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@gittletron @AmbienStupor If I could get these following terms discussed around most kitchen tables across the country of every liberal democracy, it will make huge strides in defending against Putin‘s hybridized warfare /psyop tactics.
@gittletron @AmbienStupor #NeurolinguisticManipulation

* Neurolinguistic Manipulation (essentially the same as neurolinguistic programming, but aimed towards more nefarious/subversive goals)
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Je zult je in de afgelopen maanden maar als fervent Baudet supporter hebben geprofileerd.

Ze zijn de paria's van onze samenleving, het communistisch rot wat we gedurende de Koude Oorlog met alle middelen hebben bestreden.

Zij gaan dat merken/voelen, zoals bij sollicitaties.

Deze concrete beïnvloeding van de politiek vanuit Rusland is ook nog iets wat een staart gaat krijgen, ook voor Baudet.

Ik durf zelfs te beweren dat men van Baudet compromitterend materiaal heeft in Moskou.

Die conclusie trek om meerdere redenen en zal uiteindelijk ook blijken.

Het is standaard Modus Operandi als men met je 'gaat werken', zie het als een soort van verzekering.


3/3 Image
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@eyemagistus 🧵Spoonamore,election expert,testified before Congress.Willing to testify about 04.Vickery told me FL OH GOP favorite states to hack.Mueller report described RU hacked VR Systems in FL(voter data software in Epoll books)2016 & dumped in tfg's campaign.
@eyemagistus @lovetogive2 It appears Connell had contracts in 2000 as well as 2004. GovTech was only one who could get behind the House firewall. Pence & others all had their emails stored in GovTech/Smartech, located in basement Pioneer Bank, Chattanooga, TN.
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@Saintsfan5348 @carolecadwalla 1.Yes! It's all in Mueller Report. Pg 140.Manafort gave polling data on swing states to Kilimnik (who worked together w/ Devine to rig Ukraine elections.)Manafort demonstrated vote flipping software to GOP in 04 Ukraine elections. This election mirrored our 04 election when votes
@Saintsfan5348 @carolecadwalla 2.from Kerry to Bush were routed to a Smartech server in TN by Ken Blackwell SOS of OH, using a 'man in the middle' hacking technique, giving the Presidency to Bush.h/t @jennycohn1
@Saintsfan5348 @carolecadwalla @jennycohn1 3. 2016 was different in that #MindHack was used in addition to RU hacking VR Systems, a voter software program installed on e poll books in 62/67 counties in FL. In Mueller report.
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@khorv1 @KremlinRussia_E @Ukraine @Russia @georgesoros Let's ignore all the #kompromat that @KremlinRussia very probably has on all the #Brandon and #WheresHunter dealings in #Ukraine. All the #DeepState dirty laundry regarding energy and #China... and that China has all this info, and leverage, as well. Con't...
@khorv1 @KremlinRussia_E @Ukraine @Russia @georgesoros @KremlinRussia Why did the Mayor of @moscowgov's wife give all that money to #HunterBiden? Was that an official operation? Was she taking orders? Was she gaining access to prove how easy it was? What was going on?

Ignore all that, we're talking about the #Soros #ColorRevolution in Ukraine. ...
@khorv1 @KremlinRussia_E @Ukraine @Russia @georgesoros @KremlinRussia @moscowgov So there's a fun fact about #GeorgeSoros and his relationships with #Russia...

If he's ever found in their territories, he is to be shot on sight. He is designated not just a terrorist, but a person who violates human rights.

#Putin knows that Soros is a bad man. Keep goin'.
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In 1980 @BorisJohnson thought it would be a wheeze to visit the USSR. He posted jokes to sister, about RIGA-MORTIS in Riga & FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE.The postcard was of a statue of man who betrayed a poet to the KGB. Also in USSR in 1980, V Putin, A Lebedev & R Maxwell of the KGB ImageImageImageImage
In his Soviet apologist piece in the Eton Chronicle, Johnson admits to be escorted by a KGB Minder. A leading Russia expert told me that this means there will be a KGB file on our PM dating from 1980, quite a large file. Johnson excused the 1979 Russian invasion of Afghanistan ImageImage
Johnson learned Russian & researched his Russian ancestry in the USSR. Lebedev was posted to London in 1987 targeting members of the Conservative Govt & London Journalists like Boris Johnson. Maxwell let his daughter Ghislaine run "parties" for Oxford friends such as Johnson. ImageImage
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With OMICRON allowed to infect every man, woman & child by New Year without measures to halt spread,IF Boris Johnson WAS working as an agent for a FOREIGN POWER he couldn't have done a better job of work. Here is a photo of him in Russia in 1995, & his wife in the Russian Embassy ImageImage
True story. One of Boris Johnson's friends was blackmailed by Vladimir Putin after being filmed with a prostitute. After Putin got what he wanted,film was suppressed. Many, if not most of Johnson's friends have been to Russia, inc Johnson so could be tip of a #Kompromat Iceberg
Fact : Carrie Johnson's first boyfriend set up a Russian Pro-Putin website in Scotland. Carrie's 2nd worked in Moscow & went with her to Rus Embassy launch of Cons Friends of Russia
Carrie linkedin contact of & rec'd by a Mil Trained, RusFor Min Think-tank Guru Alexei Budargin ImageImageImageImage
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Isn't this "buried lede" the bombshell here:

