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Shania Twain.
Being offensive doesn't mean you are being honest. It just means you are offensive. I used to respect you but you obviously haven't been paying attention to how Trump is an admitted sexual predator who is literally trying to take food out of the mouths of kids.
As he and the Republicans try to pass the #FarmBill that sets Single parents up to fail and will literally starve poor and low income children and adults, elderly, and disabled people who hone can't work or who do work as much as they can thus
"Working poor" , losing foodstamps.
3 who honestly can't work... typo, all simply because Trump and the
Republicans hate the poor just for being poor, seek to punish and humiliate them , and are evil and have no compassion. So while you admire Trump the sociopath's honesty, he's trying to kill poor people.
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📢Amplify your vote South Carolina!
Yes, your Vote ☑️ is amplified 3X by voting in the SC primary!
Save The Date (June 12) & Vote!…
⭐️Your Very Last Date To Register To Vote For The SC Primary is May 14!

(👇👇👇See Rules Below 👇👇👇)
📢Listen up #SC02!
Don't fall for Fake 🐘,Democrats!
YOU have a chance to oust Joe (You Lie) Wilson! #JoeMustGo
Meet @VoteCarrigan, 🇺🇸Vet & #TrueBlue 🌊Dem.
He believes in #equality4all #education & #HealthCareForAll!
Please Follow, Retweet, & DONATE:
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Hey #ALABAMA! You get to Vote in your Primary Election on JUNE 5, 2018!
Register to vote by May 21st
Check out this THREAD of ALL your Democratic Candidates. Photos & websites. Links to Registration, ID, Absentee, Poll Worker...
#AL01 #AL02 #AL03 #AL04 #AL05 #AL06 #AL07 Gov & AG
Register here by May 21st for JUNE 5, 2018 PRIMARIES…
Find your County Officials here:…
Find your Polling Place…
Democratic Candidates for Congress #AL01 #AL1

Robert Kennedy Jr., Marketing Executive & Navy Veteran
Lizzetta McConnell, Ex-Mobile County NAACP President

vs GOP Bradley Byrne

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Republicans can't decide anymore whether war is good or bad, but if it's bad, it's definitely because of Jewish globalists; and whichever war/peace direction Trump is leaning toward is the right call at all times.


Republicans agree that foreign policy is about 'showing strength'... but they don't want to actually fight wars... or use diplomacy... or negotiate in good faith.

Their foreign policy seems to be "America should masturbates in a mirror."

The Donald Trump they talk to each other about is not Donald Trump, the insecure toddler, that we all know.
They've invented some white deity in their heads that benevolently protects small towns and the 1950's, and labeled it "Donald Trump."
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Since 1996 under Gingrich, the GOP has been using loaded, accusatory language to create negative propaganda to debase ordinary words.
They weaponized neutral terms such as "liberal", "progressive", "socialist", "taxes", "welfare", "regulation" into emotional dog-whistles.
The famous 1996 GOPAC Memo, which Gingrich and others in the GOP crafted to give that year's GOP candidates tools to propagandize their campaigns, is loaded with the negative terminology to label their opponents, and positive terms for themselves.
The GOP, like Cambridge Analytica, deliberately avoids facts & logic.
They use emotional manipulation via propaganda to "switch off" voters' skepticism & critical thinking.
That's why they try to co-opt terms like "patriot", "freedom", and "rights".
This is not new.
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Mini-THREAD: So, let's have a little feel good chat, #BlueWave2018/#BlueWaveIsComing-ers/People-who-hate-Trump.... Remember we talked the other day about how important it was for @judgedallet to have our support? WELL, SHE WON. And it's BAD news for Trump's #TeamTraitor....
2/ Because, her win was something the GOP - particularly Trump supporters in DC - were eyeing closely. 👀👀👀SEE, the MSM wasn't covering it a lot (some outlets were)... but this "little" judicial race win IS A BIG DEAL -…
3/ Just like the Roy Moore/Doug Jones win was AWESOME (p.s. a judge just dismissed Moore's request to have the case his accuser has against him dropped -…)... anyway, like Jones and @ConorLambPA, this win is a big, BIG deal.
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We recently learned that among the first American candidates for national office to make use of Cambridge Analytica's services was Art Robinson, running for US Representative in Oregon's 4th district. But who is Art Robinson? Let's dig into this. 1/…
Art Robinson has a PhD in biochemistry from the University of California. In 1980 he moved to Oregon and founded the nonprofit Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine in Cave Junction. Don't be fooled, though. This is not a prestigious organization. 2/…
Cave Junction is a small, rural town in southern Oregon with fewer than 2000 residents. It is not a center of biochemical and health research. However, Robinson's OISM claims to research a wide variety of topics, including aging, elementary science education & the environment. 3/
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1/4 To understand why I & others think it's crucial to oppose Bernie Sanders' influence in the Democratic party, you have to understand this:

