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Have you ever heard of glutamate excitotoxicity? No? Well, settle in for a thread. You're going to need to know about this fascinating (and slightly scary) topic that's essential to understanding brain health. 🧵 (1/30)
Glutamate is an excitatory neurotransmitter. You need some constantly being released and taken up by neurons to keep the brain functioning. It is critical to properly function several brain pathways essential for mood and cognitive function. (2/30)
In the prefrontal cortex, glutamate signaling is necessary for executive functions like decision-making, working memory, and attention. When glutamate signaling is functioning properly, it's a very good thing! (3/30)
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This systematic review and meta-analysis suggests that adherence to a healthy lifestyle is likely to reduce the risk of breast cancer.
- The main components included in the healthy lifestyle indices were: diet, physical activity, alcohol consumption and body mass index (BMI); followed by tobacco consumption, supplements use, and breastfeeding.
- Most of the prospective studies included five variables in the index : diet, physical activity, alcohol and tobacco consumption and BMI...
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Years of having "good times" resulted in months of "bad times" for a young man

1. 35-year old Mr Naga presented with tingling & burning sensation of both legs & feet for 6 months. He also had pain in both legs and felt as if the flesh (of muscles) was being torn apart from bone.
2. Mr Naga's life was crippled because of pain & burning sensation. He was unable to focus while at work & could not peacefully sleep at nights.
Pain and burning sensation in legs was a torture for him, for which no solution seemed to work.
#MedTwitter #neurotwitter
3. Mr Naga consulted a physician, who after detailed evaluation, concluded that he had developed alcohol-induced peripheral neuropathy (damage of nerves in legs & feet).
Mr Naga had a habit of consuming alcohol (alone as well as with his friends) almost on daily basis for 10 yrs
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Serving Alcohol in Medical Educational Conferences

1. I have attended 100s of medical conferences since 2001. Some of them are sponsored & some are not. However, one common theme is serving alcohol in >90% of these academic conferences. Is it a correct practice?
2. I know at least one incident where one senior doctor died, possibly triggered by heavy #alcohol consumption.
I also remember several incidents where doctors were heavily drunk and had to be escorted to their rooms by their colleagues or hotel staff.
3. If you happen to witness the table where alcohol is served, it resembles a busy vegetable market or a shop with discount sale, where doctors would be pushing one another to get their quota of booze ASAP (free in most cases, as payment is done by sponsors or organizers).
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This systematic review and meta-analysis of prospective cohort studies suggests that the consumption of alcohol is positively related to the risk of total, osteoporotic and hip fractures.
- The meta-analysis based on 42 prospective cohort articles indicated that high alcohol consumption is likely to increase the risk of total, osteoporotic and hip fractures, but not wrist and vertebral fractures.
- A linear positive relationship between alcohol consumption and risk of total fractures was found.
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Microcytic anemias, which affect all cell lines, can have adverse effects on brain and nervous system health. Iron deficiency #anemia, the most common type of microcytic anemia, can cause #cognitive impairment. 🧵(1/18)
Iron is crucial for #brain function, and its #deficiency can reduce #oxygen delivery to the brain, affecting #cognitive processes like #attention, #memory, and learning. (2/18)
#B12 deficiency, another common cause of microcytic anemia, can also damage the nervous system. (3/18)
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Gender equality is good, however, in this situation, it is better that women lag men

1. 45-year old Vani was admitted with complaints of epileptic fits followed by disorientation and confusion. A small brain infarct (clot) was seen, which was presumed to be the cause of seizure.
2. She had no obvious risk factors for stroke, and moreover, the clot was located in cerebellar vermis, which usually does not cause convulsions. So, we needed to look for other causes for her epileptic fits. Vani had become conscious the next day, and history was reviewed.
3. Vani admitted to consuming alcohol on daily basis for more than a year, and had abruptly stopped consuming alcohol one day prior (as she was fasting for a religious festival).
Now, the cause of seizure was obvious- alcohol withdrawal syndrome (ADS).
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Can alcohol consumption affect muscle growth?

A thread 🧵👇

#alcohol #muscleproteinsynthesis #recovery Image
Exercise and protein ingestion are the main factors that stimulate muscle protein synthesis (the main process driving muscle adaptations such as growth).

2/ Image
It has been reported that athletes are more likely to consume excessive amounts of alcohol, especially as part of binge-drinking practices in team sports. Can these practices affect muscle protein synthesis?

