#Pi is underrated as no one can truly comprehend the infinite transcendental & irrational value of π
Pi is an infinite number therefore w/in that number contains Your:
Social Security
Drivers Licence
Phone Number
Every Address You've Lived
Gen 1:1
#PiDay2019 #314Day
There're 22 letters in the Hebrew AlephBet
7 is the # of completeness & perfection (physical & spiritual)
22/7 = 3.14 = #Pi
Pi is an infinite # that is contained inside of a finite # we can measure the Diameter & Circumference
Every letter has meaning, number & a symbol as well.
The numerical values of each of the Hebrew letters & words of Genesis 1:1 then apply them to this formula:
# of letters x the product of the letters
divided by
# of words x the product of the words
28 (2.3887872 x 10^34)/ 7 (3.0415353 x 10^17) = 3.14155 x 10^17
You get #Pi
The Circle has no beginning & no end.
Pi is a representation of the infinite inside the finite
We can measure the Diameter of a circle & the circumference but the transcendental & irrational value of π is infinite.
#Pi is the ratio of the circumference to the diameter.
On 3/14/2018 ( #PiDay2018 ) we lost Steven Hawking (declared atheist) which also happened to be the birth date of famous scientist Albert Einstein (born March 14, 1879).

At some point coincidence become mathematically impossible.

22/7 = 3.14
22 Books in the Aaronic (Levitical) Old Testament
22 Chapters in the Book Of Revelation
22 Essential Amino Acids – building blocks of life
22 Bones in the Skull – Giving the Power to speak life/death - Blessing/Cursing
22 Letters in the Original Hebrew Alef-Bet
22 Letters in the Original Hebrew (Alef-Bet) which are used to compose the Word of God. The Word of God is called a lamp (Psalms 119:105, Proverbs 6:22) The word light is found 264 times in Scripture. When 264 is divided by 12 (divine authority) we have 22, which represents light
For the commandment is a lamp; and the law is light; and reproofs of instruction are the way of life:

Matthew 6:22
22 The eye is the lamp of the body. So, if your eye is healthy, your whole body will be full of light,

Jesus is recorded to have quoted from 22 Old Testament books
7 is the number of completeness and perfection (both physical & spiritual). It derives much of its meaning from being tied directly to God's creation of all things.
7 days of the week
7 colors of the rainbow
7 notes of the major scale of music
7 crystal systems
22/7 = #Pi
A rainbow is an optical & meteorological phenomenon.
The human eye is sensitive to wavelengths ranging from deep red (700 nano-meter) to violet (400nm).
There are 7 Colors of the Rainbow despite what the #LBGT Community declares.
Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo & Violet.
The 7 crystal systems consist of 32 crystal classes (corresponding to the 32 crystallographic point groups)
The 7 crystal systems are:
Isometric, Hexagonal, Tetragonal, Trigonal, Orthorhombic, Monoclinic, Triclinic
#God #Seven
The Periodic Table of the known Elements have 7 levels of periodicity.
God has ordained a pattern of 7 in Nature. All things of nature (matter, energy, time or space) were designed & ordained by God (Creator of Science). The Bible is the infallible Master Textbook.
#God of #PiDay
The Bible, as a whole, was originally divided into 7 major divisions:
1) the Law (Torah) Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers & Deuteronomy
2) the Prophets
3) the Writings, or Psalms
4) the Gospels & Acts
5) the General Epistles
6) the Epistles of Paul
7) the book of Revelation
The Old Testament was written in Hebrew
The New Testament was written in Greek
The Hebrew & Greek both have numbers associated with each of the letters.
The Greek is also a letter, a word & a number. However, it does not have a pictograph like the Hebrew.
Jesus is the א & ת
A & Ω
The numerical values of each of the Greek letters & words of Johns 1:1 then apply them to this formula:
The number of letters x the product of the letters
The number of words x the product of the words
You now get 2.7183 x 10^40 which is the infinite mathematical constant of e!
#PiDay2019 is officially over. #314Day

#PiDay2020 should be very interesting then again there is already a movement for Tau Day speaking of Greek...

#TauDay #628Day

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