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Waking up to the Taiwan election results and it’s quite a blowout.

Gonna note in this thread some lower-profile results that may be overlooked.

1. The KMT candidate in Tainan is doing better (~43.6%) than in Kaohsiung (~40%). Under generic conditions it should be opposite.
2. In Pingtung, #DPP candidate Chou Chun-mi is going to win but barely, with <50% of the vote. Currently 49-46.7%

Looks like the party’s factional splits there carried over into this election.

In 2018 the same KMT candidate lost 56-43%.
3. Taoyuan is a good bellwether for this year’s swing races. #KMT candidate Chang Shan-cheng is winning 52-40% in what looked like a tossup a couple months ago.

KMT vote share in Taipei, Keelung, Changhua, Yunlin also on upper end of what was forecast.
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1. #NixonMao #rapprochement 50th ANNIVERSARY: SOME FACTS & LESSONS.
In only 50 years, everything changes. Strategic interests of two great powers aligned then as much as they clash today.
I hate threads but my blog is not out yet: here some disorderly thoughts.
2. In 1972, China needed to avert a terrestrial invasion from #USSR. The #UnitedStates was keen to gain a heavy-weight partner to checkmate #Moscow; but the long-term objective was to bring the most populous country into a rising US-led global economic order for the US to profit
3. In the following decades, the relationship was not void of tensions. However, strategic interests were important enough to save it from #TaiwanRelationsAct, #Reagan anti #communism and support for #Taiwan; #TiananmenSquare; #StraitCrisis 1995-1996; #Belgrade bombing
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1. OFAC database says the Taliban is still a Specially Designated Global Terrorist org. That cuts the Taliban off from lawful banking commerce except by persons willing to risk US sanctions. #AfgTaliban is not presently listed as Foreign Terrorist Organization ("FTO"). Image
2. #PakTaliban (#TPP) is a listed FTO and there are reports is embedded with #AfgTaliban that has become a front for it. If this established I would expect AfgTaliban to be listed. Who ever thought they were going to make money on this deal is likely to find they were mistaken.
3. I have been reviewing the propaganda battle for Kabul in retrospect and I'm starting to conclude much of what happened was disinformation driven. Clever theater. Lesson? Always kill the cell phones first. @DefenseIntel
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Mein Take on #RCEP:

1. (& am wichtigsten): 🇨🇳 hat gezeigt, dass es in einem plurilateralen Abkommen anschlussfähig ist.

2. 🇮🇳 hat das Gegenteil bewiesen, was Indien zurückwirft und man #Modhi vorwerfen muss.

3. Der Abtritt #Abe|s machte wohl auch möglich, dass sich 🇰🇷 und 1/
🇯🇵 wieder an einem Tisch setzen können.

4. Ungeachtet politischer Spannungen vertiefen 🇦🇺 und 🇳🇿 ihre Wirtschaftsbeziehungen mit 🇨🇳

5. Das Abkommen ist zwar nicht so tiefgreifend wie aktuelle Abkommen von @Trade_EU (#CETA), ist aber darauf angelegt, weiterentwickelt zu /2
werden. Ansonsten würde man kein permanente Institution mit dem Sekretariat schaffen. Das wird aufgrund der dahinterstehenden ökonomischen Power die Normen- und Standardsetzung *weltweit* beeinflussen.

6. Die #US-Politik des America First ist krachend gescheitert: Der Rückzug 3/
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(参考)ACTAを否決した欧州に蠢く“クラーケン”の手足:犯罪防止システム『INDECT』とは #ACTA #INDECT #TPP #反ACTA #反TPP #秘密保護法 #共謀罪 - Togetter
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And so the fog clears.

For those unfamiliar with #CPTPP, it's essentially #TPP (which @realDonaldTrump pulled out of in 2016) with all of the bits the US alone had demanded removed:…

Though how the UK expects to satisfy the 11 existing members...
...that it will respect the rules of any international agreement at this point is beyond me.

If the Government won't honour an Agreement it negotiated with its closest neighbours, why on Earth would a bunch of sovereign nations on the other side of the world choose to trust it?
N.B. This isn't just about what some Minister said in the Commons yesterday; check the extraordinary - some might say #extrajudicial - wording of the UK #InternalMarketBill today:

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So, @MattHancock, rather than dribbling out info months after the fact will you please get @DHSCgovuk & @NHSEngland to publish a list of ALL #COVID-related projects, related contracts & data access RIGHT NOW.
Also, it doesn't bode well that you're misrepresenting genuine research!