FB biz model is pimping out not your FB posts, but ALL DATA from your BROWSERS and your PHONE (pics, texts, location history, emails, ...) to the likes of YouTube, Thiel's Palantir, then facilitating ...
... those bad actors to, in turn, micro-target you & others with dark posts, specifically tuned to push your buttons and f*ck with your psyche, even fine-tuning such posts' effectiveness ?

61% Android apps ➡️ FB

Also, advertising is just FB's cover / side gig 2/2

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@CT_Bergstrom Cambridge Analytica, Russian intel, etc could have blundered into using evolutionary algorithms in psychological warfare.

Evolutionary algorithms take a multitude of programs and throw them at the same problem. You eliminate the ones that fail & mix together those that succeed.
@CT_Bergstrom With automated and micro-targeted propaganda it's a similar process, informed by your targets' reactions to your latest efforts, their previous responses and psychographic profile.

You don't just elicit responses.

You drive them to particular decisions or attitudes over time.
@CT_Bergstrom But your key targets are not your only test subjects.

You're studying people on an immense scale.

So you have people with matching or near-matching profiles in less critical locations - non-swing states, voters w/more certain voting profiles, etc.
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“And at some point in their lives, Robert Maxwell, Trump, and Epstein all had ties to foreign intelligence agencies, arms dealers, and the sex trade.”-@craigunger #Kompromat
“Ghislaine orchestrated a never-ending series of movable feasts at which Epstein courtier to presidents, movie stars, brutal dictators, world-class scientists, Wall Street billionaires...he’d have sex with two, three, or more young girls almost every day.”-@craigunger
“Trump fit right in. Epstein and Maxwell invited him everywhere—and Trump reciprocated..In 1992 at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort..The New York Times reported, no fewer than 28 attractive young women were flown in..there were only two male guests—Trump and Epstein.”-@craigunger
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"#Putin waged a campaign to drag us down...Putin's design is to be the last man standing" former US Nat'l Security Adviser HR McMaster tells @washingtonpost live on #Russia "He wants to polarize our societies in the West...pit us against each other"
US adversaries - "They view us as weak at the moment" former US Nat'l Security Adviser HR McMaster tells @washingtonpost

#China's Xi Jinping likely being told that he's winning, opening the way to more aggression, but that China also may see this as a window that's closing
On #Russia and #Putin's denials of bad behavior on the international stage - like with #Skripal #Navalny poisonings: "The president plays into that..." per HR McMaster
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I've speed read the Senate intelligence committee's report on Russian interference. Story for @GuardianUS coming shortly! It's a treasure trove of new detail about #Trump-#Russia and provides the most compelling account yet of what goes on inside the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Moscow
A Russian intelligence officer is stationed permanently at the hotel, notes who checks in and out, and presides over a "network" of cameras including in guests' bedrooms, the report says. There are prostitutes under the control of an unnamed spy agency. We can assume #FSB
The committee doesn't confirm if the Trump 'golden showers' story is true. It is generally scathing about Christopher Steele. Nonetheless, it collaborates the essence of the dossier: that the Ritz-Carlton is a #kompromat factory, set up to ensnare the unwary and the reckless
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So the long anticipated and much hyped Senate Intel Cmte Volume 5 is out.

I am starting with the recommendations.…

This part is interesting:

One of the ways foreign actors influenced the election was through “a private entity intertwined with the structures of democracy.”


This has to do with Flynn, who lied to the FBI about subverting the acting President’s foreign policy, which he also did not take notes about because he knew what he was doing was problematic.


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@AWeissmann_ Since we're talking about Stone, and Facebook just shut down one of his social-media networks over there, perhaps it's time to discuss what the @FBI has known about how vulnerable they are since 1/2/20.

Also of interest to @GCHQ, @csiscanada @AIVD @CyberGovAU.
cc: @ericgarland
@AWeissmann_ @FBI @GCHQ @csiscanada @AIVD @CyberGovAU @ericgarland Let's start with the original 1/2/20 message.

With apologies for the length of the following, and the unpolished prose (it's the second of four sent over four days, and not remotely the longest)...

Here it is...
@AWeissmann_ @FBI @GCHQ @csiscanada @AIVD @CyberGovAU @ericgarland Data Mining Online Illegal Influence Networks
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Ok.. Soo.. Marco Rubio was just named the new chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee since Senator Richard Burr is under investigation for insider trading connected to the coronavirus.

Here is why that is a bad thing.…
The below video is from a Washing Post article written in 2017 about how Marco Rubio and his staff were targeted directly by Russia separate and apart from the social media influence operations Russians directed at Rubio's campaign.

