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Morgana's gender is Car
Me when I do literally anything
Mishima hire like one mod. At least.
My awkward son
Spoilers, Sae
Can I hit Madarame with Yang's motorcycle
He turned around before I thought to get a picture, but Yusuke is currently wearing a graphic t-shirt, a pinstripe blazer, and leather pants.

Art school kids
Also, if I am not mistaken, heeled boots
Ryuji "Tact" Sakamoto
I understand that you are being defensive, but also that sounds exactly like something an abuser of children would do
Ryuji: you might be lying about it!
Yusuke: oh no, he's hit my one weakness: being called out on the fact that I'm lying
"[Madarame] raised me into what you see now! A socially awkward, maladaptive shut-in!"
(I love Yusuke, I promise)
"I have neighbors around, please keep it down" no fuck you
Oh no I forgot the painting is called Sayuri. Oh no.
Oh, the ddlc character is SayOri. I am still uncomfortable.
"I have absolutely no interest in her as someone of the opposite sex" gay
The locks in this game look like psyche-locks from Ace Attorney. Gimme THAT crossover
Let Ryuji Say Fuck
There is nothing inherently wrong with nude modeling. But Yusuke is being pushy and manipulative, which I can only blame him a little bit for bc look at who raised him
The fleas are real
"don't give up so easily!" Ann if they get the cops called on them Akira gets ten thousand years dungeon
MARAGI GET thank god
Imagine your big bad Shadow form being...this guy
Seriously, look at him. I love him.
Takemi there are patients here, please stop sounding like you're gonna fuck me
Mishima why are you so weird
This one is so cute??? ?? ?
I am very frustrated with how hiding doesn't seem to be very effective vs Madarame's guards
what did you call me
social link, SOCIAL LINK
I know what this is setting up but also Yusuke that's a good way to die
(this is what it's setting up)
IN DEFENSE OF MY SON he's still a teenager, he's gonna react, he legit wants to do an art, LEAVE YUSUKE ALONE
Am I the only one that thinks a teenager not having a lock on their door is an abuse/control thing
Yusuke she can hear you talking to yourself
"You're still not done?!" "I DON'T HAVE THUMBS"
"Do you not like girls like me?" "No, I just don't like girls."
It he
Madarame: h
The instant Yusuke talks back he gets the cops called on him...but he's not abusive
Also I just realized that Ann abandoned all those clothes
Game, why let me run three feet and then stop me for a cutscenes
Shadow Madarame is watching you masturbate
The ones that are going 'round?
"He's just weird" leave him alone, he's had a rough day
reaction image
Atlus you can't just make one of Yusuke's victory lines "all according to plan" my memeing little heart can't take it
Souji in the distance: yeah tell me about it
It's too fast for me to catch for a picture but...Yusuke's eye flash thing when he hits an elemental weakness...is he okay?
"you have an eye for fine art" the other one has the wrong shirt on, it's not rocket surgery
curved swords! CURVED! SWORDS!
No YOU made a note doc on your phone to keep track of orders at the beef bowl shop
[cries in American]
Ryuji don't be a butt
one of the forum posts on the load screen is "okay but are they hot"

the correct priorities
oh NO the maid stuff

Ryuji why are you like this

Mishima why are you encouraging him
I can tolerate the Velvet Room song a lot better in this one for some reason. Maybe it's not as loud? Better audio quality than the ps2?
In P4 I would mute the TV while I was messing with personas
Akira messing with the front of his hair while he talks is the cutest thing in existence you can't change my mind
If not us than who
If not me and you
These idiot children...I wouldn't even be doing this if I didn't want the social link
Her expressions are so cute tho???
WHY is it necessary to have a banter line where Ann audibly muses about the size of her breasts and Morgana acts like a creep about it. Atlus.
Ryuji: hey joker, wanna go shopping with me later?
Ann: two guys shopping together? sounds suspicious.
Okay, Ann and Morgana bonding over The Difficulties Of Tails is kinda cute. Finally a non-terrible banter.
r u ok
Oh no it's cute
Oh no it does the "ho" verbal tic too
PFF morgana's follow-up attack is to turn into a car and do doughnuts on its face
Ryuji: strong eat the weak, right? When I get done with you there'll be nothing left but bone!

found the cannibalism
(I mean it's a little bit of a badass line but also)
I am 80% sure this is an actual Power Rangers reference
That sprite is peak Ace Attorney.
There's something to the fact that ryuji recognizes attendance officers and Ann doesn't
Everybody stop being weird about Ann challenge
Fuck off, Hawk Moth
social link, SOCIAL LINK
Yes I think I heard about it in the news
"unnecessary questions" like "did you know a teacher in your school was sexually and physically harassing and/or assaulting students"
Okay that's a little funny
Google won't tell me what it says ;-;
Ryuji go to school challenge
Pls defictionalize this shirt
I want one of each
be nice to my art son or so help me
(that took me way too long but also it's a crime that I couldn't easily find one so who's really to blame here)
OKAY I finally got access to the ps4, let's #Persona5
Ann understands the importance of consent in kink
look at this fuckin nerd
Can I hit the principal with Yang's motorcycle
The Yusuke Kitagawa version of "that's what she said"
God bless the playback function, it allows me to determine that yes, the "Bossy AD" is in fact Matt Mercer
(I'm 90% sure it's him. It's almost the Sun Tree but the drawl isn't as thick.)
Ryuji, calm thyself. Mood, but calm thyself.
Found the Yosuke
My spoiler knowledge ends before Akechi really gets involved, but he gives me big Adachi vibes and I have no idea why

