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Ok. I'm going to reveal the URL to my niche site when I get 5k follows.

I've decided to do this because it's a project I love more than money.

And why not reveal it today?!

Well, I need time to launch this SEO tool... (And I'm a bit embarrassed by its current state) 👇👇
PS. Huge thanks to the beta testers and all the words of encouragement!.

Things always take longer than expected but I'm hoping to do a public launch next week.

Thanks again!
Here are teasers for the niche site:

- why I paid over $5k for a premium domain.
- how I implement programmatic SEO and have +20k pages indexed
- how I future proof the site against AI content.
- how I leverage AI to generate high value content.
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In this thread, I'll be showcasing the impressive content generation capabilities of #ChatGPT, the new language model from @OpenAI that has taken the world by storm this week.

It can do wonders in a wide range of applications. Here are 30 ace use cases you'll be amazed by!

To start off, who hasn't dreamed of being a tech reviewer like Marques Brownlee?
If you're up for writing tech guides, try writing them with a lyrical twist!
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What's the best way to work on a website for #SEO?

No one really knows, there are multiple paths.

Take action and test as you go.

What should you test?

Practical tips for getting started with content and getting your first $1. 🧵
Plan in advance what's needed.

Clusters, # of articles, internal linking structure.

This is the bare minimum.

You can always adjust halfway or change as you go.

The important is having some material to work on.

The ROI of drafts is $0.
Set up an arbitrary quality threshold.

You decide it.

Articles should have at least that much detail before I hit publish.

Once you ensure decent quality, you can always come back later to update and enrich.

The important is getting data and giving some food to Google.
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10 Google chrome extensions for so good you'll feel stupid not knowing them ( All 🆓 )

Not Only #SEO & Content Writing...

1. Adblock Plus [ @AdblockPlus ]

🆓Blocks annoying and intrusive ads on websites, allowing for a smoother and faster browsing experience.

🔗 seo faiza jamil
2. LastPass[ @LastPassHelp]

🆓Manages and securely stores all of your online passwords and login information.

🔗 Image
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Wanna make Learning #SEO easier? [Complete Roadmap]

SEO: it's a piece of 🎂

🥞Break it into 3 Layers:

✔️On-page SEO
✔️Technical SEO
✔️Off-page SEO

⏰ 2 Minute
🥞 Layer 1: On-page #SEO:

➟Meta Tags
➟Headings and subheadings
➟Internal linking
➟Image alt tags
➟URL structure & SSL
➟Page loading speed
➟Content quality and relevance
➟Social media sharing buttons
➟User-friendly navigation
➟Schema markup
🥞 Layer 2: Technical #SEO:

➟Website speed & performance
➟Security & HTTPS
➟Sitemaps & Indexing
➟Structured data
➟Canonical tags and 301 redirects
➟HTML validation and W3C compliance
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#SEO is actually a big mix of many other subjects.

Still, there are differences between those subjects.

You don't have to do it all!

In fact, hybridization is only good for certain professionals.

Let's see some examples and why there is room for differentiation 🧵
SEO is quite large and we often disagree on some definitions or concepts.

That's fine, as many things are subjective and industry-relevant.
Some pages will never rank on Google as they are mostly navigational and serve other purposes.

I have often been asked for advice on CRO and UX but I admit it's totally different.

I know the basics, being a real professional is another beast.
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The 10 most common errors you make when analyzing #SEO data.

These are quite dangerous for your websites.

BUT they can be easily fixed if you know them.

Let's see the full list 🧵
1. Mixing branded with non-branded traffic.

This completely destroys your reporting efforts for big brands.

A big NO for Enterprise SEO but not a big deal for websites with weak brand recognition.

This gets the first spot because it's so wrong for big websites.
2. Not cleaning data.

Analysts normally clean them and spend a lot of time to figure out if they make sense.

Non-technical people just go for the insights, that's super wrong.

This is the difference between making money and losing it.
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Supercharge Your Content Writing & #SEO With These Tools


⏰ 2 Minute
1/ Hemingway Editor 🆓

A tool that analyzes text for readability and makes suggestions for improving sentence structure and word choice.
2/ CoSchedule Headline Analyzer 🆓

The tool that helps create compelling headlines that grab attention and drive traffic to your content
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Quiero armar mi propio hilo de cómo y para qué utilizar ChatGPT porque me está volviendo loco con esta herramienta.

