the coup regime in #Kiev TIME to #prepare for #war - to help #CRUSH #ETHNIC #Russians Dec 28, 2022
@Europarl_EN cc: @ TaranQ
German '#Merkel' (#Hitler's daughter) in an interview with the German newspaper #DieZeit:
- "The 2014 #MinskAgreement was an attempt to give Ukraine #time. They used that time to get stronger, which you can see today.
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You must be thinking #Switzerland is a beautiful country, but I know it has an ugly face when it comes to Bharat!


Because it has started interfering in Internal Affairs of MY Nation!!


Read details!

Some Persons of Indian Origins (PIO) and European officials are planning Govt change in 2024.

It has already started from December 2021. Several small gatherings are held in London and Delhi since then.

Let me give you details on latest 3 such meetings held recently.

1st meeting was held at a Private Residence at Moti Bagh in New Delhi with 20 participants.

2nd meeting was attended by 12 PIOs & #European Diplomats at #Swiss Embassy in South-west Delhi.

3rd meeting was held at Office of a Lawyer at Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg at New Delhi.

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Have a great weekend! Below everything you want to know about #ChatGPT. Thank you Vered! I will add my #thread, with some information about #EU's reaction to ChatGPT.
#ChatGPT created by #OpenAI can carry out conversations, write texts on many topics, perform complex tasks: writing code &planning an event. #Italy's privacy watchdog asked to temporarily ban ChatGPT since the information collected & sent to #chatbot is in violation of #GDPR. 1/1
#ChatGPT unlawfully "fed" the personal data of millions of users to process its replies. @GPDP_IT opened an investigation against #OpenAI: the lack of information to users whose data are collected,absence of a legal basis justifying the massive collection/storage of #data 1/2
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The #hidden #NATO agenda: the merger of the #FinnishAirForce with the "Nordic Air Force", which has been prepared for 15 years | Mar 29
- Valitse, mattopommittaako #NATO ensin:
1. Itä-Suomen #separatisti't
2. Lapin #saamelaiset
#Sotaa #Venäjä'ä vastaan valmisteltu Suomessa 2014 lähtien | Mar 29
- Ilmavoimien alistaminen valtamedian hiljaisuudessa ”Pohjolan ilmavoimille” ei ole kuitenkaan kuin kuin pieni osa massiivista sotilaallisen todellisuuden salaamista ja harhaanjohtamista…
#USA brought a #nuclear #command center to #Iceland on the same day that the #Finnish #Parliament approved joining #NATO.
- The #Bribed and now #Blackmailed MPs approved the #mRNA, #VaccinePassports, #Lockdown's and the absurd #EU #CoronaRecovery package.
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Very important speech on #EU #china relations by EC president @vonderleyen just days before her tip to China alongside @EmmanuelMacron - Kezy message:"de-risking, rather than "de-coupling" with #China @AsiaPolicy @AsiaSocietyFR @ESSEC_IRENE @dorianmalovic
On de-risking, she makes 4 proposals : 1/ making #EU economy more competitive 2/ better use #EU tools and trade instruments (ie: ACI, screening of FDI, state subsidies) 3/ New tools are needed to protect EU on sensitive technologies 4/ #European states need to work with partners
Partners include Indo-Pacific states (Australia, NZ, India), G7 and G20 countries) through free trade agreements. #EU will also enhance its effort in infrastructures. "We are offering developing countries a genuine choice" through #globalgateway -
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"Con il ritorno della #Guerra sul suolo #europeo, non potrebbe esserci un momento più opportuno e appropriato per gli Stati membri dell'#UE per concordare una bussola strategica per la sicurezza e la #difesa di adesso. Preparato dal Servizio europeo per l'azione esterna (#SEAE)
negli ultimi due anni e adottato dagli Stati membri il 21 marzo, definisce un piano per rafforzare la politica di sicurezza e di difesa dell'#UE entro il #2030 con l'obiettivo di diventare "un servizio di sicurezza più #assertivo e decisivo fornitore” .
La bussola guiderà la politica di sicurezza e difesa dell'#UE per gli anni a venire, sulla base di una valutazione comune delle minacce e delle sfide geostrategiche #globali, di una visione comune di dove andare, nonché degli obiettivi e delle azioni proposte per raggiungere
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#European deliveries of tanks and AFVs to #Ukraine are progressing well:
🇵🇱 14x Leopard 2A4 ✔ + 30x PT-91 ✔
🇨🇦 8x 2A4 ✔
🇳🇴 8x 2A4 ✔
🇪🇸 6x 2A4 🔜
🇩🇪 18x 2A6 ✔ + 40 Marder IFVs ✔
🇵🇹 3x 2A6 ✔
🇸🇪 10x 2A5 + 50x CV-90 IFVs ⌛
🇬🇧 14x Challenger 2 ✔
🇫🇷 30x AMX-10 RC ✔

It should be noted that some countries are sending more armoured vehicles, especially 🇵🇱 (more T-72M and BMP-1) and 🇬🇧 (APCs, MRAPs as well as AS-90). Not all details are disclosed.

🇺🇸 117x M2 Bradley, 90x Stryker and other vehicles are also being delivered.

Allies are also sending a significant number of engineering and mine-clearing vehicles, especially 🇺🇸, 🇩🇪 and 🇫🇮 (6x Leopard 2R). These engineering vehicles are just as important.

#Ukraine is likely entering the final phases of its preparation for the counter-offensive.

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I received a gift from #India, a little stone, symbol of teaching. A very precious symbol to me. Now thinking about the new Team #Europe diplomacy on raw material. #Thread
#EU is trying is enhance its diplomacy by diversifying imports and increasing its own capacities through a better coordinated approach. We have now new legislation. The act foresees the creation of a board that would provide a #European perspective on #raw materials. 1/1
You might wonder: "Why start mines in #Europe, when the whole supply chain process works so well and cost-efficiently in #China?" 1/2
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Monday Top Crypto News.