It's not just because their names sound similar, I swear
But in police hands the man goes free
Look Akira's last encounter with cops had him arrested for the crime of [checks notes] stopping a rape, so it's understandable he's not nuts about official law enforcement
No you know what, he doesn't make me think of Adachi, he makes me think of Light Yagami when he's pretending not to be an enormous edgelord
Also there's no way he doesn't already have files open on all four of them already. Also possibly the cat.
reluctant social link
Mishima, you're an idiot, but I love you
(I have 45ish hours in this game and at least 8 of them are me pausing to make memes on my phone)
Sometimes the worst part of livetweeting this is that there's no way to really convey the warning/upset noise @Mentarnes and I make while we're watching stuff but sometimes it's my strongest reaction
Yusuke you can't just invite yourself to live with someone...
I know he's not entirely acclimated with the outside world but...Yusuke...
Morgana you can't invite people to live in you're house, your cat
In English "Akira" is pronounced "this guy"
Sojiro be nice to me challenge
Ann and Ryuji have big sibling energy
Yusuke thinks the room is ordinary bc he's used to sleeping in dusty, empty rooms
No I will not stop pointing out Yusuke's fleas
Let Ryuji Say Fuck
Yeeees, Makoto, come to the dark side
Ann lays down and both Morgana and Ryuji try to look up her skirt

Hawk Moth
The cop is Taliesin, because of course it is
"You're just as fucked up as the rest of us"

"What do you think of Ann? Like as a girl?"
WOW this tweet got fucking mangled, I didn't even notice. What the hell, autocorrect and/or my fat fingers
Why is Ann the only one in the opening that doesn't have red eyes

Ann is the secret final boss send tweet
"are the phantom thieves just?" "um I hate Akechi so YES?" I see you, fictional anon, and I love you
Okay I haven't said anything about this bc idk if it's weird or not but I just really like the Persona sprites' mouths??? Like is that a weird thing to focus on?? I mean I love the art in general but also specifically how they do the mouths.
I love you, Makoto
Throw yourself into a lake
Sojiro's secret weakness: homeless kids
Abuse is complicated
You nerd, I love you
gives him a curly mustache
of course it was ryuji's loud ass
I doubt you'll believe me any more than your sister
I firmly believe that Ann Takamaki would stone-cold cut someone and walk away smiling
I don't think you get to complain right now, sir
Yeah, you tell 'im
The denial is strong in this one
Ryuji if you don't keep your f u c k i n g voice down
"you figured out what to do during Kamoshida, right?" that is being very generous
Yusuke you can just come over it's fine
Yusuke encountering the capitalist artist hellscape
She tried to fucking tell you you fucking undercooked doughnut
I beg to fucking differ???
How do I get that job
I want you all to appreciate all the BNHA jokes I'm NOT making given that this guy's name is Iida
Found the typo
(I had to get at least one in)
Yusuke never laughs at my jokes
Nooo I clicked through it but KAWAKAMI SOCIAL LINK