Lo iré actualizando con ideas propias, tweets de terceros e ideas externas a Twitter.

Ahi vamos 🧵
Generé un Expert Advisor para Metatrader 5, es decir, un Bot de Trading básico en mq5, que encima le podés pedir modificaciones y detalles #ChatGPT #Metatrader
Si tenés los datos de activos en excel y no tenés ni la menor idea de como calcular indicadores, podes pedirle no solo las formulas, si no tambien las funciones a utilizar #ChatGPT #Excel
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Comment (bien) compter le nombre de mots dans un texte avec Google Sheets ?
Compter le nombre de mots dans un texte est une tâche récurrente en SEO.
Et pourtant, elle n'est pas aussi triviale qu'il n'y paraît.
Je vous montre comment faire avec Google Sheets 👇
1️⃣ Méthode
Il y a plusieurs façons de faire.
Je vais vous en montrer 2 :
- méthode n°1 : compter le nombre d'espaces dans le texte
- méthode n°2 : découper le texte à chaque espace et compter le nombre de valeurs obtenues
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6 Ways AI #SEO Can Supercharge Your SEO Strategy

⏰ 2 Minute


Thanks, me later.....

1. Write SEO Friendly Headlines
2. Write #SEO Friendly Descriptions
3. Convert Keywords to exact, or phrase match
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Can publishers and big content websites save time with Analytics?

Yes, and also get more $$.

The issue is that some skills are all but mainstream in #SEO.

Let's see 5 methods and ideas that I've tested 🧵
1. Auditing Google Search Console data like an Analyst.

Checking what matters and taking actual action.

Many average SEO audits are expensive and produce long spreadsheets with generic advice.
GSC data allow you to:

- Find decaying content

- Spot new opportunities

- Understand what can be improved

This is key intel because you can find what content is losing you $$.
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The best business decisions I've ever taken so far are far from obvious.

In fact, most of them were considered bizarre or even controversial.

#SEO is strictly related to business, you can't escape from it.

Here are my 10 considerations that are quite useful 🧵
1. Build a personal brand.

Many criticized me at first because "are you an influencer???".

Most of your friends won't understand you either.

Do it anyway, it's crucial for your networking and your future.
2. Start freelancing/side projects.

It's easier to make money now if you have some modern skills.

There is no reason to sacrifice extra money that you can use for leisure.

Most of this stuff is starting to become my primary activity with time.
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#SEO - How to Analyse SERP and Keyword Competition

🎈Find the Low KD keyword
🎈Write an Article on it
🎈Wait for the $$$
🤯KWs don't Rank

⏰3 Minutes


🧵Keyword Research is an art form and science
🎈#SEO Tools - Low Competition Keywords

Chrome Extensions:
⚙️Ahrefs Bar
⚙️SEO Minion
⚙️Page Load Time

Other Tools:
⚙️Common Sense
#SEO- Use the following when doing Competition Research:

⚙️Backlink/Referring Domain count
⚙️Allintitle results
⚙️Relevance/Search Intent
⚙️Content length/quality and on-page SEO
⚙️Types of websites ranking
⚙️SERP History
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After 1 year of activity here, I have learned a lot of things.

Most of my old beliefs have changed, thanks to many healthy discussions.

Not for the faint of heart or those who love comfortable lies.

My personal considerations on #SEO and how to improve 🧵
Disclaimer: as said before, these are personal considerations.

They may NOT work for you, everyone's free to craft their own path.
Most of the stuff you read on social media is fake or artificial.

There are wonderful and skilled people but the opposite is also true.

Always have a critical eye and don't fall for the money trap.

Following influencers promising you money won't get you reach.

Prove me wrong.
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Stay on topic!

Niche website owners can demonstrate authority and beat the #SEO competition by staying consistent to the primary topic!

Here's how I measure website consistency for multiple niche sites using #competitiveintelligence : 🧵👇 Image
We assume that when a website stays laser focused to the primary topic then:

1) Google perceives it as more authoritative.
2) It is generally more helpful for users.
3) Ultimately you'll outperform your competition

Even as the UNDERDOG!
First, I determine the primary topic for every page for for all 4 websites.

