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We are underway at the Finance Committee, and protests immediately erupt and try to shout down O'Connor. They are removed. Check the preview 🔽 thedailyline.net/chicago/04/09/…
.@AldermanMunoz22 offers those changes as an amendment to the Lincoln Yards ordinances, and they are adopted by the committee unanimously by a voice vote. Waguespack, Arena, Reilly, Osterman votes no. Arena calls for a quorum vote, which could stop the meeting. O'Connor says no.
That means that Lincoln Yards — and its $900M subsidy — is set for a final vote by the City Council today.
Now up: a vote on the 78's $700M subsidy. Dowell, Hairston, Waguespack, Reilly, Arena, Osterman, Foulkes vote no. It is now set for a final vote by the City Council.
Here are what the ordinances for Lincoln Yards and the 78, set to be approved today, look like
Chants of "Hey hey, ho ho, Lincoln Yards has got to go!" can be heard on the second floor from outside on Lasalle Street.
This was the scene in the 2nd floor lobby shortly before the committee vote. Signs read “Our tax dollars should fund young scholars!” Another has a list of needed staff at Kelvin Park HS.
And here’s what’s happening on LaSalle, where protests have blocked the crosswalk.
For the last time, Mayor Rahm Emanuel has taken the rostrum in the City Council Chambers to preside over a meeting of the Chicago City Council.
Several anti-Lincoln Yards protestors have been removed from the Chambers.
.@debmell listens to the invocation. She is on the verge of losing the 33rd Ward seat, which her family has held for 44 years.
Public comment begins.
2 speakers decry the number of liquor stores in Englewood. The City Council is set to approve a measure that woulde allow liquor to be sold within 100 feet of places of worship, schools and hospitals & homes for the aged, indigent and veterans w/support of liquor commissioner.
It is business as usual inside the Council Chambers — but five aldermen-elect are outside City Hall protesting Lincoln Yards and The 78, signaling the sea change about to wash over the City Council
One day after her son @DwyaneWade played one of his last basketball games, Pastor JoLinda Wade (@MamaWade3) delivered the invocation at today's City Council meeting
Ald. Carrie Austin (34) wishes Ald. Milly Santiago (31) well. Santiago lost her seat April 2, and will leave the City Council May 20.
Coordinated chants erupt against Lincoln Yards as public comment ends. The protestors are removed.
We are on to the resolution part of the meeting. First up: chess champions from various schools, including several from @decaturcps (the alma mater of our own @HeatherCherone!)
More anti-Lincoln Yards protests erupt during the resolution honoring chess players. Sposato reacts angrily: “we are horonf little kids! Goodbye!” They are hustled out by security.
Adding to this thread from our colleague at the Tribune, without comment
First roll call vote happening now, on a redevelopment agreement to build a $169 million industrial and distribution center project on 196 acres of vacant land in the 10th Ward near 116th Street and Avenue O. @SSadlowskiGarza says the project will be a "huge shot in the arm."
Vote passes unanimously: 44-0. Absent: @Alderman_Moreno , @AldermanSolis , @CDRosa. 20th Ward seat is vacant.
Emanuel takes a brief victory lap after project passes. Ald. Sadlowski-Garza says the 10th Ward will be like a "phoenix rising from the ashes." The new facility will take the place of the former Republic Steel foundry.
.@Alderman_Moreno has arrived.
UP NOW: The final vote on The 78, a $7 billion development set to build 10K units between the South Loop and Chinatown.
A new TIF would generate a $700M subsidy for the development, which includes a new CTA Red Line station, and a new riverwall.
THE 78 PASSES: 31-13. Dowell, King, Hairston, Sadlowski-Garza, Cardenas, Foulkes, Ervin, Waguespack, Reilly, Smith, Arena, Pawar, Osterman vote no. Burke abstains. Loud booing can be heard in the chambers.
Now up for a vote: Lincoln Yards.
.@AldermanHopkins says the changes orchestrated by @LightfootForChi will mean a huge influx for firms owned by blacks, Latinos and women. Debate begins. First up: Ald. David Moore, who praises the mayor's team for ensuring black firms will benefit from the development
Another protestors interrupts the debate, but is allowed to stay after she sits down.
