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1. Okay I've been kicking this around some over the last couple hours and I want to expand on the stupid politico article that named 200 people as waging a " sustained and ongoing disinformation assault" that "targets Dem presidential candidates." Their words not mine.
2. First off, if I used that kind of language in my tweets there is a good chance I wouldn't be on twitter at this time. For those of you who haven't seen the article and want to follow along it can be found here:
3. Now, I mentioned in an earlier tweet that the emotion that come off of this article by the left is fear. It's pure unadulterated fear on their part. Those that know me, know I like to look at things from a different POV. In that light let's take a closer look at this article.
4. Right out of the box the article screams fear...." a wide ranging...campaign aimed at dem presidential candidates is already underway on social media". Translation:
Nothing they have done since Nov 2016 has been effective in silencing conservatives. We have grown stronger.
5. They then name their 4 top contenders. All of which are lightweights and have easily been made fun of, memed and called out for their hypocrisy. Did I mention how easy these four are to laugh at? Good times, good times. But that ease of laughter strikes the left with fear.
6. Moving on. we start to get to the heart of their fear. This is a great example: "The cyber propaganda — which frequently picks at the rawest, most sensitive issues in public discourse"

Translation: we talk about the issues that matter the most. Non gatekeeper approved issues
7. Issues like voter fraud, caravan invasions, unsecured borders, stupid "free" trade agreements, economic numbers. You know the important issues. We don't care about the gatekeeper approved issues like stock buybacks,free stuff for all. Can you feel the fear yet? hmmm..Delicious
8. You want more leftist fear....Here you go...They state it clearly in a buried paragraph.
Quote " Much of it appears to be organic, a reflection of the politically polarizing nature of some of the candidates."

Bam. there it is. They admit it it's organic. Avg joes.
9. But wait there's more fear from the left.....😂😂😂. They understand they no longer have control of the narratives. Some nice quotes "divide and confuse Americans" "information warfare" "we’re already in the third inning" left unsaid but implied is they are losing this battle
10. Their fear ramps up, believe it or not, when they start talking about the200. It makes me proud to be a member. Why? Because of this quote. This is gold:....
11. ..."This is the same core group of accounts the company first identified last year in a study as anchoring a wide-scale influence campaign in the 2018 elections." Yes I'm proud I had an impact on keeping the senate and stopping the blue tidy bowl flush..I mean wave....
12. But wait it gets better...we 200 were " amplified by an even wider grouping of accounts." Yes that means all of us. You, me, and every follower of those 200 made an impact in 2018 and will make an impact in 2020. Can you taste their fear? mouth watering.
13. I know this is too tasty but hold on there's more..."also seen a recent surge in Twitter activity negatively targeting three candidates — O’Rourke, Harris and Warren"

translation. WE are GETTING STRONGER...😎😎😎
14. The left's fear is literally dripping off the electrons on this article....I love it. Want more? "That increased activity includes a rise in the sheer volume of tweets, the rate at which they are being posted and the appearance of “cluster behavior” tied to the 3 candidates"
15. Translation for above quote: We aren't picking on one candidate. We are equal opportunity tweeters and can walk and chew gum at the same time as we call out every candidate on their lies and hypocrisy. (Great job guys. keep it up.)
16. They throw in some racism to try to calm themselves down and give the troops a little prep talk but their fear won't let them stay on the racism for long. They quickly move closer to the heart of their fear. They should rename this article..the heart of darkness..😂😂😂
17. Now we get to what is really making them wet their panties. "reported that the (200) accounts generated or were mentioned in more than 140 million tweets over the prior year. That's right 140 million tweets. boom. And that's just from 200 of us.
18. Can you begin to imagine how much it is from the millions of Trump supporters on social media. It's a flood and all they got is a finger in the dyke. That's their major fear. We are many they are few. Don't lose hope. We are winning.
19. Their fear grows as you read more..." that the activity surrounding the cluster represents an evolution" You see they took out the big heavy hitters like Wictor and others and then we evolved. The signal still got out. censorship didn't work. It never works.
20. The evolution from a couple big names takes this shape...."Tens of thousands of other accounts then work in concert to amplify the core group(the200) through mentions and retweets". They can't censor everyone. They lost control of the gate. Terrible gatekeepers if you ask me.
21. Can you feel their fear? It's like the left are watching caravans of conservatives cross their safe space border daily and they can't build a wall....but I digress.....they then bring up 4chan and 8chan talk about poking the bear...they learned nothing.
22. the article then starts to slide into abject fear (the type where they hide under a blanket and think about what's out there in the dark) when they try to blame Russia, Iran, China but state they can't because they have zero evidence for it.
23. The cry for facebook, twitter, and instragram to save them from the big bad wolf blowing their house down but they admit they built their campaign houses out of straw.
24. What type of straw? This type: "noted the monumental challenges facing individual campaigns — even the ones with the most sophisticated digital teams. The problem already appears much larger than the resources available to any candidate at the moment, the official said"
25. And this type: Alex Kellner, ...warns that campaigns that don’t have a serious infrastructure set up to combat misinformation and dictate their own online messaging will be the most vulnerable to attack in 2020."

pass the popcorn please.
26. They close out their article and drop some more fear to their troops. They remind them that WE ARE GETTING STRONGER and they aren't. "“All the infrastructure we’ve seen in 2016 and 2018 is already in full force. And in 2020 it’s only going to get worse,”.. 👏👏👏
27. They end this fear laced article with a plea "Moderates & centrists & Democratic candidates still don’t understand what happened in 2016, & they didn’t realize, like...Clinton,that she wasn’t just running a presidential campaign, she was involved in a global information war,”
28. Yeah, good luck with that leftists. Here ends the trip through the left's fear of the conservative social media force.
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