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Game of Thrones season 1, episode 1. Lemme see what the fuss is about.
I recognize a lot of these characters from nearly a decade of Game of Thrones memes.
Halfway thru episode 1 & Peter Dinklage is easily my favorite character.
Aquaman clearly doesn’t understand consent...
Ohhhhhh I shouldn’t have laughed when he pushed that child out the window.
Game of Throne S1 E2. Joffrey a bitch.
Game of Thrones got me wanting to call everybody a bastard
Game of Thrones S1 E4. This dude calls himself the last dragon. Nah fam, this is the last dragon
Samwell needs a hug
The Mountain jousted the fuck out that dude
Game of Thrones S1 E5. Why is she breast feeding this damn 5th grader?
I’m only 5 episodes in, I don’t even know who the nigga for June is yet
Everybody on this show is getting sliced up
GoT S1 E6. Robert ain’t good at this king shit
Which DeBarge brother is this training Arya?
Tyrion beat off into the turtle stew. These tears I cry.
“Lemme see that thang one mo time” - Theon
Viserys’ death was sooooooo satisfying. He been fuckboy
GoT S1 E7. Littlefinger was like
Yeah it smell like death
I’ve seen memes where Joffrey dies a horrible death. I’m looking forward to it cuz this kid is fuckin unbearable.
Joffrey is a Marcy D’Arcy-lookin bitch
GoT S1 E8. Arya done killt her a bitch
Oh so Aquaman just ripping tongues out
GoT S1 E8 “Tell Lord Tywin that winter is coming for him. 20,000 northerners marching south to find out if he really does shit gold” - Robb Stark
Every time Joffrey talks
Does anybody on this show ever get a raven & be like “Smythe family? Wrong number”?
GoT S1 E9. Lord Frey got a 15 year old wife
What’s the Dothraki word for bitch? Khaleesi should use it when addressing people.
Every time Jaime Lannister talks I yell “fuck outta here Prince Valiant”
Oooooooooh Joffrey a bitch
RIP my nigga Ned Stark
GoT S1 E10: Robb Stark was like
Joffrey has zero redeeming qualities
King of the north bitch
Khaleesi’s baby was like
Khal Drogo is looking like Isaac from The Klumps
“Already killed one fat boy, bitch” - Arya Stark
“Beyond the wall?”
Oh shit she got dragons
GoT S2 E1. Joffrey still a fuckboy
I have enough free time to get caught up before the current season ends.
Joffrey got slapped and I laughed so damn hard
GoT S2 E2. “We’re looking for a boy named Gendry”

Khaleesi be like
Littlefinger wiped jizz off a girl’s face & sent her back to work
You gots to go to the wall
Oh shit, there’s a black person on this show!
Brienne of Tarth out here looking like Keith Van Horn
Low key expected Renly to ask his wife to get the strap
GoT S2 E4. I’ve never seen such a causal amputation
Joffrey is pure evil
Tyrion is the best character on the show thus far
Oh Joffrey a pervert
These are some fucked up torture methods
The Thirteen got a respectability politics nigga in the group
Ummmm this bitch just gave birth to Spawn
GoT S1 E5. The ghost got Renly. Gotdamn
Just realized Renly’s boyfriend was Iron Fist
Khaleesi had to tell the Dothraki to act like they got some home training
I thought this was Project Pat at first
GoT S2 E6. Theon a bitch too
Littlefinger: *recognizes Arya as Tywin’s cupbearer*

