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By @jaarreaza
Inmenso honor haber sido recibidos por el hermano Presidente de la República Árabe🇸🇾,Bashar Al-Assad. Cuánta experiencia, sabiduría y consejos para la resistencia, la victoria y la Paz.Le transmitimos el abrazo solidario del Presidente @NicolasMaduro¡Que viva Siria!
.@marcorubio I advise you to find a psychologist. I think your case is more serious than initially thought. You're completely insane...Someone with a good head, in the 🇺🇸,please close his twitter, because he's embarrassing the 🇺🇸 to the whole world.…
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#Breaking: Just in - Reports of some shots being fired in #Venezuela after armed militia groups, of the gang members of the Colectivos are intimidating the protestors, protesting the Electrical blackouts and water shortages. Pictures: @NanoNewsVE
#Breaking: Just in - Video of Colectivos and the Bolivarian Armed Forces of Venezuela, shooting at civilians protesting the Electrical blackouts and water shortages in #Venezuela. Video Credit: @NanoNewsVE #SinLuz
#Update: Just in - Women getting two times shot, in her apartment building by armed militia gang groups the colectivos, is being transported by locals via shooter to the hospital in #Venezuela. Video Credit: @NanoNewsVE #SinLuz
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#Breaking: Just in - The Secret Intelligence Headquarters building of (SEBIN) in #Caracas in #Venezuela is on fire! Reason unknown.
#Update: Just in - Reports that a bush on the side of the building is on fire! Not sure if the building itself is on fire, Of the Secret Intelligence Headquarters building of (SEBIN) in #Caracas in #Venezuela.
#Update: Confirmed, the Secret Intelligence Headquarters building of (SEBIN) in #Caracas in #Venezuela, is not yet on fire! There is a bush fire on the side of the building! But it is spreading to a police control post of the building. Video: @CronicaUno
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#Breaking: Just in - Armed Colectivos gang militia members are now surrounding the National assembly Federal Legislative Palace, headquarters in #Caracas in #Venezuela
#Update: Just in - The Colectivos are now escorting all media members what were outside the building, gathering to record the speeches of the "National assembly" today, were asked to turn in all of their cell phones and equipments, journalists of @ReutersVzla reports. #Venezuela
#Update: Just in - Motorized colectivos were looking For a journalist Of the Chronicle, at The National assembly building and, was attacked by armed groups of the regime they have pointed a gun on us, they made us to unlock the phones, they checked it and escorted us away.
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#Breaking: Just in - Reports that the power plant in #Venezuela has stopped in delivering power to most parts in the Country, including the entire city of #Caracas.
#Update: Just in - 12 states of the 23 in #Venezuela are reporting no more power!
#Update: Just in - States reporting no more power!


#Venezuela #SinLuz
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Ist das Modewort '#whataboutism' hier angebracht? Ein #TuQuoque ist es ganz klar:
Dr. Nick (#CDU) machte 2019-03-21 im #Bundestag der #AfD mit folgenden Worten einen Gegenvorwurf: » .. sehr durchschaubar. Hier soll offenbar der Eindruck erweckt werden, die #Bundesregierung
..mache ihre diplomatische Unterstützung für deutsche Inhaftierte von ihrer politischen Einstellung abhängig. Die umgekehrte Argumentationskette kennen wir doch von Ihnen bereits bestens aus dem Fall @Besser_Deniz. WAREN ES DAMALS NICHT SIE, DIE EINEM DEUTSCHEN STAATSBÜRGER DAS..
.. AUF DIPLOMATISCHE HILFE ABSPRECHEN WOLLTEN, WEIL ER IHNEN ― WEIL ER IHNEN AUFGRUND SEINER HERKUNFT UND UMSTRITTENEN ÄUẞERUNGEN MISSLIEBIG WAR? In aller Deutlichkeit, in aller Deutlichkeit: Eine solche absurde Logik weisen wir abermals entschieden zurück, egal in welchem
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By @kthalps
I'm unlocking this patreon ep w @MaxBlumenthal bc, scarily enough, the same media & libs who call Trump a megalomaniac w/ dementia, want him to oversee regime change in #Venezuela. Speaking of which happy 16 year anniversary of the invasion of🇮🇶…
By @HOVcampaign
Granada, Spain, March 21, against imperialist intervention in Venezuela #HandsOffVenezuela #ManosFueraDeVenezuela #6AñosPorLaPazYLaVida
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#Breaking: Reports that half of the City in #Caracas in #Venezuela has no power since an electrical transformer exploded outside the city. #SinLus And that there also been reports of a fire at an mountain area outside the city.
#Update: Confirmed - There is a fire at an mountain area outside the city of #Caracas in #Venezuela and the fire is in the path of, installations of electrical cables above them.
Damn and the Water issue has not been restored 100% in #Caracas hope they will have it under control fast because the wind is starting turning towards the city...
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By @ConElMazoDando
A cargo arrived with food Clap, to provide to the people of Zulia, after the electrical sabotage
By @ConElMazoDando
Venavega, takes 5 thousand 472 tons of food to the Port of Maracaibo
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By @telesurenglish
Venezuela has emerged from the US attacks on its electrical system.
By @MaxBlumenthal
Terrible news for Little @marcorubio @AmbJohnBolton & Guadio’s gang, but great news for the people of Caracas:

