1/ This is the problem with anyone representing #ADOS. U r essentially supporting a group that centralizes the *supremacist* theory that #ADOS have some sort of blood purity over *other* Americans of African descent because their ancestors went through slavery. @TalibKweli 📜📜📜
2/ A theory, not only supremacist but a *fallacy*. The pillar of the #ADOS screed 4 reparations is their reputed *specific* claim because they r descendants of persons enslaved during US chattel slavery & Jim Crow. There are a significant number of people living outside but
3/ particularly inside the US who may not be even more than two or three generations in, whose ancestors went through US chattel slavery and escaped during the revolutionary war or slightly afterwards, and colonized with the help of white abolitionists countries in West Africa.
4/ Countries like Liberia (founded by freed US slaves & the America Colonization society in 1847 or Sierra Leone (capital *Freetown* founded by freed slaves from the US, Canada, Jamaica & 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿). Many of these free-men & slaves fought on the British side (Black Loyalists) during
5/ the American Revolutionary war or had escaped slavery from the South and North and made their way up to Canada (e.g Nova Scotia), Caribbean colonies (and London). In Canada (Nova Scotia) for e.g, these freed African-Americans and escaped slaves, toiled in hellish conditions,
6/ living in dug up holes in the ground to escape the Canadian winters for almost a decade, before a British abolitionist movement to repatriate these folks back to West Africa took hold, leading to the first settlements in Freetown, Sierra Leone in 1787. thecanadianencyclopedia.ca/en/article/bla…
7/ Many of these first settlers died from disease and war with the indigenous Temne people already living on the Peninsular of what is now considered Sierra Leone but, they eventually thrived (even through British colonialism) and became an independent nation in 1961.
8/ Unfortunately, Liberia and Sierra Leone have never lived up to there early promise because of continued neo-colonial intervention, corruption, political infighting, economical mismanagement & horrific civil wars. As a result, over the last 3 to four decades, as the long arc of
9/ history would have it, the descendants of these American slaves and freedmen that colonized these countries and spent generations outside of the US have been returning to the US in small but steady numbers. In 1980, the US immigrated 4,000 Liberians and 2,000 Sierra Leoneans
10/ which has steadily increased to 98,000 for Liberia in 2017 and 40,000 for Sierra Leone in 2017. Still a very small fraction of the overall share percentage of all immigrants allowed in to the United States at 0.1% for Sierra Leone & 0.2% for Liberia. Thanks @MigrationPolicy😉
11/ A significant number of those Sierra Leoneans & the vast majority if not all of those Liberians would have a legitimate *justice claim* by even #ADOS’s right-wing propagated, supported and *funded* standards, which nullifies on its *supremacist* face, this blood purity farce
12/ being peddled by these black supremacist @breakingbrown & @tonetalks and, *tacitly supported by @sandydarity.
13/ Instead of finding common alliances in the spirit of pan-african unity with ur brothers & sisters of African descent with or without the exact same *justice claim* u purport to have, #ADOS seek to conflate & reimagine history without endeavoring in a comprehensive
14/ analysis on the subject of reparations to determine who is eligible and what is owed and the hierarchy and appropriation wherein of such a complex undertaking. Nonetheless, here is irrefutable proof that 100’s of thousands of Sierra Leoneans & Liberians that are presently in
15/ the US would, under ur fraudulent *unstudied* standards🙄, have a legitimate *justice claim* to reparations in the US, eviscerating ur borrowed *blood & soil* Nazi mantra & attempts to delegitimize & revoke US citizenship of these more recent Americans of African & Carribbean
16/ descent. 🤦🏾‍♂️
Do Your Research.

Solidarity with all African & African-American, Afro-Carribean & Afro-Latino people of the diaspora✊🏾

Let’s continue the movement 4 reparations but without the right-wing assisted, nativist, eugenics-fronted, xenophobic-framed spirit of #ADOS
17/ If you’re reconsidering your position of support for #ADOS. Let me help steer you in the right direction.
Note: This isn’t an exhaustive review.

Let’s start here by tracking Congress’ progress with the HR 40 Bill 👉🏾 congress.gov/bill/116th-con…
18/ And here 👉🏾 pbs.org/newshour/amp/n…
19/ The UN study here 👉🏾 documents-dds-ny.un.org/doc/UNDOC/GEN/…
20/ Don’t fall for an xenophobic cult supported by right-wing zealots, white supremacists and eugenics theorists that have not pushed for a single piece of legislation from their representatives in congress towards a reparations bill. #ADOS has no plan, beyond *divide & conquer
21/ tactics and fomenting intra-racial bigotry disguised as *earnest* opposition to black and non-black immigration to the US.

#Sponsored, #Led & #Promulgated by @FAIRImmigration

The End. ✊🏾
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