They threw dookie at Joffrey
Damn they out here stealing dragons
Tywin Lannister played the bad guy in some of my favorite obscure movies
GoT S1 E7. Project Pat probably helped steal them dragons
Theon talks tough for a dude with a puberty mustache
I knew Project Pat stole them dragons. Nigga looks like he steals dragons.
GoT S2 E8. Everybody is telling Theon he’s a dumb ass but he’s like “nah”
GoT S2 E9. The Hound is chopping niggas in half
GoT S2 E10. Everybody is crazy
Theon can’t send for help cuz he killed all the ravens
Killed Maester Luwin and he ain’t even do anything
Valar Morghulis
Oh shit they locked Project Pat in the vault
Ohhhhh butthole-faced zombies
GoT S3 E1. You had one job Samwell. One.
So giants are a thing as well?
This scar makes Tyrion look like a Chucky doll
I always wanna punch Lord Baelish when he’s on the screen
Stannis joined a cult
Creepy child assassins? This show just keeps going left & I love it.
GoT S3 E2. You can’t kill it, you are the three eyed raven
Margaery: is he kind with a good heart?
GoT S3 E3.
Tywin: I’m naming you master of coin
It’s like a crop circle, but with dead horsies
Podrick’s reward
GoT S3 E4. Jamie is getting an asswhooping. I’m cool with it cuz fuck that guy
Craster a filthy motherfucker
Daenerys played the fuck out of Valyrian Howie Mandel
GoT S3 E5. Beric got the medieval lightsaber
Jon Snow got him some cheeks
So Jaime killed the Mad King because he had to and not just on some dickhead shit? Bet
“I don’t give a fuck about some Tyrells” - Tywin Lannister
GoT S3 E6. Samwell Tarly aka
Jon Snow ate the box & Ygritte is all like
“Joffrey...Cersei...Ilyn Payne”
Thoros has a testimony
I’m here for Theon’s bitch ass getting tortured
“Don’t worry ‘bout mines, yo kids be fuckin each other” - Lady Olenna
GoT S3 E7. “You don’t know shit about shit” - Ygritte
Wildling Jack Sparrow is a hater
But he’s a dwarf” - Sansa Stark’s ableist ass
“We can have somebody carry ya little bitch ass up the stairs” - Tywin to Joffrey
So Barack Obama’s baby cousin is the general of Daenerys’ army?
Daenerys’ dragons are the big joker
“My daddy is whomst?” - Gendry
Maaaan they are fucking Theon up
Jon Snow & Ygritte are precious af
Jaime jumped in the bear pit like Ron Burgundy
GoT S3 E8. The Hound is terrifying but he’s an ok guy
Mero is awful. I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of over the top medieval death awaits him.
“That...Sam I am...that Sam I am... I do...not...like...that Sam I am...” - Ser Davos
Damn they got Tyrion doing some R. Kelly shit
Joffrey ain’t have to take Tyrion’s stool. What a dick
“Bitch get this leech off my dick!” - Gendry
Cersei is fuckin miserable. I hate her almost as much as her son.
One day I’ll get drunk at my wedding & embarrass my family like Tyrion Lannister.
Oh shit Sansa is 14? Gross
There have only been 4 black characters on this show so far & 2 of them were slaves
Samwell a dweeb but he’s a real one
GoT S3 E9. I don’t blame Robb, Walder Frey’s daughters are meh as fuck
Did Bran just pull a Professor X on Hodor?
There are goofy looking white guy playing stringed instruments at this wedding. I’m assuming that’s Mumford & Sons or something.
Oh shit, Willie Nelson set Robb Stark up
This must be the red wedding y’all been talking about for years
They ain’t have to stab Robb’s pregnant wife
Yo what the fuck
RIP my nigga Robb Stark
Damn they got Lady Catelyn the fuck up outta here too
Mumford & Sons put their lutes down & got the crossbows
The moral of the story is, don’t piss off Willie Nelson because he’ll kill you to death.
GoT S3 E10. I cant wait to see Arya turn into medieval Beatrix Kiddo
Joffrey wants to serve Robb Stark’s head to Sansa? Fuck outta here Kevin McCallister.
My name is Reek
“I sent Theon’s favorite toy”
Jon Snow: you not finna shoot me

GoT S4 E1. Jaime mad because his sister is playing hard to get?
I talk like a wildling, I ate with the wildlings, I climbed the wall with the wildlings and I
I’d like to see Jaime smack the fuck out of Joffrey with that metal hand.
The Hound definitely says “fuck 12” when he sees the police
Ok, Arya & The Hound are my favorite characters thus far
GoT S4 E2. Ramsey is nuttier than squirrel shit
They humbled the shit out of Theon. Damn.
Damn, Reek is giving Ramsay a shave like he’s Mister
So y’all just gonna give Joffrey’s crazy ass a Hatori Hanzo sword?
“I think I need to leave, you alone, so pack ya bags, and get the hell on” - Tyrion to Shae
Joffrey got married & they threw his bitch ass a carnival
Cersei is just gonna talk shit to Brienne? I hope Brienne choke slams her.
Joffrey put on a little person minstrel show. Worst tv character ever.
Joffrey suffered. I love it.
Joffrey dead!!!
Goddamn Joffrey’s death was satisfying
They got Joffrey Marcy D’Arcy Baratheon the fuck up outta here
The Hound ran the okey doke on that farmer
“When we gon’ be free?”