➥NYT Interactive: To Reclaim the House, Democrats Need to Flip 24 G.O.P. Seats. 25 Are in Clinton Territory.…
2/4 It's impossible for #BlueWave2018 to not #FlipTheHouse — except for one problem. We have a left-wing tea party running dozens/hundreds of candidates, some even posing as Dems while they hate the party, who are trying to primary and/or spoil elections of sitting Democrats
3/4 Some of fake candidates lack qualifications & can't win an election & are in the race to smear the Democrat. Some are now scorched-earth attacking power female Dems like Diane Feinstein, hoping to take out heavy hitters of the party. Some are genuine, but under-qualified.
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Yesterday, #COTD @BenMcAdams rode your #BlueWave2018🌊 from 7.6k followers to 8430! ❤️ Great job, y'all!

This #SaturdayMorning, we are doing a special #COTD to support #MarchForOurLives

We asked #BWCS endorsed candidates where they stand on #GunReform

.@PiattPatti's son died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

"Watching others lose a child and knowing what they feel brings it all back. I don't have a problem with responsible gun ownership, but there is nothing responsible about owning an AR-15."
"If we want teachers to have to ability to make offensive measures, why not non-lethal weapons? It's terrible that we would have to, but if we do, that route should not be firearms." -@TomPrigg2018
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Did you know that our country is very close to a Constitutional Convention? Quietly our republican controlled state governments are one by one voting to call a Constitutional Convention.
Back when the country was founded we did try to have a government that was a confederation of states, it failed miserably. The Articles of Confederation were ammended in 1787 and our union was completed.
In 1861 the Southern states tried to succeed because they feared the abolitionists of the North would end slavery & they would lose their power in the consolidation of a federal government
The direct result was a bloody war that pitted Americans against Americans & lasted 5 years
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#GOPTaxScam Puts Medicare and Medicaid on the Chopping Block to Give a Tax Break to the One Percent 1
#RESIST #ProtectOurCare
Americans across the country can’t be fooled: the debt-exploding GOP tax scam puts Medicare and Medicaid on the chopping block and ultimately raises taxes on 86 million middle class American families: 2 #GOPTaxScam #Medicaid #Medicare #ProtectOurCare
#GOPTaxScam Raises Taxes on 86 Million Middle Class Families – the GOP tax scam’s meager, temporary benefits for the middle class evaporate in a few years, and the scam ultimately raises taxes on 86 million middle class families. 3 #GOPlies #VoteThemOut
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Hey #IDAHO! Primaries on May 15th! A chance to keep the #BlueWave2018 going! #BlueWaveID!
Here’s a THREAD of ALL your Democratic Candidates! Choose yours and VOTE
#ID01 #ID02 Governor, Secretaries of State
Registration Deadline April 20, 2018
Register here…
Register here by April 20…
Voter Registration Form:…
*Also Election Day Registration on May 15
Check if you're Registered:…
Where to Vote
Overseas? Military?…
In order to vote in Idaho, voters must present valid photo identification.
Need help getting an ID? Contact @SpreadTheVoteUS here: Or Text them here: 323-694-0738
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Hey #NEBRASKA, you get to VOTE in #PRIMARIES on MAY 15, 2018!
#NE01 #NE02 #NE03
Here's a THREAD of all your Democratic Candidates!
Photos, Websites, Twitters & Info!
Voter Registration Deadline April 30, 2018
Register here…
Hey #NEBRASKA, you get to VOTE in #PRIMARIES on MAY 15, 2018
Registration Deadline April 30, 2018
Register here…
Where to Vote
#BlueWave2018 #BlueWaveNE
Registration Deadline Online April 30, Postmarked by April 30, In-person by May 4 at County Clerks offices here:…
Printable Voter Registration Application:
Check polling place here:…
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1/ When? At what point is it enough? Where is the line? How long do we wait? Are those currently in positions of leadership deaf, dumb & blind? What about those that were, but no longer are? Is everyone waiting for someone else to make the determination? #Resist #TheResistance
2/ If not everything that’s occurred since and including the entire 2016 election, up and down ballot, nation wide isn’t a crisis, what is? Is the American Govt involved with the very practices our Government was put in place to prevent? #Vote #FlipItBlue #BlueWave2018 #VoteBlue
3/ Did the President not take an Oath? If the President doesn’t honor his Oath do we not have a Congress to check him? If Congress does not check him but is corrupted and derelict of duty as well, who protects America? The American people can keep them in check with their vote.
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Trojan Horse: a metaphor that will take on new meaning as the truth about 2016 creeps out. Remember this image -- this gaslight propaganda -- that Steve Bannon created for his 1st trick horse, Ted Cruz.