3/ Image
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In this one, a higher adherence to the American Heart Association’s Life’s Essential 8 cardiovascular health score was found to be associated with lower risks of all-cause and cardiovascular mortality among US adults.
- The American Heart Association’s Life’s Essential 8 cardiovascular health score consists of 8 modifiable metrics: physical activity, diet, smoking status, BMI, systolic blood pressure, fasting plasma glucose, cholesterol, and sleep.…
- A higher LE8 score was independently associated with lower mortality risk from all-cause and cardiovascular diseases.
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Moderate-to-heavy #alcohol consumption increases the risk of #stroke in #younger adults

1. Alcohol consumption is one of the important modifiable risk factors for stroke in young adults.
A study was conducted in Korea to determine the association between alcohol & stroke.
2. Of 1536668 patients (mean age 29.5 years, 71.5% male, and median follow-up of 6-years), 3153 experienced an incident stroke (incidence rate, 0.37 per 1,000 person-years).
Adults who consumed more than 105 g/week of alcohol had higher risk of stroke, especially brain hemorrhage
3. Conclusion
Young adults who engaged in moderate-to-heavy drinking demonstrated a higher risk for incident stroke, especially hemorrhagic stroke…
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Canadian guidance on #alcohol consumption
(January 2023)
1. Young people should delay alcohol use for as long as possible.

2. Individuals should not start to use alcohol or increase their alcohol use for health benefits.

3. Any reduction in alcohol use is beneficial.
4. When pregnant or trying to get pregnant, no amount of alcohol is safe
5. When breastfeeding, not drinking is safest
6. Consuming no drinks is associated with better health & better sleep,
7. Three to six drinks/week raise the risk of developing breast, colon & other cancers
8. Seven or more drinks per week increase the risk of #heart disease or #stroke.

9. Each additional drink "radically increases" the risk of these health consequences.

10. Consuming one or two standard drinks weekly will likely not have alcohol-related consequences.
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If you have Alcohol Use Disorder, consider speaking with a psychiatrist trained in the use of ketogenic diets. (1/7) #RecoveryPosse #Alcoholism #Alcoholic #metabolicpsychiatry
A 3-week RCT done by the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism found that a ketogenic diet could reduce the need for detox medications. (2/7) #Journal #Research #PeerReviewed #ThisIsPublicHealth #RCT
They also found that a #ketogenicdiet reduced both #alcohol withdrawal symptoms and reduce alcohol cravings. (3/7)
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🧵 Reading final technical report CCSA recommended guidelines on alcohol consumption 2 drinks a week…

big part of the report is laying out disease risk based on trends from weekly alcohol consumption - both in relative risk changes & years of life lost
Here is the table of risk change, the report uses lifelong abstainers as the control.
Darker the red, higher the risk.

Scary, yes?

Keep in mind, negatives numbers indicate a protective effect.
This is their data for “years of life lost per 1,000” & “per 100”

Clearly shows an increase in years lost by increased alcohol consumption.
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Happy New Year all

If you 'celebrated' last night, and are 30 or over, you've probably spent today grappling with a phenomenon @elisjames flagged up recently

The 'psychological' hangover. The intense anxiety/unease that lays you low all day, or longer. What's that about?

@elisjames It's a bit of a cliché, in the UK at least; when you start drinking at 18 (*cough*) you can cane it all night, wake up and feel crap for a couple of hours, but then bounce back and do it all again, guilt free and right as rain

But as you get older, that gets... harder

Usually around your late twenties, but especially after them, your hangovers change. The physical effects may be less intense, but they endure longer. And the mental aspect is way worse. No more laughing it off, it's at least a day of feeling crap/sluggish/paranoid etc.

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This one found adherence to multiple healthy lifestyle factors to be associated with improved circulating metabolites from different pathways, with fatty acids mediating the association between all 5 lifestyle factors and the risk of CVD in individuals with diabetes. ImageImageImageImage
- This study aimed to provide a comprehensive assessment of the associations of multiple lifestyle factors (waist circumference, smoking status, alcohol intake, physical activity, and diet) with nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) metabolomics among individuals with diabetes.
- Adherence to healthy lifestyle factors, including non central obesity, non-current smoking, moderate alcohol intake, physically active, and healthy diet, was associated with 44 plasma metabolites across multiple metabolic pathways.
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Problematic #alcohol use is common among #physicians

1. Problematic alcohol use can adversely affect physicians’ health as well as their ability to provide excellent healthcare to their patients.
A meta-analysis was recently published on this topic.
#MedTwitter #psychtwitter
2. Problematic alcohol use included hazardous, potentially hazardous, risky, at-risk, harmful, problematic, or heavy drinking or alcohol use, as well as alcohol misuse, alcohol dependence, and alcohol use more than low-risk guidelines and alcohol use disorder.
3. Survey included 52,000 physicians from 17 countries (from data published between Jan 2006-Mar 2020).

Results showed problematic alcohol use varied widely regardless of measurement method used.

The rate was 0%-34% with AUDIT, 9%-35% with AUDIT-C, and 4%-22% with CAGE.
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Research says most people who use drugs are men. And many people think there is no reason to involve #women in #drugpolicy. But they are mistaken. The drug phenomenon is not #gender neutral.