Daenerys: how about now-ish?
GoT S4 E4. Awww she’s teaching diet Obama how to read
Seeing slave masters get sliced up warms my heart
No one suspected Lord Baelish because he’s busy being Ferris Bueller’s best friend
I’m gonna produce a Game of Thrones comedy show called Wildling Out
GoT S4 E5 Lady Arryn’s son creeps me out
Lady Arryn’s a screamer
“The crown owes the Iron Bank of Braavos a tremendous amount of money”
Arya: only one name left...The Hound

The Hound:
Arya & The Hound give me buddy cop vibes
So Jojen Reed isn’t Adam Banks from the Mighty Ducks?
GoT S4 E6. They got Theon locked in Deebo’s pigeon coop
I am Reek! Loyal Reek!
Theon got Stockholm syndrome like a mf
Every white girl with blonde hair & black eyebrows is Helga Pataki. That means you, Daenerys Targaryen
Tyrion ain’t getting a fair trial. He needs medieval Johnnie Cochran.
Tyrion during Shae’s testimony
GoT S4 E7 we should implement medieval trial by combat
What kind of medieval steroids was The Mountain on? Ground up bull balls?
Arya keep that mf thang on her
I almost want to give The Hound a hug. Almost
So Cersei was a miserable child as well?
Robin Arryn is an awful little shit. He looks sickly, I wanna spit in his medicine or something.
Lord Baelish a pedo
Lord Baelish: I don’t even like you like that fr fr
GoT S4 E8. Grey Worm saw Missandei nekkid and got a phantom hard on
I keep waiting for Grey Worm to say “broham”
My name is Reek
Ramsay Bolton
Sansa knows how to lie on the stand
“Lady Arryn dead”
Prince Oberyn blew a 3-1 lead against The Mountain
The Mountain was like
GoT S4 E9. Samwell asked Jon about Ygritte’s feet. Old medieval foot fetish ass boy.
Samwell Tarly is sprung
Mance Rayder started a forest fire. Smokey the Bear is gonna be pissed
Samwell & Gilly are a square yet beautiful couple
They got giants & niggas riding woolly mammoths
Shooting a motherfucker with a flaming arrow looks dope as fuck
Jon Snow: *points at clearly visible giant* Issa giant

Head ass night watch dude: giants ain’t even real cuz
Giants got giant bow & arrows. Makes sense.
The Wildlings are hungry. Clearly they’ve locked themselves in a room & made five beats a day for three summers.
Some Wildling got a face full of hot grits like Al Green
“You alright” - Samwell comforting a clearly dead comrade
The nights watch is getting got
Nights watch practiced for a 1000 years and still trash
RIP Ygritte
A Pyrrhic victory for the nights watch
GoT S4 E10. Stannis showed up beyond the wall like
Cersei is committed to that incest dick
Damn, the skeleton zombies got Adam from Mighty Ducks
Wait, did Brienne bite The Hounds ear off like Mike Tyson????
Brienne put them paws on The Hound
Shae disrespected Tyrion’s clique & found out his shit was imperial, and he fucked around and made her milk box material.
Haha Tywin died on the shitter
GoT S5 E1. Cersei went to Ms Cleo as a child & been fucked up ever since.
Who did the body?
Robin Arryn sword fights like a bitch
Cousin Lancel tried to give Cersei some Watchtowers
I keep waiting for Varys to do this
GoT S5 E2.
Arya: I’m looking for Jaqen H'ghar

Congressman John Lewis: whomst?
The Harpy’s Son: she’s not your mother
Daenerys had dude beheaded & then everyone was like
GoT S5 E3. The many faces god guy talks like Perd Hapley
How old is Tommen & why am I seeing him bed?
Lord Tarth punk’d Brienne?
Creepy bitch: who are you?
Arya: no on-
Creepy bitch:
Lord Janos back peddled like a mf. Still got got.
Them cult dudes dragged the priest out like in New Jack City
Damn Tyrion got snatched up
GoT S5 E4. The crown has a 350 credit score.
The church of Navy SEALS arrested Iron Fist
Tommen is the most naive person in Narnia or wherever the fuck this show is based
Margaery: you’re the king but couldn’t rescue my brother?
Tommen: pretty much. May I have some booty later?
They got my nigga Ser Barristan
GoT S5 E5 “c’mon I ain’t even do nothing”
Ramsay is a fuckin weirdo
Sansa: Theon?
Grey Worm gotta get a medieval strap to wear for Missandei
Jorah Mormont & Tyrion got attached by cavity creeps
Damn Jorah caught cooties
GoT S5 E6
Arya: I didn’t even like The Hound like that
Lady Olenna isn’t here for your shit, Cersei.
This homophobic ass trial...
He wants Reek to watch
GoT S5 E7
Sansa: help me Theon
RIP Maester Aemon, he was only 604 years old.
“You a bastard, he a bastard too” - Sansa
Melisandre: there is one more, your blood runs through her veins

