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JUST IN: #BNNItaly Reports.

Pope Francis @Pontifex called migrant deaths in the Mediterranean "unacceptable and almost always avoidable," renewing a call for regional policymakers to address the issue in a way that is "beneficial to all." #Italy #PopeFrancis #Social Image
Francis addressed Rome Med 2022, a conference on foreign policy, saying that "the failure to find common solutions [on migration] continues to lead to an unacceptable and almost always avoidable loss of lives, especially in the Mediterranean."
Insisting that migration to Europe "cannot be stopped," he urged all parties involved to work together to find a solution that is "beneficial to all, ensuring both human dignity and shared prosperity."
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JUST IN: #BNNRussia Reports.

Maria Zakharova, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said, Pope Francis has said in an interview published on Monday that, Chechens, Buryats and others who are “of Russia but are not of the Russian tradition” are acting with “cruelty” in Ukraine.
Zakharova said that, such words by Pope goes beyond mere Russophobia.

Pope Francis said in the interview, conducted last week at the Vatican that, “Ukraine’s people are being martyred.
Generally, the cruellest are perhaps those who are of Russia but are not of the Russian tradition, such as the Chechens, the Buryati [sic] and so on. Certainly, the one who invades is the Russian state. This is very clear”.
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I find it disgusting that a man with such contempt for his #LGBTQ #Catholic siblings should be permitted to minister in any #Catholic or #Christian context. 1/
2/Deacons are ordained! This is entrusted with ministering to vulnerable ppl he encounters in parish life. He is obliged to do so reverently, compassionately.
3/I realize that his ordinary Bishop Michael C. Barber, @oakdiocese is quite conservative, but my guess is even Bishop Barber might find the abusive tone, #islamophobia, puerile gridiron fetishism, extra-vicious #homophobia & #transphobia & >
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JUST IN: #BNNVaticanCity Reports.

Pope Francis (@Pontifex), urged this Sunday, the participants in the COP27 climate change summit to take "steps forward with courage and determination". The COP27 summit is being held in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt.
Francis said, "I want steps forward to be taken with courage and determination on the path outlined by the Paris Agreement".
Francisco recalled that "tomorrow marks the first anniversary of the creation of the 'Laudato Si' action platform, which promotes ecological conversion and lifestyles consistent with it".
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JUST IN: #BNNVatican Reports.

Pope Francis (@Pontifex) criticized the policies of the Prime Minister elect Giorgia Meloni (@GiorgiaMeloni) with regard to migrants on Sunday. #PopeFrancis #GiorgiaMeloni #Vatican #Italy #Migrants Image
Pope made his remarks during a mass to canonize two new Saints, Giovanni Battista Scalabrini and Artemide Zatti in St. Peter's Square, at the Vatican.
Pope delivered speech in support of migrants and said that, "Their exclusion is scandalous, disgusting and sinful. It makes them die in front of us.
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I am not a fan of #PopeFrancis however it seems to me that the Pope is the only leader who has the courage to admit that the blame for the war in #Ukraine is not attributable only to the #Russians. . It is, in truth, a war provoked by the USA and its closest ally (G.B)...
with the servile and masochistic acquiescence of the Europeans. I am ashamed of the low political and personal level of European leaders, and I fear that their stupid servility and the arrogant will of the Anglo-Saxons to continue to dominate the world...
alone are leading us towards a global catastrophe.
The thing that angers me the most today is how the MSM report who is responsible for the terrorist acts against the #Nordstream1 and #NordStream2 pipelines:
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I've read the stories describing the apology tour of Pope Francis. On Monday after his first visit near Edmonton I decided to comment after the saga had unfolded. It was an emotional week for so many!
1/ #PopeFrancis #Canada #residentialschools #truthandreconciliation
We heard apologies, pleading forgiveness, more apologies, recognition of "cultural destruction" and finally on the flight home #PopeFrancis said "yes, it was a genocide, yes, yes, clearly. You can say that I said it was a genocide."
2/ #residentialschools…
The genocide was justified by the #DoctrineOfDiscovery & while #PopeFrancis, #CatholicChurch, & Crown gov'ts are reluctant to rescind it, the actions I witnessed against the #Wetsuweten in their own territory are empowered by the Doctrine.
3/ #bcpoli #cdnpoli @bcndp @BCNDPCaucus
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Pope Francis in #Quebec calls for a "discerning view" of the world instead of a "negative view".

This negative view is "often born of a faith that feels under attack and thinks of it as a kind of 'armour', defending us against the world...
Such a view, Francis explains, says “the world is evil, sin reigns” and risks becoming clothed in a “crusading spirit”.

