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#Pi is underrated as no one can truly comprehend the infinite transcendental & irrational value of π
Pi is an infinite value therefore w/in that value contains Your:
Birth date
Social Security
Drivers License
Phone Number
Every address you ever lived
Gen 1:1
#Pi #PiDay2022 #PiDay
There're 22 letters in the Hebrew AlephBet
7 is the # of completeness & perfection (physical & spiritual)
22/7 = 3.14 = #Pi
Pi is an infinite # that is contained inside of a finite # we can measure the Diameter & Circumference
Every letter has meaning, number & a symbol as well.
The Circle has no beginning & no end.
Pi is a representation of the infinite inside the finite
We can measure the Diameter of a circle & the circumference but the transcendental & irrational value of π is infinite.
#Pi is the ratio of the circumference to the diameter.
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CROONICLE: Essential Tips When Choosing Affordable WorkOut Ac...… #fitness #workout
CROONICLE: Your Short Guide on Email Automation… #Automation
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1/ The goal of Pi Network is to build a cryptocurrency and smart contracts platform operated by everyday people. Besides that, the Core Team wants to get the everyday people closer to the blockchain revolution in an easier way and not let them fall behind it.
2/ The goal of Pi is not to make you, me or anyone rich by just tapping a button every day. If you believe that - you should go to the one who told you that and smash him a slap that he/she will never forget.

#pinetwork #blockchain #crypto #pi_network
3/ Some pioneers might build some wealth in the period of switching to the real blockchain but all that will happen over a longer period of time and not overnight. Long term holders and investors always profit the most by showing their diamond hands.
#pinetwork #blockchain
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 08/19/2021…
This is how western states must change because of the Colorado River water shortage…

#ColoradoRiver #WaterShortage #PolicyChange #WaterRights #OpEd
4760 pieces of trash compose 'perpetual plastic' data sculpture on bali beach…

#PublicArt #DataSculpture #repurposing #PlasticWaste #BaliBeach
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Hello friends! Before leaving this account, I'd like to share valuable insights & experiences I gained as PhD #student, #postdoc, and #newPI. These are on various aspects of science.

My insights are obviously not universal. Please take them with a 'big grain of salt'.
Open 🧵
#1. NEVER EVER write an email when overwhelmed by emotion. This is especially relevant when the emotion is anger, regardless of whether it is justified or not. When receiving bad / unpleasant news, it's best to let it rest AT LEAST 1-2 days before responding.
#2. In myself and in my scientific team members, I welcome every feeling/state (expressed with respect) EXCEPT BOREDOM.

A person that is bored has lost curiousity, and awareness of how little she/he knows of this AMAZING universe. There is always something great to learn!
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I had a short conversation on Pi network few days back with some crypto folks and Mr. Obinna, founder of The Crypto Bootcamp also the Secretary General, SiBAN was involved.
Here are some points you should take note of.
Quite informative 👇
#ltc #pi #blockchain #thecrytobootcamp
- The aim of pi network is to Build the world’s most inclusive peer-to-peer marketplace, fueled by Pi, the world’s most widely used cryptocurrency.
- from the aspect of the community, Pi network already have a strong comminity who believes in it (to a good extent) and still growing, in fact the growth is becoming more exponential. Of which Pioneers are from all over the world, I mean every country in the world actually.
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There have been various misconceptions about what The Pi Lifestyle is, and what they do.
I hope this short thread helps to clear the air and get you well informed👇
#pi #PiNetwork #thepilifestyle #bitcoin #LTC #Ethereum #blockchain #cryptocurrencies
Over 2,300 transactions done already on The Pi Lifestyle.
If you don't know what that means, just know it's huge and no economy or market place is doing as great as this today.
These are the Pioneers (about 20k Pioneers) who really believe in Pi and are ready to build a good future for it. And that's why The Pi Lifestyle take the risk of borrowing buyers their Pi just to create utility for Pi and help build it's value.
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Thread: grant submission experiences as a #PI vs. trainee…with sides of serious and comical.

#AcademicTwitter @AcademicChatter
This week I worked alongside some of my #EPCHL team members (#postdocs, #PhD students) and colleagues to submit 2 applications (was involved in a 3rd). Same competition, same deadline.
Other #EPCHL staff continued to keep our 7+ other clinical trials running smoothly; they have this, they have superpowers that we don’t praise enough.