Stannis: you must be out your rabbit sss mind
They beat the brakes off Samwell Tarly
Samwell got some ass and said “oh my!”

It’s me. I’m Samwell.
*googles buggery*
I definitely forgot about Cersei’s daughter Whatsherface Baratheon.
Ha ha Cersei got locked up
GoT S5 E8. Tyrion was like
Arya learning how to tell impressive lies is basically working in customer service
Cersei’s security nun walked in like she wanted all the smoke
Tyrion talked himself into a job
Security nun: confess
Cersei: confess these nuts
Humbled & lapping up water like a dog Cersei is my favorite Cersei.
Tormund beat the shit out of marowak
Finally get to see these white walkers attack. Fuck em up white walkers
“Ta da” - Night King
GoT S5 E9. The queen of Dorne or whatever is not here for anyone’s bullshit
Colleen Wing is on the show too?
Lord Tyrell be like
Aw damn, Stannis is about to sacrifice Lil Two Face
RIP Lil Two Face. She taught Ser Davos how to read, she deserved better
Jorah won the tournament as an 8 seed
Sons of the harpy stay ready to fuck shit up
GoT S5 E10. Everything bad is happening to Stannis. Shouldn’t have barbecued your daughter pleighboi.
Samwell wants to go to medical school
Stannis: I’m gonna take Winterfell
Bolton army:
This show should be called Everybody Dead
When archery girl’s head hits the ground
Many faced god be like
Jaime is trying to justify clapping his sister’s cheeks
Baratheon children stay getting poisoned
Daenerys is talking to Drogon like he didn’t just get shot
Cersei lying to the head cheese or whatever his name is
Them security nuns gave Cersei the “I want to speak to a manager” haircut
Cersei’s shame walk 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
They Julius Caesar’d my man Jon Snow.
Even Olly’s little bitch ass was in on it?
Fuck the Nights Watch as a staff, as a record label & as a motherfuckin crew.
GoT S6 E1. Thorne a bitch
When Ramsay found out Sansa & Theon left
Even Podrick’s goofy ass got a kill
“Whatever man, confess” - Security Nun
Arya’s blind ass got a many faced ass whooping
Melisandre’s 1000 year old nekkid body
GoT S6 E2. Hodor’s name is Wylis & he used to know words?
Tommen & Cersei got the same haircut
Arya didn’t see it coming
Ramsay is a fuckin psychopath
Jon Snow byke
GoT S6 E3. “Niggas said I died dead in the streets, nigga I’m getting high, getting head on the beach” - Jon Snow
So the 3 Eyed Raven is the ghost of Christmas past?
The bad guy from Tomorrow Never Dies is creepy as shit on this show
“Who are you?”
I wondered where Rickon went. He was basically Judy Winslow.
Olly’s little bitch ass gets hung too
Jon Snow died & came back so he doesn’t have to be in the Night Watch anymore?
GoT S6 E4. When Sansa showed up at Castle Black
“I’ve seen shit that’ll turn you white” - Jon Snow
He always looks like he’s about to die of natural causes
Missandei: how long were you a slave?
Tyrion: long enough
Daenerys wants to run the world but the Dothraki retirement home is slowing her down
The High Septon had an orgy & found religion immediately afterwards
OSHA violation
Ramsay kept eating with the knife he killed Osha. I hope he catches a blood born disease.
Daenerys is flame retardant AF
GoT S6 E5. Lord Baelish is the greasiest motherfucker in Narnia or whatever.
The Waif hit Arya like
I keep waiting for the Jaqen to say “it’s just one of those days that a girl goes through”
Arya has to watch a Tyler Perry play about her family
Aw damn, Jorah’s cooties is spreading
The Night King & nem in Bran’s vision
Wake yo goof ass up Bran
Hold the door, hold the door, hold the door, hold door, hold door, hodor, hodor, hodor
GoT S6 E6. Gilly got a Jenny Jones makeover
Lord Tarly looks like Handsome Ed Bighead
Lord Tarly was like
The people of Braavos appreciate a good fart joke
Tommen’s dumb ass joined the cult?
Willie Nelson is back being a hater
Everybody forgot about Benjen
GoT S6 E7. The Hound got knocked off a whole ass mountain and lived
This Mormont kid isn’t here for anybody’s bullshit
GoT S7 E8 “lemme axe you a question” - The Hound
Weird ass Lancel: order your man to step aside of there will be violence