Now I can make all the lockpicks I want, MORGANA
Ryuji is a good boy who helps old ladies find their trains
"all kinds of shady stuff happens in arcades" all those youths in one place.....something must be wrong
Makoto your sister's a cop how are you so bad at this
Makoto there are easier ways to get a boy's number
"didn't she give you her card?" good thing I never clean out my bag!
"keeping it a little messy for that shabby-chic feel, and not at all because fuck cleaning forever!"
Can I also have one hundred thousand yen? I don't know what the exchange rate is but it's almost definitely more than I have now.
Nobody else's social link made me fight rotting meat, YUSUKE
social link, SOCIAL LINK
"it's not our fault we had to deal with that detour!" it is literally your fault. you're the one in your school uniform.
She makes me think of Erika Ishii
Atlus: where the only overtly gay characters are predators and pedophiles. 👌
Atlus: where you're not given an option NOT to string along your friend and just fucking tell him why the lady wants to talk to him
I have a similar problem in 4 where you can't tell Yosuke to lay off of Kanji
sae chill the fuck out challenge
"I'll be eating dinner out from tomorrow on" yeah that'll solve the problem
He looks like how I imagine Technical Boy looked in the book.
The dm will remember this
[Jester voice] I don't think a bad person would care that they are very bad.
No, please deliver this phenomenon to the states
"I know Kung Fu"
What kind of Vernon Dursley
Hit Kaneshiro with MAKOTO'S motorcycle
I honestly forgot how hardcore Makoto is. Peak biker lesbian.
See, Ryuji knows
You can respond to this message
something something boys in layers girls in catsuits
Eyes closed, head first, can't lose
What in fuck is that
til as long as high pixie keeps healing herself you can farm items forever
This one just liked me so much it didn't even make me negotiate. I'm all for that.
(this may be a confidant perk I'm forgetting about)
I need him for Invigorate...but at what cost
I genuinely like Yusuke's painting but I feel like he's hanging waaaay too much of his hopes on people "getting it".
Also thank FUCK he finally learned baton pass
Someone give Mishima a hug so he'll stop asking me for it
I love my weirdo son but I forgot how grating he is in his mid-ranks
I love just fucking kicking the electrical boxes. It's so satisfying.
(I also love looking up the answers for the PIN puzzles because fuck that entire concept)
Lieutenant Dan, you got no arms!
Racked up more idle hours bc I was falling asleep with the controller in my hand and didn't wanna hoof it back to the safe room to save. For some reason dungeon crawling does the same thing to me as Pokemon. Knocks me right out.
I never noticed Morgana had a little dust cloud instead of feet when he runs. That's fucking adorable.
Kiddo always wants to watch the whole fusion sequence, but it takes SO LONG
Oh motherfucker, Kaneshiro's mook that reads the card is just toned-down Pumat Sol.
don't like that
Motherfucker ate my snuff soul, do you know how rare those are in this game
"is your ass cracked?" "no!" "isn't it supposed to be...?" priorities, children
It's not good to play video games late at night
You're welcome.
I will fight you in the street
(Also what's wrong with painting something on a whim? FITE ME)
Yusuke no don't engage with the critics
Yusuke why are you so fucking dramatic
Let Hifumi Be A Party Member
It's nice to have Lala on my side
Though ngl I'm really only starting ohya's link so Morgana will shut the fuck up about it
I literally just entered Mementos and immediately got tired. Why am I like this.
Have you considered therapy
Yusuke don't yell at strangers
Don't be homophobic, Janet
Me a hero, with that guy by my side
Akira: do you want me to strip
Yusuke: yes. For art reasons. Nothing else.
T pose for Jesus
I cannot begin to explain how much I love these idiot children
"come to Madarame's residence" absolutely not
Except you keep talking about it at the top of your lungs in public, RYUJI
Please for the love of God give your sister some credit, she is very smart and you are very cranky
social link, SOCIAL LINK
the moment I fell in love with Futaba
Social interaction, Makoto. It's good for you.
(why do all my Makoto pictures turn out terrible)
So Ann grew up in Finland, right? Is she effectively trilingual? Iirc English is a required course? Or does she speak English like I speak Spanish after three years of (disrupted) high school classes
This is adorable and I'm changing my icon immediately
He's a homosexual, Ann
Morgana quit being such a little shithead to Ryuji challenge
Nobody knows it and nobody knows our name
(the follow up to that line is "it doesn't make it cheaper, it was worth it just the same", RYUJI)
Me: Sojiro's not my dad
I'm allowed to SLEEP, Justine
1. Literally no one has called you that in the course of this game
2. That's my name
It's not my fault if I don't know if sojiro has family, he's still trying his best to pretend he doesn't like me
Now there's letters in the mail, and they're sent to my address
I know Makoto having her collar buttoned all the way up is a metaphor for her personality but also just looking at it makes me uncomfortable
(I can't wear anything even remotely near my neck, ever)
You know it's serious when the music cuts out
Apparently the red light district and the beach are equal dens of sin, according to this teacher
Sae why are you like this
Apparently there was a play on words with "cognitive science" in Japanese and the localization team decided to spell it as "psience" in English. Pretty sure that particular joke didn't completely translate.
Did that make you feel better sojiro
Makoto talk to your team challenge
I understand, Futaba. I also cancel important events when it turns out I'll have to leave my house for them.
Don't ask questions you don't want answers to
I will defend Sojiro with my (Akira's) dying breath
It's so tempting
Trade you off a cliff
As Yusuke stands in the background, either jealous or completely uncomprehending, there's no telling with him
Let's all go together, to the house of a man already defensive of his privacy, and ask intrusive qurions questions about his past and his home life! That'll go well. No negative repercussions.
Fuck, I wish I'd managed to get a shot of Shoulder Futaba. Ah well, that's what YouTube is for.
I also like that the game doesn't make Makoto asking to hold Akira's hand weird (at least not yet). She's scared and she wants comfort. It's normal. (though you could take your hands out of your pockets, at least, Akira. Come on now.)
The real question is what is that fucking thing doing in your house
Not until the game lets me up my fuckin knowledge stat
Morgana is gone! I'm finally free!!

This is where I get real obnoxious about mental health shit

Speaking to someone in a way that's most comfortable for them is FAR more likely to get results than forcing them to do what YOU think they need to do
("THIS is where you get obnoxious about mental health?" you shut up back there)
You have to be willing to let people see what's wrong before they can help you, and not hide behind the "I'm fine" mask. That can be hard even after you've asked for help.
And then there's the shit I hate intensely.
This is literally the only thing that happens in this video. They complain about it being hot and the boys look down Ann's shirt. Except for Yusuke, because he's a Good Boy.
Something I always like is seeing heroes who normally wear costumes having to do shit in their civvies, so seeing Yusuke do his fucking Naruto run in his school uniform is gr9
her cute
More MH stuff: even if you have every conviction to get better, you're still fighting your own mind. You still have to defeat your own demons.
I am WORKING ON IT, geeze, have a little patience.
CHILL jesus christ
Sure, miniboss fifteen seconds after I start the dungeon, that's fine. That's cool, game. Why not.
That's kinda cool, if a party member is out of it they don't show up in the all-out attack.
Yusuke why is your laugh Like That
Anubis you instadeathing son of a fuck
There are three other people in my party with access to rez items! Why does me dying game over??? Jdjsksks
I'm just mad bc there's already so much backtracking in this dungeon, it's v annoying
I get ptsd flashbacks if any game involves putting gems in pedestals to solve puzzles. FFX had an impact on me okay
I don't remember if Futaba's memories of how stuff went down with her mom are accurate but also @ everyone involved
I enjoy that Akira's method of disabling traps is to kick the shit out of them. He's the best rogue.
MH stuff: working through Futaba's traumatic memories one by one, unlocking the PTSD baby gates and navigating the emotional pitfalls
(I call the memories that PTSD repressed as a defense mechanism "baby gates"; they're keeping you from accessing something for your own safety)
(Also Futaba pls make your emotional pitfalls manifest as slightly less annoying puzzles)
Can I just. Not bring Ryuji. He's not even in my party, stop letting him talk.
DONE finally. Futaba's Palace single-handedly making me hate Egypt
Just to read books. No other reason.
Please look at this man eat pocky
I am the shadow and I am the true self
I'm you, you're me
Futaba's Shadow telling her to do the work herself and untangle her own feelings instead of relying on the Phanteam