The city’s free Metro system is coming back on line as Venezuela recovers from its curiously timed electricity outages.
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😆😆😆😅😅😅😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Bolsonaro @jairbolsonaro to Guaidó @jguaido : "self-proclaiming president is easy, I want to see govern🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
y @telesurenglish
The attack on #Venezuela’s electrical system was carried out in three phases. #HandsOffVenezuela
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#Breaking:Just in #Venezuela is experiencing a nation wide Power outage! For almost 1 hour! Maduro regime is claiming sabotage at the power station. The #Caracas airport control tower is working on generators to keep flight landing and departing.
#Breaking: Just in - Reports that generator in the biggest "Hospital de Clínicas" in #Caracas in #Venezuela has failed to start the power in the building.
#Update: Traffic in #Venezuela and in #Caracas is a complete mess. Not enough police officers in the country to guide every important traffic stop.
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#Breaking: Just in - Contact has been lost with American journalist Cody Weddle, whose home residence in #Caracas in #Venezuela was raided by military counter intelligence officials, this morning at 08:00AM. @coweddle
#Update: Just in - American journalist Cody Weddle, whose home residence in #Caracas in #Venezuela was raided by military counter intelligence officials, this morning at 08:00AM. Has been arrested after covering the arrival of Interim President Juan @jguaido.
#Update: The speculation what is floating around is that, US based "Cody Weddle", was arrested for interrogation for why he was covering the arrival of Interim President Juan @jguaido. As an intimidation stunt against journalists covering the "Interim President" in #Venezuela.
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1. Desde #Tumeremo me denuncian que hay un convenio entre el Ejército y el ELN para la captación de personas que engrosen las filas de este último.
"Es una red que viene de #Caracas y que en #Bolívar su centro de operaciones es el Fuerte Tarabay", me aseguran.
2. Un militar que hizo amistad con Francisco Javier Solórzano Colmenares (28), uno de los 5 "guerrilleros" abatidos por la GN y el Ejército el pasado #01Mar en #Tumeremo, fue el encargado de hacerme llegar la historia del muchacho.
3. Javier era de Elorza, de #Apure. A finales del año pasado lo contactaron unos militares de alto rango para que trabajara de escolta en Fuerte Tiuna. Él era TSU en Agronomía y no tenía preparación alguna en defensa o armas, pero aceptó por la paga que le ofrecían.
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#Breaking: Just in - Interim president Juan @jguaido has just arrived in #Vargas in #Venezuela and was flown into the country over #Colombia! Next stop is #Caracas he says. Corrected.
#Update: Video of the moment Interim president Juan @jguaido had arrived in #Vargas airport Maiquetía in #Venezuela.
#Update: Video of Interim president Juan @jguaido, when he was in the air in the plane over #Colombia heading towards #Venezuela.
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Major protests are expected all over #Venezuela 🇻🇪 for today and tomorrow as @jguaido is expected to return to #Caracas. There is a high chance he will be arrested by the regime which will greatly escalate the ongoing crisis
#Venezuela 🇻🇪: Venezuelans gathering in Las Mercedes (#Caracas) to protest against #Maduro and show their support to @jguaido. #4marzo
#Venezuela 🇻🇪: Students came together in the border village of Urena (#Tachira) this morning to call for the re-opening of the border with #Colombia.
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#Breaking: Just in - The president of #Ecuador, Lenin Moreno, and the interim President of #Venezuela, Juan Guaidó (@jguaido ) meet for the first time.
#Update: After arriving Juan Guaidó (@jguaido) interim president of #Venezuela, had an emotional encounter between and a woman of Venezuelan nationality, at the Simón Bolívar air Base in Guayaquil in #Ecuador.
#Update: "Fight Guaidó, #Venezuela needs You", with these words a lot of Venezuelans yelled at @jguaido upon arriving at the airport of at the Simón Bolívar air Base in Guayaquil in #Ecuador Via: @TVVnoticias
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#Breaking: Just in - The Venezuelan Military is mobilizing towards Santa Elena and is heading towards the border of #Brazil, after being deployed from this morning in #Caracas in #Venezuela.
#Update: Also from earlier today in the morning in #Brazil, the Brazilian Força Nacional troops has been deployed towards the border of #Venezuela. Video Credit: @GEDV86
#Update: Deleted previous video was from 2018!
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It is D-day in #Venezuela 🇻🇪. Thousands of Venezuelan volunteers will try to get humanitarian aid across the border as #Maduro has closed all border crossings with 🇨🇴🇧🇷🇳🇱-🇨🇼.

Protesters at the Simon Bolivar bridge near #Cúcuta are trying to cross over from the Colombian side.
#Venezuela 🇻🇪: At least 3 National Guards soldiers have already defected from the #Maduro regime this morning, heading into #Colombia
#Venezuela 🇻🇪: National Guard blocking the border with #Brazil in Gran Sabana (#Bolivar state). The mayor of municipality calls on the soldiers to open the border and let the humanitarian aid come in.
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The Venezuelan people are early up and running, and are already close to the borders in #Venezuela and #Colombia.
#Update: First clashes and riots in #Ureña in #Venezuela what borders with #Colombia. Video Credit: @StePozzebon
#Breaking: One border crossing in #Venezuela into #Colombia has fallen!. One protestor injured! Two Venezuelan National Guard soldiers are also injured. #23Feb Video Credit: @VictoriaInojosa
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#AHORA 5:51 p.m. | César Batiz, director de El Pitazo, abre el evento "Tres Patrones de Violaciones", que se lleva a cabo en la Plaza Los Palos Grandes de #Caracas #13Feb - vía @ArmandoAltuve
#AHORA 5:55 p.m. | Iris Medina, directora de Cofavic, relata su experiencia en la lucha por la justicia, luego de haber perdido a su esposo en los sucesos de El Caracazo #13Feb - vía @ArmandoAltuve
#AHORA 5:55 p.m. | Medina, en su intervención, resalta la importancia de exigir justicia y de acompañar y escuchar a las víctimas de derechos humanos #13Feb - vía @ArmandoAltuve
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