"We need to be careful because this is not Christian"

A discerning view, by contrast, is "similar to that of God, who discerns what is good and persistently seeks it, sees it and nurtures it. This is no naïve view, but a view that discerns reality."

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Today Hockey Canada must answer Parliamentary Committee questions in the wake of sexual abuse scandals. It will be aired live today at…
Update: Law firm Henein Hutchison LLP could not identify players allegedly involved in the reported assault.…
In May 2022, Hockey Canada settled a $3.55-million lawsuit filed in April by a woman who alleges she was sexually assaulted by eight former Canadian Hockey League (CHL) players following a Hockey Canada Foundation event in London, Ont. in June 2018.…
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New +Roche interview: “All that is taking place” with #TraditionisCustodes “is the regulation of the former liturgy of 1962 Missal by stopping the promotion of that. The Council [put] forward a new liturgy...& to resist that is...really quite serious, too.”…
“There has never been a controversy about the liturgy in the way we are experiencing it today, partly because there’s never before been 2 versions of the Roman Missal—[the 1962] & then the [1970] which was produced with the full force of [Vatican II] & promulgated by [Paul VI].”
“As the Holy Father has pointed out in his #Traditioniscustodes, there is one liturgical law which assists us in our belief in transmitting the Church’s doctrine. So, the reform of the liturgy is really a very important matter today & also not something to be taken as an option.”
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Starting a thread of things that seem interesting in the Vatican's just-released text of #PopeFrancis' reorganization of the curia. (Text only in Italian for now).

Para 9: Francis wants to "move toward the intent of giving value to the potential" of bishops' conferences.
Para 10: "The pope, the bishops and the other ordained ministers are not the only evangelizers in the church."

"In the updating of the church, one cannot not take into account ... the involvement of laymen and laywomen, even in roles of governance and responsibility."
^Interesting on this point is they use Italian form specifying both lay men and women (laiche e laici)
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🤔Archbishop Roche says most bishops see importance of ‘Traditionis Custodes’… via @NCRonline
Archbishop Roche seems not to have read the CDF report based on its 2020 survey of bishops in which the majority expressed a desire to continue with a prudent and careful application of Summorum Pontificum.

Read what the bishops actually said here (1/3):…
Part 2 of a trilogy of articles that contains the collection of quotations from the world’s bishops that was included in the CDF’s main report to give #PopeFrancis a well-rounded sampling of what the bishops had said.…
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The Vicar General of Rome, Cardinal Angelo De Donatis, has issued a letter—dated October 7th and addressed to all priests engaged in pastoral work & all faithful—implementing #PopeFrancis's Traditionis Custodes in the diocese. See below. #Traditioniscustodes
Read an English translation of the letter below:
p.s. I included the footnote in order to explain why I did not use all of the Vatican's official translation for that particular quote.
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#PopeFrancis' new revision today to the Code of Canon Law incorporates a 2007 decree from the Vatican's doctrinal office that whoever "attempts to confer a sacred order on a woman" shall be automatically excommunicated from the church (along with the woman) (1/x)
At the #Vatican press conference presenting the new Code, @Cindy_Wooden asked an interesting question of the No. 2 official at the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts:

With #PopeFrancis ordering the study of women deacons why not narrow "sacred" to "priestly" order? (2/x)
"The law depends on the theological conclusion," Bishop Juan Ignacio Arrieta responded. "If a different theological conclusion arrives … the norm must be modified."
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Archbishop Arthur Roche has been chosen by Pope Francis new leader of the Holy See’s liturgy office. The Leeds-born bishop, 71, succeeds Cardinal Robert Sarah and will be tasked with implementing a renewal of the liturgy as articulated by the Second Vatican Council. #PopeFrancis
The Pope has chosen a Franciscan, Bishop Vittorio Viola, until now Diocese of Tortona, Italy, as the secretary to the congregation. Fr Aurelio García Macías will be under-secretary (he studied liturgy at Sant'Anselmo University, Rome)
Archbishop Roche has been secretary of the divine worship congregation since 2012, acting as the number two official. He was Bishop of Leeds (2004-12) and chairman of ICEL (International Commission on English in the Liturgy) 2002-2012
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1. as #PopeFrancis is on historic #Iraq tour, please watch #CollateralMurder: it is also for revealing #WarCrimes like those revealed by #CollateralMurder that Julian #Assange has never known #freedom again and risks 175 years in prison:
2. none of the war criminals have spent a single day in prison, the only ones who have paid a huge price: @xychelsea (8 years in prison+3 suicide attempts) and Julian #Assange
3. the deafening silence on how the US and UK authorities are destroying Julian #Assange is a massive scandal: it demonstrates whistleblowers should never trust those journos/media who are silent. I use to say: they will get your splash and kick your ass
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#PopeFrancis at Angelus: "I extend an affectionate greeting to the people of the United States of America, shaken by the recent siege on Congress. I pray for those who lost their lives -- five of them -- in those dramatic moments." 1/3
"... Nothing is gained by violence & so much is lost. I urge government authorities & the entire population to maintain a high sense of responsibility, in order to soothe tempers, promote national reconciliation & protect the democratic values rooted in American society. 2/3
"May Mary Immaculate, patroness of the United States of America, help keep alive the culture of encounter, the culture of caring, as the way to build together the common good; and may she do so with all who live in that land." 3/3
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#BREAKING: “Dubia” Cardinal Publicly Challenges German Bishop’s Conference on Ordination of Women.