Everything you need to know in one short thread…
The new episode of our newsletter was released last night, which includes our take on the current #macro environment.

Read it and sign up here…
Signature Bank’s crypto-related deposits will be returned to customers directly, rather than being taken over by a unit of #NewYork Community #Bancorp under a deal announced Sunday.
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@amanpour @kajakallas Canned meat distributed by the #Ukrainian #Nazi A. #Gramanchuk with fascist symbols such as the shield of the Ucronazi collabrs and the colors of the OUN-UPA, on the label it says: "#meat of Russian-speaking #babies"
Alluding to dead children in #Donbas
@amanpour @kajakallas Thread 19
FROM: #Marin in #Nazi -funeral #Ukraine | Mar 7, 2023
TO: #Kotsyubaylo eliminated | Mar 7, 2023
- when the #Americans visited the positions in #Avdiivka, he said that he was feeding the tamed #wolf "the #bones of #Russian-speaking #children.
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#Syrians in #Sweden call for lifting #European sanctions imposed on #Syria

The Syrian community in Sweden called for lifting the coercive European economic measures imposed on Syria to face the earthquake repercussions hit it on February 6th.
In a letter addressed to the Parliament, the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, & the EU Parliament office in Stockholm, the members of the community called on Sweden, as it the current President of the EU, to lift the European coercive economic sanctions imposed on Syria,
so that it can face the repercussions of the earthquake.

They referred that this natural catastrophe has exacerbated the humanitarian situation and the difficulties that the Syrian people are suffering from as a result of the ongoing terrorist war for 12 years,
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Protests in #European cities call for stopping weapons supply to #Ukraine
European cities have witnessed popular protests calling for an end to military support for Ukraine, the cancellation of Western sanctions against Russia, & paving the way for peaceful negotiations.
In the Swiss capital, Bern, protestors gathered in front of the parliament & government headquarters, calling for their country’s unconditional commitment to neutrality, preventing arms exports to Ukraine, & canceling the sanctions imposed on Russia.
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President #Zelensky made a statement in support of protesters in #Tbilisi: I would like to thank all of you, who were holding Ukrainian flags in the streets and squares of Georgia these days. I want to thank you for our national anthem, which was played in Tbilisi. 1/4
...This is respect towards #Ukraine and I want to express my deep respect towards #Georgia.
There is no Ukrainian who would not wish success for our friendly Georgia. I wish you democratic success. I wish you #European success. 2/4
We want to be in #EU and we will be. We want #Georgia to be in the European Union and I am sure it will happen. 3/4
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A lull after almost two hours of tension in #Tbilisi streets. The riot #police have pulled back after majority #MPs who voted for the "foreign agent" law have been rushed out from the #Parliament 1
Ruling party leader Irakli #Kobakhidze said the law has "no bearing" on #Georgia's #European future and his party is committed to #EU membership 2/5
#Kobakhidze said many of those who protest "haven't read the law, or read it without lawyer's advice", he accused radical opposition of manipulating the matter and lies about "Russian law" 3/5
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European tourist group visits the ruins of Busra al-Sham

A tourist group from different #European nationalities visited Busra al-Sham city in Daraa countryside on Thursday, with the aim of getting acquainted with the civilization of this city and its ancient monuments.
The tourist group, which includes tourists of German, Dutch, Spanish, Irish and British nationalities, visited the theater, the castle and the old city.
Director of Directorate of Tourism in Daraa, Yasser al-Saadi said that Bosra al-Sham city witnesses successive visits, especially from European tourists.
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“End the Siege”campaign in solidarity with #Syria to launch next Saturday
In solidarity with the #Syrian people, a campaign entitled “End the Siege” will be launched next Saturday, at the initiative of the Arab Forum in Amman, & in cooperation with a group of organizations & figures in the #Arab world, #Europe & #NorthAmerica. Image
The campaign comes in solidarity with the #Syrian people who are suffering from the unilateral measures imposed on their country by the #US & its #European allies, & aims to mobilize efforts to lift the Western blockade on Syria, especially after the recent earthquake. Image
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#US Moves Flying #Nuclear Command Post to #Iceland (Home of TID) | March 1, 2023
- The #E6B #Mercury air command post has landed in Iceland to conduct operations in Washington’s #European Command zone…
The #US is preparing a trap for us in #Ukraine for an inevitable “#postponed war” | Feb 28
- #Nuland: seriously discussing with allies.. sending to #Kyiv fifth-generation multipurpose fighter-bombers #F35.… Image
#TikTok-#Nazis. Proxy Of #Ukrainian #Intelligence Directorate Claimed Responsibility For #Bloody PR Operation In #Russia | Mar 2
- all these crimes were committed so that Ukrainian TikTok warriors could film a seconds-long video on the Russian territory. Image
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1. It seems that #Russia has found another opportunity to circumvent #EU and #US #sanctions.
Which one? - mass purchase of tankers. Over the past six months, 240 vessels have been sold in the world,⬇️
@SecBlinken @POTUS
@RishiSunak @AndrzejDuda…
2. and all of them have unknown owners. And this is already the largest shadow fleet in the history of shipping.
#Russia is buying 25 to 35 large tankers every month to increase the number of ships it can carry to bypass #sanctions.⬇️
#RussiaIsATerroristState #SanctionsRussia Image
3. The shadow fleet of the country already reaches 600 tankers, which is 10% of the world volume of vessels of this class, - #CNN

Tankers carrying Russian oil are divided into two categories: "gray" and "dark" ships.

The "grey" ships were mainly sold by #European⬇️
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