.@AldermanSmith43 rises. "We have a financial reckoning ahead." The city should not tie up more than a billion dollars in a private development, that will not provide a public good. "We must heed the call for real change in our government."
Up now: @RLopez15thWard. Decries "lies and deceptions" that he said characterized the debate over Lincoln Yards. "You can't steal money that doesn't exist," Lopez says.
Lopez: "We are leveling the economic playing field," with Lincoln Yards' new jobs, new homes that will pay property taxes.
Up now: Ald. Scott Waguespack: @ward32chicago: "I'll be short, Mr. Mayor, because I know you want to get this passed and get out of here."
The rest of the city won't see any tax revenue from Lincoln Yards for 23 years, Waguespack says. "It hasn't been lies or deceptions coming from the community."
Waguespack: "The inherent problem is the way we govern." Takes offense at Lopez' remarks. Vows to work next term to ensure the deal is enforced.
Hopkins rises to end the debate, which will culminate in another roll call vote — and bring to a close months of bitter debate over the future of the North Branch of the Chicago River — and the city at large.
It will also end a roller-coaster several days at City Hall, with the mayor-elect calling for a delay, the mayor agreeing to punt the development to the next term, negotiations behind closed doors, and finally a vote.
Now present: @CDRosa.
Hopkins: "This development will subsidize the city of Chicago." Hopkins says he "tips his hat" to Mayor-elect Lightfoot for inking a deal for more money for firms owned by Blacks, Latinos and women. "We are setting a precedent here."
BREAKING: Lincoln Yards PASSES. 32-13. Voting NO: Dowell, King, Hairston, Sadlowski-Garza, Cardenas, O'Shea, Waguespack, Ramirez-Rosa, Reilly, Smith, Arena, Pawar, Osterman.

Burke abstains, again.
Loud protests erupt in the 3rd floor gallery, as Emanuel addresses the City Council.
Emanuel celebrates votes to approve Lincoln Yards, the 78: the developments will "pay dividends throughout the city of Chicago."
Emanuel acknowledges long, at times, bitter debate. "That's for the good. That's democracy." "I know there are a lot of hard feelings." Now, it is time to move forward, Emanuel says.
And that's it folks. $1.6B in subsidies approved for two mega projects that will reshape the city.
Moving on — approved: A property tax break to fuel the renovation of Macy’s on State Street; $3.5 million in tax-increment financing funds to help Sarah’s Circle to build 38 units of supportive housing in Uptown.
.@CDRosa — who was not present when the City Council approved the 78 development — asks to be recorded as voting no. That means the final vote was 31-14.
Approved: a $4.5 million settlement for a man wrongfully convicted of a rape at the Daley Center thedailyline.us9.list-manage.com/track/click?u=…
Approved: A measure to change the Public Safety Officers Home Buyer Assistance program to the Community Connections Home Buyer Assistance program and make members of Laborer’s Local 1001 and Laborer’s Local 1092 eligible for the grants.
Approved: an exclusive 9-year contract to allow Lyft to operate the city’s Divvy bicycle-sharing system — and reject a proposal from Uber to offer dockless bicycles and scooters David Moore votes no. thedailyline.net/chicago/04/09/…
Approved: an extension of the Car2Go pilot program through Dec. 31.
Approved: a watered down package of Ethics reforms from Rahm Emanuel
Approved, with Reilly, O'Shea, King voting no: thedailyline.net/chicago/04/05/…
Aldermen rise to applaud @ChicagoDOB Commissioner Judy Fryland for rewriting the city's building code for the first time in 70 years.
We're now coming to honorary resolutions for those exiting City Council. First, one honoring @ChicagosMayor. He exits the rostrum as @AnnaValenciaIL reads the resolution so he can kiss his wife, Amy Rule.
Resolution honoring Emanuel’s tenure includes mentions of corporate relocations and biz expansions, stabilizing finances, Midway and O’Hare improvements, expanded pre-K education, infrastructure spending and creation of the Neighborhood Opportunity Fund.
Aldermen jotting down notes for upcoming speeches:
Here’s the standing ovation at the conclusion of Emanuel’s resolution.
Outgoing Ald. O'Connor @40thWard said one of the most direct conversations he had with Mayor Daley was about supporting Emanuel for Congress. In the past he would have said, “Would you consider?” That day he said “I would like you.”