In the words of Virgil "Don't trust this horse"
This Trojan Horse is no myth
There are clues everywhere:
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ONE YEAR AGO, House republicans introduced #Trumpcare to repeal healthcare for 24 million Americans, including ~128,000 in Alabama. #VoteThemOut #BlueWave2018…
ONE YEAR AGO, House republicans introduced #Trumpcare to repeal healthcare for 24 million Americans, including ~38,000 in Alaska. #VoteThemOut #BlueWave2018…
ONE YEAR AGO, House republicans introduced #Trumpcare to repeal healthcare for 24 million Americans, including ~516,000 in Arizona. #VoteThemOut #BlueWave2018…
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Hey #NorthCarolina. You're one of the Lucky 4 States next up for #BlueWave2018
Here's a THREAD of ALL your Democratic Candidates in All District Primaries
VOTE MAY 8, 2018
Register by April 13th here…
Polling Place here:
Starts APRIL 18
Ends MAY 5, 2018
One-stop absentee voting ("early voting") allows any registered voter to cast an absentee ballot in person on select days prior to Election Day.
Find early voting locations at One-Stop Voting Sites here
All voters are eligible to vote absentee in North Carolina.
For Primaries Apply by May 1st Return by May 7th
Application here:…
*Signature on application hand-written not digital.
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Let's talk about the #NRA, fear tactics, and the manipulation of the American people.
Some folks in #WeResist were discussing fear tactics, "well-regulated militias", and the NRA in general. We're gonna dive into these topics in this thread.
First up, the #NRA, everytime a mass shooting happens, the NRA come out strong in defense of guns. We expect them to, after all, it's what they do. They call the gunman "crazy", they say that "crazy" people shouldn't have access to guns, etc.
You don't necessarily have to be "crazy" to do a mass shooting. True enough that most of the people that have committed mass shootings are "crazy" but it's not something that is synonymous with being crazy. You just have to be evil enough to do it.
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Hey #INDIANA! You're one of the Lucky 4 States with early #Primaries.
VOTE MAY 8, 2018
Register by April 9 here:…
Or Text "Indiana" to 2VOTE (28683)
Start #BlueWave2018
Here's a THREAD of All Democratic Candidates #BlueWaveIN
in All Districts
with Websites
INDIANA PRIMARIES #IN01 #IN02 #IN03 #IN04 #IN05 #IN06 #IN07 #IN08 #IN09
THREAD of All (*that I could locate)
Democratic Candidates including Websites
Voter Registration Deadline Apr 9, 2018
Register here:…
#BlueWave2018 #BlueWaveIN
Mail-in Deadline applications April 30, 2018
All registered voters are eligible to vote absentee-in-person from 28 days before Election
Application in-person & mail-in ballots here…
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Thanks to #Mueller we know #TrumpRussia hacked the vote. Now it's to time to introduce the people who were helping. The Kochs & The Mercers...Thread.



#VoterID #VoterSuppression #VoterRegistration #Gerrymandering #CrossCheck #VoterPurging
Now don't panic, yes they messed with the elections but it's very fixable. First we need to understand what they did though. Once you get that you'll see there's a few simple things that can actually be done to stop them. We just have to press hard and endlessly.../2
Since a lot of people did a lot of things it's easier to break things into types of #electiontampering first then say who did what.

1) Obtaining & interpreting personal data
2) Using personal data to purge voter rolls
3) Using personal data to guide vote machine hacking.../3
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The Russian bots are trying to bury the #MarchForOurLives trend with #DAYTONA500

Drown them out!!!!

Keep RTing #MarchForOurLives posts


Look at all the #MAGA scumbag comments locking onto this post.

That tells you all you need to know

They don’t want #MarchForOurLives trending

This is a cyber war

Fight! #Resist

Keep #MarchForOurLives trending
*The original post
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Hey #WestVirginia #WV
VOTE MAY 8, 2018
Who are your Democrats running for #Midterms2018
THREAD of ALL Democratic Primary Candidates
Voter Registration Deadline for primaries April 17, 2018
Register to vote here…
Voter Registration in West Virginia
In person: County Clerks office…
By mail/ in writing: Download application & return it to county clerk…
KEEP Verifying your Registration here:…
#WV #Primaries VOTE MAY 8, 2018
Early Voting April 25, 2018 - May 5, 2018
Absentee Ballot Request Deadline May 2, 2018 (Return by May 7, 2018)
Application here:…
Overseas? Military?…
Application here:…
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1/ "WHY I'M RUNNING" -- A thread, in many, many parts.

Spencer Bounds, Democratic Nominee for Texas House District 82

#txlege #TheResistance #BlueWave #BlueWave2018 #BlueTsunami
2/ I'm running because after 50 years of Republican "representation," nearly 20% (one-fifth) of people over 25 in my district don't have a high school diploma.
3/ I'm running because after 50 years of Tom Craddick "leading" this district, nearly 18% of people in the district don't have health insurance.
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