Other people can enable and support your recovery but the legwork is all you
(maybe don't threaten to kill your support network)
I love how sojiro conned these children into calling him "Boss". Don't encourage him.
Phanteam @ Futaba
I love her
I was today years old when I realized there was a seven deadly sins theme going on
(it was really at Kaneshiro's calling card but that's still late)
MH stuff: challenging your own recollection to make sure you're not just focusing on the stuff that's gonna upset you
Futaba getting harrased by her hallucinations makes me think of the censors and personal demons from Psychonauts
("everything makes you think of Psychonauts" YEAH SO)
Also Makoto running to Futaba's side more like heart eyes motherfucker
I don't ship it, Makoto's just a good egg
I just really like Shadow Futaba's tiara headpiece thing
YEAH punch your PTSD in the literal face
"you need to deal with the despair! it's bad to just ignore it!"
Futaba why can't you manifest the ballista already aimed
I completely forgot that characters in despair for more than three turns fucking kill themselves

Stop despairing my only character with anti-despair stuff, Futaba's not-mom
"No matter what you say to me....I will live!" futabaaaaa
Something something girls in latex boys in layers
Futaba doesn't have a treasure, Futaba IS a treasure
You ever just yeet a cat so hard it turns into a car
Five teenagers falling from the sky
I just really like Makoto's civvies
Okay but look it's a huge sign of trust that Sojiro left them with Futaba
I too wake up, remember my responsibilities, then go back to sleep
Makoto: You're a frugal shopper, I see
Yusuke: no, just poor as shit
I'm just assuming this is what Indrid looks like
Welp, I broke 80 hours. I know a lot of it is me abandoning it for either ADHD or having to get up and do something in the house but also I am terrified of what my final hour count is gonna be.

And THEN I'm gonna replay it to get all the social links I'm missing.
You can just come over, Yusuke, it's fine
I mean that works too
Yusuke: I will live my life wearing as little as possible
Akira: mission accomplished
I feel like Yusuke has Big Caduceus Energy sometimes
No, Mishima, you're literally just that transparent
I enjoy that if a friend I don't want to deal with invites himself to my house (ryuji, I'm talking about ryuji) I can just teleport out and do something else
Like FINALLY start Makoto's social link
social link, SOCIAL LINK
Crepes are an everybody food, Ryuji
Pls appreciate Takemi's non-doctor outfit
Okay I had to go plant a tomato with the kid (and experience at least a little sunlight) but I'm back now and wearing a cute apron
Kawakami: don't let the calls show up in your phone history
also Kawakami, texting my personal number: Becky shakes with desire to see her master!
Reaction image
Don't smile when you say that! Get Kawakami a therapist challenge
Nooooo Makoto has a rank-up event but also Yusuke visited why am I so popular
I know I should do Makoto's but also Yusuke. (And I need to up my Charm. But also Yusuke.)
Ah yes, the fondest of memories
That's not creepy at all
Achievement Unlocked: Left The House
New favorite poll message: QUE ES FANTOM THIEF
"stop smiling, people don't come into a coffeeshop to be HAPPY"
I don't know if this is as funny without the delivery but I giggled
Futaba hiding behind Akira from all the weird new people
(I don't super ship it, it's just really cute)
Also having now played splatoon I can absolutely see why people think she looks like an inkling
[cries in American]
Sae "everything you're saying lines up with what we know but also stop lying to me" Niijima
Also in consulting Google on the spelling of her last name I got minorly spoiled so thanks, autofill
Makoto: literally any question
Y'all could start by not talking about her like she's not sitting right the fuck there
Shut up, fake Light
I love her
You can't just show up at somebody's house, Makoto, even I know that
Very tempted to change my icon again
Why did the two LEAST socially adept people try to do this? AT THE SAME TIME? And why didn't Akira stop them?!
I knew there was a reason I was calling him that in my head
It's almost like she's more comfortable if it's a subject she actually cares about rather than stupid small talk
(they literally say this two seconds later, I'm just saying)
Look I just really relate to Futaba is all
well it WAS
Everybody just cares about Futaba so much I'm
Also I FINALLY got my Guts up enough to do the dang gun shop guy's link
social link, SOCIAL LINK
Wait fuck I forgot this would eat my evening, I needed to do the politician guy's thing, balls. RELOAD
I didn't do THAT much. Plus now I can get the actual social link picture; I've been leveling up existing ones so much lately I just clicked through it on instinct 🤦‍♀️
Also thank god for the ffwd button
I love them
See you say that, but if it was Ann trying on a swimsuit you'd be climbing the walls
Useless bi confirmed
Sojiro learning everybody's drink preferences and being nice to Futaba and Akira's friends
We yelled at each other on TV that time
They have the same glare and it's adorable
I have no idea why me living at a cafe you've been to one (1) time would lead you to that conclusion. Also no fuck off
reaction image
Futaba going to buy fireworks herself
Sojiro watching his kids do a fireworks
("how many times are you gonna use that meme" AS MANY TIMES AS THEY MAKE ME FEEL EMOTIONS) (SO A LOT)
Futaba no
Welp, now I gotta kill him
Okay look we didn't need the shot of Ann adjusting her swimsuit bottoms but Futaba was really cute so I'll let it slide
You don't even need context for this, it's just a fact
Also Yusuke hanging out in a hoodie cover-up is relateable
Ah yes. A loudmouth, a homosexual, and a possible sociopath. Every girl's dream.
I preemptively hate this entire sequence.
Oh look, it's the only canon gay men in the game, the predatory pedophiles
(these are not the predatory pedophiles, these were pedophiles hitting on Ann and Makoto) (why is this game full of pedophiles)
Let Futaba Have Lobsters
(another gif that would be a perfect loop if I could hold still)
Ryuji quit being a shit to Morgana you're gonna set off the worst arc in the game
A redhead with glasses who feeds Intel to the heroes called Oracle
Sojiro entrusting me with Wakaba's curry recipe (and implicitly Futaba's well-being)
You're not useless, Morgana, you're my healtank.
remove this man from the universe
Upsettingly relateable
it's dangerous to go alone
Futaba gets better at navigating the metaverse as she gets better at navigating the real world
social link, SOCIAL LINK
sounds fake
(I'm gonna have to do that in like two months when kiddo starts school, help)
social link, SOCIAL LINK