Cardinal Brandmüller’s challenge was published in German by @KatholikenNet calling for +Georg Bätzing to account for his statements this year.

See thread for background.
Article on one of many statements made by the President of the German Episcopal Conference, in the name of “Synodality”…
An article on this in English, from @cnalive…
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THREAD #PopeFrancis gives rare interview to #Serbia semi-official daily @PolitikaOnline. But as "Francisko", a name that in Serbian evokes sombreroed Mexican bandits rather than @Pontifex. Who is responsible for this #Vatican PR disaster? None other than Papal Nuntius to Serbia/2
Appreciate if someone knows of a way to connect this thread together, in right order 1-9. Thanks
2/Archbishop Luciano Suriani who personally interfered into a linguistic/cultural issue in language/culture that he does not know or understand.
When elected, every #Pope takes a regnal name that is always in #Latin, official language of #HolySee. Since time immemorial every /3
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In class this week we read & discussed Genesis 1. I asked my students what it meant to them to see themselves & others as made in the 'image and likeness' of God. All the students who spoke up said: it makes no difference at all. That's never happened in my classroom before.
As I've been reflecting on this conversation, I continue to be stunned. Usually, in the face of so much depersonalization in our culture (so many ways to feel like we fail or don't measure up), students find comfort in this inherent dignity & feel challenged to honor it in others
In fact, I usually ask my students to write "very good" with their pens on the palm of their hand to remind them of their innate goodness, something to see over the day.

In the past, students have told me later how much they needed this reminder.

But this group was nonplussed.
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Hi. I'm a #Catholic theologian. I'm up, I have coffee and I'm live tweeting #FratelliTutti : (1/n)
Creating this doc, "I have felt particularly encouraged by the Grand Imam Ahmad Al-Tayyeb, with whom I met in Abu Dhabi, where we declared that “God has created all human beings equal in rights, duties and dignity, and has called them to live together as brothers and sisters” (5)
"As I was writing this letter, the Covid-19 pandemic unexpectedly erupted, exposing our false securities..Anyone who thinks that the only lesson to be learned was the need to improve what we were already doing, or to refine existing systems and regulations, is denying reality."(7
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*THREAD* re: the #SupremeCourtNominee of Amy Coney - It's unacceptable to attack a nominee simply because of their religious beliefs, or that they are perceived to be religious, and I wish that Coney followed what #PopeFrancis preached, however, her record shows otherwise.
A recent case that she heard hits close to home for me.

Yemeni-American Zahoor Ahmed applied for a visa to for his wife Yafai, and their two children. The application was done so correctly and the process was followed as required by USCIS.
The consular office denied the application, because they claimed that Yafai “attempted to smuggle two children into the United States using the identities Yaqub Mohsin Yafai and Khaled Mohsin Yafai.” There is indication why the officer that interviewed felt that they were hers.
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To be fair, LOTS of people misunderstand what the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops is. It's just the entity that gives the Bishops organization. The USCCB doesn't have power over the Bishops - each Bishop has control over their own dioceses.
And the @USCCB doesn't do things like endorsement. Furthermore, while the coward in the White House may choose to ignore him, #PopeFrancis is the ultimate authority over the Bishops. And let's just say we don't think he's down with this idea.
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Maronite Bishops: We salute the initiatives of the military institutions, civil society, and the youth of Lebanon who flocked from all regions to stand by their brothers in #Beirut and help them heal the wounds
Maronite Bishops: We note with satisfaction the growing national and popular support for the call of Patriarch Rahi to adopt active neutrality as a guarantee of political stability and the source of economic growth
Maronite Bishops: We are waiting for the acceleration of the formation of a rescue government far from party affiliations and quotas, while granting it necessary exceptional powers for carrying out reforms
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