Ald. Carrie Austin tells MRE he is a good father who brought about great changes to education, including all day kindergarten and expanded access to City Colleges. Says it makes a difference to her 29 grandchildren. "You always stood tall, even though you short," she tells him.
Standing ovation for Emanuel's wife, Amy Rule.
Ald. Marge Laurino said when she "first met him he was the Northwest Side 'preferred' candidate for Congress. His reputation as that no-holds-barred, take-no-prisoners leadership style that earned him the nickname of 'Rahmbo' proceeded him, and it was rather frightening."
Laurino says Emanuel might write a book, be a TV talking head, or compete on Dancing with the Stars. "Only if you'll be my dance partner," he replies.

She then uses the "expanded vocabulary" Emanuel taught her, saying aldermen are kvelling – full of pride.
"It has truly become a friendship over eight years, and I truly consider you a friend... thank you for moving the issues of my community forward," @AldermanHarris says, jokes that she has him on speed dial.
All aldermen sharing stories about First Lady Amy Rule. @Alderman_Beale says he asked Emanuel to throw out the first pitch at the game. He refused, said he couldn't throw, but brought Rule in instead.
Beale says Emanuel has brought "so much" to the South Side, he should have a frequent flyer punch card. "It was unfair for people to label him the Mayor 1% when every time I saw him coming out to the South Side and the West Side, that's a mayor for the entire city."
Lists Method, Gotham Greens, and Whole Foods Distribution Center as key wins for South Side. "Jobs and opportunity. Fresh produce that you can't get anywhere else." But "the one thing that tops all the icing on the cake," is Pullman National Monument and the expected museum.
"I consider Mr. Mayor a resident of the West Side of Chicago... he grew up on the Corner of Douglas and Central Park in my great aunt's house," @aldermanscott24 says. He describes Emanuel as a "play cousin."
In the last 4 years we've done more work in the 24th ward than has been done in the last 20, Scott says. "It's because of this administration and your caring for the 24th Ward."
"How do you say goodbye to someone that is part of Chicago?" @Ald_Reboyras asks. "The job that you did for Chicago was not only impeccable but historic."
Reboyras thanks Emanuel for allowing him to serve as Public Safety Chair during a series of reforms to the Chicago Police Department and oversight bodies.
Aside from improvements to the Wilson L and the Uptown Theater, @JamesCappleman thanks Emanuel for praising and reaffirming parents of children honored at City Council every month.
"I've been contemplating for a while what I was gonna say when I got up here," @AldermanBurnett says, close to tears. He calls him a "mensch," "my Hebrew homie." Boasts of Google, McDonalds, Bulls + Blackhawks practice centers in his ward, praises him for "bigger vision" of NOF.
Burnett praises Emanuel for the number of African Americans, women leading city agencies. Burnett close to tears again describing those helped by expanded Affordable Requirements Ordinance, services for the homeless, and expansion of CHA housing.
"You a hustler, man, in a good way," Burnett says to Emanuel.
"This man can't be that bad if this woman married him," Ald. David Moore says, to laughter, of Emanuel and his wife Amy Rule.
"If anybody can beat Trump it takes a Rahm Emanuel to do it," D. Moore says, describing Emanuel not as a Walter Payton but a Tom Brady.
Ald. Ed Burke rises to praise Emanuel, notes there is “much to be said” for leaving City Hall “of your own volition.”
Burke wishes Emanuel good luck and good health, says he "married up."
Brief note from @50thWardChicago, who says she's done a lot of kvetching, but a lot of kvelling as well during Emanuel's tenure.
"Over time, history will treat your tenure very very kindly. You came in at a very difficult time in our city's history and you spent a heckuva lot of political capital to steer our ship in the right direction," @JoeMoore49 says.
Said he's been told, "Joe Moore, you've changed! You're no longer an independent! You're in bed w/ the mayor." Said he responded, "I have never changed. The person who sits on the 5th Floor of City Hall has changed. A different mayor, a more progressive mayor," compared to Daley.
J. Moore praises Emanuel for ending Shakman oversight, signing paid sick leave legislation, expanding pre-k, bringing hundreds of units of affordable housing to 49th Ward.
Might be a surprise, @45thWardChicago notes, but he rises for a few words of praise. "I'm gonna sit for this one," Emanuel says.