(for real this time)
Can ryuji please either get laid or come out of the closet already
That's the worst plan I've ever heard in my life
Upsettingly relateable
can't stay mad at free food
I'm your bad luck charm
Futaba's "cast support magic" thing just kicked in but it comes with this glitch effect and I legit thought my TV was about to explode
I MEAN IN FAIRNESS I couldn't point out Tokyo on a map but also
Morgana sad. Don't sad Morgana.
It's already your job to look after Futaba!
I mean -I- can live out of a backpack for four nights
Please give ryuji a Xanax
Wait a minute, I thought Kawakami wasn't going? Or I misunderstood.
I enjoy Makoto's commitment to her beige color palette
1. it's the HFCS 2. stop being gross
Jesus fucking Christ, Ryuji, overreaction much?
Sig is that you
Pff the little load icon is wearing a lei
Be nice to Morgana, he's having a depressed
There were ONLY TWO BEDS
The "brought a girl back to the room" stuff is making me think heavily of Fjord getting kicked out by Molly and their...food
"do you want to stay with us?" "do you have food in there?"
Also, latent homosexuality aside, two of the boys could have shared a bed. It wouldn't have been the end of the world.
Ann that's manipulative
The dilemma: do I pick the answer for the one I'm trying to romance (Makoto) or stay committed to Akira's homosexuality
(I went with homosexuality)
I dddddon't think that's the saying
Y'all, he knows. Mishima knows. You can stop trying to be slick.
Shrimp Heaven Now
Dammit, I never managed to get a good picture of the loading icon with the lei on
Leiding icon
This was the best I got >:(
There's actual Akira in a lei, I guess
Why is this adorable
Look every time they talk to Akechi on the news I get Put the Drunk to Bed stuck in my head
Please young man tell us more
Please welcome the detective Shirogane to the floor
Futaba gets me
Tbf that's not difficult
There goes my healer, THANKS RYUJI
Great, Akechi's here. (Maybe he'll get eaten by a shadow)
Tfw you realize Futaba's visor thing is just her headphones flipped over her eyes
Why is her gender your takeaway from this, Ryuji

(the answer is Atlus)
"mysterious voice" like it isn't immediately obvious who it is
That's the stupidest fucking name I've ever heard
Not 100% wrong.
pics or it didn't happen
I don't fully remember this part, so I'm basically in unknown territory now. Which means I am unprepared for how unbearable Ryuji is at this point.
I'm p sure it's bc he got dunked on by a cat but also
"She has Protagonist Hair!"
Tbf Haru takes it pretty well. Can't tell if she's cool-headed or just oblivious.
Or a lesbian
You got kind of a one-sided narrative on that one, hon
Her civvies make me think of someone and I can't figure out who
Correct priorities
Bc you're the one who literally ran him off????
You left! You don't get to yell at me anymore!!
I don't know how to describe this but I think Yusuke's lines for this bit were recorded before Matt got the voice nailed down? His voice is a lot lighter and less...airy, I guess is the word I want? Anyway I'm weird and notice these things, ignore me
I'm posting this before I click through. Ryuji. I am literally begging you. To shut the entire fuck up. Shut up and stay that way.
Futaba gets me
I'm pretty sure that's cheating
Shut up, Ryuji, you're on red forever
Can Akira break his face open too
[caleb voice] he KICKED my CAT
Okay, as much shit as I give Ryuji, he does snap to when there's an actual obvious threat or someone's hurt.
He's just not great at recognizing when HE'S the one doing the hurting. (Or when he's being a sleazeball.)
Morgana: we're splitting up
Do you believe in destiny
I'm gay, Sojiro
citation needed
"Sojiro adopts ALL KINDS of homeless kids, all the time"
I feel like this is a creepy sex euphemism. It is, isn't it.
Can I start spraying Ryuji with a water bottle when he starts up with Morgana like I used to do with Anders and Fenris
Alright, starting tomorrow I try to cram Okumura's entire Palace into three in-game days so I can spend the rest of the time grinding social links
"Tomorrow", I said, and the universe laughed. ANYWAY more #Persona5 now
I feel like I said this already but please appreciate Takemi's non-doctor clothes
Let me max rank without a romance, game
This is also me when asking anyone do to anything ever
I will say I hate Haru's costume least out of the girls, but there's still an emphasis on her chest that I'm not nuts about
Look at this fuckin nerd
go eat a knife
Tbh Haru's whole thing just makes me impatient for the next season of RWBY. I wanna hit Weiss' dad with a motorcycle.
Broke 100 hours and got Haru's persona, whom I completely forgot had massive guns under her skirt.
Haru's tits bounce when she casts magic, I'm done with every design decision in this game
"let's talk to each and figure out who's who" or - hear me out - I could kill everyone and figure it out later
They're talking about overadaptation - being forced into a shitty situation for so long that you think it's normal. That being said: weh
Haru pronounced "lol" as "ell oh ell" and not "lawl" and therefore all my immersion is broken and I am uninstalling the game
"We're starting to be seen purely as entertainment" people want their bread and circuses, man
Morgana will now DIE FOR YOU
Why does Akira sleep with a blanket over just his torso