Why a #feminist perspective is essential 👉💡🧵...
Due to gendered norms and notions of #femininity that are incompatible with #drugs use, the complex realities of women are often ignored. However, a growing movement is trying to shift this perspective to better understand the unique challenges that female users face.
Let’s have a closer 👁️👁️ why…

#Women who use drugs are often judged because they don’t comply with socially constructed #norms and challenge the traditional role of women.
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Voy a abrir un hilo sobre los #extintores, un elemento de seguridad pasiva contra #incendios, que tenemos muy al alcance de la mano pero, que es un gran desconocido. Image
En el anterior Reglamento de Instalaciones de Protección contra incendios, la altura de instalación de los extintores era de 170 cm. Ahora, la nueva normativa en España indica que deben de ser instalados a una altura mínima de 80 cm y a una altura máxima de 120 cm sobre el suelo. Image
La #distancia mínima entre #extintores es de 15 metros siempre cumpliendo con la altura, visibilidad y accesibilidad establecidos. Por lo que el recorrido máximo horizontal desde cualquier punto no debe de superar los 15 metros. Mínimo 1 extintor en cada planta. Image
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This study in Finnish twins finds that an unhealthy lifestyle during pubertal years (obesity, smoking, binge drinking, low levels of physical activity) is associated with accelerated biological aging in young adulthood.
- Both the class with the overall unhealthiest lifestyle and that with a high BMI were biologically 1.7–3.3 years older than the classes with healthier lifestyle patterns when DNAm GrimAge was used...
... and had 2–5 weeks/calendar year faster pace of biological aging when using DunedinPoAm.
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Doctors in India live 10 years lesser than average population- What can doctors do to save their lives?

Yes, you heard it right. Studies from Kerala and Pune by Indian Medical Association revealed these shocking statistics- doctors die about a decade earlier that the rest.
Life expectancy of a Malayali (native of Kerala) is 74.9 years but according to the IMA study, the mean ‘age of death’ of a Malayali doctor is 61.75 years. Indian doctor’s average lifespan is 55-59 years, almost 10 years lesser than that of the general population (IMA, Pune).
Common causes of death: #heart attacks (27%) and #cancers (25%). Other causes include #infections and #Suicides.
Risk factors for diseases and #death: physical inactivity, #obesity, #overweight, #stress, #sleep deprivation and long working hours are common among #doctors.
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En el día mundial contra el #CancerDeMama, quiero recordar uno de los factores de riesgo evitables implicados en el desarrollo de este tumor. El consumo de alcohol. Lo primero, que tenemos que tener claro, es que el alcohol es un factor de riesgo de muchos tipos de cáncer. #hilo
Y es que un factor de riesgo en medicina equivale a “comprar papeletas” para que te “toque” una enfermedad. Si fumas, “compras boletos“ para el cáncer de pulmón (y otros). Si bebes, para el de hígado, mama, colon, etc. Cuanto más #alcohol, más papeletas ⤵️
¿Que hay gente que ha fumado y bebido mucho y no ha tenido cáncer? Claro, igual que hay gente que toda la vida juega a la lotería y no le toca nunca.
¿Y por qué hay gente que tiene un cáncer de pulmón si no ha fumado o de hígado si no ha bebido?
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#alcohol intake as a risk factor for acute #stroke

A study was done on about 26,000 people from >30 countries including India to assess whether alcohol drinkers had increased risk of getting affected by stroke or not. (Ref: #Neurology, Oct 11, 2022)
#MedTwitter #neurotwitter
1. High level of alcohol intake was consistently associated with all stroke, ischemic stroke and intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH).
2. Moderate alcohol intake was associated with all stroke and ICH, but not ischemic stroke.
3. Low alcohol intake was associated with increased odds of stroke in India, but decreased odds of stroke in Western Europe/North America.
4. Wine consumption was associated with reduced odds of all stroke and ischemic stroke but not ICH.
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“Chapter 7,” titled “Vietnam/Boomer Generation—Marijuana & Psychedelics”

“Wow, Man!” “Just Do It” “Go with the Flow”

Quotes/Highlights THREAD

From *Culture War Class War 2022: Truth & Generations*

by M. Adzema

(publishing 9/2022)


CW22Q 7/1
Quotes/Highlights THREAD

From *Culture War Class War 2022:

*Truth & Generations*

by Michael Adzema

(available on website now & to be published Sept 2022)

READ &/or dwnl entire BOOK free AT SITE... #60sGen #history #LSD #FBR #Boomers #resist

CW22Q 7/2
[Quotes/highlights:] “…for every LSD experience gone wrong, there were hundreds or thousands more whose experience of LSD was transformative.” []

THREAD… #60sGen #history #FBR #Boomers #resist #pot #psychology #marijuana #CultureWar #spiritual

CW22Q 7/3
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