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TTP's New Chapter: Thread
Last year, two smaller groups formerly aligned with the Afghan #Taliban joined #TTP. Led by Mullah Aslam Baloch from Noshki and Mazar #Baloch from #Makran. in 2023, two more smaller groups joined TTP. Today it announced new chapter in #Balochistan Image
This new 'Wilayah' will encompass the Kalat and Makran divisions of #Balochistan. It signifies the establishment of a proper organizational structure, becoming the second administrative unit of #TTP in Balochistan after Wilayah Zhob Makran Division MapKalat Divison Map
Wilayah Zhob, operating in the Pashtun districts of #Balochistan, has been functioning under the command of Sirbakaf Momand. The @PICSSIsb Annual Security Assessment Report 2022 predicted #TTP's expansion plans into non-Pashtun areas of Balochistan. Zhob Division Map
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NEW: @CJTFOIR seeing "dramatic decrease" in #ISIS activity, per Commander MajGen Matthew McFarlane

- 68% reduction in attacks in #Iraq (year on year)

- 55% reduction in attacks in #Syria (year on year)

But he warns, "The #Daesh ideology remains unconstrained & active"
"We continue to see unsafe & unprofessional air activity from the #Russia|ns" in #Syria, per @CJTFOIR's MajGen McFarlane

"We've only seen it from the air" he adds "We continuously communicate"
"All aspects of #ISIS that we are tracking continue to decline or degrade" per @CJTFOIR's MajGen McFarlane, asked about US op a week ago to eliminate sr ISIS leader linked to overseas kidnap plot
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26 citizens martyred in a terrorist attack by Daesh terrorists in Hama countryside

26 civilians were martyred in an attack carried out by the terrorist organization of #Daesh, aka ISIS, on the locals in the eastern countryside of #Hama.
A source in Hama Police Command said that Daesh terrorists attacked group of citizens in Duizen village in the eastern countryside of Hama while they were collecting truffles, killing 26 of them.
On the 17th of last February, 53 citizens were martyred while they were collecting truffles by Daesh terrorists southeast of al-Sukhna city in Homs countryside.
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US CJCS uses alleged ISIS threat to justify US occupation of Syria