Sojiro give your son a bigger blanket
I love hearing the background voice lines and picking out which main actors they belong to
This is easily my strangest hobby
How about you walk face-first into a cactus
Welp, now I gotta kill her
If you take rez items when you don't need them is it like taking uppers
@ the people extorting Kawakami
Aaand I fucked up a Futaba social link so I have to reload even though I last saved 400 years ago
"I got this....tomorrow." relateable
I just like the idea of Akira quietly looming over customers until they leave so he can call his teacher-maid to make him coffee
Futaba gets me.
The running theme with the adult confidants seems to be "I am a grumpy asshole who hates everyone except for this one child whom I will protect with my life"

Which is EXTREMELY my shit, I am on board 400%, more like this please
The real mvp is the kid who sits behind me in class and doesn't snitch
what is a Jeff Bezos Necktie
I love Kawakami's expressions and her non-maid outfits and literally everything about her
she Knows
don't call me out like this
get off the fourth wall futaba
Don't be weird, Mishima
"what are you doing after this?" "going home" Futaba gets me
Alright, let's get stuck in some cutscenes at 11 pm #Persona5
YES max charm GET

I can finally do Makoto's stuff
At Generic Non-Copyright-Infringing Amusement Park!
Haru: using her privilege for good (parties)
This is one of the last scenes I properly remember from the lp I was watching
she cute
she also cute
get off the fourth wall haru
Okumura: [press conference]
BF: I stole fizzy lifting drinks
Me: I too was bamboozled and misled
BF: I have mesothelioma
Me: I wanna talk about MeUndies
I don't think MeUndies will appreciate that ad read
Haru: I have to go, I just inherited a company
None of this is a no, Akechi
"they found a calling card in the principal's office, too!"
"I'm pretty sure you're a heinous criminal, but at least you're not a murderer"
...yeah, I'm definitely in uncharted territory now
all according to keikaku
Why do I have to get smacked in the forehead just because I've been focusing on Kindness and not Proficiency? I'M PROFICIENT IN KINDNESS
I studied with Yusuke and my knowledge went up, it's a sign
I'm already yawning a lot, if I try to do Mementos now I'll fall asleep completely. Bed for now. 😴
Sae take a nap challenge
An extremely valid question
I beg to differ
Why is this adorable to me
Also I lied earlier, there is one more scene I remember, but I forget if it's a plot thing or a social link thing
She makes plenty of bold moves, she's just not very good at them
Ah, there he is. That motherfucker. What a tool.
There he is. That motherfucker. What a tool.
He's not gonna date you
@ akechi
Not made from human, even on half-price day
(I need to watch more durarara)
Everybody else: somewhat vague discussion
Sure, Akechi, just walk up and help yourself to relative strangers' food, that's fine and normal
That's what you get
Sometime between the last time I played and now we did something to the hdr so everything is a half-frame too fast
Welp, we gotta kill him
I know from the pixels and having seen quite a few 'shops in my time
Igor wtf r u doin
I have never wanted to dropkick a fictional character more in my life
"they'll kick the shit out of you while you're half-conscious and stab you with syringes"
Shut up, you're in the Adam ben Maor pit
is EVERYBODY on our shit??
Oh, right, the part in the school festival where I get publically humiliated.

I haven't seen this part, it's just a persona game and therefore I will be publically humiliated
Y'done goofed
I take it back, RIP this guy
You were fine when it was about her dead dad, but the subject of boyfriends comes up (it was me, I brought it up) and NOW it's bullying?!
And really, what's with that
How can he be so quiet
How can he lead in silence
We're gonna get jumped by sojiro, aren't we
Spoiler: we got jumped by sojiro
Just assume my base emotional state is "crying about Futaba"
Every time something like this pops up I default to Souji Seta

Am I? Am I, Ryuji?
He's a good dad, Brent
Is Haru's purpose to go "No..." twice a cutscene or
No, he reminds me of if Adachi and Light Yagami had an insufferable baby
Nobody should say things like that