The Mountain be ripping off body parts like that’s normal
Cersei got the baddest muhfucka in Kong’s Landing behind her & trial by combat has been outlawed
Tyrion: tell me a joke

Grey Worm:
Grey Worm wanna give Missandei some phantom dick so bad
Creepy bitch: the many faced god has been promised a name...

A girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell and I’m out this bitch
GoT S6 E9 Daenerys be like
Will your men fight for you when they hear you won’t fight for them?
Ser Davos found the toy he made for Lil Two Face
Shoulda zig zagged Rickon
They fighting on a mountain of dead bodies
My mans went out like Cleo
The hounds ain’t ate in 7 days so Sansa fed ‘em some bitch
Goddamn Ramsay Bolton’s death was satisfying
GoT S6 E10. The security nuns broke Ser Loras. Damn.
“I want to join y’all crazy ass church” - Ser Loras
Lancel’s weird ass fell for the trap
Margaery trying to tell you it’s a set up
Wildfire bitches
Cersei gave the security nun to The Mountain? That’s fucked up
“I’m out” - King Tommen

“Shut the fuck up even grown folks is talking” - Lady Olenna
Arya put Willie Nelson’s sons in the pot pie
Arya is becoming Beatrix Kiddo and I love it.
So that baby is Jon Snow?
I’m putting “King in the North” on my email signature at work
Cersei is the queen?
GoT S7 E1. This the winter that been coming since episode 1?
“I ain’t ask ya motherfuckin permission, motherfucka” - Lyanna Mormont
Samwell is a library aide? I did that senior year
There’s a restricted area of the library. That’s where they keep the medieval booty magazines.
Tormund like ‘em thicc
Why is Ed Sheeran here?
When The Hound looked into the fire
Jorah’s cooties is spreading. Gross.
GoT S7 E2 “we can take the Seven Kingdoms without turning it into a slaughterhouse”

Nah fam, I’ve already seen the memes.
“I’m a shady motherfucker but I’ll be YOUR shady motherfucker” - Varys
“Jon Snow a real one” - Tyrion
Savages? Fuck Cersei & her coded language.
Lord Tarly: what you gonna do about them dragons?

Old well done steak lookin boy
Oooooooh Grey Worm & Missandei about to scissor
Hot Pie: Jon Snow is at Winterfell, he’s in the king in the north

Damn he choked out Colleen Wing
Theon bitched out. I was about to start rooting for him too.
GoT S7 E3
Jon Snow: your father burned by grandfather alive

Jon Snow: the white walkers are real, the Night King is real

Theon: I tried to save her
Boat dude: you wouldn’t be here if you tried
“OMWTFYB” - Euron Greyjoy to Jaime
Cersei got that bullshit ass poison too. That bitch is cold.
Cersei writes “Lannisters always pay their debt” on her cold checks.
Grumpkins & Snarks sounds like a Dr Seuss book
Bran: I’m the three-eyed raven

Samwell in the library like
Grey Worm throws a tight spiral
“How you gonna kill me, bitch?” - Lady Olenna
Lady Olenna took that death juice to the head
Tell Cersei, I want her to know it was me.
GoT S7 E4 “Hey Dirty, baby I got ya money don’t you worry” - Cersei at the Iron Bank
Winterfell guard: fuck off

Arya Stark:
Sansa doesn’t believe that Arya is a goddamn gangsta now
Sansa: who else is on your list?

Arya: most of them are dead already
Daenerys: what happened?

Arya said “I’m good with mines”
Dracarys biiiiiiiiiiitch
Jaime almost got barbecued
GoT S7 E5
Tyrion: bend the knee

Dickhead Tarly:
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