The #US has long employed the alleged "#ISIS threat" as a pretext to continue its illegal occupation of northeastern #Syrian territories.
It has done so for two reasons: to destabilize the Syrian government & to pursue the systematic looting of the country's oil resources.
Even after the February 6 earthquake devastated several cities across the country, the #US illegal ocupation forces continues to loot oil from occupied #Syrian territories.
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Critique de l’enquête @FBBlackler #FrèresMusulmans par #FrançoisBurgat . Un « chercheur » fan de #NawaEditions , de son idéologue #AïssamAïtYahya et de ses écrits #SayyedQutb . AAY, le « philosophe jihadiste » cité dans la revue de #Daesh, 1 référence dans les prisons #France 👇 ImageImage
3- #FrancoisBurgat apporte son soutien à #NawaEditions après sa dissolution.Le discours de l’idéologue #AïssamAïtYahya (dont les écrits jihadistes sont publiés sous 1 pseudonyme )est clair : construire en France des « microcosmes #califaux » et détruire le modèle occidental »
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Quando il povero diplomatico italiano Luca #Attanasio fu ammazzato brutalmente nella Repubblica Democratica del Congo, il primo atteggiamento della stampa italiana fu riportare le veline che lo volevano vittima di un tentativo di rapimento finito male. 1/n
La versione cadde nel giro di poche ore perché non fu creduta da nessuno, a cominciare dalla famiglia del diplomatico. Allora si alzò una cortina fumogena incentrata totalmente sulle attività umanitarie di Attanasio, mentre a livello giuridico il caso si insabbiava. 2/n
Non ho fatto ricerche approfondite la mi pare che nessuna testata italiana di rilievo abbia investigato sui possibili motivi di quella che appare inequivocabilmente come un’imboscata voluta e ben preparata. Qualcosa che stesse nel suo presente o passato diplomatico. 3/n
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#Taliban Spokesman:
"Late today, operations was carried out in Qalacha and Shuhdai Salehin areas of Kabul city on the hideouts of Daesh Kharijites (#ISKP). 7 Kharijites were killed& 7 others were captured alive.
Similarly, 2 Khawarij were captured alive in Nimroz province today." Image
A pro-#TB source:
"3 Daesh militants were killed& 2 women& 3 children were captured alive, from a hideout of the group in Qalacha area of Kabul.
Another operation was conducted against a hideout in Shuhadai Salehin area of PD8. 2 #ISKP members were killed& 2 women were arrested." Image
#Taliban's spokesman provided more details about yesterday's anti-#ISKP raids in #Kabul and #Nimruz provinces:
"Late yesterday in Kabul& Nimruz provinces, a key ISKP network, involved in organizing the attacks on #Longan_Hotel (a place where #Chinese nationals were staying), ... Image
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1. Members of US Congress of both parties support our mission in #Syria to defeat #Daesh by support of the Christians, Kurds, Ezidis, Turkmen, Arabs and others seek a stable, secure, democratic and equal Syria. #Turkey under the neo-Ottoman dictator Erdogan and his AKP
2. party seek ethnic cleansing in Northern Syria to use the area as terrorist base for the Jihadist mercenary army comprised of Al-Qaeda and ISIS. Congress must call on the @WhiteHouse to direct the @ODNIgov to de-classify all material related to #Erdogan, his party and
3. his family connections to Al-Qaeda and ISIS. They certainly have the proof and it is being concealed from the world and the US in hopes that a person who wants to rule a Califate that advances global Jihad will some day just become a member of the world community.
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#BREAKING: Anti-regime protests have started in several neighbourhoods across #Tehran. This video shows people in #TehranPars neighbourhood protesting against #Iran's Islamic Regime tonight.
#Mahsa_Amini #مهسا_امینی
#BREAKING: An anti-regime protest starts at Aryashahr neighbourhood of #Tehran. People are protesting against #Iranian regime in several neighbourhoods of Tehran tonight.
#MahsaAmini #مهسا_امینی
#BREAKING: Anti-regime protest starts at #SaadatAbad neighbourhood of #Tehran. People are protesting against #Iranian regime in several neighbourhoods of Tehran tonight.
#MahsaAmini #مهسا_امینی
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#YEMEN:Al-Huraizi Exposes Relationship between ‘Saudi Arabia and #Daesh.

Head of the sit-in committee in #Mahra province, Sheikh Ali Al-Huraizi, revealed that there is strong connection between the Saudi regime and criminal organization #ISIS.
Al-Huraizi explained, in
a video published on Twitter, how the Saudi regime dispatched one of its intelligence officers and his wife to Mahra and appointed him as the leader of the organization in the “Arab Peninsula.”

Al-Huraizi said that the so-called Rageh Bakrit rented a house for the Saudi
officer and his wife in #Mahra, on the grounds that he is the official of Daesh in the Arabian Peninsula.