(but also lesbians exist, Morgana)
Why does the screen keep going all woogly. Don't like it.
Right next to Darrrylll's Bait and Crossfit
Absolutely not
My brain tried to take this as three different references at once and now my head hurts
(kiddo's contribution:)
okay then
....he was hit by a truck??? He didn't surrender to the fucking truck??? Sae what the fuck
Futaba gets me
Angus McDonald's grandpa would like a word with you
Bf's contribution to the "who does Akechi look like" discourse
Look at him. Even the way he stands infuriates me.
Futaba just used "Position Hack" and I love her
Because you're the trash man
Me: Atlus explain
BF: Atlus shrugged
Why am I fighting a Sombra skin
Kiddo after like the fourth balloon-pop noise: okay???
Fuck off, Rain Man
I fell asleep in the safe room 😳 I figure that's a good sign to take a nap
nani the fuck
(📸 @SpiritPringle bc I couldn't get one w/o motion blur)
von Karma is that you
So when do Edward and Lydia show up
A proposal for Royal: mute character voice lines in Rush Mode
Apparently Yusuke can recognize Joker by scent (it's coffee)
Welp, I gotta kill her
Aww yeah...?
And then Makoto just slaps Eiko right in her face, nbd
Of all the badass responses to "I gonna kick your ass", this is up there
I'm pretty sure this was supposed to be smooth, but honestly Akira's just an enormous dork
I love Lala. Wish I didn't have to put up with Ohya for her.
Makoto's true self is a Transformer
[sprays them both with a water bottle]
I honestly love them
crying abt the Sakuras part 409
Sojiro is also crying about the Sakuras
Today is for Flu Reaper farming and grinding through the Twin Wardens social link
The biggest frustration is how dingdang long it takes the reaper to show up the first time
Despair twice in a row? RNJesus, you spoil me
Yeahhhhhhh now I never have to look at a fusion calculator agaiiiiin
That's just rude
I'm not crying you're crying

(I'm crying)
He asked so nicely, shippers, how can you betray him like this
(this is a joke, ship what you want, I personally see them as cousins but go off)
Fuckin rude
Fuck off, Akechi, comforting Makoto is my job >:[
I know I already made a Wonderland joke but this is definitely fuckin Wonderland
This is fine. It's fine. I'm fine.
Also I will never complain about Argilla's mouth-tits ever again
What - and I cannot stress this enough - the fuck
I JUST learned you can pause animations. That would have been nice to know 130 hour ago.
Thank you. Everything has become clear.
"Akechi pulled a gun on you! Your bond has deepened!"
That's what I like about you, you're so observant
U lil shit
The fact that it took me so long to get to that reference is a testament to how tired I am
Pls tell me y'all told sojiro the plan
Oh good
sojiro: I'm old, explain slowly
The fact that the whole game is now "fuck Akechi" gives me a deep sense of vindication
Of course, this is a Persona game, so I'm waiting for the triple-cross bc fuck Atlus
(the context is that I was on my main talking abt how I had no concrete reason for hating Akechi)
Remember Greg having a panic attack in his van after Steven got kidnapped into space? That's Sojiro the whole second half of this game.
Every time I change my icon something happens immediately that makes me want to change it again
Can I have a whole game in this style?
Well we wouldn't want that now would we
I'm gonna end up looking up these cutscenes anyway bc I retained exactly nothing in between dozing off
Your beard looks like testicles
Oh my god, go jump in a well
Starting from when I saved in the interrogation room, that was a solid TWO HOURS of cutscene. I didn't doze off for THAT long.
Alright, there are 309 other things I need to do, let's play #Persona5
And yes, I changed my icon again, I couldn't help it
Why did I have the option to tell Kawakami she's a bad teacher?! Wtf, game??
The legislator Ann talks to is just Matt Mercer talking through his nose
"He's a model politician who just happens to have my family held at gunpoint" - @SpiritPringle
Futaba: [disgusted noise]
The fact that I can save in the middle of chasing after Shido makes me nervous
Maybe I'm dumb but I always feel like the localization team gets burned out at the end of games like this and the tone of the English dialogue kind of...slips? This isn't a criticism of them so much as it is of crunch culture, it's just something that sticks out to me
Huh, bf guessed that it was a ship. He's smarter than me
It's...not that kind of cleaner, you guys.
The audio said "keycards that serve as letters of introduction". Whups.
I see your red heart and I wanna paint it black
Now kiss
Mapping out Mementos is a lot easier when you give Shadows anxiety
oh my god you guys chill
The ship combined with the weird watery effects of the walls combined with me getting yelled at over a loudspeaker is giving me strong Bioshock vibes and idk how I feel about that
what the fuck
Leave immediately
oh NO
"three swimsuits...no, four, he's prolly into that" I assume he's talking about one of the boys wearing a swimsuit to seduce the nobility guy, which adds a whole new layer of gross to this entire situation
Atlus be like "let's put girls in swimsuits to seduce a middle-aged man! But no gay people, that's gross."
Shut up, Morgana, you're the problem
And fuck the continued inability of the player character to say anything against this shit when it happens
Futaba's palace annoyed me bc backtracky puzzles. Shido's palace annoys me bc backtracking IS the puzzle
Though the "I'm running away bc I'm a rat" animation is admittedly pretty cute
OKAY I can't play asscreed bc my bf's home and I don't want to spoil him, let's power through the rest of this fucking palace
You're an undesirable teenager
Cool motive you're still a jackass
I. Hate. Hallways.
I like how I was all "let's play #Persona5! #good! #professional!" and I've posted like twice this whole time
Bc I've been playing! I just haven't been having any fun. I don't like the hallway puzzles and I don't like the constant midboss mooks* that seem to exist entirely to stall progress and I don't like Baphomets.
And I just don't want the whole thread to be that. So, blanket statement that I don't like Shido's palace, specific complaints tbd
*not the guys you get the letters from, that makes sense. The ones the guy who looks like Immortal Tatsu sics on you every time you enter a new area