Marco Rubio is compromised.
This is a common tactic used by Russians against political adversaries called #Kompromat.

We know for a fact that Rubio was targeted by Russian influence operations AND his staffers were targeted directly by hacking.

What do they have on him?

Marco Rubio is gay.
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THREAD/reposting: Body Language Analysis No.4323: Trump Putin Helsinki Summit Press Conference • #Nonverbal & #EmotionalIntelligence #BodyLanguage #BodyLanguageExpert #HelsinkiSummit #TrumpPutinSummit #kompromat #DonaldTrump #VladimirPutin
1/ In Helsinki, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin met for 2 hours and 15 minutes with only their translators present. Afterward, the two leaders held a press conference.
2/ A multitude of nonverbal dissections could be conducted regarding the pre-summit lead-up, the summit, and the presser. What follows is a partial nonverbal & statement analysis focusing on allegations of Putin's alleged "compromising material on President Trump or his family".
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@ericgarland @thespybrief @nielsrosenquist One of the reasons it's useful to have multiple global, interlocking evidentiary maps showing hard, court-admissible evidence is it effectively *forces* many investigations to fuse.

It's not *just* where the money comes from and where it goes.
@ericgarland @thespybrief @nielsrosenquist Other threads go into this in more detail, but it's really more than you can fit into even epic Twitter threads.
@ericgarland @thespybrief @nielsrosenquist Example given: Flip everybody. Sift their computers/devices for more evidence, whether they cooperator or not. Turn cooperators phones into walking bugs. Dial-a-crook.
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Trump has already done Putin's wish list: weakening NATO and attacking US allies, supporting nationalist anti-EU & Brexit movements, dividing the people & undermining 🇺🇸 democracy, free press & rule of law, and denying climate crisis & leaving the Paris Agreement.
#Putin’sPuppet Image
Trump Family’s Real Estate business has been build on laundered criminal mob money from the inner circles of Putin, MBS and other corrupt Oil monarchs and barons that does not ask for the highest IRR.

Putin had a clear $$$ interest to place corrupt Trump in the WH.
#Kompromat Image
"There have long been credible allegations of money laundering by the Trump Org. which, if true, would pose a real threat to the United States in the event that Russia were able to leverage evidence of illicit financial transactions against the president."…
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This is a hungover #BorisJohnson, then Foreign Secretary, staggering back to London after a party at a Russian billionaire’s castle in Italy, April 2018. He had abandoned his security detail and appeared still drunk. 😠 #ToriesOut #Corruption #ReleaseTheRussiaReport
Does anyone really think that this disgraceful, unprincipled boor *hasn’t* left a thick trail of #kompromat in his wake? He looks compromised to me... 😠 #ToriesOut #Corruption #Russia #ReleaseTheRussiaReport 🇪🇺🇬🇧🇪🇺
This is the Guardian article. Why did #BorisJohnson shed his security detail? What did he get up to that night? We know that MI6 don’t trust him - how compromised is he? 😠 #Corruption #ToriesOut #Russia #JohnsonMustGo…
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Een inkijkje in de paralelle wereld van 't Corps

Volgens mijn tipgever gaat het hier om Nobelprijs winnaar Gerard 't Hooft

't Hooft geeft #geurvlag / waarschuwing af

In reactie op artikel over gedragscodes(?)…

#DeOudeMannenAchterOntgroeningen #Kompromat #Omerta
t Hooft: "Heel dom van die leidse studenten"

Vermoed dat hij op dit artikel wou reageren:…

#Geurvlag #Kompromat
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New Ghislaine Maxwell info:
We have a list of new people who Ghislaine was trying to provide party favours to.
This thread will be a little look at each of these people.…
Bill Richardson:…
Lied in his bio to say he was drafted by pro ball teams.
Worked for Kissinger's State Dept during Nixon.
Friends with Clinton. Clinton Sec of Energy '98.
Worked a lot on negotiating hostage situations.
Messed up ESPIONAGE charge. ⏬
Gov Richardson was so bad that he was rated one of the 11 worst gov's in the US due to ethics, cronieism, and pay to play contracts.
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So interesting when u kick some dirt. I bet Paul has more 2 share. What was going on in 2007 prior 2 Epstein’s time in the Palm Beach Spa Facility while *serving his time. Might include info on Epstein’s nasty egg-shaped wienus. Ewwwww. And trueeeee.
NYT news lite on Epstein.

Let's try on
NY Magazine's

This is super fun!
Rt B4 *prison,
Epstein reveals himself, sadly.

"Other girls
weirded out,
grossed out.
They didn't like his
egg-shaped penis.🥚🍄
Definitely did not want that inside."
I always enjoy finding articles
which no longer look like articles,
but still archived on the web.

Such as,
"The Fantasist"
By @PhilWeiss Philip Weiss
NY Magazine

So much reveal in this story!
"It's a Read Every Word" story.
+ long 🧵…
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