He pointed out that Saudi Arabia informed the Saudi officer, two months later, that it would raid the house through special forces
Sheikh Al-#Huraizi noted, “After
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@AlDavoodi @Disfosgen @AlexKohler1 @Bernd_Schulyok Wobei jede Lieferung von Waffen eigentlich ein Einzelfall ist, deswegen müssen sie einzeln genehmigt werden. Ist der Empfänger ein Régime, das man gegen den Gegner unterstützen will? Was ist, wenn sich in der Zukunft die Menschenrechts-Situation verschlechtert (Kenia,
1/ #Piraten
@AlDavoodi @Disfosgen @AlexKohler1 @Bernd_Schulyok Mexiko)? Werden Partnerstaaten (Israel,…) evtl. bedroht? Wie stabil ist der Empfänger? Erhofft man sich Verbesserungen & will das Land nicht in's "Autokratenlager" treiben?
Es ist einfach, hier Pauschalaussagen zu treffen, aber das führt dazu, daß #FDGO-Fraktionen
2/ #Piraten
@AlDavoodi @Disfosgen @AlexKohler1 @Bernd_Schulyok nicht unterstützt werden & von Autokraten besiegt werden - oder totalitäre Fraktionen (#DAESh) sich durchsetzen, bei denen Länder wie China/Saudi-Arabien/Braunrussland keine Skrupel bei der Waffenlieferung haben.
3/3 #Piraten
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1. I do this every so often and thought with the IRGC affiliated forces attacking our forces I'll try it again. We have created areas of air deconfliction in Syria that have also created de facto areas of control on the ground. But there is a big difference between the US and SDF
2. controlled areas and the Russia/Assad controlled areas. With our SDF partners we are fighting #Daesh. Russia and Assad don't. We are in Syria under the #2001AUMF to fight Daesh. This map shows the grey areas that are Daesh held in the Russian/Assad controlled territory.
3. The terrorists can infiltrate the SDF region and presence of IRGC near Daesh strongly suggests an Iranian/Daesh connection. What I suggest is a possible strategy is to go after the Daesh in the Russia/Assad held are and at the same time drive the IRGC forces out of Syria.
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1. If our @NATO alliance prevents us from standing up to #Erdogan we are morally obligated to arm the #SDF with heavy weapons and anti-air capabilities to fight off the unprovoked #Turkish aggression in N Syria. The Syrian people and fighters of the #SDF earned that
2. much with their blood in Kobane, Raqqa and Baghuz. More SDF died fighting ISIS for us in Syria than US forces in all the years in Afghanistan. We have a force that believes in freedom, democratic rule and equality of all people. If we abandon them to the autocratic racist
3. Erdogan to be slaughtered we will lose the ability to convince others to join us in the fights against terror. Erdogan is a bully and if we give in to him we desecrate the memory of the people who died in the war on terror. He is allied with both Al-#Qaeda and #Daesh and
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1. I'm no #Assad fan. He is a brutal dictator who used chemical weapons on his own people. But we learned what happens if you destroy a nation's defense force after defeating dictators in #Germany and in #Iraq. What comes is either subjugation to a predator like the USSR or chaos
2. in the form of something like #Daesh. The #Turkish attack on the Syrian #Arab Republic forces near #Kobane is an act of an aggressor nation seeking to subjugate #Syria so it can commit genocide against #Yazidi, #Kurds and #Christians. @NATO cannot permit #Erdogan to hold
3. our collective morality and best interests hostage while he uses #Finland and #Sweden's accession as means to extort complicity in his crimes. Tell #Erdogan if he attacks Syria every member of @NATO will terminate their #Article5 obligations to #Turkey and cast the neo-
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1. I see all the reports saying today is the 6th anniversary of the liberation of Manbij. I looked at my timeline and can't confirm that is so. I closely covered the battle and it ended when Daesh took hostages and travelled north into Jarabulus.
2. The SDF did not attack lest the hostages be harmed. Here is the Aug. 19, 2016 @BBC report on the #Daesh convoy:
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1. I began reporting on the war against #Daesh in #Syria starting at the same time I began reporting on the #Russian invasion of #Ukraine. 2014. I covered #Kobane to #Baghuz in 2019. You cannot fight a war with a psychotic brutal enemy who does not follow the law of armed
2. conflict in a light way. You have to seek out and destroy the enemy. Best is while they are sleeping using artillery. The ones that remain alive, won't be sleeping and will become less able to conduct effective operations. HIMARS are great. But tube artillery is can be
3. terrifying. #Hit the HQ and ammo dumps with #GMLRS and then pour down tube artillery like a hail storm. That's what it took in Raqqa. The @USMC burned up their 155mm gun barrels. And with the SDF valor suffering huge casualties they finally crushed them
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#BREAKING: #USArmy Special Forces (from Delta Force) carried-out an anti-terrorist operation at #Jarabulus near #Aleppo in Northern #Syria. The operation involved two MH-47Gs (this video) & four MH-60Ms of the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment. Video is for 15 mins ago👇
#BREAKING: This video is for almost an hour ago shows two of the four MH-60M Black Hawk helicopters carrying a team of #USArmy Delta Force to Jarabulus near #Aleppo. They attacked a group of #Turkey backed terrorists. One of the helicopters is damaged but was evacuated.
It is reported that the Delta Force team onboard some of these helicopters attacked where it was near position of #Turkey backed Faylaq al-Shām terrorists near Jarabulus. The target most probably was a high ranking #ISIL/#Daesh leader. (possibly protected by #Turkey) Image
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ICYMI: Intelligence shows "The relationship between the #Taliban & #alQaida remains close, w/the latter [alQaida] celebrating the former’s success & renewing its pledge of allegiance" per report from @UN Sanctions Monitoring Team released Friday
Intelligence from @UN members "suggest that #alQaida has a safe haven under the #Taliban & increased freedom of action" per report "[AQ leader] Ayman al-Zawahiri has issued more frequent recorded messages since August, & there is now proof of life for him as recently as Feb 2022"
#alQaida-#Taliban relationship "underscored by the presence, both in #Afghanistan & the region, of alQaida core leadership & affiliated groups, such as alQaida in the Indian Subcontinent (#AQIS)" per @UN report
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When the #SDF liberated Raqqa, the shaping was done largely with US air power. When it came to hunting #Daesh in the dense city, @USMC M777 gun crews provided the fire support. Russians in #Donetsk & #Kherson are about to enter hell. Round-the-clock, brutal and terrifying.
With counter-battery radars, the Ukrainian gunners can immediately hit any Russian artillery that fires. RF rocket and gun crews will be wiped out unless they simply refuse orders to fire. In the first Russian invasion the cowardly Russian gunners fired from amid civilian homes
in Donetsk and the Ukrainians did not return fire for fear of killing civilians. But with the accurate US artillery rounds they can put the shot right on the Russian artillery. Civilians in Donetsk & Kherson should run if there is a Russian gun or rocket system nearby.
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Disturbing & disappointing developments in continued assaults by #Turkish military in #Syria + #Iraq , particularly Turkish claim that this has been coordinated with Iraq/KRG authorities, which has serious implications for #Yezidi #Yazidi in #Sinjar; and many others.