(pictured: immortal tatsu)
Hear me out: AU where Futaba and Entraptra take over the world
(I haven't watched s3 yet so I assume this is still viable)
That's a baller tattoo, what the fuck y'all
Ah, it's this motherfucker. This asshole. What a tool.
With his dramatic lighting that doesn't work bc his mask is fucking stupid
This ENTIRE GAME is about the EXACT OPPOSITE of that
I really and truly have no idea where you got "regret" in anything that was just said
Alright, now I'm actively bored
"mY dAdDy DoEsN't LoVe Me" bitch sit in your room and listen to Fall Out Boy like the rest of us
Saeyoung wore it better
I am aware of the potential for this to all be bullshit but also
HEY. Ryuji is MY idiot and I'm the only one allowed to say so.
I know that was supposed to be a big difficult climactic battle that I was just way overleveled for but also it was kind of fun just steamrolling this nerd after all his posturing
Guys I know our whole thing is redeeming people but can we make an exception this time and just kill him
"why am I inferior to you?!"
Don't talk shit about my attic. It's a nice attic.
Loki doesn't deserve this
Vanitas wannabe motherfucker
don't encourage him
I did not agree to this
not a fan of THAT
even less less of a fan of THAT
Yes, I will absolutely do the thing I was already going to do
The game wants me to feel bad about this and I just absolutely do not. Fuck that guy. Akechi/woodchipper OTP.
I love him
HEY. Hands off my dad >:[
Aw man, I missed the chance to say Akechi was bringing Shido their Miraculouses
What - and I cannot stress this enough - the fuck
It's like if Younger Toguro had a fetish for telephone cords
thank fucking god
"I'm so sorry for what I've done"
Excuse me
collapsing your own palace to own the libs
Aww, at the very end Ryuji remembered how to be a Good Boy
OK look I didn't mean The End the end, uncool
Ryuji you stupid idiot
(bf: What you don't know is now he's Akechi)
And although nobody knows it
And nobody knows our names
That doesn't make it cheaper
It wasnt worth it just the same
Wow I just spotted that typo. Thanks, phone
why am I fighting a homestuck dick
I'm not even doing the reference. I'm just leaving this here.
(mainly bc the reference is sad and this is cute)
it's crying about Futaba hours

Phansite Anon: Just destroy this country already
Me: mood
what kind of red lyrium bullshit is this
I feel like this is a good time to point out that I've never actually finished a Persona game and thus have no actual idea what I'm in for
Did anyone else watch Where In Time is Carmen Sandiego or...
Slimer aged poorly
I went to get Kiddo from the bus and thE POWER WENT OUT

Normally I'd say it's a sign to quit but I'm doing it again out of spite

And also hyperfixation
Okay NOW I'm doing it again.

(Kiddo had a minor injury, she's fine but first aid is an Adventure with her.)
"You're surrounded by weaklings! What, did they sneak up on you?" YES ACTUALLY THAT IS PRECISELY WHAT HAPPENED THANK YOU FUTABA
That went a lot faster with me using a guide for the puzzles and skipping cutscenes (thank God for the ability to skip cutscenes)
That's the MCP fight from the Tron world in Kingdom Hearts is what that is
The floor puzzles are bullshit but the aesthetics of this place are A+. Panning out to show the sheer scope of the map makes me think of PS2 Final Fantasy games in the best way.
This is some Uk'otoa bullshit
I really wanna make a Cell Block Tango reference
This thing is Igor isn't it
well that's fucking unpleasant
And now I gotta beat up two little girls
Standing Igor looks v unsettling in a Soul Eater kind of way
Also: called it
There's my weird old man
Also I have had Lavenza for ten minutes and if anything happened to her I would kill everything in this room and then myself
stop doing that
(the three built a game, with rules and conditions, and the winner decided the fate of their race)
There's no fucking way I'm finishing this in time for critrole. Especially since I keep having to get up and do stuff since my roommate is...not paying attention to the house terribly well at the moment
I suddenly need a p5/twewy crossover

Phantom Thieves in the Reaper's Game. Players as Phantom Thieves. Give me this, the internet
u ok there buddy
OKAY I SAVED. Like three times, honestly. Just to be safe.
Alright, it's 9 am, I've been awake since 5:30, let's go punch a god #Persona5
This door is metal as fuck
"You are beyond salvation!"
Dude I have executive dysfunction too but Chill
Okay so my theory is that there was still the third "chosen" or w/e like in 4, and that it's Shido. Revolution, Complacency, and Authority. Bc this is a Shido-ass sentiment.
sir you need to calm down
Everything this guy says is very We Live In A Society
I can't believe the final boss of persona 5 is a baby boomer
Petition to start calling the elder gods "boomer gods"
Mishima, my weirdly obsessed son
Seeing the poll shoot up gave me an emotion
Satanael: don't talk to me or my son ever again
but how will I know when to go to bed
Hey. That's a shitty choice. Fuck that choice.
Why poll drop. Put it back.
Being able to walk out of the cell and talk to Igor like a person is weirdly gratifying
And now Mr. Elives has taken the magic shop to the next child who needs a life lesson
(pls read the magic shop books by bruce coville)
I trust Sae, it's everybody else that's on thin fucking ice
Yeah, dad, what the fuck
You mean you were being dramatic, you little shit
(Also the cat sprite is very cute)
Idk if this is a directly translated idiom but I like it
is this Edda Earth
Hang on. Wait. Wait. Hold on.

Who's been taking care of my plant?!
Morgana dhnskjs
Royal better let me play through the road trip
Welp, we did it, children. We Finished A Video Game.
I fully intend to do a NG+, but I have other games to finish first - Persona 4, for starters. Ty for letting me spam your feeds. I hope you enjoyed it, bc I'm almost certainly gonna do it again.
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