This brought up memories of a grant submission during graduate school where the PIs and PhD students.
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Pi Network Mining App is a Scam!
Pi Tokens are not even in existence. Their Mainnet is not live. So what are these people actually mining if the coin doesn't even exist yet?
View comment thread for evidence.

#scamwatch #PiNetwork #pi #scam #cryptocurrency #Bitcoin Image
A write up from A.I Multiple Research listing clear facts to explain why Pi Network is a scam Image
Former Head of Community for Pi Network is engaged in a legal battle with Pi Network founders. Image
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Little known facts about #PI Industry and Agrochemical Industry :
PI Industry was founded by Brother of Late Ashok Singhal who was international president of organisation Vishva Hindu Parishad for over 20 years and in charge of the Ayodhya Ram Janmabhoomi movement.

Present Chairman of PI industry ,Mr Salil Singhal was invited to the Bhumi Pujan on 5 August at Ayodhya.Salil Singhal, his wife Madhu Singhal and son Mayank Singhal were present at the Bhumi Pujan event at Ayodhya only couple at the Bhumi Pujan platform with Modi

PI Industry was started at MEWAR oil and mills at Udaipur and was into mainly edible oil .
PI stands for *Pesticides India* as company saw opportunity and entered into Agrochemical business along with other verticales like energy meter , polymers etc.

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I have no idea why I'm looking at this but...…

public const double PI = 3.1415926535897931;

PS > [math]::pi


Where did my 2 digits go?

#dotnet #pi #PowerShell
The rabbit hole goes deeper... Image
And it goes even DEEPER...above is PS7 and this is Windows PowerShell Image
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#PiDay is celebrated on March 14th since it resembles 3.14. Pi (𝛑) is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. It also happens to be Albert Einstein’s birthday. Fun facts #thread about #pi (1/ 5) Image
Last year, Emma Haruka from @Google calculated 31,415,926,535,897 digits (most calculated so far) of Pi using program called y-cruncher using 25 Google Cloud virtual machines over four-months (2/ 5)
Pi Day was first celebrated by physicist Larry Shaw at San Francisco's Exploratorium, where he is known as the "Prince of Pi”(3/ 5) Image
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#Pi is underrated as no one can truly comprehend the infinite transcendental & irrational value of π
Pi is an infinite number therefore w/in that number contains Your:
Social Security
Drivers Licence
Phone Number
Every Address You've Lived
Gen 1:1
#PiDay2019 #314Day
There're 22 letters in the Hebrew AlephBet
7 is the # of completeness & perfection (physical & spiritual)
22/7 = 3.14 = #Pi
Pi is an infinite # that is contained inside of a finite # we can measure the Diameter & Circumference
Every letter has meaning, number & a symbol as well.
The numerical values of each of the Hebrew letters & words of Genesis 1:1 then apply them to this formula:
# of letters x the product of the letters
divided by
# of words x the product of the words
28 (2.3887872 x 10^34)/ 7 (3.0415353 x 10^17) = 3.14155 x 10^17
You get #Pi
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The Super Wolf Bloodmoon (according to The Old Farmer’s Alamac) occurs on 1/20/19 over the U.S. This name was given by Native American & early Colonials as wolves would howl outside villages at night from hunger.
It will be the 1st of 3 Supermoons in 2019.…
The Super Wolf Blood Moon of 2019 is the 10th of 10 that have occurred in perfect symmetry since 2010 w/ the last 7 of 10 occurring on Jewish feast, fasts or festivals while 2 appeared directly over Jerusalem
The number 7 & the number 10 are both signs of completion
Blood Moon #4
Passover (Hebrew: פֶּסַח Pesach) commemorates the story of the Exodus in which the ancient Israelite's were freed from slavery in Egypt
Passover begins on the 15th day of the month of Nisan in the Jewish calendar & is celebrated for 7-8 days
Began sundown on 4/14/14
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Medición del rendimiento:

¿Cuáles son las diferencias entre
y otros tipos de métricas?

#HiloKPI #Analitica #CuadrosDeMando 😎
1⃣ Toda variable es un métrica, todo indicador es una métrica pero no toda métrica es un indicador.
2⃣ Un indicador necesita una cuota; una métrica, no (en un indicador necesitamos al menos, el mínimo y el máximo, el 0% y el 100%)
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