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What’s up with our calls to fill the streets in protest? There are many of us ready to demand accountability, so why aren’t we out there yet? Here’s an update from my perspective.
FYI - Later in the thread I suggest a multi-tiered approach that I think is a workable way for everyone who’s willing, to participate in successfully calling for televised impeachment proceedings now.
First of all, there are a lot of considerations. Anyone who wants to join in protest must make some important decisions about safety, about sacrifice, about finances, and even morality. More on that later.
Weeks ago I felt it was way past time for the American people to rise up in peaceful protest. Our rule of law has been breached by a sitting president, with full support of his administration, and any refusal to address it sets a very dangerous precedent with each passing day.
In what turned out to be a pretty controversial opinion, I shared that I think we need prolonged peaceful protest, accompanied by a nationwide strike to combat this president and his flagrant disregard for our laws. IMO, these are viable options in times of national crisis.
Ultimately I was approached by a good number of resisters with reasons why I looked like a traitor to our MOC’s and to Nancy Pelosi, why I was a traitor to the prevailing message of the resistance,
why I looked like I was calling for violence when I stressed peaceful protest, why the plan was doomed to fail, and lists of reasons why I should trust politicians.
/Side Note: I’m old enough to remember a time when no one on either side of the political isle reeaaallly believed a politician. As I recall, the honest ones were rare and stood out like beacons.
So I ask in all sincerity, at a time when it’s the most important, do we really trust politicians now?

Even if they have a rock solid plan today, trump will actively and inevitably alter it into who knows what bastardization that may or may play out in our favor./
I admit, the resistance I got gave me pause. I decided to step back and give our elected officials a chance. I gave the Speaker a chance.

Since I’m admittedly no political strategist and I legit like Pelosi, I’m still hesitant to go against the prevailing opinion.
I’m proud to be a member of the best part of our country. The ones strong enough and brave enough to stand up and speak out. The ones who don’t just take talk change. The ones who make change. The Resisters.
I’ve waited weeks and weeks for the Speaker to step up and begin impeachment proceedings or for Congress to pressure her into it.

But I’m done with waiting, I’m done with this holding pattern, and I’m done with putting my faith in career politicians.

The risk is too great.
Knowing that this could break ties with some admired fellow resisters, I once again feel compelled to call on everyone who wants impeachment, to demand that impeachment proceedings begin.
It’s time for this president to face the American people in televised impeachment proceedings that demand accountability once and for all, until we get it.
Our rights are being eroded. Our once inviolate constitution is dangerously close to irreversible misrepresentation by a GOP-stacked court and by a potus who is a liar, a cheat, and an opportunist at his core.

(Below find 10 impeachable offenses trump has already committed.)
I know we don’t have the senate. We’ll never have the senate. It can no longer be about political maneuvering in a constantly uncertain landscape.

It is now about sending a message to future leaders that this country will not abide a president who breaks his oath of office.
Unless Dems in the House are psychic, no one knows which of trumps innumerable infractions will tip the scales of justice and bring us ever closer to an irreversible domestic or international crisis.
If trump continues to gain support, tacit or otherwise, he will continue to claim more power.

We can’t rely on on traditional methods of solving this mounting crisis. We’ve tried. They refuse to adhere to the law.
After weighing the risks and possible rewards, it comes down to this for me.

What if 2020 is too late? How will we police the next corrupt administration? How will we backpedal on the precedence we’ve condoned? I’m worried it’s a risk too great.
And those aren’t the only considerations. Logistically, anyone who wants to join in protest must make some important decisions. About safety, about sacrifice, about finances, and even morality.
Even if we’re ready to fill the streets today, (go, London!) let’s face it, we have a unique situation here in the states. One of the biggest challenges to prolonged and peaceful protest is the sheer vastness of our country.
It’s just not feasible for everyone to flock to DC indefinitely. But hundreds of thousands of us sure can. Again, later I’ll share my ideas for a workable solution for everyone.
For me, the issue of permits is an ethical and moral one and honestly, the most important. I’m still uncertain, so I’ll ask your opinion later. 🙂

Whether or not to wait for a permit is the first decision we have to make. We all have to decide for ourselves.
⚖️Obviously and without doubt, keeping it legal is the best way of keeping us safe. It is, for me, the preferred alternative. The problem is, it takes time.
Like it or not, there’s red tape involved in planning protests. Currently, the permit process is being handled by someone in our group. It’s taking time because decisions need to be made on...
where to protest and when to protest. Then it’s a process of finding available dates and locations, choosing alternatives when they’re unavailable, and playing phone tag with officials, all in an effort to keep it legal and keep us safe.
Here’s my conundrum. We have to decide, if we want to protest to demand televised impeachment proceedings, do we want to wait for permits? Do we have time to go through the legal channels? *I’m not psychic either, so I don’t know.*
It would be irresponsible and remiss of me not to point out that giant protests without permits open us up to intervention by law enforcement that could include arrests or physical contact. It’s a factor in any decision to defy authority.
It is a call for everyone to decide for themselves to risk a protest without proper permits, with all the risks laid bare.

How do you feel about waiting for permits?
To effectively about impeachment proceedings, here is a three-tiered approach that I think would work, if we make some sacrifices and work it.
Step 1.
Peaceful Protest

-Washington DC
-State Capitals
-Local Meet Ups

Note: It is possible to create small, cooperative groups that will assist in things like transportation, meals, child care, planning and most importantly, keeping each other safe.
I want to make an important point. I don’t want to reinvent the wheel. I want to work with anyone who wants to demand accountability.

I direct you to these established and trusted organizations professionally involved in planning protests.

I’d love to just attend one of theirs.
For those who can’t attend any protests but still want to demand televised impeachment proceedings now, there’s still plenty you can do.
Step 2.
General Strike

-People who can’t attend the protests can participate in a general strike of predetermined length. Though in truth, most of us can’t afford to strike, none of us can afford not to.
If you can’t actually strike, here’s a good alternative. Take all your saved vacation days and use them to make a statement.

🚨 Yes, either option will probably anger your employer, so this is yet another risk we must all weigh.
Step 3

If we boycott products made in America, we will send a loud and clear message that we are willing to make sacrifices to save our country. 🚨 Will this financially hurt some of us? Yes, it will. The question becomes, is it a sacrifice you’re willing to make?
Please share any ideas you have too!

This time I ask again from a whole different perspective. What are we waiting for? It’s time to rise.

Ten impeachable offenses committed by Donald J Trump.

I just saw this. There is a protest planned for June 1st. I’ll be joining a local protest for sure! Thanks, @ProudResister!

I don’t know if a few hours will do it, so let’s show up in droves to make a difference.
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