"There's a lot we share in common, personality-wise," Arena says, including strongly held belief they're both right. "I have learned things from you, I've had a chance to talk to you on occasion... and I voted against more budgets than I voted for."
Here's a preview of the upcoming resolution honoring the aldermen leaving City Council. No mention of Deb Mell or James Cappleman potentially leaving. Votes are still being counted.
"I've got some nice things to say," @CDRosa says, complimenting Emanuel for the Immigrant Legal Defense Fund, the municipal ID, and rules around police interactions with the undocumented. Thanks him for work to bring 100 affordable housing units to Logan Square.
"Thank you Mr. President, I just recorded that for posterity," @debmell says of the nice words about Emanuel from Ald. Rosa, a frequent critic. "Post it on Facebook!" Joe Moore yells. "Tweet it!" another says.
"I've been disappointed because I had a big tub of Garrett's popcorn ready for the show. I wanted to see the dead fish sending Rahm, I wanted to see the F-U Rahm." He didn't show up, Howard Brookins says, to lots of laughter.
"For a guy I didn't vote for four years ago," Derrick Curtis says – colleagues ask "Eight?" He says no, four. Still, Emanuel "definitely became an anchor in my heart and in my life."
"You've been wonderful to my ward and I can't thank you enough," @RLopez15thWard says, adds there were "plenty of F bombs" between them, but "when violence was at its worst, you were there." When there were no cameras, the two were in ERs, at funerals, he says.
"I don't know if you have an affection or fear for my mother," @AldPatDThompson says.
"Both," Emanuel replies.
Now that he won't be at City Hall, Thompson offers that "She plays Mahjong on Wednesdays."
It wasn't until your involvement that we were able to get two grocery stores in the 3rd ward, redevelopment of The Rosenwald, expansion of South Loop Elementary, @AldPatDowell3rd says.
Now @AldermanHopkins praising Emanuel for launching the 606 and expanding it via Lincoln Yards.
"You've had the courage this past 8 years to make difficult decisions needed to put our city on more sound footing," @mattoshea19 says.
Now Emanuel’s turn. He thanks each member of his family.
"I made a pledge to work together in common cause for more stable finances for our city, stronger schools for our children, and safer streets for our residents... our work is never done," Emanuel says.
"Over the course of eight years we did not always get it right, but we always had the right intentions," @ChicagosMayor says. "Chicago and Chicagoans are in a better place today."
Chicago police department is on the way to earning trust from every community in Chicago, Emanuel says. Battle for fair funding for schools has been fought, students have record high graduation rates.
"It would be out of character for me to go at least 2 minutes without a political point, I'm actually having an out of body experience right now. It should not be lost on any of us that there were those who stood in the way of gains, and will try to roll them back," MRE says.
"I ask you to stand shoulder to shoulder with our mayor-elect when she becomes mayor. She will need your support" to keep students and schools moving in the right direction, in defense of hard won gains, Emanuel says.
"I am in this job for another month, I will make the most out of every hour, every day," Emanuel says. This job has been "the highest honor of my career... I feel like the luckiest man on the face of the earth."
Another standing ovation at the conclusion of Emanuel’s remarks.
Now we are moving on to recognizing the departing aldermen: Moreno, Foulkes, Santiago, O’Connor, Arena, Hoe Moore, Munoz, Laurino, Pawar, Solis. Mell and Cappleman are still in races too close to call.
Up first: O’Connor. He says he learned from his colleagues — both what to do and what not to do. Elected in 1983, O’Connor is one of the last two members of the block of 29 aldermen who blocked Harold Washington. He will be replaced by @ChicagoCityDSA-endorsed @Andrefor40th.
“This has been a great, great ride, especially the last 8 years. Thank you all,” O’Connor says.
Emanuel chokes up when recalling his work with Laurino, O’Connor and Moore.
Osterman pays tribute to O’Connor, and sends him off with a John Wayne quote.
Joe Moore asks those who will continue next term to help his successor Maria Hadden, as O’Connor other veterans helped him.
Moore: Emanuel will be remembered “as one of our great mayors.”
Follow along for Emanuel’s last nes conference here:
Aldermen have been saying their goodbyes to each other, but chambers have cleared out quite a bit.
Last few moments for a few of these:
And that's a wrap on this term. See you May 20 at 10:30a. Location TBD.
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