@OpenSafely doesn't work on the #DataStore, it sits on #TPP's servers - which you'd know if you had the first clue or bothered to read its homepage: Image
And BTW, no-one's buying your transparent shilling for @faculty_ai:

Its "new cutting-edge predictive technology" was no help in the first wave - 'cos no overwhelm - but you gotta announce SOMETHING now, to justify paying Marc Warner & co. even more...
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Chinese Premier Li Keqiang told reporters Thursday that “China has a positive and open attitude toward joining the #CPTPP .”

The premier’s comment appears to be the first time that a Chinese leader has publicly confirmed China’s interest in joining in.…
Professor @mahbubani_k , founding dean of the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore, told @caixin that he is “very encouraged” by Li’s “strong and powerful” signal about joining the #CPTPP, which would “make the region much more stable”.
“The US has decided to launch a geopolitical contest against China, unwisely. So the best way in which China can respond is not to close up its economy, but to open up its economy. Then China should strengthen its links with its neighbors and with the rest of the world,” he said.
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Here's where almost everyone on @CNN and @MSNBC has the Trump/Sanders dynamic dead wrong. Trump has, it's true, not 'gone after' Bernie. From that you take that he believes he will easily beat Bernie. Wrong takeaway. Trump read the mood of the electorate with scary perception...
@CNN @MSNBC ...He saw the anger, the despair, the loneliness out there with no where to turn. Both parties abandoned poor and working class people, NOT the white working class you all talked about endlessly but the whole working class has been suffering without a raise for 45 years as...
@CNN @MSNBC ...Bernie Sanders points out all the time. The whole working class has faced skyrocketing medical costs for a couple of decades and, yes, even with your beloved ACA. I don't need to enumerate all the ways our lives have deteriorated or the hopeless challenge our children...
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#راه_ابریشم_نوین یا #ابتکار_کمربند_جاده یا #یک_کمربند_یک_جاده مهم ترین نمود و نماد #ژئوپلتیک_راه در جهان امروز است. اهمیت #راه_شاهی و #راه_ابریشم نمایان گر مرکزیت #ژئوپلتیک_راه در سامانه سیاسی-اقتصادی-فرهنگی-اداری ایران است./1 #سیمرغ_ایران #NewSilkRoad #BeltandRoad #silkroad #bri
#راه_ابریشم_نوین طرح کلان سرمایه گذاری #چین در زیربناھای اقتصادی ۶۰ کشور جھان است که مھم ترین سویه اعمال قدرت #چین در ورای مرزھای خود برای دھه ھای آینده خواھد بود. گذشته از مسیر زمینی٬#راه_ابریشم_دریایی و #راه_ابریشم_یخی بخشی از این مگاپروژه هستند./2 #Maritime_Silk #Ice_Silk_Road
ایده پرداز اصلی #راه_ابریشم_نوین #شی_جین_پینگ رهبر چین است. راه افتادن این طرح همراه با دگرگونی های ژرفی در #ژئوپولتیک و چیدمان قدرت در #خاورمیانه_بزرگ خواهد بود و بر جایگاه ایران در منطقه و جهان تاثیر خواهد گذاشت. این امر به دلایل زیر باز می گردد:/3
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#FTR: That's exactly what #TPP did.

But, of course, Trump pulled us out, instead of renegotiating from within.
#REMEMBER: In January, Trump essentially admitted pulling out of #TPP was a mistake...

China's influence has only grown ever since.

#FTR: Trump has relentlessly attacked our ally Justin Trudeau personally for Canada's trade policy in regards to Dairy.

But of course, that issue was resolved in the #TPP.

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1. As governments scramble to sign the #TPP, here’s something you should know @JustinTrudeau @FP_Champagne @cafreeland
2. The #TPP will allow corporations to sue government in secret tribunals where corporate lawyers would act as judges in some cases and represent corporations and/or governments in another
3. Under #ISDS, countries have been sued over plain packaging laws, for protecting environment, for increasing minimum wage, for demanding tax returns and for introducing affirmative action policies
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If you call Leftists critical of #HRC Sean Hannity allies, then call yourself a Kissinger friend who uses war criminal talking points. (1/?)
It's an embarrassingly stupid argument but at least be consistent. And if you equate Sanders & Trump bc they both oppose #TPP, then (2/?)
you need to equate Trump with Feminist Majority, Doctors without Borders, the Sierra Club, Now & the countless other orgs & people (3/?)
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