In aggregate this becomes the 'average topic' or nucleus of the niche (the primary topic cluster)
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Content Optimization with Analytics:

1) Spot 0-click pages

2) Find decaying articles

3) Inspect 0-click queries

It's incredible how many #SEO Specialists run audits without checking them.

Resources in the comments ↓ ↓
General overview of the Ultimate GSC Audit, feat @theDrewDag.

Decaying articles and all the rest can be found here.

You need some coding or spreadsheet knowledge to replicate most of this stuff.
Reporting for content websites can be shorter but more effective.
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Arrêtons les conneries dans la sphère du #SEO.

Après 7 ans d'expérience dans ce domaine, j'ai eu envie ce matin de stopper le bullshit avec 27 faits réels que j'ai appris au fil des années.

En espérant que cela soit utile aux futurs SEO's.

Thread |🧵|
1) Les positions sont temporaires en SEO, rien n'est jamais acquis sur le long terme. Ce sont des loyers. 🏡
2) Seules les positions 1-2 font la différence.
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Here goes nothing!

Today I started a multi niche #SEO case study.

🏭20 Industries
🎯101 Niches
🔎+1 Million SERP Results
🐉250k Domains
💵+100,000 Niche Websites!

Follow me for more details!

😳who/what/why/how?🧵👇 Image

1) I have an insatiable curiosity
2) I'm good with data!
3) I love a challenge

Please consider following me on this journey!

Yes, it has been done before:
1) by people more talented
2) by teams with more resources than I have.

But I haven't done it yet!

#buildinpublic #solodev and some #NoCode??
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Data Skills and Analytics for #SEO essentials.

What you need to combine two of the most lucrative skills out there.

My 20 best threads in a single place:
Introduction to #nlp to understand how modern search engines work.
The Best SEO Python Libraries You Have to Use.

What I list here is moe than necessary to start getting results.
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[THREAD] N’ayez pas peur de migrer vers #Shopify !

Un #CMS qui a fortement évolué ces dernières années en renforçant son équipe de senior #SEO. Le produit est encore tant décrié par les #agences SEO. Voici mon retour d'expérience !
Arguments principaux des clients : Solution simple, complète et pas chère : Sans développement, le CMS propose beaucoup de solutions natives ou avec des modules complémentaires paramétrables sans coder.
Équipe restreinte : Un #webmaster suffit à faire 95% des actions techniques. Plus besoin d’énorme équipe IT pour faire évoluer la solution et gagner en visibilité organique.
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Many say to understand data when they don't.

This is a problem that plagues the #SEO industry.

In money, this hurts content websites.

But don't worry, there are solutions.

Let's see what you have to consider and why 🧵
Data quality is the most important factor.

Defining what quality is is the first step.

It doesn't always equal accuracy, as we can see with Google Search Console.

But, you can still get useful insights out of it...
As long as you can get relevant and practical insights, the rest is optional.

The choice of language is irrelevant if you are just going to do an analysis.

As long as you get results, everyone's happy.

Don't lose your mind over details.
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2 Day's and it will be last month of the year, Is your business ready for Holidays 2022 ? And new year.🎉🎆

A Thread🧵 if you are not and want to be.

For more tips like this follow me @bagwarikrishna

Subscribe to my Newsletter at retrevue…
1 - Show Your Local Business Online

According to Google last year people start shopping online and start looking for products from local business.

So if you have local business you must start today and show your business to people online.
2 - Fill Up Your e-commerce stock

People will start shopping for friends and family.

So if you have e-commerce website check for the best product you have fill your stock for upcoming Holidays.
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¿Tienes una tienda online y aún no consigues posicionarla?

En ese caso te dejo los 11 mejores consejos de #SEO para #eCommerce con el fin de que aumentes las ventas de tu tienda online ✅

Dentro HILO 🧵
Consejo 1. Utiliza keywords long tails

Lo mejor para tu tienda online será atacar keywords long tail del tipo «zapatillas roja nike talla 42» con el fin de empezar a captar tráfico web transaccional que quiera comprar el producto de tu página web.
Consejo 2. Utiliza las migas de pan

Las migas de pan serán clave a la hora de:

➡️ Mejorar el rastreo de tu tienda online.
➡️ Mejorar la experiencia de usuario de tu tienda online.
➡️ Mejorar tu enlazado interno
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