In this @washingtonpost article, it implies that cooperation exists among various authorities to green light #Turkey airstrikes in Syria and Iraq. This has serious implications for the so-called "Sinjar Agreement", which has failed to help Yezidis there.…
The situation is extremely grave. ALL authorities throughout #Iraq , including Iraq govt & KRG govt, have a solemn duty to protect citizens in their territories. The deliberate targeting of #Yezidi #Yazidi in #Sinjar is an abominable human rights violations that is ongoing.
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1️⃣On peut estimer qu’il reste beaucoup à faire face à l’islamisme. Mais prétendre, comme l’extrême droite, que la « France ne fait rien » face à ce fléau est mensonger. J’enquête sur le sujet dans tous les pays européens et j’affirme que la France est le pays qui agit le plus👇
2️⃣Comparativement à tous les pays européens, sous différents gouvernements, la France a érigé d’abord une doctrine antiterroriste, dès les années 1980, sous Mitterand, ensuite pourchassé le GIA à travers Pasqua notamment, durant les années 1990 et enfin les séides d’Al-Qaida👇
3️⃣ Entre 1998 et 2012 une multitude d’attentats a été déjouée, des imams salafistes expulsés, des mosquées fermées sous plusieurs gouvernements. Jacques Chirac a envoyé des troupes en Afghanistan contre Al-Qaida et les talibans. Lutte poursuivie sous @NicolasSarkozy 👇
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1. I reported on the first Russo-Ukrainian war starting with the Maidan Jan 2014. After Merkel & Macron's Minsk I and II, I focused on Syria in a belief that ISIS was a Russian and Iranian operation to destroy Syrian Sunnis political unity. I worked to arm and assist the Kurds.
2. The force grew and establishment of the #SDF brought #Sunni #Arabs, #Christians & #Turkmen to join a single umbrella force with US airpower taking back large parts of #Syria. They still hold it much of it but #Putin gave large parts to #Erdogan who folded in ISIS & Al-#Qaeda
3. and along with #Russia, #Turkey, #Iran and #Assad act as a sort of overwatch. With US SOF and Bradleys from the 4th ID there as democracy's last hope.

When the Battle for Raqqa started in 2017, I observed ISIS military leadership made up of mostly Chechens started to leave.
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UPDATE: Fighting raging for a 3rd day in/around al-Sina'a prison in #Hasakah #Syria

#SDF statements say the US-backed forces continue to battle cells of #ISIS fighters, both inside the northern section of the prison & in neighborhoods to the south of the prison
MORE: #SDF officials says an estimated 200 #ISIS fighters were involved in the initial attack on the prison in #Hasakah

An estimated 175 #ISIS have been killed

SDF says 27 of their own soldiers have died in the fighting
The US-led coalition w/ongoing support for #SDF vs #ISIS in #Hasakah

The coalition has said that support includes airstrikes

Apache attack helicopters, F-16s have been active

Bradley armored vehicles also seen in the area
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